Weekend comfort: books, wraps and peace

weekend comfort

Happy Friday, ladies!  Don’t let this smile fool you….I am so ready for weekend comfort, and books, wraps and peace!

I have confessed this before, but I operate best when there is organization, calm waters, quiet moments….little chaos.

With our house under a remodel…that is currently not the case.

I know the end results will bring a smile, but for now….I am tired and need weekend comfort.

All I want for weekend comfort is a good book, this gorgeous fun wrap, and peace!

Nothing else required….


weekend comfort

You are looking at my bed shoved into the dining room.

Sleep has been difficult around here and I am weary.

I hope my weekend comfort will include uninterrupted sleep, for that is my biggest need.


weekend comfort


This is my weekend comfort wrap. A Sari Chic Sarong + Blanket sent to me from World Finds.

As you know, I am a fan of this fun sustainable brand, and I can see so many ways I will use this wrap…including on flights.

I really see it more as a blanket because it is so big…and it is designed with fun prints on both sides.

The real reason for a blanket now…during August weekend comfort…is that my reading space is under the air conditioning vent and ceiling fan.

For more weekend comfort, I am wearing it with a JJILL tank, and JJILL wide leg knit crops (I have owned these for a long time but they are still in style).

The flat sandals are from Target.

The necklace is from Chico’s jewelry.

Today, I am strictly dressed for comfort at home…nothing else.

Here are other great comfort clothes in stores right now….

Also, Pottery Barn’s Warehouse Sale is on with lots of comfy cozy items for your home.

Mr. B likes organic cotton towels, so I just ordered some for the new bathroom.


weekend comfort

Recently during a book discussion here, a reader recommended The Bookshop by Penelope Fitzgerald.

I had heard of it, but never read it…so I ordered the book and it is has been waiting for the weekend comfort time I am longing for.

Thanks for the recommendations!  Love the interaction here from readers…you are so special.


weekend comfort

I wanted to show you how I am stretching dollars lately….for saving on the food budget does give me weekend comfort!

I buy a whole chicken and place it in a crock pot to steep in spices overnight.

Then I use that chicken meat for several meals …including chicken soup.

This is a chicken salad that I created from one of those chickens and I really like it.

Put in a food processor:

1 cup of shredded, skinless chicken

1 tablespoon of Whole Grain mustard

1 tablespoon of fat free Greek plain yogurt

1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.

1 teaspoon of Italian seasonings

A dash of cayenne pepper

1 stalk of celery

1/4 cup of onion

1/2 cup of cubed fresh pineapple

Then blend it to the consistency you like…yummy. 

I do not plan to do much cooking for my weekend comfort time….but little meals like this are really good.

I hope you are planning just the weekend comfort you want…beginning today.

Tomorrow I will be back with WOULD YOU WEAR IT….and despite all the chaos, I will …..


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided a wrap from World Finds to share with you….just what I needed.

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weekend comfort





  1. I hope you get the peace you need this weekend Pam! I took pictures of my dining room when going through the bathroom remodel and holy cow! Ended up going to a hotel one night just to close the door on it all! I get it! Please let us know what you think of the book. Your wrap looks cozy, looks like you’ll get a lot of mileage from that in the winter too. Bonus points because of the fun prints… that can make you smile every time you look at it! Close the door, so to speak, on all the craziness and refuse to acknowledge it for the weekend. You will feel good because you are dressed nicely and that helps too! Have a good time resting!!

  2. I have actually considered a hotel, Karen. I am weary, but Mr. B says he is going to work something out for me. The guest bed in our house is small and is not comfortable for me to sleep for both of us.
    It is nuts, but I know will be worth it in the long run. Have a great Ohio weekend.

  3. Pam, I understand about the need for peace, and your weekend plans are just the ticket. Let me know if you like the book. Watching the movie afterward is fun, too. I’m going to start the book you recommended, One Italian Summer, and thank you for that. Take a little time to walk outside, too, because beautiful nature always brings a sense of peace. Bless you!

  4. You are right Marcia…We actually had a small rain storm and clouds last night…so I went out. It gave me hope that the seasons are about to change. Loved it.

  5. Like you, Pamela, I’m happiest when surrounded by beauty and order, and we, too, went through a bathroom remodel where we had to move out of our main bedroom, so I understand what an ordeal it is. (We were doing a kitchen update, too, so that added even more chaos.) I remember telling myself daily for weeks to “keep my eye on the prize.” The feeling when it’s done and you have a brand new bathroom is absolutely delicious. Just hang in there as every day you get closer. Your blog is the first thing I read every morning and you are such an inspiration to me. You encourage all of us to be our best, authentic selves!

  6. So happy to meet the day with you, Niki! I love the phrase…keep your eye on the prize! Thank you for that and the encouragement about the blog!

  7. I’m with you … I don’t function well around disorder, especially in my private spaces. It makes me nervous, irritable, and just “off.” A remodel is -such- a mess! I hope you can get some rest, even if you just throw your own mattress on the floor and camp out. Our son and daughter-in-law have a double bed in their guest room, and it’s soooo hard to sleep in. We seldom get more than an hour or so at a time of uninterrupted sleep. As for the fashion, it does look comfortable, and you look great in those crops. One of the biggest things I’ve learned in retirement is to wear decent clothes at home, and to honor all parts of your life.

  8. That is exactly what Mr. B wants to do…is throw our mattress on the floor. I recently found these crops when I cleaned out the closet and now that I have lost a few pounds, I like them! I am glad to have them in my wardrobe.
    Thanks Linda!

  9. Those restful weekends are what make the stressful weeks of work, or in your case, discomfort and disorganization, possible. When I was teaching, I so often had a migraine on Saturday morning, and after discussing this with my doctor realized I handled the stress during the work week, but by weekend, my body said “ Enough!” ! I then went to bed with medication in a dark room. I know we are not supposed to be able to make up lost sleep during the weekend by sleeping late, but a restful time , uninterrupted by demands, makes for a happier individual Monday through Friday. Your outfit looks comfortable, you have a good book, and here’s hoping your weekend is better. ❤️

  10. I should have also said what I thought when I read how stressed you are. You give us, your readers and supporters, something every day. But if it would make your life less difficult, we would understand your not posting every day under the circumstances.

  11. So sweet…but I will be here every day! It is a promise to you and myself. It really keeps me mentally healthy…believe or not.
    Thanks Celia…that is so kind.

  12. Enjoy the peaceful weekend! We’re thinking of painting our open LR/DR, and I cannot even begin to fathom where we’d put the furniture. Just thinking about it makes me tense -maybe it can wait another year or two – LOL

  13. I know all of these will be worth it and kind of glad a plumbing issue forced us into it…the stress will eventually be worth it. Don’t let me discourage you from improving your home now.

  14. We went through bathroom remodels a few years ago. My husband set up a bedroom for us in the dining room complete with our bedside tables. At least I knew where my eyeglasses were each morning. We laughed that we could answer the front door without getting out of bed. I hope you can get some good rest. That will help tremendously.

  15. You guys were smart! Sleep would make a huge difference. I do really stupid stuff when I am sleep deprived! Thanks Kathy!

  16. As one who completed a whole house refresh which included both baths and kitchen gut and rebuild, I am happy to be done and enjoying the beauty and fresh perspective in my 82 year old cottage. I definitely like the idea of using the mattress on the floor for the remainder of time. Your chicken salad sounds so tasty! I would never have thought to add pineapple, though why not?! I’m going to give your recipe a spin next week. Hang in there! 🤗🌼

  17. Just put in a request for “The Bookshop” at my library….my absolutely favorite source of books! I have read numerous “library stories” in the last few months and this one looks particularly interesting. Hope you give us a short opinion. I’m a reader with stacks of books (from the library, of course) next to my bed.

  18. Oh how I can relate and my advice is ‘ to take one day at a time and indulge in something that makes you feel happy during the process’. -Brenda-
    Footnote: A few years ago I foolishly took on the task of having three of our bathrooms renovated at the same time that stretched well into a six month saga regardless that there were no changes made, all supplies/fixtures were on hand and had a highly recommended contractor. Needless to say, I became totally disillusioned as in our previous home had major renovations (walls coming down/stairs relocated/new kitchen etc.) yet only took a few weeks to accomplish. That said; lesson learned!)

  19. Wow! I can’t imagine doing more than one at once! You have my respect! Thanks for encouragement, Brenda!

  20. That should have read, ‘there were no changes made in specifications’ etc. and we did ensure that in at least one of the three we either had access to a basin, a shower and a toilet plus our powder room (not being renovated) came in handy. On that note Pamela, hang in there you got this. -Brenda-

  21. You look lovely. I love your wide leg pants.

    Hope you get some rest and the Reno goes well

  22. Like your home we are under construction here ( just one room) but at our beach cottage we are building an addition and half bath/lavette and outdoor shower. Noise and tearing out sections is upsetting. It’s because these are our homes -we live here. There really haven’t been glitches on the workers (excellent actually) but parts for this and that were delayed and like you I want some serenity.
    Pam I hope you find the quiet and tranquility you so need. A good book and space all to yourself. Our project here just wrapped up here at our main house and I too look forward to no one at the door at 8 am to start working. I wish you peace.

  23. I did a kitchen renovation last year, & even though the company I worked with was very conscientious, living out of boxes for two weeks was an ordeal. Like you, I prefer order & organization over clutter & chaos. I love my kitchen, & it was worth the inconvenience, but it was a trial. At some point, I will be replacing flooring & painting throughout the house, but that will have to wait as the stress would be too overwhelming for my husband. I hope you are able to get some rest & relaxation this weekend.

  24. Hope you have a restful weekend! A good read and some downtime can make a big difference. That and some time at the spa are on my weekend agenda. I just moved out of a house into a smaller apartment, which is a mess. The mess is wearing on me. I hope to make some progress this weekend in getting a bit more stuff put away and organized. I am selling and donating a lot – which is making me feel better! Half of my house went to Texas to storage – I plan to retire to the San Antonio area in a few years.

  25. I wish you serenity as well, Paulette. I am just trying to be very patient and get some rest.

  26. We will see…I made it through our kitchen renovation so hopefully will this one too.

  27. How exciting, Pat! I will welcome you to San Antonio early! Hope the transition goes well!

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