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Happy last Sunday of August, everyone!  So glad to have you here and today I want to learn more about your current needs.  If you take this reader survey then you receive a giveaway entry just for you!

We have some new members of our little community here and I want to make sure I am tuned into to all of your needs as you take this reader survey.

It helps me so much to know what content encourages, inspires, and educates you best!


take this reader survey

September 1 happens this week and for me that switches gears toward fall and the holidays.

With readers located literally all over, I would like to know how to help you more…all you have to do is take this reader survey in the comments.

Answer these questions as best you can and you will be entered to win the prize…most of you know I like to draw names from a hat and that is literally what I do.

And yes, if you desire to say more than a brief answer, you are welcome to email me at over50feeling40@gmail.com and I will still put your name in the hat!


  1. Going into the cooler/colder weather, what are your wardrobe needs.
  2. Please tell me your top 3-4 favorite places to shop.
  3. Would you like to see more on the five style adjectives I discuss often.
  4. In the area of fashion, how can I help you look and feel your best?

take this reader survey

5. What size department are you: misses, plus, petite, tall.

6. What are your best colors or If you know your palette, what is it?

Take this reader survey

Please take this reader survey in respect to your beauty needs as well.

7.  What are your current skincare, makeup needs at your stage of life…mentioning your age is very helpful, but not necessary to be entered.

8. If you would like to mention post ideas for health, I would love to hear them…but not a requirement to enter.

9. Are there any topics in the beauty area that would be helpful to you.

10.  Finally, is there anything I do that you find most helpful and would not want to see go away?


take this reader survey

If you take this reader survey, you could win this gift box with:

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So, this entire giveaway is valued at $195 and I usually toss in more fun, often from my favorite skincare line, GENUCEL.

All you have to do is take this reader survey!  I will answer a winner next Friday!  You can live anywhere in order to participate!

It helps me so much in preparing content to know more about you! And of course you may share this with a friend…the more the merrier!


By Pamela Lutrell

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take a reader survey


  1. 1.Going into the cooler/colder weather, what are your wardrobe needs. I just bought a new fall jacket yesterday and I’m thinking I may need some new boots. Other than that, perhaps a sweater or two and a new outfit for a banquet I’m going to in October.
    2. Please tell me your top 3-4 favorite places to shop. I live in Canada, so the only shops you would know are Banana Republic and Nordstrom. The rest of the stores I shop in are Canadian brands and a boutique in my town.
    3. Would you like to see more on the five style adjectives I discuss often. No, that doesn’t interest me as I know my style.
    4. In the area of fashion, how can I help you look and feel your best? My climate, body type and style are very different from yours, but I like to see what women in the southern U.S. wear.
    5. What size department are you: misses, plus, petite, tall. Misses.
    6. What are your best colors or If you know your palette, what is it? Winter.
    7. What are your current skincare, makeup needs at your stage of life…mentioning your age is very helpful, but not necessary to be entered. I’m 68 and find my skin is much drier than it used to be.
    8. If you would like to mention post ideas for health, I would love to hear them…but not a requirement to enter. N/A
    9. Are there any topics in the beauty area that would be helpful to you. I’m always interested in what’s new in the market.
    10. Finally, is there anything I do that you find most helpful and would not want to see go away? I like when you show your city and surrounding towns.
    Please do not enter me in the draw. Thank you.

  2. 1. Flattering sweaters
    2. TJ Maxx, Nordstrom, Chicos, Torrid, JJill
    3. Sure–I’d like to hear about style adjectives–I haven’t quite settled on my own
    4. Study of proportion–neckline, hemlines, where jackets should end with different body types, etc.
    5. Plus
    6. Autumn
    7. Sensitive, moisturizing for 67 y/o
    8. Working on weight loss as a woman of advancing years!
    9. Products for the eyes–brighten, concealer; products that won’t creep into crepey eyes
    10. Love your emphasis on JOY! and acceptance and peace with ourselves and others!

  3. Thank you…and thanks to everyone sending emails!! Happy Sunday to all! Your names are in the hat!

  4. 1. I don’t really need anything, but I’m eyeing cowboy boots. (I’m hitting my 3 yr. anniversary as a TX resident, so I’m thinking I could make use of them.)
    2. Free People, Sundance, Anthropologie
    3. Ditto, Marie, I know my style.
    4. Seeing you embrace your style is an encouragement.
    5. Misses
    6. Autumn
    7. I’m good right now. I’ve been using my new Genucel products for several days :).
    8. Vegetarian or vegan meal options (I’m neither, but would like to have vegetarian or vegan meals occasionally).
    9. I like to hear what others are using, so it gives me confidence if I want to try something new.
    10. I really enjoy it when you and Leigh go shopping together and do try ons.

    Have a great Sunday!

  5. This survey is fascinating – so I guess all the replies will be too !
    1 I think I bought enough last year to keep me going this Autumn/Winter .
    2 I live in the UK but usually shop during sales at big department stores because I find they cut prices far more ! I have also done well at charity shops (thrift shops in the USA) .
    3 Yes I am intrigued to find if I have a quick but accurate way of describing what I like to wear .
    4 Even just knowing what is available in the USA broadens possibilities !
    5 At 5’3″ I am between Misses and Petite so mostly wear Misses trousers/skirts – which I am resigned to taking up . Tops are a more complicated problem because I have wide shoulders but am short-waisted . I am more or less resigned to not being able to wear fitted dresses !
    6 I can wear warm colours if they are red-based rather than yellow-based and also cooler colours . I try to wear saturated colours because pastels seem to disappear on me !
    7 I am 68 and have noticed extra dryness on my face . So I have added in a face cream for later in the day than my morning swim . I have been using a body lotion after swimming since it became my morning routine several decades ago ! I use only kohl and lipgloss as makeup .
    8 Knee joints are stiffer and sorer than before – at least before swimming and in winter .
    9 I am fascinated by new eye makeup ideas altho’ I probably wouldn’t adopt anything that took extra time nowadays !
    10 I echo Marie about your hometown and State because I haven’t visited anywhere in the US and I do like your blog – so it gives a good context !

  6. Ok, here goes…
    1- With cooler weather coming, would love a new blazer! So happy they are coming back!
    2- I always look for sales and don’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes; however, I do love Soft Surroundings and JJill. Finding a gem at Good Will is a favorite of mine.
    3- The use of adjectives is not of interest to me.
    4- I love when you find gems at low prices. I am tall, as you are, so I love your recommendatons on pants, where finding the correct length can be an issue.
    5- I wear a L in misses, but have to look for tall in pants.
    6- I had my colors done long ago, but it was indicated that I was Winter.
    7- Just turned 70, and my skin is much drier. Would love to find a cream that actually helps with wrinkles!
    8- Love hearing about Weight Watchers, as I am using this, also.
    9- Don’t like to spend a lot on beauty products, but would love some help with applying makeup, especially eye shadows.
    10-Continue to do your try-ons in different stores, giving your sizes. That really helps!

  7. 1. Having moved from the Northeast to the Southwest I am all set for fall/winter.
    2. JJIll, Chicos, and recently, Anthropologie and Banana Republic ( and always Goodwill)
    3. The style adjectives are helpful but mine are a work in progress.
    4. For fashion, I like your store dressing room visits.
    5. At 5’4″, 140 lbs. I am a medium, sometimes a small.
    6. Not sure: fair skin, green/blue eyes and gray/white hair (used to be ginger).
    7. I am 72 and interested in products that reduce wrinkles and add a glow.
    8. No health issues except some gastro sensitivity.
    9. Products not tested on animals.
    10.I have no issues with any of your topics. Surprise me!

  8. Hi Pam, I enjoy checking in with your blog every day to see what you’re up to. I’m petite, a warm autumn and fall is definitely my favorite season. Working in an office couple days a week and work at home other days because of pandemic so only need a few quality pieces to fill out my wardrobe. I’ve been shopping for green, camel/gold sweaters, camel colored pants and a few solid blouses. I avoid prints and stick with solid colors to look as slim and tall as possible! I shop at Talbots usually and occasionally at Dillards and Macys. I can never find anything that fits me at Nordtroms anymore unfortunately except shoes. I condensed 5 word personal description down a bit — so helpful to stop making expensive clothing mistakes. My inspiration words are French chic, minimalist and polished. Your weekly blog with links to articles is always fun. Thank you … have a wonderful Sunday.

  9. 1. I live where it’s warm all year. I’m looking at lightweight jackets & tees as well as tops for dinners out with a Fall feeling. We still have summer for another month or 2 & then weather gets milder. People here wear summer mostly year round. I’m purposely putting together a couple of outfits that would work when I go to visit my kids who live 2 hours from here but where it can be 15 degrees cooler.
    2.Talbots, Chicos, Nordstrom Rack
    3. I like the 5 adjectives. Interesting to see how people identify themselves.
    4. Keep showing us the dressing room diaries with Leigh Ann. It helps to see garments on real people!
    5. Misses
    6.Raspberry pink, cobalt blue. Color discussion is interesting, I was once analyzed as an autumn but since turning gray & being tan all year long I’ve been told I’m a winter. I know the colors I can’t wear!
    7. I’m 71. Use Chamonix thanks to you. Always interested in how to glam it up a bit using eye shadow and lipstick.
    8. Health topics concerning aging.
    9. Beauty area topics include how to make evening makeup a bit more interesting.
    10. Love your dressing room diaries & travels with Leigh Ann . I also enjoy seeing your evening outfits when you go out with husband.
    Whew! That got me going on this Sunday morning!

  10. 1. The third piece-particularly interesting sweaters, both light weight and winter weight.
    2. JJill, Talbots for basics, Kettlewell for colors, Nordstroms for free shipping. Would love to see some more on line sources since we have nothing unique here.
    3 Always love exploring adjectives and evolving my own.
    4. In the area of fashion, I would love to know more eye tips and necklines that flatter changing facial features and necks. Also, I loved it when you dove into Elements of style from other countries.
    5. Misses
    6. Deep Autumn
    7. Turning 70 in September. Skin is always reddish.
    8. Encouragement for simple healthy habits. Eg Snacks, simple meals, motivation
    9. Products for eyes, lips, better make up coverage that doesn’t look over painted. The ‘no makeup look’ for those of a certain age that has gravity working on them.
    10. Love your shopping with Leigh, news for women, unusual spots, almost everything! Your joy brings joy to my life.

  11. Well, this was thought provoking and fun.
    1. I am looking for a warm stylish, slightly feminine jacket in my softer colours. I fell in love with the opening coat in the Chanel fashion show and can’t get it out of my head.
    2. I am also from Canada so shops are different and some are local. Many of the stores featured do not ship here, or if they do, the duties and taxes are too much added to the shipping. I do love to scout out many thrift stores.
    3. It is interesting to see other ladies’ adjectives and hear different styles
    4. I enjoy seeing different styles shown even when ours are so different
    5. I am a Misses size 8 or medium
    6. I am a True Summer, had it done with SciArt 12 Blueprints
    7. I have loved skin care since I was 12 and now at 67 still love it and makeup as well. Love watching certain makeup tutorials ie Nikol Johnson and Emily Noel also Dr. Dray for good advice.
    9. Always interested in this area, and love to hear about new lines or items.
    10 I enjoy your trips to areas I may never see. I enjoy your trips to Goodwill as well as others.

  12. 1. I live in a year round mild climate, but I’m always interested in how women elsewhere are navigating clothing approaches in their own climate.
    2. Nordstrom, Macy’s, Talbots, Chico’s
    3. I know my style, but am always interested in others’ approaches.
    4. I only shop online now. The try ons you and you and Leigh do are very helpful to me. I do appreciate personal details from each of you—weight, height, measurements (even measurements or comments about shoulders, legs, derrieres, etc. That helps me judge how an item might fit me. However, in no way do I wish to make either of you uncomfortable. So if disclosing that information makes you uneasy, I completely understand.
    5. I used to be plus, but after losing 44 lbs on WW in 2020 and maintaining it, I am now misses.
    6. I am a self- diagnosed winter just because I like white, black and saturated red and pink.
    7. I’m 73. My skin is dry and fragile. I am constantly trying new creams. Dermatologists always suggest CeraVe. It does not help me and I suspect the CeraVe company is involved in giving incentives to doctors.
    8. I like all posts and articles on health. Even ideas that do not appeal to me help me narrow my focus on what does appeal to me. I especially like women’s comments in these areas. For example I never knew so many women have feet issues until I learned from them on blogs.
    9. N/A
    10. I like all of your posts. I always learn from you and your readers. I would miss seeing the try ons from you and Leigh, if that were to go away.

  13. 1. I don’t need much, but am always looking for basics in navy vs black (especially leggings, activewear, travel clothes and loungewear).
    2. JJill is back to being my fave, Talbots, Chicos (basics there, not the embellished styles), Eddie Bauer; doesn’t quite fit here, but I’ve been enjoying anything from Soma
    3. I love the adjectives, keep them coming
    4. More casual and sporty looks, mix in some athleisure
    5. Bigger misses, xl mostly, but in a few brands I have to go to xxl or plus
    6. Blue Autumn, can easily wear a few dark winter colors too
    7. Dry skin on face, body, everywhere
    8. I’m not fond of the health articles in yours or any blogs because, beyond the basics, I feel the “studies” they rely on often are difficult for others to evaluate (I particularly don’t want to read about supplements). That said, it’s great when you remind us about screening and other healthy aging tips.
    9. I wear some makeup almost every day, even at home, and like tips on “no makeup makeup” or very pared down looks
    10. the true fashion blogs (what I found, what I tried on, what I wore, what LeAnn wore, foundational five examples). What about one piece worn 3-5 ways, wardrobe versatility, creativity with separates

  14. Hi Pam,
    1. Wardrobe needs – jeans with bootcut or flare leg and tops that are shorter
    2. Shop at: TJMaxx, consignment stores, Chicos, JJill, Penny’s, Kohls
    3. Style Adjectives: yes do more!
    4. Hemlines for pants, closet organization
    5. Size 10 petite
    6. Soft autumn
    10. Most helpful: try on sessions, style adjectives, comfy shoes

  15. 1.Going into the cooler/colder weather, what are your wardrobe needs.

    Casual but stylish clothes. I struggle with proper layering.

    2.Please tell me your top 3-4 favorite places to shop.
    JJill, Lands End, Christopher & Banks, Loft, Chicos

    3.Would you like to see more on the five style adjectives I discuss often.
    Yes. I loved your interpretations of readers’ 5 adjectives.

    4. In the area of fashion, how can I help you look and feel your best?
    I have trouble putting outfits together that look good, are comfortable. and are current that I don’t worry about ruining with a dog, grandkids and outdoor activities.

    5. What size department are you: misses, plus, petite, tall.
    Misses on the cusp of petite at 5’4″

    6. What are your best colors or If you know your palette, what is it?
    I like neutrals with fall colors for interest

    Please take this reader survey in respect to your beauty needs as well.

    7.  What are your current skincare, makeup needs at your stage of life…mentioning your age is very helpful, but not necessary to be entered.
    58…Healthy, natural skin. I like less makeup rather than more. I use a cleanse, serum, moisturizer regimen with daily sunscreen

    8. If you would like to mention post ideas for health, I would love to hear them…but not a requirement to enter.
    Perhaps posts on abundant living in retirement? Links to short exercise or yoga routines?

    9. Are there any topics in the beauty area that would be helpful to you.

    Hair styles for seasoned ladies? You do really great on fashion so there isn’t much to improve on there.

    10.  Finally, is there anything I do that you find most helpful and would not want to see go away?

    Your try on sessions with Leigh. Also the Wednesday headlines. I miss your interpreting 5 adjectives for readers and would happily submit my info…

  16. 1. Have not had time yet to go through fall/winter clothes to evaluate, give away etc. so not sure what, if any, I should replace or add. I love sweaters, but the weather will be a factor as well—seems to be getting hotter in Texas every year. I always like what you find for us, particularly for our climate, because as a caretaker to hubby, I don’t get a chance to go shopping in person often. This year I have bought at least 3 items as a result of what you found for us (Talbots, J.Jill).
    2. Talbots and Ann Taylor because of their petite offerings. Sometimes I order from Land’s End because of the same reason. I have been curious about the offerings you have shown us from Dillards and Penney, so may try those stores at some point.
    3. Have enjoyed your posts about style adjectives, and have found your approach helpful when buying new pieces. I’m still trying to figure out exactly where I fit in—classic, maybe preppy, sometimes with something of interest like asymmetry, comfortable (but no jogging clothes), with a bit of structure, etc.?
    4. You are helping us very day by exposing us to items many of us don’t have the time or access to find in our own. I’m grateful for how much time you put into your posts.
    5. Petite sizes 4-6, sometimes 8 for pants and skirts for additional comfort.
    6. I have never had my colors done. I think I may be Fall (brown hair eyes).I know some of the color that do not look on me, particularly next to my face.
    7. I have very oily skin, and use very few products because even at my age, I get pimples. It is particularly difficult when wearing a mask, which we are still doing when in crowds. Solved the problem be using a serum—Divulge—with lactic acid, which helps control the oil, and exfoliates. I do need something for my hands as they are exposed to water many times a day, and are starting to look shriveled up. Nothing seems to work!
    8. Maybe some updates in autoimmune diseases treatment or diet, breast cancer, and/or guidance for the upcoming new COVID booster.
    9. Hair coloring, highlights, how to best cover dark circles under eye?
    10. I have enjoyed all of your posts because of the diversity. Love finding your e-mail in my Inbox every morning.

  17. I live in Michigan but spend the winter in Florida
    1 a new half zip sweater or sweatshirt,
    2 Talbots, JC Penny, Landsend, I’m a big resale shopper
    3 yes I’m having trouble with mine
    4 I learn a lot from your outfits as we are about the same size and shape
    5 misses
    6 most blues, aqua, Fuchsia, around my face
    7 70, I only wear eye brow pencil, lipstick and mascara, tinted moisturizer. Dry skin, sensitive skin
    8 gentle exercise ideas, cooking for health.
    9 skin care
    10 I love your try on sessions, I love the links you include for items you are wearing. I like your resale tips.

  18. 1. Navy comfortable pants, long cardigans
    2. Talbots, Marshall’s
    3. Not interested in 5 adjectives
    4. More classic fashion and colour combos for winter palette
    5. Misses Size 10 or 12
    6. Cornflower blue, teal, grey, winter colours
    7. Body Dench Argon Oil works for my sensitive skin. I’m using ROC retinol for the past year but not happy with results
    8. Vegetarian meals, protein low calorie snacks
    9. Skincare for seniors
    10. Really enjoy Today’s News

  19. Hello Pam and all:
    1. Cooler weather wardrobe needs: The season gets long. Ideas to brighten up the dead of winter.
    2. Places I love to shop: Amazon, Nordstroms, Talbots, Boden and Mood Fabrics (I like to sew).
    3. More of the style adjectives: yes! I find this very interesting and helpful. Recently realized I don’t have the same style needs I did while working less than a year ago. (newly retired).
    4. Areas to explore in fashion: what styles look good on various types rather than the tall, young and slender. Any sort of advice on style and line even if it’s not exactly for me will be helpful. Most clothing looks great on the tall, thin and slender, but so would a burlap bag with a belt on those people. I love that you keep it real.
    5. Size: 5’3″ so somewhat petite but not short waisted.
    .6. Pastel summer
    7. Skin and makeup: love to hear about it, especially if it’s bargain priced and working well.
    8. Health: not really interested in weight loss programs. Links to quick yoga or exercise would be great!
    9. Beauty topics: hairstyles on real people’s heads. What beauty routines have been helpful and created more confidence etc.
    10. Please keep going to Indie stores and showing thrift finds. The Indie stores give loads of inspiration and we need to support small businesses. We can always call them to have them ship something. I don’t imagine thrift stores would send anything, but it is great to see what one can find there. One woman’s trash has often been my treasure.
    Love your blog.

  20. Hey Pam, Thanks for asking these questions!
    1. I live in a southern climate so as the weather gets cooler I am looking for light weight sweaters and cropped pants.
    2.Shopping favs: Target, TJ Maxx, Kohls, thrift stores
    3.I enjoy your 5 adjective styles as they are uplifting and encouraging.
    4.Area of fashion…. hard one! I live at the coast and used to subscribe to the “coastal gramdmother” look… but that all started to look the same. I like to mix it up. This is one reason I enjoy your page!
    5.Misses and/or petite
    6.Do not know my palette but receive more compliments with yellows, golds, peaches.
    7.Oil of olay, SkinCeuticals. (61 yr old)
    8. I enjoy reading how your subscribers keep fit. I do a turtle watch beach walk and walk my dog several days a week.
    9. Beauty topics: hair styles, color vs going gray, is long hair ok for ladies our age? Etc
    10.Your honesty about what you choose to wear and what you don’t wear is very helpful! I find myself thinking I am still in my 40’s and dressing like I wear a size 6🤦🏼‍♀️

  21. 1. Nothing at this time
    2. Places to shop: Chicos, Talbots, JJill, Target
    3. Yes more ideas for the 5 style adjectives
    4. The area of fashion would be affordable clothing. You already do this quite well
    5. Misses
    6. Cool colors.
    7. Skincare is important but price is also important to me. Also some makeup ideas
    8. I am very interested in following your health journey. I like recipe ideas because this is always the hard part for me.
    9. I really like you budget ideas on everything. Home, fashion, skincare, health and beauty
    Now I think I’m going to check out your skincare line. I just can’t find one I like.
    I really look forward to reading what you have to say.

  22. 1. I’d like to find a warm toned, light chocolate cashmere blend blazer. I don’t want a blazer that is oversized. I think I look better whose hem hits just below the hip bone. I feel my legs look longer. I’m only 5’4″ and I like looking taller. I really liked the shrunken blazer length on me, but the fashion world’s pendulum has swung to the opposite point. I would also love to find cords in a very warm toned, golden brown / olive. I love anything that matches my hazel eyes. The color is very hard to find, but I do own a velvet blazer, a light weight sweater, and a couple of print skirts in the color. I am on the hunt for light, warm chocolate brown jeans or cords. I am hoping this color will be in stores this fall.
    2. My favorite places to shop are the online consignment store ThredUp and Goodwill. I also like Talbots and Ann Taylor. I have better luck shopping online than at brick and mortar shops.
    3. I do like reading about the style adjectives. Years ago I read a book called “Clothe Your Spirit”. The author had a similar philosophy. i was very taken by the transformations she illustrated in her book. Ever since, I have tried to think about the message my clothing sends about me.
    4. I read your blog and others to help me learn what styles are in the marketplace and see what might work for me.
    5. I wear misses sizes. Usually size 4 or 6.
    6. I have known for over 35 years what colors look best on me. I was typed as a spring in 1984 and trained to do seasonal color analysis. I always believed that a 4 season system was far too broad. For my personal wardrobe I chose to wear the clear, medium, warm colors from the spring and autumn palettes. I love tomato red, grass green, golden yellow, warm brownish olive, clear rust, caramel, and milk chocolate. I have to give a shoutout to my current favorite system of color analysis, Your Color Style by Jen Vax. Jen does not use season words to describe categories. She uses the terms 1)warm and cool, 2) light, medium, and deep, and 3) bright and soft. Any individual can fit into one of combination of the 3 above qualities. I am bright, warm, medium. The colors in that category are what I have been wearing for 35+ years.
    7. I will turn 68 in a few weeks. I’m lucky that I picked the right parents, have used sunscreen, and don’t smoke or drink. I am consistently told that I look far younger than my actual age. However, I do have some skincare concerns. I recently tried using a vitamin c serum and discovered I can’t tolerate it. I looked sunburned and experienced serious peeling. I have the same problem with niacinamide. But, I do well with retinoids, go figure. My biggest beauty issue is dealing with unwanted facial hair. My tweezers and I are best friends. I have used Vaniqa with moderate success, but it is expensive and does not completely stop the growth of hair on my chin. So, I still have to tweeze. The tweezing leaves my chin dry. I frequently get flakiness and irritation. I cannot find any help on YouTube or the internet. The subject seems taboo. I know that I am not a candidate for laser hair removal because most of the unwanted hair is white. I may look into electrolysis. I would love to hear from other women who have the same problem.
    8. I like reading about health issues for older women. I would like to see more sites touting the benefits of HRT. I hit menopause at just the wrong time – 2008. women and their doctors were still reeling from the poorly conducted WHI study that was released in 2002. We saw nothing but scary articles that told us of the dangers of hormones. Now, better research is available that shows that hormones can be quite beneficial for many women. I suffered needlessly for years because of the WHI study. I also would like to see more sane reporting on osteoporosis treatment. The bisphosphonates that are handed out like candy to so many women are not the panacea the pharmaceutical companies would have us believe.
    9. I like learning about the latest makeup techniques for older women. I also like hearing about new products, particularly foundations and concealers that last well, look skin-like, and don’t settle into fine lines or wrinkles.
    10. I like your dressing room diaries. I like seeing how clothes look on you and LeighAnn.

  23. 1. Pants that are not jeans, leggings or wide legged in navy, gray & tan. Tailored blazers in black & navy. I am allergic to wool.
    2. Macy’s, Kohl’s, Talbots & JCP
    3. I am always evolving with my style adjectives, so I find it interesting read about others.
    4. A variety of prices. I wear mostly casual pieces but no athleisure wear. Different body types. I am short & chubby.
    5. I do a lot of cross over I can wear misses & petites XXL or plus 1X in tops. Petites or petite plus for pants
    6. Cool colors as I am most likely a winter.
    7. Beauty items that are available at Target, drugstores, etc.
    8. N/A
    9. Simple beauty & inexpensive beauty routines & items.
    10. I enjoy reading most of your posts even if they don’t apply to my particular lifestyle. Currently, I spend a lot of time at home, so your blog is a welcome break in my day.

  24. 1. Wardrobe needs: really have none as I’ve been able to fit into most of my clothes for years as I buy more. What my wardrobe really needs is a good clean out, and reduction as I have too many clothes that I keep hanging on to.
    2. Places to shop: I live in a small town so have to travel to try on clothes. My closest department store is Belk’s , but online I most often order from Chico’s and Talbots.
    3. More on 5 adjectives: I do enjoy when you select clothing choices for particular women or help them find their adjectives.
    4. How you can help us feel and look our best: I enjoy seeing your variety of outfits, and how you add that third piece. I admit that I’m easily influenced by how I see what others have bought and are wearing. I’ve bought things from Chico’s that I do not often wear because I saw others modeling them on the Chico’s group site. 😩
    5. Size: I’m a petite at 5’2”, and around 125 lbs. Have gained that last 25# since I retired, and still adjusting to the difference.
    6. Best colors: When working with consultant with “ Color Me Beautiful” back in the 80’s was determined to be a winter. Now that I’m old and gray-haired, wonder if I’m still a strict winter. Would like to see something concerning if gray hair and age affect colors.
    7. Current skincare, makeup needs: I will soon be 76. Was happy while wearing a mask that I did not have to wear makeup other than on my eyes which are my best feature. I’m cheap and do not want to spend lots of money on expensive makeup, but maybe should.
    8. Health ideas: Would like to know how Mr. B’s stimulation device is working on his knees. Even though I try to follow Pahla B Fitness program you recommended last summer, I have not lost weight like others in the Facebook group have. I know you are losing weight on WW which I have never used so I’ve been interested in your sharing what you do.
    9. Any beauty area topics: I need some help about eyebrows to which I currently do nothing because I don’t know what to do. And under eye darkness and circles. Old, wrinkly skin I accept as a sign of age, and seriously doubt wonderful claims of “fixing” those problems. Are any “miracle” skin care products really worth the money?
    10. Like or keeps: Like many others, I enjoy you, and you and Leigh Ann trying on clothes and commenting about why something did or did not work for you, or your body. I also enjoy your local San Antonio places, shops, events, as well as the other places you may visit. I look forward to your blog and cheery attitude every morning. Keep on keeping on, although I think you should free to not post daily if things occur…like your bathroom problems, or you just need a day.

  25. 1. I’d love to find some comfortable closed toe shoes with a 1-1/2″ to 2″ heel, maybe a wedge. Also, I’m on the lookout for soft (not tight) turtle neck tops to wear under cardigans and blazers.
    2. TJMaxx, Marshall’s, and Dillards
    3. I enjoy reading about other women’s style, but maybe not a big emphasis on it.
    4. What’s new in fashion and how to appear taller, slimmer, and current. I never wear dresses or skirts because of my thick, veiny legs, so I’m mostly interested in 3 piece pant outfits.
    5. I’m only 5′-1″ but I like my tops a little longer and the rise on my pants higher so I usually wear Misses.
    6. I’d love to know what my color palette is although I enjoy wearing turquoise, purple, and green.
    7. I’m 72 and am most concerned about my eye malor bags and saggy neck. I would love to hear about products that really work. Also, arm crepiness – aagh!
    8. I’m not much interested in weight loss programs, but healthy, graceful aging in general.
    9. I enjoy reading about what other women find helpful in the areas of skin and haircare.
    10. I especially enjoy your in-store try-ons and your San Antonio outings.

  26. 1. I need a black blazer suitable for fall and winter. Also, pants and sweaters or shirts for casual wear at home suitable to wear to the grocery or out to lunch in a casual setting. I also want a pair of nice chocolate brown pants for fall and winter.2. Chico’s, Chico’s Off the Rack, Talbot’s, T.J. Max; don’t buy much since retirement. 3. I enjoy reading about retirement wardrobes.4. Dressed and skirts, shoes always.5.Misses 6.I don’t need to throw away any colors but know what is flattering. I do like to think of myself as poised, comfortable and friendly. 7. I love makeup and want to wear what is attractive for an aging woman. 8. Aging gracefully.9.What other women find helpful and attractive. I need to lose 30 pounds but am not far. I am a WW Lifetime member but have no group near me and don’t want to do on line. 10. I enjoy your and Lee Ann’s try on sessions and visits out and about to do various things. I live in Western KY in retirement and enjoy seeing a different part of the country through your eyes.

  27. 1. I would like to find a not-too-tight mockneck ribbed cream sweater to wear under blazers and vests, a new sweater-blazer, and one or two beautiful new long cardigans – hopefully cashmere or a soft blend, and maybe in a pretty marbled green or lavender. Also always looking to add a pretty blouse or sweater in pale yellow.
    2. Since I live in a small town, most in-person shopping I do when visiting my sons in the Portland area: Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, Chico’s. Via the internet, I shop through your links at Talbot’s and Chico’s. I also love Lands End for swimsuits, and buy several each year.
    3. I am always happy to have you explain the 5 adjectives to new readers, and that gives me a chance to think mine over again.
    4. You do this just by what you bring to the blog all the time: your very real and relatable self.
    5. I shop misses tall, and sometimes purchase something from plus category if I know I want extra roominess, like a swim cover up or a slouchy sweater, or if tall is unavailable then XL or 1X may work to find that bit of length I need. Exception is ankle or capri pants, both of which I’m a fan of, and can just go with a misses fit.
    6. I am a clear spring, and look best in pale yellow, peach, salmon, light and medium greens, lavender, white, cream, pale grays, navy blue. I wear black only as a bottom and cannot wear red due to too much pink in my skin throughout winter season.
    7. Just turned 59, and skin is very good so far. I am a minimalist, using just two favorites I swear by: my Ole Henrickson orange facial cleanser, followed by Garnier aloe gel moisturizer morning and night.
    8. Health wise, I enjoy the various topics you’ve covered and the links to news stories in the weekly featured roundup. As a fellow hammer toe sufferer, I am always open to helpful ideas. Wrapping the offending toes in order to be able to wear certain shoes for a few hours is so cumbersome, but better than the blisters I suffer if I don’t wrap!
    9. In beauty, I would read just about anything. Have always kept my own makeup pretty simple, but I like to fancy up a bit more when attending a concert or play.
    10. I don’t ever want Leigh Ann to go away. I love thinking about your outings, lunch places, stops in the city or out in the country, etc. Also love seeing your outings with Mr. B and the family. I enjoy and make use of your cooking ideas, and very much enjoy seeing your home projects and holiday decorating. Oh, and I hope you and Leigh Ann share a wrap-up of your summer of fun list – what items did you not get to that you wanted to do, could you carry over into fall? I have enjoyed checking off my list, but see so many I didn’t have time or opportunity to enjoy. Maybe you could come up with a fall list of your own that we all could follow along with and do ourselves as well. I have fun with things like that.

  28. 1. Going into the colder weather, I need a good all around warm coat that doesn’t add bulk. I live in ND so we need good outerwear!
    2. I love Chicos and that has been my go to store for years. I shop QVC occasionally. I live in a small town and many of our department stores have closed so I struggle to find clothing and shoes.
    3. I love seeing your five style adjectives and truly need to come up with my own adjectives. I’ve kind of lost that over the years and I need that back!
    4. I really need help in this department! I’ve been thru a few extremely difficult life transitions in the last couple of years and I’ve lost my ability to look my best. I love seeing how you put things together and want to learn or re-learn how to do that.
    5. I am petite in height and wear anything from a 14-18 in size.
    6. Another area I need help in! I do not know what colors look best on me. My hair color has changed due to some botched coloring and feel I have an overall warm tone now but used to be a cool tone. I am always attracted to what I think are cool tones.
    7. I’m 61 and yes Clinique but ready to change after 30 years. My skin has bordered on dry lately and think it’s due to all the wrinkles serums and too much product. Would love to try what you use as you always look youthful and radiant!
    8. I love to hear about all things health, wellness, beauty, nutrition, and exercise. I love hearing of new items on the market and reviews and if you recommend them. I also love recipes, tablescapes and travel.
    9. I need to know what makeup is recommended for mature woman, how to wear it and apply it. I’ve not changed my makeup look in 30+ years and it’s time for a change so I can look my best.
    10. I love to read about your personal health, wellness, nutrition and exercise journey. I also like your recommendations on skincare and supplements that you use and support. In fact I’m going to order the collagen you posted about. You always do your research and I very much admire your positive attitude and you are always so inspirational and motivational. I truly need a total makeover and don’t know where to start. Reading your posts have always provided such great guidance in so many areas of life…thank you!

  29. Survey here:
    1. Going into cooler season I’m looking to replace my serious winter boots -snow boots.
    In addition, I’d like some of the newer cut jeans and corduroy pants. I’m a Neutral Spring -Summer I believe.
    2. I enjoy shopping at Talbots, Anthropologie, JJill (petites andscarves ); Banana
    Republicans Ann Taylor. I’m retired.
    3. I enjoy reading about what us current and modern in clothing suitable for retirement and make up tips. I enjoy most of your content, Pam.
    4. I’m a bit over 5 ft 3 and weigh 126. I work out but not overkill. I walk 2-4 miles a day.. Then attend weekly Tai Chi and Senior yoga classes.
    5. My best colors are blues ( deep Navy; French blue and light blue); certain shades of green; and camel with black or camel with chocolate brown.
    6. I feel I’m learning a lot from you.
    7. Like others it’s interesting to learn what pieces wear well for women of our ages.
    8. I need to see how to put an outfit together creatively. I have clothes but often come up short creating the best outfit.
    9/10. I so enjoyed your store try-on sessions with Leigh Ann too, and what you wore to
    theater productions and other outings with family and Leigh Ann as you ventured out.

  30. 1. Going more minimal and updating colors as I transition to gray hair. Paring down is my real “need.” I probably won’t be purchasing except to replace core items that are past their prime. I tend to still buy shoes though!
    2. Talbot’s, Ann Taylor, Dillard’s
    3. The adjective concept will certainly help those who aren’t familiar, and does challenge me to rethink and revise as needed. Just did that recently.
    4. I’ve got a very good idea of how to implement my style. Even though I rarely participate in trends, it’s nice to hear about them and also current colors. I like to be current, not trendy!
    5. Misses and petite
    6. Best neutrals are navy, white and gray, best accents are rich plum, teal and rich pink. I don’t use the palette idea but know what I can and “can’t” wear to look attractive. I have more accent colors and neutrals that work but tried to limit here for space!
    7. I’m 69. I don’t use anything on my face except tinted moisturizer on rare occasions, and blush. I wear eye makeup and have recently revised the colors to suit my new hair. I don’t have dry skin and feel like for my age, my skin is good.
    8. I feel like I’ve over-researched this area and don’t spend much time gathering new information. You have to weed out marketing ploys, and I go mainly on what I learned from an oncology dietician from work.
    9. I feel pretty confident in this area.
    10. I find all you do to be informative and helpful. I look forward to reading your posts. I do miss the videos!

  31. 1. Going into the cooler/colder weather, what are your wardrobe needs.
    I live at the 47th parallel where we experience months of snow, wind, and cold. Bare skin outdoors just cannot happen. I appreciate looks with longer pants and shoes/boots that involve sock-wearing! I will shop for uplifting color and pattern in tops or accessories. I also am adding pants with different legs – away from all skinny legs. I would love to find a blazer – only one – and I struggle with which solid color, texture or fabric, which collar, how many buttons, and which length, etc.
    2. Please tell me your top 3-4 favorite places to shop.
    (Sorry, I have more.) I peruse JCrew, Anthropologie, TJMaxx, JJill, Madewell, Boden, and some Talbots for basics.
    3. Would you like to see more on the five style adjectives I discuss often.
    Absolutely. Coaching in this area reminds me to be discriminating and shows me how you work with them. I just added adjectives this winter – neat, chic, clean lines, understated, and current. These are not written in stone, but I’ve already found that I could quickly eliminate ruffles and drop sleeves :).
    4. In the area of fashion, how can I help you look and feel your best?
    Please keep doing what you are doing: keeping us current, showing us what works and doesn’t work for you, telling us which/why items have/haven’t made the trip home with you. I appreciate that you and Leigh Ann are so different in style and colors, with different needs and viewpoints.
    5. What size department are you: misses, plus, petite, tall.
    I am 5’1″ and wear a size 6 comfortably, small or xs.
    6. What are your best colors or If you know your palette, what is it?
    I believe I am a winter (dark brown eyes, formerly brown hair, blue skin undertones), but that’s by self-analysis. I would say jewel colors, black, & white are where I am trying to stay. I struggle with wanting to choose muted shades and colors that are in vogue but might not be in my season. I would appreciate your adding which season might look good in the colors you show. Maybe more photos of someone wearing their best colors? Could be a “seasonal palette” photo each week?
    7. What are your current skincare, makeup needs at your stage of life…mentioning your age is very helpful, but not necessary to be entered.
    I am 71. I tone and moisturize morning and evening. I am not very faithful with sunscreen. Make-up is minimal. No foundation most days, but always a bit of eye shadow, dark gray eyeliner (no more black there), black mascara, a gel eyebrow brush, and a bit of lipstick. I tell the Sephora/Ulta gals that I have purplish coloring below my eyes and on my lids now, so why would I want to add more color to that? 🙂 My eyelids are beginning to droop as well. I have gravitated toward an overall cream shade for eyelids instead as it brightens a bit. I often think I’m one of the invisible generation anyway, but I will continue to wear makeup for me… While subbing last spring, a kindergartener told me I had “old cheeks”! 🙂
    8. If you would like to mention post ideas for health, I would love to hear them…but not a requirement to enter.
    Keep moving! While it is important to keep weight down, one needs to eat well. Pain in joints and bones can be caused by deficiencies in diet, and that’s just not worth it. Your research into the health of seniors in all areas is a service.
    9. Are there any topics in the beauty area that would be helpful to you.
    Finding make-up professionals who are willing to honestly address older faces and necks with wrinkles, thinner skin, uneven colors, limited finances, and limited expertise might be educational.
    10. Finally, is there anything I do that you find most helpful and would not want to see go away?
    I enjoy the plethora and depth of topics in your blog – always – even when they don’t apply to me! I like following news articles and learning new things. I enjoy your local excursions with LeighAnn. I especially appreciate that you are a kind, caring, positive, relatable person, Pam. You truly provide a smile each day. Thank you much!

  32. 1. I don’t need a thing but love sweaters so will probably add to my extensive collection
    2. Talbots, Nordstroms, LLBean
    3. Adjectives always interesting but I don’t necessarily follow
    4. Current fashion trends & how to make them work for a 70 yr young women 😊
    5. 16 Tall not easy!
    6. Light summer – I wear a lot of blues, pastels & blacks with colorful scarves
    7. Bobbi Brooks & Lancôme have been my go to for years but now retired I’m a minimalist, moisturizer & lipstick, eye makeup sometimes
    8. I’m not a believer in taking supplements since they are not regulated by the FDA or anyone, can interact with prescribed meds & can be downright dangerous for some.
    9. I can’t think of anything
    10. Dressing room dairies, indie store visits, mannequins & Wednesday articles all favorites of mine.
    Pam, no need to enter me in your drawing…I’m trying to pare down, donate etc. in fact that would be a great topic!

  33. – Boots. My ‘daily’ black boots are totally worn down, and I’m looking for 1-inch heel black boots with side zip. I shop only online — who would believe this would be so difficult? Boot cut jeans.
    – I am moving to sustainable and eco-conscious retailers, which means I am slowly losing my 3 1/5 decade relationship with Talbots – so Banana Republic (Factory), Boden, Everlane, & others. I recently gave up JJill b/c their clothes have become so shapeless.
    I like the style adjectives. I liked the series where you mapped out responses from this community. I don’t follow religiously the way you do, but I do understand how I live and that determines most of my purchases.
    – I am petite 5′ 2.5″ -= a size 4 in tops and 6 in bottoms.
    – I find you creative, which is helpful. My size, coloring, and style are not similar to yours at all, but I like your presentation and use of accessories.
    – My skin has been drier since the pandamic, but my dermatologist is down to earth, so I use simpler (less expensive) products. Also I have to be careful of vitamin C believe it or not. I really don’t wear make-up. I use a moisturizer that my dermatologist recommended. Otherwise, I find ‘drugstore brands’ (Eucerin, Gold Bond, Burt’s Bees, Nuetragena) to be helpful. I do use special shampoos.
    – I am silver-haired (about 35 years now) and have stopped coloring my hair. I believe I’m a clear winter. My favorite neutral is navy, but almost any shade of blue (except pastels, of course) looks good on me. Black is also good. I prefer ivory to white because of my hair, although I can wear white.
    – Honestly, I read your health posts, but I shy away from health ideas suggested by anyone but my doctors. I have to be careful about things.
    – I would like to know how to draw my eyebrows more, although I know a fair amount about this. You’ve provided into that’s been helpful.
    – I like the dressing room modelling you do with Leigh Ann. I like the Wednesday roundup a lot (thank you for the hard work). I like that you explore different prrice points. I like that you can cook and share recipes. I think you are clear when you are sponsored and are frank with us. You, personally, are likeable and kind, so reading your blog is fun. I read it daily.

    You did not ask what we do not enjoy as much — my answer to that is I feel that there is too much emphasis on Chico’s because I never shop there and have never bought anything from them. I realize, though, that most of your community likes them.

  34. Hi Pam,
    1. I need a new blazer or two in something besides black, well-fitting black jeans and a light weight sweater or two.
    2. Soft Surroundings, Talbots, and Nordstrom Rack.
    3. Yes. I have a difficult time coming up with 5 for myself.
    4. I have a difficult time with accessories.
    5. Misses.
    6. I am a soft summer.
    7. I will be 65 in October. I use some Meaningful beauty procedures, and IT hello results and their day moisturizer.
    8. I am always interested in nutrition.
    9. I love hearing about new products and what works for others.
    10. I love the Saturday store display that you and Jennifer do. I usually wouldn’t wear them, but like seeing them and what others say about them.

  35. Hi Pam,
    I live north of you in Oklahoma, and I need to warm winter boots that aren’t clunky because I am a clutz!
    I honestly do not have time to shop, but I used to love Penney’s, Dillard’s, Coldwater Creek, and Christopher & Banks. Because I am getting ready to retire, I have been trying to wear what I have. I really need to let go of a lot in my closet, but it is hard for me to do that!
    I adore your style objectives and need to learn more!
    I need a redo because I am continually wearing clothes I have had for 10 years. I am 63, so I date myself daily.
    I believe I look best in autumn colors.
    I love your suggestions for recipes, including Weight Watchers! You have been a god-send.
    I could use help in the beauty department, I have so many questions for you. Wrinkles and crepey skin, gross.
    I enjoy everything you write about. You and Leigh Ann are blessed to have it other.
    Thank you for your positive faith, I need it.

  36. Hi. Pam, here is my survey. So happy to help!
    1. Outfits using layers for work days and autumn social events.
    2. Nordstrom, J.Jill, Boden
    3. Yes, still working on my five style adjectives.
    4. I loved your description of the Coastal Woman’s look. It helped me look at my clothes in a new way for my summer vacation on Cape Cod. “Shopping” in my closet!
    5. Petite in some clothes, Misses in others.
    6. Winter, I think. I look best in jewel tones or cool pastels.
    7.  I’m 60 and use Bobby Brown “extra” line of skin care and makeup for my sensitive skin. I’m interested in clean skin care that uses earth-friendly packaging.
    8. Meditation and mindfulness are important to me, also walking, Pilates and strength training. Healthy eating, meaning less meat, more whole grains, fruits and veges.
    9. Makeup application for 50+ women, capsule wardrobes for different seasons or trips.
    10.  Seeing what you selected to ware to different events are a highlight for me.

  37. 1. I need suggestions for closet organization and editing out items that are not being worn.
    2. Macy’s, JC Penney’s, Soft Surroundings and Kohls
    3. Yes. I’ve chosen Neutral, Confident, Comfortable, Uplifting and working on the 5th adjective.
    4. How to wear the same top in 3 different outfits.
    5. Plus
    6. From “Color Me Beautiful” many years ago I am an Autumn.
    7. At 74 years old I wear minimal make up as I don’t want the caked on look.
    8. I enjoy your WW and healthy eating tips.
    9. Please explain the use of foundation and concealer to achieve a smooth look.
    10. I learn a lot from shopping try ons with you and Leigh. I also look forward to your adventures around San Antonio.

  38. 1. I’ve been avoiding thinking about fall/winter and focusing on enjoying the final days of summer. I think I’m quite well set for the cooler days ahead though. When I do my seasonal wardrobe switch, I’ll take a close look and determine if there are any gaps that need to be filled.
    2. I love to shop thrift stores. I’m in Canada, so some of my favourite places to purchase new may not be familiar to you. They include Marks, Reitmans, and Cleo as well as a couple of small independent shops.
    3. I am very well versed in the five adjectives and have been using my own for several years, but I don’t mind seeing you share the concept for the sake of newer followers. It’s such a useful tool.
    4. I enjoy reading about and seeing examples of current trends in fashion. Also, how to dress well on a budget.
    5. Misses. I’m 5’8″ and about 145 lb.
    6. I’m a spring.
    7. I’m a few weeks away from turning 70. I’m very happy with my age and have no interest in trying to look younger than I am. I have a skin care routine that I’ve been following for several years that seems to work well for me. I’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup, but I would be interested in tips on how to look my best without overdoing it.
    8. I don’t look to blogs for information on health. I follow the advice of health professionals only.
    9. I can’t think of anything specific.
    10. I appreciate posts that share glimpses of life in San Antonio, your faith, your family, etc.

  39. 1. My closet is so full, I don’t think. I have anything I actually need to purchase, south Florida, so a few long sleeve blouses, a few pullover sweaters, and coordinated jackets.
    2. Chicos, chicos off the rack, home goods, Costco.
    3.I like the subject of the adjectives, it’s very true that if I buy without thinking of those, I’m never really happy with the purchase and it ends up in the donate bag quick.
    4. I’d like to learn more about fabrics, and their care.
    5. Chicos size 3, which is a 16 in most other places.
    6.I like olive greens on myself, reds, purples, pretty much all blues.
    7. 65, very dry skin, been a challenge all my life but after menopause, wow…..
    8. Eating healthier, but how to make it tasty….
    9.safety tips, like the awful thing that happened to you, how to keep calm to be smart.
    10. I love the would you wear it, it’s a challenge to say something socially acceptable and not just ah heck no.

  40. 1.Going into the cooler/colder weather, what are your wardrobe needs.
    Comfortable navy flats for dress and casual
    2. Please tell me your top 3-4 favorite places to shop.
    Banana Republic Factory, Macy’s, Chicos, JJill
    3. Would you like to see more on the five style adjectives I discuss often.
    Sure! More actual outfits illustrating style adjectives to help the confused (like me) figure out who they are!
    4. In the area of fashion, how can I help you look and feel your best?
    Helping us refine style for comfort and tasteful, age appropriate appearance. And yes, I KNOW that all things are not OK for a 70 year old (crop tops, skin tight pants), but sometimes when you still feel 45 inside, mistakes can be made. Do’s and Dont’s! Wear now or Retire for the moment. No one is doing fashion makeovers or how to easily and economically update last year’s outfits, either.
    5. What size department are you: misses, plus, petite, tall. Misses.
    6. What are your best colors or If you know your palette, what is it? I am not sure at all. It seems I look ok in the warmer side of cool and the cooler side of warm? I have muddy green eyes that do change from warm to coolish depending on what I wear, Taupe colored hair, very fair untanned skin with pink rings under skin, but golden brown tanned skin. I’m so confused🤪
    7. What are your current skincare, makeup needs at your stage of life…mentioning your age is very helpful, but not necessary to be entered.
    I am 70 and no matter what I wear, I will never be “cool” again (if I ever was!). And that is OK. Aside from a face and neck lift, not much else will make much difference. So would like minimal effort and expense to look healthy. But am still vain enough to want eyebrows and the right colors of lipstick.
    8. If you would like to mention post ideas for health, I would love to hear them…but not a requirement to enter.
    I am not sure whether health should be a fashion blog topic, only because at our age, there are health issues which could be exacerbated by the wrong health advice.
    9. Are there any topics in the beauty area that would be helpful to you.
    How to be happy and content with the face I now have.
    10. Finally, is there anything I do that you find most helpful and would not want to see go away?
    Your blog is the most recent one discovered, but quickly has become the first I read because, being based in Texas, who you are is so much closer to who I am, as an Indiana based person. So just be who you are, keep shopping with Leigh, and infecting the world with your joy. But if you could keep us up to date on sales, that would be appreciated.

  41. Hello dearest here are my answers: 1. the needs of my wardrobe I hope are few, certainly some t-shirts and sweaters; with jackets, coats and pants I should be ok 2. I buy mainly in Italian brand department stores and something online (Bon Prix) 3. I have not yet become well accustomed to the use of adjectives, especially I am not sure of the theory, I am not sure I want to be recognized and associated with a certain type of clothing 4. … 5. plus 6. light summer 7. I wear little makeup because I don’t like to remove make-up in the evening, I have light skin with cuperose and wrinkles compatible with age 54 and early menopause 8. I like your posts for prevention and the healthy recipes you share 9. they are all useful to know new things 10. I like your approach to life and your tours in the country because they are very far from my experiences and make me feel like I was always on the road.
    In general I like your life experiences so different from my daily life and I like how you live the family, home and life in general
    a warm greeting

  42. Thanks for all your help and advice – and the chance to win that great prize!
    1. Black flats, since my old ones are shot. Also some casual tops. Going on a cruise to Canada this Fall…need some new things that will perk up what I own.
    2. Talbots, Talbots Outlet ( one near me that is GREAT), Kohls, and COSTCO! Slacks I purchased there are great.
    3. I like the style adjectives. Not sure what my style is since I retired!
    4. Since retiring and living in a retirement community I find I have LOTS of clothes I no longer wear. I need more Athleisure type, plus nice, casual chic for dinners and parties.
    5. I am a Petite in some things…I have short arms and legs, but busty. So, at Talbots a Regular medium in some things or a Large Petite. Dresses/ Slacks…a 12, or a 10 if it is a good day! I often buy Regular capri pants that are ankle on me and perfect so I don’t have to hem them.
    6. Not sure what colors are perfect….when I wear yellow I get compliments. I like all colors….I have brown hair, brown eyes, and not sure if I am a warm or cool.
    7. I am 67 and blessed with great skin. Good genes. I use Philosophy cleanser, serum, whatever eye cream I pick up, and Prai neck cream. I want to keep what I have as long as I can. I still use my Clairsonic to cleanse my face. Makeup is less….tinted moisturizer – a 44 SPF from the dermatologist in the summer and Olay tinted moisture/serum in the winter. Still looking for the perfect concealer for under my eyes…tried them all, none are perfect. Use Laura Geller Balance and Glow when going out. Most days just moisture, some Urban Decay neutral eye shadow, a little liner, a little mascara, Nars blush….and always lipstick. Use a teeth whitening paste with a gel added as I think white teeth make you look better. Do my own pedicure and manicure and have to stop myself from buying more polish. Use Gelous as a base, any color, and Seche Vite top coat….manicure lasts a little longer than a week if I am careful.
    8. Would LOVE to lose 20 pounds…when you are 5 feet tall and a little overweight that BMI chart is brutal. My weight has changed…can’t seem to get rid of the belly that just showed up. We eat very healthy after my husband’s heart attack 2 years ago, but I think I would have to eat MUCH less to lose, and I love to cook and bake. Lots of fish, veggies, all whole wheat…I would be interested in ways to prevent disease and some tips on how to lose while still enjoying life. I think about all those women on the Titanic who skipped dessert that fateful night….for what ???? Want to enjoy the good things in life and still be healthy!
    9. How to keep up with trends ( false lashes, cat eyeliner) without looking silly.
    10. I love your blog, your positive attitude, your joy in life and in your family…and your news for women. Keep it up!

  43. 1. I am Canadian so cooler weather for you is totally different for me. We can get to -40C. So, sweaters, layers, a good parka and boots that can take that type of temperature. I call those boots Nanook of the North! I even need to wear ski pants when heading outside.
    2. Once again, being Canadian affects where we can shop since we do not have some of the stores you feature. Saying that…Talbots, our iconic department store called Hudson Bay…or as we Canadians call it…The Bay…and I do lots of online shopping with a Canadian store called Shepherds which I found through this blog. You mentioned a ruana from them a few years ago. You see, if I can, I will purchase and support Canadian designers and Canadian clothing made in Canada and Shepherds carries a lot of Canadian content. So I really should thank you for this little discovery.
    3. Well , I am aiming for 3 style objectives and I do flip and flop. I know I am a classic for sure. I like to look put together so I have been struggling with that word until I read your adjectives and you used ‘polished’ so I may need to borrow that. But still struggling with what my third would be….
    4. I am reading more and more on slow fashion and sustainability. I do not need to run out and buy lots of things that I wear for a season and throw out or get rid of. Not good for our environment. I am trying to buy better quality items that will stay with me for a long time….hence classic pieces. And of course, I am hunting down Canadian content as much as possible. I can look at items you feature and see if I can do that myself from my closet. I am fairly newly retired and still wear my closet. People say I always look nice and put together….hence, one of my style objectives should be ‘polished’.
    5. I am in between a misses and petite. When did pants become so long? I wear an extra small on top and a 10-12 on bottom. Guess I am a classic pear.
    6. I wear what I like but as I have aged, my hair is going grey and that has affected some colours. I recognize that I don’t like prints except for small polka dots and stripes. So knowing my palette…not really.
    7. I am 61 so taking care of my skin is a high priority. I have been using Rodan and Fields for quite awhile. I like my skin care to be effective and not fussy. I can’t be bothered with 10 items to put on my face daily…this lady ain’t got time for THAT. But…I now have a small under eye bag on one eye only. I mean..what the what? Any hints to deal with that?
    8. I am a pretty active 61 year old. I cycle, hike, Pickleball, kayak, golf and up to the last few months I would run as well but my darn knees do not like that anymore. I like anything that talks about being an ‘active senior’. I live in a small town in Canada and our local seniors group gets together to play cards. I think I need to start a new group in my town for seniors like me…wanting to stay active.
    9. I find myself watching some You tube videos on wearing make up for older ladies. I can’t do what I used to do years ago. Hair styles is another one. I needed a new hair dresser recently and had to have the talk that yes, I know I am going grey and I am OK with it so please no hair colour talk thank you.
    10. Pam, you are one out of a handful of bloggers that I read EVERYDAY. You don’t tell me I NEED to go out and buy this or that. When you are sponsoring something you are up front about it and not blathering on and on about how your viewers need to get this. You are respectful of women of all sizes and shapes. It upsets me when other bloggers tell their readers that this item or that item looks frumpy. I do not like it when women put other women down in what they wear or do. We should be supporting each other and lifting each other up and not be critical because someone chooses to wear ‘capris’ or another item that the blogger feels is frumpy. I mean..wear does that word even come from? I like to think that women are doing their best everyday and let’s NOT criticize how they are doing it. Sorry…my soapbox…I will get off now. I actually enjoy everything you do from shopping with Leigh to simple recipes to telling us about your life. You are authentic and real with your struggles and your life and where you are at. A REAL WOMAN. Thank you for all that you do.

  44. 1.Going into the cooler/colder weather, what are your wardrobe needs: sweaters, casual clothes, pants that fit
    2.Please tell me your top 3-4 favorite places to shop: Talbots, Macy’s, Nordstrom, TJX
    3.Would you like to see more on the five style adjectives I discuss often: No
    4.In the area of fashion, how can I help you look and feel your best: I like the bargain shopping posts
    5. What size department are you: misses, plus, petite, tall: petite

    6. What are your best colors or If you know your palette, what is it: autumn
    7. What are your current skincare, makeup needs at your stage of life…mentioning your age is very helpful, but not necessary to be entered: age spots, rosacea, sensitive skin. I am 75

    8. If you would like to mention post ideas for health, I would love to hear them…but not a requirement to enter. Nothing comes to mind

    9. Are there any topics in the beauty area that would be helpful to you: keeping gray hair looking great, issues with frizz

    10. Finally, is there anything I do that you find most helpful and would not want to see go away? I love the dressing room diaries

  45. 1. Going into the cooler/colder weather, what are your wardrobe needs. I have a lovely knee-length black wool coat with a black, faux fur lined hood that is at least 25 years old. I have been looking for a replacement for 5+ years and can’t find one. It is my unicorn coat.
    2. Please tell me your top 3-4 favorite places to shop. Chico’s, Macy’s, Gap/ON/Banana Republic/Nordstrom. I need a 34” inseam and that is hard to find.
    3. Would you like to see more on the five style adjectives I discuss often. I have a negative self-image and it has been hard to come up with any positive words, so I still need help.
    4. In the area of fashion, how can I help you look and feel your best? I need help with vertical and horizontal balance/proportion.
    5. What size department are you: misses, plus, petite, tall. Misses 12 Tall in pants, and often misses 14/large petite in tops for my short waisted upper body.
    6. What are your best colors or If you know your palette, what is it? I look best in a winter, cool palate.
    7. What are your current skincare, makeup needs at your stage of life…mentioning your age is very helpful, but not necessary to be entered. I am 72 and have unlined skin that I give thanks for the genetics I inherited from my mom and grandma. I have used organic Deluvia products for 5-6 years. I developed an allergic dermatitis and their Miracle aloe products were the only think that calmed the itchy rash. I have started adding in some Biossance products with plant based squalane.

    8. If you would like to mention post ideas for health, I would love to hear them…but not a requirement to enter. I don’t look 72 and I don’t feel 72 inside, but my joints are telling me I’m not 40 anymore. Post knee replacement, I can’t kneel or squat. Exercises that are low impact and don’t require getting on the floor are always helpful.
    9. Are there any topics in the beauty area that would be helpful to you. I like an understated, natural look.
    10. Finally, is there anything I do that you find most helpful and would not want to see go away? Please keep the try on sessions. We have a similar shape and I can better visualize how the clothes will fit me.

  46. Hi Pam!

    I hope I’m not too late for this survey. Here are my answers:
    1. Wardrobe needs: I’d like a pair of denim trousers (i.e. dark wash with trouser-like details rather than jeans, corduroy jeans in winter white/ivory, tan, brown; waterproof boots.
    2. Top 3-4 favorite places to shop: I don’t even know anymore. I used to like Talbots and Chico’s but now I can never find anything that fits appropriately (I’ve lost some weight recently and been working out and now I can’t find pants that fit me properly). The last place I found jeans that fit that I like was Madewell, but their styles are somewhat too young for me (I’m 67 but look younger). I buy basics at JCrew Factory and recently discovered Banana Republic Factory. We used to have a Nordstrom here, but they closed so now I use their website which is okay but not totally satisfactory. Otherwise, I go to local boutiques and scour the blogs (like Pam’s) to see cute things and then order online.
    3. Would you like to see more on the five style adjectives I discuss often? Yes, please!!!
    4. In the area of fashion, how can I help you look and feel your best? I’m retired now so definitely less structured than previously. But I was a banker for 40 years and like classic styling with a twist — a fun scarf or belt or shoes. So more ideas like that would be great!
    5. 5. What size department are you: misses.
    6. What are your best colors or If you know your palette, what is it? I’m definitely an Autumn and look best in saturated colors. Pam’s palette is mine, too!! (one of the many reason I love Pam’s blog!)
    7. Skincare needs: My skin is drier now in the winter than it used to be. And I’m always battling redness, sensitivity, and how to add some color without being too obvious about it.
    8. If you would like to mention post ideas for health, I would love to hear them…but not a requirement to enter.
    9. Are there any topics in the beauty area that would be helpful to you.
    10. Finally, is there anything I do that you find most helpful and would not want to see go away? I love when you style yourself because you’re an Autumn and I love see our colors out there to get ideas about what might work for me. And I just love your blog and look forward to reading it every morning. So don’t go away!

  47. I forgot to mention I like Eddie Bauer for shopping. Quality is very good. I buy a lot of Travex and Departure items there: pants, shorts, jackets, shirts, dresses and coats. Seems like they often have 50 per cent off.

  48. Okay, I just found this so here goes:
    1. I have just about everything I need for fall. I have dropped over 40 ponds, so I am going back to my closet and pulling out all those lovely things I already had and couldn’t part with that fit me now!
    2. I do most of my shopping at Dillards, Talbots, Chicos and Kohls.
    3. and 4. Just keep on posting what you are posting. I get so much from just reading your choices and the whys and howtos.
    5. Misses, and in pants-tall because I am short waisted.
    6. I had my colors done years ago, and I do mean years! I think I’m either winter or summer. I love reds and purples with a blue undertone, creams, navy, and a certain shade of green that makes my skin glow.
    7. I am 75 and now the wrinkles and sagging skin are rearing their ugly heads. I use foaming cleanser, moisturizer, serum and décolleté and neck serums. Most of the restorative products are from Prai.
    8. It would be most helpful if you have any suggestions for firming up or creating muscle confirmation, or how to use protein to create muscle mass.
    9. I can’t think of any beauty additions that you don’t already include.
    10. Please continue your posts on fashion and correct coloring and any and all tips on staying healthy, including diet, exercise and wellness care.

  49. 1. I’m pretty set on clothes, but I could use a few new tops in fall colors. I live in Texas, as you do, so they need to be lightweight.
    2. Chico’s, Talbots, and a few local boutiques
    3. Yes, I enjoy the style adjectives. I think you and I have similar adjectives, so I enjoy seeing your choices of both clothing and accessories.
    4. I’ve lost some weight over the past year, so I’m trying to figure out how to buy clothes when you seem to be between sizes and don’t want your clothes to be too tight or too baggy.
    5. Misses size–sometimes Large, sometimes Extra-Large, depending on the brand and the style.
    6. I’m a Spring (probably a Light Spring). My best colors are aqua and peach. I’d love some more posts on how to choose colors that are work when we’re in different seasons (e.g., choosing fall clothes when you’re a Spring).
    7. I have dry skin and some wrinkles. I also sometimes struggle with choosing makeup colors for my fair skin and light hair.
    8. No health ideas
    9. How to navigate and choose from all the products for dry, mature skin.
    10. I enjoy all your posts and your positive attitude. I like it when you share links to unusual accessories, like World Finds. I also like your style adjective posts and your Leigh and me shopping posts. And since you and I both live in Texas, I like seeing what you’re choosing to wear in different seasons, since our weather is similar and it’s so hot for much of the year.

  50. Hi Pamela,
    I love your blog – thank you for creating interesting fashion content for women our age! Here are my answers to your questions:

    1. In a couple of months, I am moving from the northeast to Arizona, so my winter wardrobe will be very different than it’s been for decades!
    2. Macy’s, J.Jill, Lane Bryant. I also check out consignment and thrift shops. It reduces my carbon footprint and gives me a serotonin boost when I find a fab outfit or accessory at a great price.
    3. Yes, I would like to learn more about your 5 adjectives for fashion. I used to be too busy to care about fashion but have become a lot more conscious of how I dress over the last couple of years.
    4. I could use more help with choosing the right accessories for an outfit. Do you keep a look book or something similar to remember what works for you?
    5. I’ve been wearing plus sizes for many years but have been dieting and moving into the Misses department now.
    6. I can wear both warm and cool colors, but I get more compliments when I wear jewel-tone outfits and I have more warm colors than cool in my wardrobe.
    7. I’m 65, fair Sun-damaged skin, and am currently trying out No 7 serum, day and night creams. Other skin lines that I’ve tried are Murad, Clarity, Dermalogica, and Neutrogena. I recently switched to Laura Geller cosmetics, which is working out well for me.
    8. Health is an important topic for mature women. I’d like to learn more about healthy eating and keeping active in fun ways.
    9. I’m interested in new beauty trends and fun fads.
    10. Your fashion blog is the one I read first each day. Please don’t change a thing. Your writing style is warm, friendly and interesting. I enjoy your styling tips and store trips with your BFF. I love your occasional posts about visiting unique boutiques. Thank you for all the hard work you put into your blog for your readers!

  51. 1 – I would like a long-sleeved black or brown dress, a new scarf or two, a cozy sweater.
    2 – I enjoy shopping at Chicos, QVC, Target and a local shoe store, Lucky Shoes.
    3 – Yes, I like how you explain your adjectives as they relate to your outfit. Very helpful!
    4 – I always need help deciding what is right for my shapes (I’ve put on weight and don’t dress the same as in earlier years.
    5 – I am misses, size 14.
    6 – I love black, olive and caramel colors.
    7 – I have sensitive skin but don’t use a lot of products. Mostly skin wash, moisturizer and a prescription cream.
    8 – Keeping fit is always of interest.
    9 – You seem to cover a variety of beauty subjects very well.
    10 – I like how you interact with your readers and answer their questions!

  52. 🌼 I need nothing. I actually need to get rid of a lot.
    🌼 I enjoy going into stores to shop. I like to see and feel my clothes. I shop many places, but Belk, Target, Maurice’s, Loft and Peruvian Connection are the ones I keep going back to.
    🌼 Yes on adjectives, mine keep changing.
    🌼 Fashion help is welcomed in trusting ourselves to know what looks good on us.
    🌼 Petite mostly
    🌼 I have no idea what my best colors are. If I go by the Kettlewell quiz, I’m a Spring.
    🌼 I’m 57. My major issue is with under eye dark circles.
    🌼🌼 Maybe more in the organic realm.
    🌼 I enjoy your health info and personal applications. I also enjoy the in store try ons.

  53. Survey addendum: lol (2nd one)
    If I should win in tge drawing, please give to the runner-up since I won last year. Much as I love winning anything you’ve prepared for us , it’s only fair. Thanks!

  54. 1. Need comfortable closed toe black shoes and/or short boots.
    2. Talbots, JJill, Kohls, Chicos. Do better shopping on line.
    3. Style adjectives are an interesting concept. Still a work in progress for me.
    4. I enjoy seeing new styles and trends. I also enjoy seeing ways to think about using what I already have in my closet.
    5. I usually do best with petite clothing especially pants and dresses
    6. I do not know my palette. My best colors( in my opinion) are blues, some greens, red, yellow – brighter colors. I know black does not look good close to my face.
    7. My current skincare needs at 71+ are moisturizers, sunscreen.
    8. I enjoy reading the health content you are currently using. I do not have any specific suggestions.
    9. Hair color vs gray. Is there an age to stop coloring one’s hair?
    10. I like the dressing room trips that you and LeighAnn do. Please keep doing those. I find them helpful in finding items I might want to purchase. Also enjoy seeing specific places in San Antonio that are interesting. We visit our son in San Antonio about twice a year and Inhave used this blog to find places that have visited.

  55. 1.Going into the cooler/colder weather, what are your wardrobe needs. I dont think I have too many needs but the chocolate/rust/olive that are available now, may have me shop for things I know I will ultimately want when the colors are not available.
    2. Please tell me your top 3-4 favorite places to shop. I don’t like to shop, so do most of my shopping online, which isn’t always easy.
    3. Would you like to see more on the five style adjectives I discuss often. I’m indifferent to it, I like to read it but wouldn’t miss it either..
    4. In the area of fashion, how can I help you look and feel your best? possibly more casual shoes without white bottoms. What you are doing now helps.
    5. What size department are you: misses, plus, petite, tall. Misses/tall
    6. What are your best colors or If you know your palette, what is it? autumn
    7. What are your current skincare, makeup needs at your stage of life…mentioning your age is very helpful, but not necessary to be entered. I’m 54 and find less is more and I swear by coconut oil, I don’t really do too much in terms of skincare besides that..
    8. If you would like to mention post ideas for health, I would love to hear them…but not a requirement to enter. coconut oil has so many uses. Oil pulling has been great for me.
    9. Are there any topics in the beauty area that would be helpful to you. No, I am happy with what I’m doing.
    10. Finally, is there anything I do that you find most helpful and would not want to see go away? I like when you go do the tryons in different stores, it helps me see if there is anything i would like w/o having to go to the store.

  56. 1. wardrobe needs – 3/4 length and long sleeve length tops; sweaters
    2. top places to shop – resale mostly, Kohl’s in the past, Chico’s Off the Rack once recently
    3. style adjectives – I have no clue what mine are, though I have an idea of the kinds of things I gravitate towards…
    4. help to look the best – short and pear shaped, how to pick silhouettes and styles that look good on this body type
    5. size – misses, sometimes petite tops
    6. colors – cool, muted
    7. skin care – for early 70’s to minimize wrinkles – 11 at forehead and marionette lines
    8. health topics – anything is interesting
    9. beauty topics – makeup applications
    10. topics to keep – different store try-ons, but have a search function on the blog that pulls up the blog post that covers that store so we can search for the store and find the items you like EG, JCPenney try-on, ANA pants and details; have the blog posts dated so we can tell what is very current and what was 4 years ago.

  57. 1. I don’t really need anything. I just like to refresh my wardrobe periodically.
    2. My favorite shopping places are Chicos, TJ Max, Amazon, and occasionally Dillards. Belk is on the list when I’m in a town that has one.
    3. My style adjectives would include comfortable, up to date, classic.
    4. Slightly more fitted looks would be great. Your Chicos looks in particular tend toward “floaty” styles, which make me feel big.
    5. Misses
    6. Yourcolorstyle soft, warm, medium. This translates most closely to a soft autumn.
    7. Skin care: age 60 skin needs good moisturizers and sunscreen
    8. Wellness is my most interesting health topic
    9. Quality makeup and skin care that doesn’t break the bank
    10. I like all your topics and would not choose to eliminate any. You have a good mix of different things.

  58. 1. I just need accessories. I bought fall jackets at the end of season sales last winter.
    2. I shop at Dillards, Belks, Kohls, and resale shops.
    3. I find the style adjectives helpful, but mine seem to change.
    4. I like to see the ways you put various pieces together.
    5. Misses
    6. I get compliments when I wear blues and jewel tones.
    7. My skin care need has always been dry skin, and it has gotten worse as I have passed 70.
    8. As I get older, arthritis has become a concern.
    9. I can’t think of any beauty topics.
    10. I like to see clothing items from budget-friendly stores included along with higher priced items.

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