Favorite new casual pant at Chico’s

new casual pant

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  It has been fun the past couple of days to discuss our casual style, so I wanted to share my favorite new casual pant at Chico’s.

I know this has been budget saving Tuesday all summer long, but I wanted to get the word out now on this new casual pant.

When you find something you really like and know will wear often, then you can see that the cost per wear will be lower than other garments in the wardrobe.

This new casual pant will have a low cost per wear for me.


new casual pant

I first tried on the Convertible Ankle Pants at Chico’s when I reviewed the August Collection.

I thought at the time as I was wearing the color Sea Salt that this a perfect new casual pant for comfort and for looking nice to run out of the house

I liked the pant so much, but did not want the lighter color.

However, when I discovered the brown shade called Champignon…I said to myself SCORE…I want these.

They are also lightweight and as South Texas slowly transitions seasons this will be a way to wear a warmer color in a pant that is not hot.

This was where I had a gap in my wardrobe…a fall pant that was not too heavy.  I think that is what has excited me the most.

Typically, I like my pants to fit tighter…but the casual comfort of this new casual pant is perfect for many moments in my current life.

new casual pant

This is how I might style my new casual pant as we move into fall.

I like it with the JJILL cardigan and tank I picked up this summer in this lovely canyon red (more of the terra cotta in my palette).  This combo went fast at JJILL.

It is a reminder that when you see something you love, speaks your adjectives, is offered in your colors, meets your lifestyle, then it is worth getting it at that time.

It seems what I really like always sells out faster these days.

The new casual pant looks perfect with my Comfortiva Sneakers….these are a past purchase that Is also sold out.  But, I do recommend the brand, Comfortiva, as a comfort shoe. 


new casual pant

I have enjoyed (when the weather is cold, of course) my German Woolfit slippers.  Well made footwear.

Now, German Slippers has a big summer sale in progress for many of their styles.

You might check it out…and the US Express Shipping is FREE!

You might check out more new casual pants at Chico’s:

Now, what is your favorite new casual pant going into fall…please share…thank you for being here and always……


By Pamela Lutrell


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new casual pant



  1. I like the color and style of your pants. Are they cargo style? Kind of looks like they are, but not bulky like some cargo pants. I love the linen blend wide leg pants in the slide show. As you said, the lightweight fabric of your pants allows you to have a nice fall color without roasting! My pant selections don’t change much seasonally, mostly the colors change. However, the linen pants do go away when it gets cooler out and gives me something to look forward to when it finally warms up again. Trying not to anticipate fall too much yet because once it gets colder here, we’re into it for seven months at least!

  2. This is a very lightweight cargo-style casual pant that comes in several colors. It is perfect for right now…not just fall! I like it for my need of a more casual pant that looks nice. Thanks Karen!

  3. I have been slow to warm up to the looser fits, but I think we need some of them in order to look current. It’s tough when, like me, you have a tummy but more fit legs (I feel the looser fits make me look bigger). I tried on some straight leg jeans at Talbots and my husband said they just looked like too big a size …but they weren’t. I bought some cargo pants on final sale at Banana Republic on line … risky, but they fit well and are a lovely bronze. And I just bought a supply of slimline jersey joggers at … Costco! I’m trying the trend without paying a lot. I do notice your pants are a very cool brown. I think they would look great if you want to mix your metals and wear some of your silver bracelets with your gold.

  4. Since this post was all about the pant, I did not accessorize, but, of course would do that when leaving the house…I still stick to gold or mixed metals.
    One of the reasons I liked these pants immediately is how flattering the fit is, like you I have struggled to find a flattering loose fit. Just found it!

  5. Hi, Pam. I love reading your blog, but I’m having a hard time doing so because the ads appear on top of your texts and pictures on my iPad. They won’t close, and trying to click on the text itself doesn’t work to bring it to the foreground. Please check — I really want to see what you have to say 😀!

  6. For Susan – look for the little X in the corner of pop-up (on some ads it can be sneaky tone-on-tone) and click off with a single touch. Otherwise, view on a desktop computer if you have one – the problem never comes up there.
    Pam, those pants are a great solution for your weather and season. Our fall up here in southern Oregon is very gradual, pretty much the definition of an Indian Summer with extended sunny but cooler days usually just kissing mid-70’s … and I love it. By the time our rains come, we’re usually closing in on Halloween. I transition away from my beloved summer crops, capris and ankle pants to a steady diet of ankle pants during this early fall time, and then expand to include denim, corduroy, and knits as late October turns to November.

  7. I love the look of those pants. Very flattering and they are a beautiful color. I am on the Spring side of the seasons. I think they would be gorgeous with turquoise/aqua tops.
    I have been wearing Eddie Bauer ripstock pants all summer. They are cotton and light weight.

  8. Thanks for the ad help, Connie. I have contacted the company to see if they have anything else to offer without harming my income. It is necessary that I make income. Thanks so much.

  9. Pam, these are not your ads that are covering your text. They are ads for sites I’ve visited recently (e.g., Boden). Also, they are NOT the pop-up ads that Connie mentions. The pop-ups are easy to x-out. These ads have no option to close them; they are big, and they are ‘integrated’ into your blog itself but covering 2-3 lines of your text.

  10. Pam, what a nice outfit. I really like those colors and it would be great for fall.
    I’m going to check out the pants. Thanks for the suggestion. Those look like ok cargo pants. They don’t look too baggy.

  11. It was the fit and comfort that grabbed my attention when I tried them on. Thanks Paula!

  12. Hi Pam I do like both colors in this pantyouve found, and wonder what colors I might wear with the Champignon? I wear a lot of blues and greens and ivory but not sure on this . I see you and the fit is very flattering! You’re very slender abd it shows!
    Thank you for keeping us updated!

  13. I think just about any color would go with these pants…blue, cream, orange, even black!

  14. I don’t know if using reader view would affect your ads, but I frequently use it to get a clean look at your blog. Just click on the small and large As near the top of the screen on an iPad or iPhone to access it.

  15. I am loving those pants, too. They were on sale in olive a few weeks ago. I have them in black, navy, and olive. Perfect for when I want to appear more presentable than in shorts, and still lightweight enough to stay cool in humid temps.

  16. You are smart to get them other colors…I need to do that. I am going to wear them to a church meeting tonight. They do look more presentable but help us to stay cool. Thanks for sharing, Sandy!

  17. I was scrolling through my Google News and saw a familiar face. YOU! Love your Chico’s pants….still my #1 clothing line!

    Happy to see you again!
    Cathy Chester

  18. Hi Cathy! Great to hear from you and I hope you are well! These Chico’s pants are a new favorite! Seeing your name made me smile!!

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