I’m taking Collagen for Her for bone strength & more

Collagen for Her

Good morning, ladies!  Today I want to explain why I am taking Collagen for Her for bone strength & more, and why I decided to partner with this impressive brand.

I know this is another supplement to try, but I for one had specific reasons to try it.

During my annual checkup, I talk with my doctor about my bones.  This conversation always occurs after my blood tests.

I have been on the cusp of Osteopenia for a while now. This happens when our bodies do not make new bone as quickly as it reabsorbs old bone.

I have been a little frightened to see that I am shrinking!  One half inch shorter!

Osteopenia can develop into osteoporosis…which my mother did have.

For me, taking calcium supplements has always been a problem.

Everyone I have tried leads to major constipation, even with added magnesium.

So, this is why I decided to try Collagen for Her after they reached out to me and after I did some research.


Collagen for Her

This has given me even more excitement about my morning coffee.

Any friend or family member will tell you just how seriously I take my morning coffee.

With one scoop, Collagen for Her dissolves quickly into my cup of coffee and there is no taste at all.  I am not even aware it is there…the powder dissolves immediately and is completely tasteless.

And would do the same in hot tea or any hot beverage.

From what I read when I did some research, if the collagen clumps up in my coffee, then it is bad collagen. 

I have done this every day for a couple of weeks and there are no problems.

All systems go…if you know what I mean!

 Plus, the additional benefits of taking quality collagen that is responsibly sourced are stronger hair and nails, and possibly a softening of those pesky wrinkles.  I can always use that!

Collagen For Her peptides are from grass fed, pasture raised bovine in South America.

Every time they receive these shipments, they also receive a certificate of analysis to ensure its purity and that it is safe for consumption.

The testimonies I read about Collagen for Her convinced me to give this a try.


Collagen for Her

I always encourage you to discuss supplements with your doctor as I do.

But there are many reasons to give it a try as I am doing and look toward several possible youthful benefits.

For me, I hope it will be bone strength.  But I like the fact there are beauty benefits as well and a touch of youthfulness to my complexion.

As I said, I am currently using the Original Unflavored Collagen Peptides, pure collagen powder, in my coffee. Collagen Her also has products I plan to try.  The Marine Collagen Beauty Blend includes collagen, 100% Vitamin C, biotin, and hyaluronic acid.  This one is especially great to keep our youthful glow caring for our hair, skin, and nails.  Or if you prefer, you may like to take your collagen available in the Multi-Collagen Capsules.

I will let you know how things are progressing, but, so far, I like the results for my system as it seems better than what I was doing.

Do your own research, though, and I will report back!  Collagen Her is partnering with me to make it possible for you to try your own.  When you use the code OVER50FEELING40 you can get a 10% discount through the website here.  Also, all of their products are available on Amazon and you save 10% on every order when you choose the Subscribe and Save option.

Thank you for being here and reading why I am taking Collagen for Her for bone strength.  Every day be purposeful to stay your healthy best and make sure you always….


 By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  This is a compensated post, but the words are my own.

Collagen for Her


  1. Sounds like a good method, putting it into a beverage! My mother has shrunk at least 5 inches, probably more, no kidding. She never did anything to take care of herself when she could. My sister has also lost about an inch. I’m really thankful that I haven’t, because while we can do things, such as you are to stall bone loss, it’s an uphill climb. I found a calcium supplement that I take with no I’ll effects, yet I tend to think that bone loss is a matter of time. I tend to not take it as seriously as I should, so thank you for the reminder! Need to do more weight training that I kind of let slide…..

  2. Hi Karen, in addition to taking the collagen, I continue to work out with weights. When I began weight training about eight years ago I received significant help in the area of bone loss. I have to always keep in mind to do more. Now, I work out with much smaller weights, but still keep them in the mix. Five inches is a big wow.

  3. More than 25 years ago my osteoporosis was diagnosed when I had my first dexa-scan. Since then I have taken numerous medications, including Fosamax , which eventually I became allergic to. My numbers have gotten better since I walk daily, go to yoga twice a week, and faithfully take calcium and vitamin D. Even though my osteoporosis has gotten better, I still have osteopenia so I’m very interested in this product. Thank you for the recommendation. I’ll question my doctor about it when I have my exam in September. A scoop once a day would be easy to do since I KNOW I’m going to drink several cups of coffee each day.

  4. It dissolves so easily, Celia…I am not even aware it is there. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  5. Hi Arlene, This post only explained why I am doing this…I have not done it long enough to share the real benefits. Though I will say that it does not clog up my system like the calcium supplements did…all systems go since I have been taking it. Also, it is so easy to take in my morning coffee. I hope to report back over the next few months more benefits. But this post is to explain why I decided to give Collagen for Her a try.

  6. Thanks for this information I will try this because I do take calcium tabs daily and do have constipation all the time. Maybe I can get my calcium this way. It’s worth a try. I’ve tried other collagen that didn’t seem dissolve very well but you seem to think this does.

  7. I too am interested as I’ve just had another bone density test and my PCP is prescribing Fosomax. I just cleared it with my Gastro doctor, so will start soon. I’m interested in this Collagen supplement too and wonder two (2) things: can I safely take this Collagen with Fosomax? Secondly, will I develop an allergy to Fosomax? It’s something I hadn’t considered. Thanks for this useful information!

  8. Hi Paulette! Good questions but clearly for your doctor. I would not be able to counsel you in this regard. If you find out, please share what you learn.

  9. “Any friend or family member will tell you just how seriously I take my morning coffee!” LOL Me, too, Pamela, most definitely. I’m a couple of years older than you are and have had mild ostepenia for a few years already, but I’ve been taking Collagen for Her for a couple of years and my DEXA scan has actually improved! I also take calcium & vitamin D, work out faithfully (including with small weights) and eat pretty healthy. I’ve been looking at the Marine Collagen Beauty Blend & would like to try it, but I’m not sure if they can be taken together. Good luck with your new regimen and thank you for always bringing great products to our attention.

  10. I’m just going to butt in here: I started taking collegen protein in February 2021. I am taking a scoop in my morning coffee and also a six ingredient scoop in the afternoon/evening. I am 75, and not in the best of shape, so I did some research and on the advice of my vitamin shop added the six ingredient due to my age. Anyway, just a heads up here, it will take anywhere from three to six months of daily scoops for you to see a visible difference. However, in my case, about three months, my hair began growing faster, my nails stopped splitting and became stronger. My skin is looking better so I am definitely in favor of women taking collegen.

  11. Thank you, Rhoda! So happy to have you join in with your experience! Hope you will join us again!

  12. Another advantage to taking collagen is each scoop has 10mg of protein. Even if I don’t eat breakfast, at least I’m getting some nutrition with my morning coffee. The benefit I’ve noticed since taking Collagen for Her is decreased joint pain. I hadn’t even thought about the bone strengthening aspect of it. At age 69 and having recently started horseback riding after a 30 year hiatus, I need all the bone strength I can get!

  13. Good post, Pam. Thank you for suggesting we discuss this with our doctors before trying something new. As you and others have mentioned, take vitamin D3 and make sure you do weight bearing exercise. Please do read about calcium supplementation and make your own decision, as it is controversial. Walking and standing, in addition to strength training, are important. My bones are fortunately fine, but a good friend found out she had advanced osteoporosis when she broke a hip. That is -not- when we want to find out!

  14. That’s how my mother in law found out and I like you, do not want to be there.

  15. Amen on the collagen. I will try this product when I run out. I also started taking collagen a few months ago and the difference in my “bathroom habits” have been remarkable. I wish I had done a before and after as my skin has really improved. It almost glows! I’m the same age as Pam and have a great bones, but collagen has helped me immensely.

  16. I bought a large container of marine collagen only to discover it upset my stomach. I wish the containers were smaller so I could try out different types of collagen. Has anyone else had this problem and found a product that doesn’t affect your stomach?

  17. The marine collagen I received, Judy is in a much smaller container. Perhaps there are more options now.

  18. I’ve been taking collagen for a few years now and Collagen for Her is the best … dissolves instantly and no taste whatsoever — and it doesn’t add any thickness to your tea or coffee. Results — my hair and nails grow extremely fast and scars heal very quickly. Had a skin cancer (larger than I thought it was going to be) removed from my upper arm and it healed completely in just a couple of weeks. I just had total knee replacement surgery and I’m sure I will see the same results with that scar. The doctor looked at it yesterday and said it looked amazing for being only two days out. With these results that I can see I assume that it’s doing equally good with my bones. So it has my vote!

  19. Glad to hear this as we all seen to get some bone issues as we age . At 75 I’ve been taking calcium to help osteo arthritis but I have had major constipation and my doc never mentioned that could be cause .but he’s young and aPA . 😏So im going to add this to my yoga , vit d3 and walking l as my knees are bothering me even tho I’m at my ideal weight now . I’m taking total restore herbal supplement for my gut lining and that’s helped some

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