It’s pre-fall at Talbot’s!

pre-fall at Talbot's

Happy Sunday, everyone!  There is nothing like getting out and about to clear the construction doldrums away, so join me as I look over pre-fall at Talbot’s.

The air in San Antonio has changed…oh it is still dry, high temps, humidity, but I can always tell when the air is starting to change.

It gives me hope and makes me smile.  

When I walked out of the hair stylist salon on Friday, I could immediately feel it.  Fall will come…slowly…but it will come!

That told me it was the perfect time to go shop pre-fall at Talbot’s

I know some still want to call this a summer collection, but with a nod to warmer colors…I call it pre-fall.

Also, remember you can get 25% off your entire purchase until the close of today!


Pre-fall at Talbot's

It seems the featured animal print for Fall 2022 is zebra, in several colors….brown, olive, tan, black & white. 

I think my favorite piece for pre-fall at Talbot’s is this Cotton Button Front Shirt in Striking Zebra.

It is true that the fabric is thin, but I live in a warmer climate and this blouse would also look so nice under a jacket.

I really like the way it fits and it felt great…also was very flattering!

pre-fall at Talbot's

Attention, sweatshirt lovers, here is something fun.

This is the Crewneck Sweatshirt in Striking Zebra.   This Deep Moss color is very close to brown.

I tried it on with the Slim Ankle Jeans. Very comfy and great fit.

Pre-fall at Talbots

I was so happy to see some warm stripes in this pre-fall at Talbot’s.

This is the Authentic Talbots Bateau Neck Tee Palm Stripe in Sandcastle.

I really like this top and it seems to be selling fast.

pre-fall at Talbot's

These tees in all colors and designs at Talbot’s are super comfy and still great for the pre-fall weather.

This is the Split Neck Cotton Tee.

I am wearing the Split Neck Cotton Tee in Puebla Stripe.

pre-fall at Talbot's

If you would like to wear the zebra stripes a little differently…for those of you with “fun” in your adjectives….

Then, you might like the Crewneck Pullover Zebra top. 


Pre-Fall at Talbot's

This is a lovely casual chic pre-fall garment.  It is the Textured Cotton Shirt Jacket.

It has almost the feel and look of light tweed.  It does run a little large….but is a lovely casual chic piece.

It is also available in the deep moss color…which I really like.

pre-fall Talbots

Talbot’s takes a denim shirt up a notch with this Denim Button Front Shirt.

For casual chic, style it under one of your fall jackets.  

Now, there were many pieces in the pre-fall at Talbot’s collection I wanted to try on, but they were not in the store where I shopped this day.

Here are the ones I have my eye on….

Pre-fall at Talbot's

I know zebra Is in style, but remember leopard never goes out of style…it is almost a neutral for many of us.

These cute slip-ons are the Brittany Knit Sneakers in Leopard.

Pre-fall at Talbot’s for me is Pre-Fun with my deep love of fall!

What colors are you excited about this fall?  Plan to expand your territories??

Thanks for joining me today for Pre-Fall at Talbot’s…my sweet friend Leigh Ann has been super busy but I so hope we will be bringing you Leigh & Me shopping ventures again soon.

Now, ladies, make sure that you………………………………………………..


By Pamela Lutrell

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pre-fall at Talbot's


  1. I was literally in Talbots on Thursday, but didn’t see the pre-fall that you found. It’s really noticeable that you’re slimming down. The zebra striped top (first shown) is so attractive on you. I’m loving the texture on the shirt jacket, too. Happy Sunday!

  2. The store employees told me that this shirt jacket is not going to hit store floors until August 27. They brought it from the back for me to try…but I found it online! The texture of it is really pretty.
    I love this zebra top! Thanks Kimberly!

  3. Good Sunday morning. I really like the zebra blouse you are wearing. Looks great with the white pants. It looks slimming too! I probably need one! The dark moss is a good color for you not so much for my light olive skin .
    But black and white works.
    Thanks for the modeling!

  4. You are welcome. I do not believe this top is available in black & white, but I really like the deep moss color!

  5. I liked those jeans on you, and the denim shirt fit you well. The authentic Talbots tees are faves of mine and I have several. They hold up well and are classic. I’m might need to shop this one with your link :). I love pre fall collections, because even here, many of the items are three season wearable. It’s been exceptionally cool here, and even on warm days I can feel the cool under notes in the breeze. Plants look a little mature, even dusty, and the insects are building to a crescendo. As to what I’m looking for, it’s not much as I’m well stocked. I am looking forward to the caramel shades, as I’m thinking about that color as a second neutral in my wardrobe, and it’s been very hard to find. Chocolate would be nice too, and I’m told it’s trending.

  6. I love the zebra striped button down on you! It’s very slimming. I know you love bohemian but I think some bohemian pieces are bulky looking and hide your wonderful figure!

  7. I have seen lot of the chocolate colors, Linda. I love brown. Cool undertones…I know they are coming…our part of the state needs refreshment.

  8. Hi Deb, I style my looks with five style adjectives: creative, polished, approachable, joyful and current. This top fits right in.

  9. Pam, I just had to pop in and say how fabulous you look in the cotton button front zebra shirt! Sooo becoming on you.

  10. Pamela, I so enjoyed reading (LOTS of posts) about your style journey starting with your color and style analysis. I like Talbot’s but have not been there since pre-pandemic! Must remedy that now since I just finished a wardrobe edit (and wrote about it—the only not food-related post on my 12.5-year-old food blog!). I have a beautiful black silk dress I got from Talbot’s more than 15 years ago that still looks great.

  11. Thanks for modelling, Pam! I hope I’m not the only one, but the whole zebra thing leaves me cold. Admittedly, I don’t like animal prints, but the zebras almost make me long for a return to leopards. I checked out the tweedy-looking jacket and saw something I’ve not seen before. There were three reviews, and they all rebelled against paying $150 for an unlined jacket. Wow! So far late summer has a lot for you vibrant autumns but virtually nothing for us clear winters.

  12. I’ve never been one to wear “statement” tops as much as I kind of like some of Talbots previous ones, I’m really thinking about the Zebra head after seeing you model it. I’m not sure why other than it hits my sense of thinking about animals living in areas under threat for many reasons or just a celebration of wildlife in general…hmmm!
    I’m preppy in my casual style but with color. A light summer who wears what strikes me, although usually in that color palette, which always amazes me. I’ve decided I’m ordering it and I’ll let you know what I think…thank you, Pam! 😊

  13. Just so you know Pam, as a very frequent Talbots customer with many discounts & special offers I can’t order thru your site. I would have to go in as a new customer from what I’m getting on my iPad. My account name comes up immediately when I access from “over50feeling40” but my Talbots card doesn’t populate etc. I feel badly because you are the reason I would purchase the Zebra faced top. It’s in my basket but I haven’t clicked to buy yet!

  14. Hi Lois, are clicking the links I provide in the post? It should work…I have never heard of it not working. I do appreciate it. Thanks!

  15. Pamela: Had to tell you how fantastic the zebra blouse and white pants look on you. Of all the outfits I have seen you wear this has to be the best for your new shape!

  16. Love fall and warm colors too . I loved the first shirt you had on . Your hair looks great and very noticeable you’ve lost weight . You look fantastic . I too look better in warm autumn colors so always interested in your finds . The moss green and darker blue denim I really liked on you and will work on me too

  17. Pam, are there any special instructions when using the links? For example, maybe Lois has to be logged in first to use your link on her iPad? BTW, I am on a Surface (also a tablet like the iPad), and I went through the entire process with no problem.
    And like Lois, I am a regular Talbots shopper and have all the special deals that Lois refers to. For example, the system checked for any available discounts / promos as normal when checking ou

  18. Thanks Maeve. I have never heard of any problems like she described and I appreciate you thinking of her issue. Thank you so much for shopping with the links!

  19. the zebra stripe button down in the first picture MUST go home with you. It is gorgeous on you.

  20. I sure hope you bought that zebra button down shirt because you look fantastic in it. In the past I haven’t commented on some of your outfits because I didn’t think the baggy things did you justice but this shirt looks great on you. The denim top looks good also. Hope you have a great day. My sister lives in San Antonio so I’ve been down numerous times. Great city with lots to do.

  21. Zebra print always catches my eye as the zebra is the symbol of neuroendocrine cancer which I’ve been living with for the past nine years. I love that we’re seeing it in creams and browns this year instead of only black and white which aren’t flattering on those of us who are springs and falls.

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