Fall Wardrobe Refresh Tips: The affordable way

Fall Wardrobe Refresh Tips

Happy Monday, everyone!  Welcome to my thoughts about Fall Wardrobe Refresh Tips: The affordable way.

First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in the survey yesterday.  This post is actually a request from one reader.

The survey and contest are open until Thursday at 6:00 CST.  It helps me so much to occasionally hear from you!

So, let’s get started today with a discussion about fall wardrobe refresh tips with affordable in mind.


Fall Wardrobe refresh tips

You know how excited I get about fall…love it so much.

And thinking of ways to write about fall wardrobe refresh tips and be budget conscious is important for all of us.

Today’s outfit demonstrates a few four key tips that will help you save every time.


Take inventory of what you have now.  Consider items you may want to donate…how is the shape of the garment and the fit.

For example, if there is pilling on a sweater, it might be time to kiss it goodbye.

Do you love or feel ambivalent to it?  Where are there missing pieces…some of you knew exactly where on the survey yesterday.

At 69, I need to keep notes in my phone when I do this, so I will have reminders while shopping.  Just being honest!

During my inventory, I decided I wanted a few more sleeveless pieces to wear under my jackets and cardigans.

I can always look refreshed by simply changing out one top.

In a warmer climate, I wear more often the sleeveless tops and the tanks under jackets. 

With all of this in mind, I am able to shop sales and more affordable lines for these tops.

In today’s look, I started with my Talbot’s olive jacket and Talbot’s camel jeggings….both I love and have worn often….well, these are the jeggings I just recently fit back into!

Then I added a Liz Claiborne Sleeveless Regular Fit Button Down  I recently found at JC Penney’s in a paprika color …..perfect colors, a creative print, and affordable at $12.79…WOO HOO!  I do love this top!

Note: I believe this sale ended yesterday, but there is always another around the corner.  I also have the JCP app for best coupons.

I will show you two more outfits with this idea of combining your higher end pieces with more affordable ones this week.

This is an extra fall wardrobe refresh tip….how to make a $13 blouse look more expensive…style it with your best.

Fall Wardrobe Refresh Tips


Ask yourself: Are you wearing your best colors?  Are there some colors in your palette you have not tried and would like to?

My Vibrant Autumn palette includes elephant gray and I want to add a couple of pieces in it this year.

My whole wardrobe works together now as a family because I have chosen to wear only my best colors….everything goes with everything.

It makes creating outfits so much easier.  You can see here today, that I even match my new autumn wreath! 

Which is from Kirkland’s! They gave me a birthday coupon! AND right now they have a sale on and up to 75% is off the entire store.

Fall wardrobe Refresh tips


Be bold and style new looks with what you have. 

When your wardrobe works together with color and style messages, then you can try new things like leopard shoes with a paprika print. 

Prints in the same color family go together well.  It is a fun, more subtle way of print mixing.


Know what you want to say with your outfit every time you get dressed.

This is where my five style adjectives are most helpful with shopping and styling.

I am not going to buy anything that does not tell people I meet that I am polished, creative, joyful, current, and approachable.

Ask yourself in the dressing room, does this communicate to others what I want it to about me?

Style adjectives and knowing my colors saves me so much money and time.

I hope this fall wardrobe refresh tips are helpful and get you thinking and planning your own outfits.  September 1 is Wednesday so it is time to plan!

I do have two more outfit inspirations for you this week along these same lines.

Fall Wardrobe Refresh Tips

Now, I hope you have seen the short survey I ran in yesterday’s post.

For those who answer the questions, you will be entered to win this little gift box valued at about $200.

You may do this anytime through Thursday and some did participate in email.  Love to hear from you any way you choose.

I want to make sure that I am serving you best here and that is why I touch base occasionally…you are the best audience!!

Any questions or thoughts about Fall Wardrobe Refresh Tips…please share if there are!

Here are some lovely fall pieces now on the market and I went to some of the brands you mentioned in the survey questions….

Thank you so much for being here!  Now, make sure that you……


By Pamela Lutrell

NOTE: My styles this week are low on something I love and always wear…accessories!  Except they are at the back of the pile in my living room…while I try to be ever so patient and wait for the remodel to go forward.

I am not be seen in many accessories until we are finished.

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  1. You mentioned the sleeveless tops. Even though I live where it gets very cold, I wear sleeveless tanks and shirts under blazers and sweaters all winter. It’s much less bulky and I find helps to not have the bunching sleeves. Freedom of movement! I’m adding one to replace several short sleeved tops. Revising my adjectives has helped a lot with going more minimal in my wardrobe. Those adjectives are SO helpful even when paring down.

  2. I agree, Karen. My adjectives have helped so much when gleaning my wardrobe! Thanks!

  3. “ Style new looks with what you have.” This tip is the one I need to put into practice. I have more than one closet full of clothes in my best colors so there are many possible combinations I could make. That’s my current inspiration from you! My goal is to reduce what I have…those clothes I have not worn in ages, and those clothes no longer in style…and create new combinations with those items that fit me best and express my adjectives.

  4. I bought a jacket from Talbots clearance that’s very similar to the one you are wearing. It cost me about $30; your jeggings look great with the green. I live where a jacket gets very little wear so when the summer clearance sales began I searched for mark downs that could transition to a SoCal desert Fall. I need outfits that can go from a 25 degree temperature change when I head to the coast to help with the grandkids or go into LA for a museum bus trip. A tee shirt & jeans would make the look more casual. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. While filling out the survey yesterday I realized I never gave you feedback on a recommendation you gave some time back. You had a woman pharmacist recommend Kindra Vaginal Cream. It has helped me so much for dryness and itching. The creams prescribed from the gynecologist not only didn’t work for me, but had cancer warnings. I passed it by my gynecologist and she gave her approval (but didn’t note the info in case it might help other women). Your blog and the conversations among women are so valuable. Thank you.

  6. Happy Monday!
    Love everything about your outfit including the wreath. I bought the green jacket on your recommendation. The blouse and wreath are next. Your Autumn colors are mine too so I look to you for inspiration. Thank you.

  7. You look wonderful in your colours. I am interested to see how you make out with the elephant grey. I have to take my colour fan greys as they are so hard to pick out from just looking so good luck to you with that. I have started to check out the sweaters to see if there are any that will have to say goodbye, sometimes the sweater razor is no longer working to refresh and it is time to add them to the gardening drawer.

  8. My takeaways today are to get really good basics and keep those stocked. And to mix high/low, which I also do in decorating. Both I believe save a lot of money in the long run. Not touched on here (of course, you have in the past) is that accessories can be very affordable. Jewelry and scarves take up little space, don’t often have to be culled, and they can make an outfit. I once went to a party over the holidays with work people who saw me daily and knew just about every piece in my wardrobe. With my black jeans and sweater (“before” blue autumn) I wore sleek boots and pulled out a giant, glittering bib necklace of black, gray and beige crystals from a way past Talbots collection. This obviously out-of-date piece was the talk of the party and I got literally dozens of compliments. I could have purchased something for that party (most did), but I was glad I had relied on my basics and extensive accessories collection instead.

  9. This is one of my favorite outfits that you have modeled for us. I love the wreath. Just thinking that you need a necklace with those exact colors.

    On a different note, On your recommendation, I watched Velvet, Velvet Collecion and the Velvet Finale. The lead actor is so handsome and the lead actress is just beautiful! Actually I thought that all of the actors and actresses were talented and I think that they did a great job of developing each character. The music in English was so instrumental in the movie and I enjoyed the dancing……the after the drive-in scene and the birthday surprise scene were both so FUN that I have gone back and watched them. The fashions were beautiful. I loved seeing the clothes transition with the timeline . The pill box hats were so iconic.

    I have enjoyed your blog for years. I too live in Texas, I am 69 and I am retired. I had a wonderful career where I dressed very differently so I have spent the last couple of years paring down.


  10. I am so glad you enjoyed Velvet…it was so enjoyable to follow! Thanks for being here, Joanne.

  11. Thanks Diane. I will report back on the gray if I am able to find it. I would love to find it in a light sweater.

  12. That is exactly what I do, Linda. Very often these jackets will take through a winter and be worn often. I love to get them in summer clearance.

  13. Having so much in your colors, almost makes it possible to wear a different outfit every day! Colors and adjectives will really simplify things.

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