Fall outfit tips for warmer climates

fall outfit tips for warmer climates

Happy Tuesday, all!  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. Today I want to share a few fall outfit tips for warmer climates.

Living in South Texas, I know this topic well.  While the stores are packed with lovely sweaters and coats, we are tasked with wearing fall outfits which make us smile; and not sweat!

The top picture was taken this past weekend at an artisan fair…Mr. B and I stopped by after church or, otherwise, I might have been dressed in shorts.

However, this type of look will be put on the racks now that Labor Day is over.


fall outfit tips in warmer climates



  1. Though the old rule about wearing white after Labor Day is long gone, I choose to wear my white pants just for special outfits.  For fall, I go darker with my pants, but try to also wear lighter fabrics. The look above will be one of my favorites this fall as we wait for the weather to turn colder. The fall pants in my wardrobe include brown, tan, camel, olive, and blue in pants and denim.  The pants I am wearing are perfect for warmer climates…they are the Chico’s Convertible Ankle Pants in Champignon.  This JJILL cardigan and tank are no longer available.
  2. Pay attention to the fabrics and go for the lighter fabrics…and you can find pieces in fall colors in lightweight fabrics...even linen.

fall outfit tips for warmer climates


  1. Take your favorite prints from the summer version to the darker fall version.  This is my fall animal print.   Especially animal prints come in seasonal versions.

fall outfit tips for warmer climates


2. Find your colors in sleeveless, lightweight tops and wear them under a seasonal topper.  A topper can be a shirt like I showed in animal print, kimonos, or lightweight cardigans.

The top I tried on here at Kohl’s is the Women’s LC Lauren Conrad Cascading Ruffle Tank in deep sapphire and it comes in six colors.

You may remember that I wear sleeveless tops and tanks under toppers often…that is because of the warmer climate.

fall outfit tips for warmer climates



3.  Shop for popover blouses with the sleeve tabs that go longer or shorter. 

This top is a color called shabby rose in the Women’s Simply Vera Vera Wang Popover Blouse that Is offered in 10 colors.

I want to note how pleased I am to see many options this year with rounded hemlines…which are more flattering.

fall outfit tips for warmer climates


6. Do not forget how great dresses are with a ballet flat or even sneaker until the weather gets cooler, then add a boot or bootie to the same dress.

This is the Women’s Nine West Georgette Collar Pleated Dress in Large Brushstroke that is available in seven options.  This black, blue, and rust print would work for cool palette women!

fall outfit tips for warmer climates


7.  Kimonos are a fun way to transition to a fall wardrobe.  I wear many kimonos in the fall.

Click on Sonoma Kimonos and Ruanas to see what Kohl’s has to offer.

I tried this one on with the Women’s Simply Vera Vera Wang Relaxed Fit Textured Tee in Olive Meadow…available in eleven colors.

This slideshow features a few of my favorite kimonos out right now….

And I love this Embroidered Crinkled Kimono just arrived at JJILL….beautiful blue.

fall outfit tips for warmer climates


7. Transition your accessories first.  It is easiest to put away those straw bags and sandals first thing.  Today’s feature picture will be the last time I style a look with my staw handbag.

The gray bag is the Rosetti Jane Crossbody Bag at Kohl’s.  Lots of gray handbag selections…good for many of us.

I try my best to take my footwear from sandals to closed toe shoes after Labor Day…that just tells me mentally that summer is over.


fall outfit tips for warmer climates

I also stopped by Marshall’s to check out the autumn vibes!

fall outfit tips for warmer climates

fall outfit tips for warmer climates

fall outfit tips for warmer climates


8.  Add lightweight prints to your wardrobe in colors which speak “Fall”

Marshall’s is such a great place to go to add a few pieces to your fall wardrobe which work for warmer climates.  Think prints and colors which speak fall.

HOWEVER, after all of these tips remember your best fall shopping will be done with your personal best colors and personal style adjectives in mind.

fall outfit tips for warmer climates

Marshall’s is also a fun place for seasonal decorations or party supplies. 

For all of us who are in the autumn warm color palettes, this time of year is much easier.  I wear autumn colors all year long now…just in different styles and fabric weights for the season.

Since I live in a warmer climate, then shopping the sales for summer cardigans and tops makes sense. I can wear those almost all year. 

For those of you who join me in warmer climates, I hope these tips have helped and have you thinking about your wardrobe.  Let me know if I can help in any way.

Get ready for your weekly lifestyle newsletter tomorrow….I hope to see you then…have fun with fall and make sure that you….


By Pamela Lutrell

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fall outfit tips for warmer climates


  1. I did switch out my summer purse for my black leather Coach winter purse this weekend, but that will be the extent of my summer to fall transition for now. I always wear long pants if I go anywhere summer or winter, and I’ll still wear my white pants for a while until cooler weather actually gets here to South Georgia. With so much rain lately, I’ve avoided wearing my white pants for fear of splashing on them, but if it’s sunny, I’ll continue to wear. I’ve realized I like my winter clothing better than my summer because I think I like for my body to be covered up. Being very cold-natured, I usually wear long pants and long sleeves year around, but I love wearing my turtlenecks and booties. Come one Autumn!

  2. In our area, looks like this are called “transition” outfits, and they are always some of the most used in my wardrobe. Autumn here can be cold and crisp one day, and 80 degrees the next. For years, I taught in a classroom in a 100 year old building with steam heat that sometimes would blast in the dead of winter. And honestly, most of the time here in winter you are indoors. So I find lighter sweaters, elevated athleisure, and pants in warm, rich colors, are the way to go almost year round here too. Because I love that third piece, this is my fave way to dress. Like you, also change out my accessories early in in fall. And here, white denim is a no-no because of the rain/mud/snow/salt.

  3. I’ve not done any switching out yet, it’s too hot and sunny here still. And I’ll wear my white pants well into fall in good weather then switch to winter white later on. My mother always wore winter white in December and looked so festive and pretty in it.
    I usually use the wardrobe switch to cull out any clothes that haven’t been worn in a while and create a pile of donate, move on to my sister in law, or keep. (She loves clothes and looks good in similar colors.)

  4. I believe your tips today are perfect for me, even in Oregon, seeing as how we’re in for temps in the nineties all week. Next Saturday it’s supposed to reach 100!!

  5. This was such a good post. I’m still in summer mode but being in colorado I know it can change in a day. Love to animal print jacket. Is it from Kohl’s.

  6. I have always liked fall and winter clothing best…now that I know for sure I am an autumn, that might make sense!
    Yes, come on Autumn!

  7. That makes perfect sense on the white, Linda. I would love to have some rain so I could fold them away.

  8. So sweet that you share with your sister, Susan. Seasonal switch is one of the times I also look to glean out the best and pass along those I am done with.

  9. OH my 100 in Oregon! That is crazy, Connie. They are forecasting all ranges of the 90s for us throughout September…one of the reasons September always frustrates me.

  10. Hi Jane, The animal print is actually a blouse by Vince Camuto that I purchased at Macy’s a couple of years ago. It makes for a nice lightweight topper this time of year.

  11. This was a terrific post. We have many hot days ahead, but I am ready for a change. Thanks for all the suggestions.

  12. I’m in RI but your tips are helpful here too. Most of the Fall colors this year won’t work for me, but I’m thinking of adding a new bag and shoes in a moss green color, which I plan to wear with navy and royal blues. In the meantime, I have a brighter blue denim bag, which I typically use this time of year and in the Spring.

  13. Connie, where in Oregon do you live? I am also in Pleasant Hill outside of Eugene with the same weather forecast.

  14. I will be switching out my summer handbag for my winter one today. I like wearing sleeveless tops under sweaters in the winter because I don’t like the lumpy bumpy look that often comes with long sleeves as they bunch up. I am longing to spend a day shopping for some needed pieces for my cooler weather wardrobe, but that is not in the cards right now as my husband needs some extra care at this time. Instead, I will concentrate on transitioning my home from summer to fall.

  15. I enjoyed reading all of your great suggestions today! We live in Florida so it will be hot and steamy here for most of the fall. Great tips!

  16. Thank you from a fellow Texan. Back East, switching was easy. So happy to have found your blog. Today’s tips were especially helpful.
    Happy fall!

  17. Wearing one of my many transitional sweaters yesterday, today & probably tomorrow as we are finally getting some rain & temps in the low to mid 60’s. However as temps warm, our fall in New England has become so much warmer I’m not changing my Kate Spade straw tote with bumblebees (new this year & so many compliments, until the end of the month probably because I’ll be wearing my light button down collar shirts with salt color jeans until then. At that point I change to cords & finally feel comfortable wearing them-in off white as well. I try to remember Coco Chanel wore white year round!

  18. Here in Phoenix where it was 107 today, I am not switching to anything but will stay with my summer clothes, sandals and purse. Maybe by December!

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