Fall Casual Styles at Old Navy!

fall casual styles

Happy Friday, ladies!  Today, I want to show you some excellent affordable options with fall casual styles at Old Navy!

I haven’t been in Old Navy for a while, but I am so glad I stopped by to see the fall casual styles.

Remember, Old Navy is one of those places which have sales OFTEN, so it is worth it to sign up for emails and get those notices for big savings.

And, since it is Labor Day weekend, of course, fall casual styles are on sale!  Watch for the 30% off at checkout.

Also, Old Navy offers most of the pieces in PETITES and TALLS.

I have much to show you so let’s get going….and, of course, the winner of the next gift box is announced below!!


fall casual styles

Shackets (a heavier shirt to serve as a jacket) continue to be on trend this year.

Today, I am showing you the Soft-Brushed Utility Shacket in oatmeal, it is also available in a light rust color.

It is soft and warm…a great option for the early cool weather.

fall casual styles

Underneath the shacket, I tried this on-trend stripe and I really liked it for a youthful look.

It would be so cute under a jacket or shacket with sneakers.

This is the short sleeve vintage striped tee in red.

I also like this Short-Sleeve Vintage Stripe in the neutral stripe…very cute.


fall casual styles

For those who like plaid over a long -sleeved tee, then Old Navy has you covered!

These are fun fall casual styles in many colors.

fall casual styles

The plaid shirts of many colors are the Long-sleeve plaid flannel boyfriend tunic shirt for women…follow this link to see all of the many colors!

I also liked the look of the Cropped Plaid Flannel Boyfriend Shirt. Notice the difference in the hemlines between the two shirts.

Also in many colors, I am wearing the Fitted Long-Sleeve Rib-Knit Henley Top for women….great tops for under jackets, shirts, cardigans, etc.


fall casual styles

This was my absolute favorite piece in the fall casual styles…but I did not purchase it.

If I lived in a colder climate, I would have bought it that day…but it is just too heavy for San Antonio…unless you don’t mind wearing it once or twice in the winter.

But this Soft Brushed Oversized Blazer in Herringbone is a beautiful jacket and fit great.  It would look nice with jeans or professional wear, and a boot with a small heel would work.

Of course, it is a longer piece only for those who like a longer style.  

fall casual styles

My next favorite fall casual styles were these cardigans and sweater camis in many colors….and all the colors are great.

fall casual styles

I am taken with all the browns so far this season, so I chose to try on a dark brown heather Shaker-Stitch Cardigan Sweater and loved it. 

Also, The Emerald Isle Cardigan is really beautiful. 

Underneath I tried the V-Neck Rib-Knit Sweater Tank in Emerald Isle.  I actually purchased the tank in the Charcoal color since I need that “elephant gray” shade.

If you are in need of a long cardigan, you might consider the Textured Shaker Stitch Long-line open front sweater...several color options.

They did not have a size I could try on, but I saw it and touched it…and liked it.


fall casual styles

I tired on a few more fall casual styles.

Often, a one-size-fits-all poncho will swallow even me…but this Flannel Poncho Scarf in brown plaid is a nice fit and very light,

It is a great way to say fall casual in a warmer climate ….even at a football game!  It comes In other colors also.

fall casual styles

Here is a cute brown top for warmer climates. 

This is the floral embroidered smocked tie-neck long-sleeved top.  The name of the color is “Horsing Around”…would love to hear the reason behind that one!

fall casual styles

Old Navy has many options of cute fall casual styles in footwear.  If you do not need comfort (as I know many of us do), this are fun fast fashion shoes.

If you click the link, I have all the options there and if anyone finds Old Navy footwear more comfortable, please let us know!

I hope you have enjoyed the fall casual styles I found at Old Navy today…I was really please with the options I tried on.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions below….

I will be here tomorrow with WOULD YOU WEAR IT and more fun ahead…seasons are changing…a reason for me to


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By Pamela Lutrell

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fall casual styles



  1. Pam,
    LOVE the blazer, the sweater and the peasant blouse!! All very pretty!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I too loved the shorter deep brown cardigan and the blazer. The peasant blouse is adorable but not my style.
    Thanks for sharing so many styles!
    Have a great long weekend!

  3. The Emerald Isle cardigan is not really my shade of green, but, boy is it pretty. I can seeing it being a workshouse in my closet — so tempted to order it and see what it looks like over tops that are in my palette. Just my opinion, but I think the shacket hangs oddly: it seems to swamp you. I looked at the oversized blazer, which is really an outside jacket IMO: I have to say I don’t get the blazer over hoodie look that young women wear. p.s.Still summer in RI; we went swimming yesterday as the ocean was 74 degrees.

  4. Ha ha, I had a small gasp when saw my name–thanks, so much, Pam! (emailed my address)
    I think the orange/red flannel was my favorite from your try-on this morning–gotta love color!

  5. Still summer here Maeve and will be for a long while but it’s fall in my heart! Some of these pieces are worth grabbing on sale before they are gone!

  6. Thank you for including a few warm climate options in your fall clothing finds. Here in Scottsdale AZ, it will be a couple of months yet before we even want to wear long sleeves! I love the current blazer trend but it’s hard to envision getting much wear out of one here. Any suggestions you have for a polished look for fall/winter in a warm climate would be appreciated! Thank you for all you do to connect with your readers!

  7. You are welcome, Janet! I wear looks for warm weather every day and I will try to balance that with getting everyone ready for a new season! I will keep this in mind for next week!

  8. Congrats to Kimberly, and she’s right about you looking terrific in the orange flannel. You add an outdoor vest to any of the plaids, and could easily pass for an Oregonian! ☺ Have a fantastic holiday weekend!

  9. My first thought when I saw the first shacket was that it was too big for you and your weight loss. The other shirts over tops made you look much smaller, and those colors were so pretty. It looks that shorter cardigans are popular this year, but I’ll stick to my many long ones. But I do like that charcoal top, warm color or not. I like a darker gray rather than a lighter gray like many items I have, and I consider gray to be a neutral like black and navy. I noticed your shoes before you showed them but if they are not comfortable, they are not for me! Too many uncomfortable shoes I’ve gathered to give away.

  10. I didn’t try on the shacket for me, Celia. I know there are shacket fans in the audience and this is a pretty one, so I tried it on. I am enjoying shorter lengths right now. Thanks!

  11. I am a sporadic Old Navy shopper as they are located in spots that are not on my usual route. I do have a few pieces from there that I really like. It looks like they have some nice pieces right now.

  12. They do Becky! I was impressed and I picked up tee shirts for my grandsons while I was there.

  13. I’m so glad you visited ON, Pamela. I shop online with ON for casual clothing. I feel guilty about buying fast fashion, but I find extended sizes to fit there. It’s one of the few places with the same prices and the same choices in the full size range. By shopping carefully for the fabrics I prefer, it’s become a go-to. I keep and wear my clothing for a long time, avoid too much trendiness and love the many options available in jeans. The Super Cash reward events help with the budget. (No, they don’t pay me to say that.) ON is not just for teens and 20s.

  14. I wear flannel & moleskin shirts all winter with cords and leggings usually with a turtleneck underneath. My usual retailers for “the look” is LLBean or Lands End. Sleeve length can be a problem at Beans at times but LE has Tall sizes which never fail.
    I don’t remember ever buying from Old Navy but will have to check them out. Thank you for the fashion show, Pam 😊

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