National Wellness Month with Zenergy

National Wellness Month

Happy Thursday, ladies, and Happy National Wellness Month!  Today I am celebrating with Chico’s Zenergy collection.

I believe many of us are celebrating National Wellness Month this August with new vision and perspective.

More than likely, over the past two years, we have become more aware of all that it takes to practice good wellness in our lives.

National Wellness Month is designed to bring focus to all of the good health practices we should be aware in order to live our healthy best.


National Wellness Month

I hope this vibrant, beautiful Flame Scarlett color in the Zenergy line is a great way to say that I feel more vibrant and colorful these days.

National Wellness Month is a celebration time for me since I am better about my overall health care in all areas of my life.

In this new phase of my life, I am eating better, moving more, and practicing overall self-care In many ways I have not before.

Every day for me is now focused on better wellness and I am feeling the results…and the results are wonderful. 

Feeling and looking your best will always take us to a joyful place.


National Wellness Month

My personal goals for National Wellness Month include moving more, engaging in life more, and just more overall activity.

Since I work at a desk almost every day, I have to be purposeful to MOVE!

Chico’s Zenergy is such a great for movement….and perfect for those of you in retirement.

I love these three pieces I am wearing today in the Flame Scarlett color.

The collar is lovely on the UPF Mock Collar Jacket…give it a touch of casual chic.  It is on sale now in three colors.

I am also enjoying the Zenergy UPF Dotted Notch Neck Tank.  Also on sale in more than one color.

National Wellness Month

The UPF Convertible Crops are comfy and light with the fun detail at the bottom. Also on sale!

The fabric is slightly stretchy and contains 50+ Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) properties to block both UVA and UVB rays.

That makes this outfit perfect for outdoor activities like pickle ball or walking!

Here are more Zenergy looks currently at Chico’s:

What will be your focus for National Wellness Month?  Where do you believe you need to put in the most work to achieve overall wellness for you?

Please share and celebrate National Wellness Month with me and Zenergy!  Would love to hear your thoughts….thanks for stopping by and make sure that you always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted clothing for this post, and the words are my own.

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National Wellness Month



  1. Important advice Pam! As we age staying active is so important and I’m so fortunate to be living in a community where activity is emphasized. I golf 3 times a week, attend water aerobics, Pilates and other classes. All of these activities are available right outside my front & back door. At 71 I can honestly say I don’t have the stamina I had at 61 . My goal is to be able to keep up with the 4 grandkids; ok, maybe not keep up but be able to enjoy their fun. Today I’ll be taking 2 grandkids to Sea World & I’m sure I’ll hit my 10,000 steps easily! Yes, I’ll be tired after walking, being outside and watching them run but it’s an experience I can easily do because I do stay active all year round.

  2. Dear Pamela: I recently discovered your blog through the “Would You Wear It” link to another blog I follow. I just want to say how much I am enjoying all of your posts, the myriad subjects you touch, and the similar life notes you mention. I am 71, retired, a wife, a mom, grandmother, and a daughter. I live in Tennessee, but one of my daughters lived in San Antonio for a while. It is a beautiful place and I think it must inspire your blog posts. Your vibrant style speaks to me, with every piece of jewelry and bright color you wear. I am currently brainstorming my 5 style descriptors and look forward to keeping current and true to myself with the help of
    “Over 50, Feeling 40.” Thanks!

  3. Good for you, Linda! I am certain that your comment inspires all of us…you are a trooper to do Seaworld!

  4. Hi Paula,
    So happy to have you here. I am blessed that you are enjoying the blog. Let me know if you have any questions or need help with your style adjectives!

  5. I like the Zenergy line as well as athletic wear from JJill and Talbots (though the latter is cut smaller than I’d like in the tummy area, moreso than their regular line). I especially like pieces from these retailers because (like what you have on today), they cross over to look good enough to run errands or stop for a cup of coffee. For true workout and outdoor wear, it’s hard to beat Eddie Bauer. I received an extensive online survey yesterday from a major research firm that asked me dozens of questions looking for my personal style and shopping preferences. On one question, I was given a list of about 30 foundational five-type style adjectives and asked to pick 3. It’s hard to know who sent it, but in addition to major department stores, I was asked to give feedback on Talbots and JJill among others such as Banana Republic and Anthropologie (not Chicos though). When they showed me pictures of styles I might like, I recognized a lot of Talbots and JJill models and even some of the clothing.

  6. I wish I would get a contact like that, Linda…I would love to give some opinions to some of the retailers. I would love to know who they are working for!

  7. Oh, I am definitely focusing on my health – and have mapped out some goals for myself to achieve over the next 11 months (to arrive at 60 next July my best possible self!). As I had mentioned I began taking a ceramics class a few months ago, and am now doing studio time every Thursday to further my skills, enjoy the gentle pace and artistic vibe. This, while not the same as water aerobics or biking, is profoundly healthy for my mental wellbeing and brain health. I am learning a whole new way of creating, expressing myself outside music, making new friends. The focus required while working on projects allows me to just enjoy the moment, not fretting over responsibilities I typically have for my elderly parents. It has become a place of pure joy for me.

  8. I am a complete supporter of mental health activities….I really believe that it what this blog is for me. For our wellness, I think we all need a combination of physical and mental activities. I love that you have taken up ceramics. You go girl!

  9. I think the outfit is really cute but would not identify it as activewear. For pickleball, yes; for hiking, no. Someone mentioned Eddie Bauer, and I have so many of their things from years ago. These days, I have found both LL Bean and REI to be better choices for me. Also, good shoes are essential: Saucony and New Balance are two brands I like. I’d also like to plug our public health systems: my local medical organization is great and keeps me apprised of the benefits it provides, from frree gym membership and yoga classes to lectures on medical issues (e.g., heart, gut issues and mammograms) to vaccinations of all types. I’ve got getting a shingles shot on my August list!

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