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would you wear it

Happy Saturday, all!  Welcome to Would You Wear It on two blogs…with two bloggers…in two locations!

Today, my WOULD YOU WEAR IT focuses on shades of cinnamon.

On Saturdays, my friend, Jennifer, and I bring you fashion displays we have come across that make us wonder what you would think of the display and the styles.

We ask that you be constructive with your assessments, and share comments which will be helpful and understood by all the readers.

Please share more than a “Yes” or “No,” and you are always welcome to share why you like the display OR how you would improve the display!

So, let’s get started……


Would You Wear It

We are not even into fall yet, but I have already seen these colors with many names…so I just decided to call them Cinnamon.

There are many styles here and you do not have to scrutinize all of them…or you could the entire display.

But, why do these looks work or not work for you?

If these are not your colors, then tell us…WOULD YOU WEAR IT if they were?

would you wear it

Now give this display your best fashion consumer’s eye and tell us………..


This display was seen at Kohl’s and I found some of the pieces plus more for this slideshow…..(OK, I HAD TO THROW IN THE MAN AT THE END FOR ENTERTAINMENT SAKE…DID NOT KNOW KOHL’S SOLD NOVELTY SUITS)



Would You Wear It

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Would you wear it

Last week, there were some great conversations on this blog in regard to style.  

The most active (the last one here) was inspired by a reader’s email to me.  Here are the posts you might enjoy for weekend reading….





would you wear it

I am still loving these Convertible Ankle Pants from Chico’s in brown…but they come in other colors.

I wore them this week to a meeting at church…great versatile, comfortable, casual pant!

Let’s get going, ladies…please look at my display and tell us, WOULD YOU WEAR IT?…then head over to A Well Styled Life to see Jennifer’s. 

And make sure that you…………………………………………………


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It



  1. I like the color and would and do wear it, but definitely not these styles. The body conscious dress speaks for itself, the spaghetti strap one adds volume in front and the flouncy one also adds volume and just has too much going on. This is just how I see it, of course. I know there are women who can pull these looks off, I’m just not one of them. I prefer tailored (not tight) styles. Just me. But the color definitely works for me.

  2. With fair skin, blue eyes, and gray-approaching-white hair, I do not wear these cinnamon colors, even though they are beautiful. I do like the style of the knit dress though, and would wear it in a less fitted size with a belt. Having grown up in an era when we actually wore slips, the slip dress style has never made sense to me😉.

  3. I don’t wear dresses anymore, but I LOVE the cinnamon color! I have several styles of tops & sweaters in cinnamon. Can’t wait for the cooler temps to bring them out!

  4. I like the blue sweater.
    I have been seeing these colors around, but they don’t do anything for me.
    Even over the Summer it seemed like stores are full of muddy colors that don’t do much for my coloring.
    I think the display is attractive, not all the dresses are tight, I could wear some of the styles — but those colors, excepting the blue, don’t look good on me.

  5. Well, before dismissing this display due to the colours, your comment about would we wear it in a different colour made me take a deeper look. I would wear the polka dot dress in a cooler colour, and after seeing it on the website, would wear it with a different belt to accent the waist a bit more. The sweater dress would be a try on in a soft grey and even though it is sleevless, I would wear it with a short cardigan in perhaps a soft pink or denim blue. The shoes in the display that show black with the lighter looks seems to draw the eye right to the shoes instead of the outfit or the face area. I like the lighter shoes on the dress on the left. After looking at the display in a different colour I am certain I would wear a few items. I will for sure try this with the “would you wear it” in the future.

  6. If the warm polka dot dress on the left was a blouse/ tunic I’d send out a resounding YES!
    As a dress it’s a bit too much.
    Of the two shorter dresses I like the deeper shade of cinnamon style with spaghetti straps. I’d perhaps like it better if it were in a pretty deep teal blue/green. BUT- I rarely have anywhere to wear such a style so I must pass. The center dress appears to hug the
    body too much showing lumps and rolls so I’d pass there too. It has less to do with the shade of brown than the fabric’s appearance.

  7. No, none of these work for me. Initially, I thought “These are Pam’s colors.” But even if they were available in other colors, I don’t think I would be interested. I never wear sleeveless anything, and long ago stopped wearing anything form-fitting. The only dress I might wear if in another color is the polka dot one because of the sleeves and loose skirt. Something I did notice and liked about the display was the skin color of the mannequins. I haven’t gotten out shopping much lately so this might not be unusual , but in my South Georgia area, this is new to me, but past time to do it, I’d say. I’m glad to see your favorite skin product on sale. I keep thinking I’ll try it so this price is very tempting.

  8. OK , of the 3 in front I think the middle one is too greenish to be ‘cinnamon’ and would make me look ill . Also putting yourself in a knitted tube only really works if you are tubular ! Most of us have various bits which stick out because of being human females . Altho” I’m not usually into frilly styles I really like the polka dot dress with flounces and would love to see if I could make it work on me . I also like the colour of the slip dress but wish it had sleeves .
    Not cinnamon but I noticed the turquoise cardigan/knit jacket on the middle mannequin – that is absolutely my sort of thing .

  9. Yes, yes, yes—- all the cinnamons, caramels, rusts, saddles, for this Autumn. Those colors make me happy!
    Now the styles—only the polka dot wrap dress, sans all the ruffles, for me. Nothing else would turn my head- too body con, sleeveless, ruffley for me.
    It’s almost cinnamon spice time 😄

  10. If these were cool colors, I still wouldn’t purchase any of these. I like the polka dot dress, but the ruffly sleeves are just a little too much for me to feel attractive. The knit is a definite no, unless it’s in black where my lumps don’t show as much. I like the spaghetti strap dress on the right except for the baggy part in the stomach area. I can’t see the ones in the back, though the one on the left looks to be a prairie style, and that tends to look frumpy on me. The one on the back right is too short for my legs.

  11. The dresses are not my style, love the fall colors. I’ll agree with you on the cargo pants from Chicos. Very comfortable!!

  12. Hi Pam
    I really like these new colors that I have been seeing a lot of in the last few months. I really like the polka-dot dress but the color saturation is to much for my fair coloring. I do like color I am calling “clay” which is a lighter form of these cinnamon color and it looks great on my fair , blue and blond self. I find with these colors I have to try them on to see if they work. At first I was , this won’t work with my cooler coloring…. but some do . So Yay !

  13. Gosh no to all of it, in any color. Ruffles aren’t me, the slip dress is too revealing, and the sweater dress would show every lump unless you wore Spanx or something like that. No way. I’m 70 and not afraid to acknowledge it. The only item I might wear is the blue sweater if the blue is cool enough. Having warm tone skin, brown eyes, but icy grey hair makes color choices difficult. I can say for sure that cinnamon, orange, or warm red colors make me look awful. Too bad, since before cancer and chemo, I had dark strawberry blonde hair and fall colors were my favorite.

  14. Love the turquoise jacket – no to everyting else. To me ‘cinnamon’ is a rich brown, which I don’t see anywhere here. Also, nothing new here. These styles have been around a long time and just look tired to me. Young women will wear the skin tight dress — even with lumps and rolls everywhere — but nobody wants to see us in it – LOL

  15. Happy Saturday, Pam!! I love the cinnamon color in the center with the turquoise cardigan, but I’d have to try it on to check the way it reacts to my coloring. I’m not overly strict about my color palette but do try to avoid things that make me look like a corpse :). I seldom wear dresses but love the look and concept of one and done

  16. Pam a post on how you put your style together, layer by every single layer would be great. (Pictorial progress.) We see you all put together “a-la-Pam” and you talk to us about your 5 descriptors. However, I Did a double take looking at you with just the pants, top and sweater. While intellectually I understand your message this visual really cemented the “what am I trying to say about me” message. Your blog is so helpful, thank you.

  17. The clothing doesn’t grab me- too revealing, too tight, too much volume. The colors are yummy. Of course as an autumn, they are all embraceable. I am truly smiling. One person’s idea of ‘muddy’ colors is another person’s dream. I just love that combination of old gold with the blue sweater! Thank you for the color combination ideas.

  18. There was a time that I would have worn the bare shoulder pieces however that day is long gone, whereas the polka dot dress is way too froo-froo with its puffed sleeve and ruffles for my personal style preference. On that note; it leaves the cardigan sweater which I seldom wear (as would prefer a light weight blazer) and the ribbed dress. The latter which I would consider because of its simplicity in cut provided the color was right for my complexion and its length was a tad longer so I could wear more selections in footwear, like a high shafted boot even plus have more options in selection of other accessories. i.e.: A belt, scarf, statement necklace, pullover sweater or t-shirt as an overlay transforming it visually into a skirt etc. -Brenda-

  19. I just got home from Kohls! It’s pretty much the only department store left in my small city. I didn’t notice these pieces, but I was looking for sweater tanks. I do wear cinnamon. I love the beautiful desert colors of the light autumn palette! I am a light summer, but that palette doesn’t appeal to me at all. In regard to the dresses shown, too clingy, too flouncy, won’t wear anything that requires a special bra.

  20. Very astute observation in regards to the mannequins. I’ve never paid much attention to them, but I will now.

  21. I love the cinnimon dress with ivory polka dots. I would wear this in the Fall for sure!!! It would be cool to wear (our Fall weather is hot!!)and fiminine like I wear. Nothing else interested in!!!

  22. As a summer, these particular colors would not work for me. Also, the wrap style dress on me is very problematic. Wrap dresses seem to make my waist 3 times bigger than it is. Ok, my waist is not what it once was, but it’s not too bad! I also wish those who dress the displays would try to steam out the clothes. The slip dress would look much better if steamed out a bit. It just makes the display uninspiring for me. It also seems to me that there are too many styles on display here. I get the idea is to show variety, but the display has to inspire. This one does not for me.

  23. I am glad you find it helpful, Suzi. I will do this, but I need to wait until all of my things are not in my living room! When I have my order back this will be much easier.
    Thanks for the idea!

  24. I like the cinnamon color (dress in the middle looks more mustard to me) but I wouldn’t wear any of these 5 dresses; not styles that would be flattering on me but I would think they were cute on others.

  25. These are some interesting ideas for the coming season. I really like the polka dot dress. I am still not receiving your email blog, I came to you post from Jennifer. I hope to reconnect soon. I enjoy your daily joy. Loya

  26. You name is on the email list and I reentered it yesterday, so I am not why you are not receiving it. I post every day, so just the blog on your favorites bar and you can click on it daily for new posts. Sorry you are having issues.

  27. Cinnamon is not a good color for me as cool colors are more flattering, but I wouldn’t wear any of these dresses in another color. They are not my style & wouldn’t flatter my short round figure. I would wear the teal cardigan. It is a good color, & I like cardigans.

  28. I never would have thought that that bright pink top and sweater counted as autumn colors, but they look fantastic on you, Pamela! As to the three outfits in the top photo, I have to agree with Susan—while I like the colors, the styles do not work for me

  29. As an autumn I wear these colors all the time except for the mustard color which makes me look ill. None of the styles suit me, too ruffled, too bare and way too form fitting. Might wear the teal cardigan.

  30. I love the polka dot dress. But then I love more feminine looks. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but for me, it’s very cute. I’d wear it with pearl earrings (to match the dots) and chocolate sandals. Simple accessories because the dress has a lot of elements already.

  31. Cinnamon doesn’t do much for me but I am really attracted to the polka dot dress. I could wear it in another color. It is so cute I might even try it on in the cinnamon color. I love the color, some of the autumn shades suit me, just not this one.

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