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Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer from A Well Styled Life.

On Saturdays, we show you fashion displays we have discovered and ask if you would or would not wear the styles in the display

Today, I am asking Would You Wear It about this display of different garments with faux leather.

I am going to show you each of these in a closer photograph to start us off today….


Would You Wear It

Would You Wear It

Would You Wear It

Not only do we ask WOULD YOU WEAR IT, but we also ask what you think of the display itself.

Would you style it differently in order to promote sales….all of the comments on these posts are read and enjoyed.

Faux leather is a trend not letting go, so look these three mannequins over and answer the question, ladies…………………………………


Would You Wear It

Today’s Would You Wear It display including these beautiful ballet flats are all from Dillard’s.

Here is a slideshow from Dillard’s with more information….


Would You Wear It

This past week on Over 50 Feeling 40 was all about fall outfits and how I take higher end pieces and combine them with more affordable pieces to stretch my fall wardrobe.

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Would You Wear It

From yesterday’s post, the Shaker Stitch Cardigan was the favorite.

In this slideshow, you will find the best selling pieces from my readers this week:

Now, it is your turn!  Tell us about the faux leather display…Would You Wear It?…then head over to A Well Styled Life and comment on Jennifer’s display….and make sure every day that you….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It



  1. These are not my favorite. Faux leather seems to vary in quality. I prefer the one with lower shine that are very soft. These are not flattering colors for me either.

  2. Well, on one hand I don’t care for it, but on the other I do have faux suede in the closet. So I’m not sure in my head what the difference in appeal is.

  3. I don’t mind the look, but worry about faux leather being too warm. I prefer natural fabrics. Its a no for me because its a bit too edgy for my personal style.

  4. I would wear all of it! I do prefer the less shiny faux leather that looks authentic, however. I scored the new faux leather black pants from the Fall collection at Talbots and cannot wait to wear them. I would wear the wide leg leather pants with ankle boots and a top that is more fitted to balance the wide legs. Love it!

  5. Oh dear I don’t like ‘faux’ anything really because the word means ‘false’ but sounds more stylish because it is French ! It will be some kind of plastic which will be less comfortable and not wear as well as leather but may be ‘cruelty-free’ I suppose – altho’ not environmentally friendly because most plastics are not . I’m sorry but that was my first thought .
    As to the styles I like the black skirt and dress and would love them in flexible leather . A bit reminiscent of Emma Peel’s outfits from the 1960s perhaps ? Showing my age !

  6. I am not a fan of wearing any in clothing, just purses and boots. I find the texture to stiff and confining and much prefer a soft textile. I would keep walking past this display for numerous reasons, the colours and length of the pants as well. The ballet flats are adorable and I would search them out in a cooler taupe colour.

  7. oh, don’t like faux leather at all! I tried those Spanx “leather” Leggings and I just could not wear them! they look so fake, but some people love them! Maybe I am just too old for that style! plus, living in a very warm climate, these fake leather items would be very hot to wear.

  8. I had a pair of real leather pants back in my 20s that were edgy and fun and uncomfortable. The leather had no stretch and didn’t slide against my skin so ease of movement was a challenge. Today’s faux leather is a good thing. I’d definitely wear the skirt or crops. The layered tops, to my thinking, are too busy. I’d style the skirt with a simple tee or mockneck (tucked), black stockings and low heels or flats. I’d give the crops the same treatment, keeping the top to a tee or turtle or maybe a cable-knit pullover sweater. For footwear, I’d try booties or flats. The shirt dress doesn’t appeal to me. Thanks, Pam. I always have fun on Saturday morning with this post.

  9. I agree. I only buy natural fibers for the reasons you gave. Manufacturers are trying their hardest to get us into cheaper, synthetic fabrics.

  10. Hi Pam! Happy Saturday ! I’m not a fan of faux leather; suede is a different story. With faux suede in clothing the drape, the look is rather authentic looking I feel, but with faux leather- not so. I suppose the quality may vary, but when I’ve seen it- I haven’t cared for it. So it’s a no from me.

  11. I like faux leather and do have some pieces that I really love wearing. I would pass on the dress,
    I think jackets, skirts and some pants are great additions to wardrobes.

  12. To me, faux leather dresses & pants say edgy & daring. Two adjectives that don’t apply to me at all! Although I think whoever styled these mannequins did a good job of using classics to make the pants & skirt more appealing, I think it’s a certain customer who will be drawn to trying these garments on. Beautiful ballet flats!

  13. I like the color but I think this is a trend I will probably limit to hats, jackets. I do intend to try on a skirt so who knows I may love it.

  14. Would not wear faux anything. Firstly prefer natural fibres and living in the tropics I would melt. Also far to edgy for my style personality

  15. I really don’t like faux leather, but faux suede is totally different. Years ago, I had a number of Ultrasuede garments and loved them. They were great for travel, no wrinkles, and the unlined garments were easily laundered.

  16. Not a fan either! When I looked at the items in the slideshow, I thought if I were to spend that kind of money, I’d want real leather, not faux! Then I realized the black skirt and the culottes in the slide show were leather, thus the price! I’d love to have a real leather jacket, but do not care for the leather skirts and pants.

  17. I have a few faux leather jackets. However, I wouldn’t wear other types of clothing in faux leather. It looks fake and it’s very hot!

  18. Not loving the faux leather look. I agree with those who have mentioned the stiffness and shine. I agree that faux suede seems more relaxed. I have seen faux leather bags that are lovely. My late MIL rocked an authentic black leather skirt and a black leather biker’s jacket well into her 90s. (She didn’t wear them together.) She was a dramatic classic, living in NYC, and they really suited her and her lifestyle. Perhaps as a natural classic, I am more drawn to suede. Do you think price point makes a difference with the faux? An on-line style friend just told me that she has ‘indulged’ in her second faux leather biker jacket from Chicos. She looks great it in. I think she said that they are very supple and comfortable. That makes a big difference. She has pine and brown now. I know that some people are against true leather. I have not developed that trait. My parents and I wore leather coats/ jackets when I was growing up. Although I am not drawn to them now, I enjoyed them at the time. I love leather shoes and bags. This is a very interesting presentation, Pam!

  19. I would definitely try the pants. It’s not a color I could wear on top, but definitely on the bottom. I would pair it with navy. The skirt and dress aren’t my style, but I think if it is, you should go for it.

  20. I love that they used blue mannequins. The display is eye-catching, but none of the items fit my lifestyle. I am warming up to the idea of what appears to me to be gauchos. Had a pair in the late seventies which I loved, and thought they were gone for good but now I see them popping up quite a bit as in this display. Were they in a different fabric, then I might give them a try. Also love the ballet flats shown, but it is very hard to find them offered in a wide width, especially the fun colors or suedes.

  21. I don’t like fake leather either for reasons mentioned: looks too shiny, doesn’t breathe, not eco. Conversely, “vegan” leather, which is probably a marketing gimmick, can look much nicer. I still wouldn’t wear it b/c not my style but can see where others might. I also don’t like flare or boot cut in crops: I think it’s unattractive, unless (maybe) your boots have a high shaft. One woman’s high fashion is another woman’s OMG, no.

  22. I do have faux leather pants and a faux leather shacket, but not in the same color. I don’t plan to wear them together. My pants are full-length straight legs with low sheen. Looking forward to wearing them in cooler weather.

    The shoes are gorgeous. I have loafers in that pistachio green, but never thought about wearing them in fall. Also, why did I think my gold ballet flats are for summer and spring only? Thanks for the ideas.

  23. I agree with Rukshana, I don’t like faux anything. It doesn’t hold up like the real thing. Shoes, clothes, any of it. I would have walked right past this display. The cropped, wide, stiff pants… just no! There is not a single item here that would cause me to pause. The display looks stiff and uncomfortable to me.

  24. The faux leather trend does not appeal to me. ….. a little too edgy for my “soft” style. I do think it looks stunning on some women however. The carmel cropped pants would look very nice with an ivory sweater.

  25. Hi Connie,
    Try looking at Sole Bliss for suede ballet flats. They may have wide. I bought medium because I heard they were generous for a bunion. A slip in sole worked for me to fill some space and my bunion is happy.

  26. Current faux leathers that are used in clothing are usually fabricated of a polyester or synthetic-blend fabric which gives the garment drape and washability. I haven’t seen the old synthetic polymer products recently, at least not in women’s wear.

  27. I would hurry right by this display. I do own a faux leather jacket, but it is soft, supple & high quality. These items look stiff, uncomfortable & cheap. The colors on the tops are not flattering for me.

  28. I loved the skirt in faux leather but I wouldn’t buy it because I only wear real leather that lasts!!!

  29. Great discussions — I like the skirt but not for me, and generally, not as a faux leather jacket or blazer. With the temps soaring today, admit it’s really hard to think about these styles! I think faux is ok — you can embrace a fad for much less, but would prefer to find the real thing and use your Vintage and Goodwill or thrift shopping tips, Pam, for a good leather jacket.

  30. I stand to be corrected but from the description I’m reading; the skirt and crops in the slideshow which I assume are the same on the mannequins are ‘genuine leather’ which I do prefer over ‘vegan/man-made’ because of its esthetics/wear ability/longevity , however as neither garment or the dress is my style I still would not wear them. ( For myself am just not a fan of wrap dresses or skirts ‘faux’ or otherwise, large flapped pockets that accentuate the bustline and hip area or crop bottoms which give the illusion of a shorter leg.) As to the other pieces; unfortunately gold mustard tones (?) do not suit my skin colouring whereas I might consider the cognac (?) sweater and the satin/silk (?) shirt.

  31. I am late to the discussion, but I am really taken with the style of the skirt. I would not wear this one in black but would be tempted by a gray wrap skirt with the asymmetric wrap in fake or real leather. This is a style that would look nice in Ultrasuede. I do like the inspiration of it and edginess of it. Real leather presents some price challenges and keeps asking you pay in terms of laundry costs.

  32. Hmmm … the color mix on this display is definitely not one that I find appealing. And, I don’t think this display is very flattering to the faux leather pieces. I think the display would have been really striking if they had focused one piece. For example, I think the dress looks wonderful against the blue mannequin. They could have featured the dress on three different mannequins with an assortment of accessories. How cool would that be? I would be more apt to try any of these pieces had they been featured alone, instead of together. Just a thought.

  33. Faux leather? Isn’t that a fancy term for plastic? No thanks. But these garments aren’t my style either, so even in a good quality fabric, I wouldn’t purchase.

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