Chico’s August Collection

Chico's August Collection

Hi Ladies!  July is about done, so I am here today to show you selections from Chico’s August Collection!

I had so much fun at Chico’s this week…with clothes and fellow shoppers…so stick with me to the end as I show you Chico’s August Collection designs.

The jacket you see in the top photo was the piece that said…come here quick!

So I went…..


Chico's August Collection

This is the short length Embellished Border Ruana, and I love it!

I already have early fall events on the calendar and was shopping for a statement piece…here it is.

Note that I did size down to a S/M.

As I walked out of the dressing room, the sale rack for jewelry was right by me….my eye went right to the Shell Bib Necklace.  

I tried it on with the jacket and they were meant to be together…of course I will show you a complete outfit when I am ready for the first event.

Right now I plan to wear it with kingfisher blue pants, but it would also look great with other colors including navy.

I was able to use my birthday savings as well!

The rest of the collection includes pieces I tried on for YOU…cool and warm palettes.  

Chico's August Collection

I no longer wear white, but this is a cute top for those who do!

It is the Button Back Floral Tunic

It has the round hem detail which is a slimming feature.

Chico's August Collection

This is a fun top for those who love a touch of lace.

This is the Embroidered Lace Cutout Top and it does come in three colors.

I think this color would look amazing with a short red necklace.

The Chico’s August Collection Includes lovely golds, browns, oranges, and greens…let the pre-fall transition begin!

Chico's August Collection

This is the Button Back Diamond Tunic in Spiced Saffron.

A cute top with black & white stripes on the cuffs and collar.

Again, a nice round hemline.

Chico's August Collection

I could’ve sized down on this one (the sleeves came to the middle of my hand) and I know San Antonio ladies are going to love it.

This is the Embellished Blooms Pullover Top in orange spice.  It is lovely and perfect with denim.


Chico's August Collection

 Typically, I do not advocate wearing a pattern on your hip…especially if you want to look smaller.

But, this is a beautiful tank.

It is the Touch of Cool Floral Polished Tank…and I am a huge fan of the “touch of cool” fabrics.

Chico's August Collection

The tank is a perfect match with the Jacquard Print Kimono Duster. 

It would look cute in the fall with full length jeans.

I wanted to try these pants…so that is why I have them on…and I really like the comfort and fit.

These are the Convertible Ankle Pants and they are perfect for those of us with warmer fall weather.  I love the colors Desert Coral and Champignon (brown).

Chico's August Collection


Chico’s August Collection features some great pants and I was so happy to see them on the racks.

These pants are awesome and I predict will sell quickly.

These are the Brigitte Paisley Print Slim Ankle Pants

They did not have a denim jacket in my size, but these would look so cute with a short denim jacket.

This shirt is the Touch of Cool Denim Tunic…..can be worn as a top or topper.

It does have pockets!

Chico's August Collection

I tried the Jacquard Abstract Print Cardigan…lightweight and a cute way to transition into fall.

Lots of cute sweaters are beginning to appear.

Chico's August Collection

These are crops, and the bottom of the pant is so pretty…..

These are the Girlfriend Embroidered Hem Crops….great colors in this print.

There are so many pretty pieces in the new collection…just go here to see it all….CHICO’S AUGUST COLLECTION.


Chico's August Collection

This is Kathy and Katie…twin sisters and avid fans of Chico’s.  The sales associates knew them well.

I met the twins while shopping on this day…and aren’t they fabulous!  From their colors to their Brahmin bags!

I was standing behind them and heard them tell another shopper that they dress their best every day!

Since that is something I encourage all of us to do, I jumped in and had to meet them.

They agreed to be featured on the blog.  We agreed that when we go out looking our best that it promotes joy and smiles for our day.

I just love these two and hope we meet again sometime.  Plus…they obviously love color as I do!!

What a fun trip to see Chico’s August Collection!

Is anyone else looking for special event pieces…let me know and I will shop for you.  Now have a wonderful Thursday and always…………………………………..


By Pamela Lutrell

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Chico's August Collection



  1. Happy Thursday. Thanks for the sneak preview of autumn! I didn’t realize that Chico’s gives a birthday discount like Jjill and Talbots. Thank you for the exciting style show. It is very boho to my eye, which is not usually my style personality (natural classic) , but it is great to see how well it looks on you. Plus, I do often sneak a boho top in. Loved that gorgeous brown jacket you modeled!

  2. Chico’s does do the best job of styling for creative, artistic ladies. You can easily put together a one-of-a-kind look that you aren’t going to see on everyone else. I really enjoy seeing how you style these pieces and how well they compliment your adjectives! How fun to meet other ladies when shopping…it can really enhance the whole experience. Love that orange handbag!!

  3. Thanks Deborah…there are also great new pieces for classic styling as well. I love the brown jacket!

  4. So many beautiful new pieces! And such wonderful colors for you warm-color wearers! I’m sure there are some cool colors but your warmer colors are so prominent and obvious. As you have said before, when you see “your colors”, better buy them! Will be looking for your new outfit when your special occasion occurs.

  5. There are lots and lots of cool colors, Celia! Just click through to the site and you will see them!

  6. Oh man, the twins are so on point!
    I bet sher on the chicos videos would get a kick out of them.
    Well, you know I’m a chicos addict, so loving the looks today.
    The first shorter ruana type jacket, love that, you’re gonna look terrific!
    Like the boho type orange blouse, it was on yesterday’s video also and is so pretty, I need to go try that one on on the boutique, that color sometimes doesn’t work for me.
    Anything with borders on the bottom , pants or tops, tend to chop me up.

  7. It would not have occurred to me to pair a red necklace with a gold top, but what a great idea for a pairing. I have a chunky coral necklace that I almost neverr wear. Now I will look for more creative ways to wear it. I saw adult twins the other day for the first time in years. You’re right about colorful.

  8. What a terrific shopping trip! Your fellow shop twins are polished and so cute together. Before you even showed the bordered tank I had dipped into the site for a closer look at the orange Boho blouse – GORGEOUS!!- and found that sweet tank. So glad you tried it on so I could see it was not clingy on you. That will be a perfect addition to my summer & travel wardrobe. 😊 As for special events shopping, your links helped me get ready for my big event. We begin tomorrow, done on Monday! My excitement is at a fever pitch in anticipation of all the music we’re about to enjoy, and I have all my outfits hanging with care and ready to pack.

  9. What a nice fall collection they have. The colors are very pretty and I can’t wait until fall. I do best wearing cool colors so I’Ll have to go and see what they have. But these look great on you!
    The twins look great!! And it’s encouraging to hear they always look stylish.
    It looks like you have lost more weight!!

  10. I have, Paula, and thank you for noticing! If you click on one of the links and go to New Arrivals on their site you will see all the garments, cool & warm!

  11. I like the brown kimono, Pam. Speaks to both your palette and your adjectives. Love when that happens. And of course my eye went right to that orange Brahmin bag! I have a few of them, but regard them as such long term investments that I only have them in neutrals (fortunately, my favorite tote I had the wisdom to buy in pecan, not black). But when you think about it, why can’t you have an orange bag in long term rotation? Hmmm….

  12. Now that I wear my personal colors all year long, I would say….the orange and even the blue bags work all year long. There are some lovely light blue pieces for fall that the blue bag would look stunning with and the same for the orange.
    It works!

  13. I always shop Chicos, especially when I can find the items I want on sale! I’m not thrilled with their new rewards program…did they eliminate free shipping to passport members and the 5% discount? I e-mailed the store and haven’t received a response. Does anyone know?

    My complaint now is….why isn’t Chicos giving the new clothing a steaming to eliminate the wrinkles….the clothes would look so much nicer.

  14. The new passport program still includes fr mail shipping and 5% off…pretty much ch the same! I think many stores are short on workers and it is more difficult to stock with steamed items. I still love the benefits the new program offers. Thanks for asking!

  15. I’m usually not a fan of the ruana, but the shorter length on the brown one is great. It’s the first one I’ve seen and thought “I would try that”. Now to wait until they have a cool toned version.

  16. Pam you look so lovely in that Ruana and necklace you led this post with. I hope they went home with you! The deep orange tank and topper are equally beautiful! You’re looking just stunning today.
    Meeting those stylish twins sounds like fun!

  17. I am so glad to now have this one! I would call it a kimono, but whatever they call it, it is a great garment! Thank you!

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