Sunday mornings at home



Sunday mornings at home

Happy Sunday, friends!  I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts during Sunday mornings at home.

Yes, I own fall coffee mugs…and Christmas too…and I love to switch out our mugs twice a year.

Typically, Sunday mornings at home is one of my favorite times to be home…it is relaxing to me with a slower pace.

Most often, we attend church on Saturday evenings, but now that football us underway, my Sunday mornings at home will vary with the football schedule.

On this Sunday morning at home, I do have a few things on my mind to share with you.

First though, here are some cute fall mugs in case you like to change out as I do….



Sunday mornings at home

As with most remodels these days, one has to be very, very patient.  It is still going slowly.

We waited a long time for the tub, and when it arrived, it was cracked in two places…so I am back to waiting. Sigh.

I am very pleased with the floors which we elected to put in both the master bath and bedroom.  

The bedroom was previously carpeted, and now has this beautiful tile that looks like wood.  I love it and am glad to say good-bye to the carpet.

I also found this Safavieh Shag Collection Smith Solid Round Area Rug in beige at JC Penney’s on sale and I like it. It is the look I was going for in front of a chair near our bed.

The rug is soft and plush to walk on, and did not smell at all…as was describe by one review on their site.

My traditional design aesthetic is what I would call WARM AND COZY…if a visitor says, “your house is so warm and cozy,” that is a victory for me.

A designer friend recommended our bathroom renovation be done in black and white and modern for resale value.

I just could not do it…it isn’t me and I plan to live here for awhile.  I went through this same struggle with the kitchen remodel.

I have decided to own who I am and be happy with warm and cozy.


Sunday mornings at home

Often during Sunday mornings at home, I plan meals for two-three days that week.

Leigh Ann made these delicious stuffed green peppers recently, so I asked for the recipe….it’s going in the plan!  

Here it is for those who want to join me this holiday weekend and do some cooking.

She calls them Mexican Stuffed Peppers and here are the notes she sent….

Sunday mornings at home

Leigh Ann writes, “Hi everyone, I begin with 3 bell peppers (green ones are plentiful and great size and price right now!) –

Slice in half stem to stem, place cut side down in microwave-safe pan with 1/4 cup water and steam in microwave for 6-8 minutes to crisp-tender. 

Prepare 2 cups quinoa on stovetop and fluff once cooked

Brown 1 lb  ground turkey in olive oil with one clove minced garlic. After browned, season with 1 package taco seasoning or own combination of taco seasoning spices.

Mix together cooked quinoa, seasoned ground turkey, 1 can rinsed black beans (I like H‑E‑B brand (our local grocery) with jalapeño & lime—not rinsed), 1 can mild Rotel (or my favorite brand H‑E‑B), 1/2 bag frozen corn.

In separate bowl, mix 1 small can tomato soup with 1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce (or you can substitute 1 can red enchilada sauce.

Spread small amount of sauce In bottom of 13 x 9 baking dish. Place peppers and divide filling among peppers. Pour remaining sauce evenly over peppers. Sprinkle with favorite shredded cheese (I use Monterey Jack & cheddar mix).

Cover pan with foil and bake 375 degrees 25-30 minutes. Remove foil and bake about 5 minutes longer.” 

Note- I often make these vegetarian, omitting ground turkey or make a 1/2 batch or each. (Mr. T thinks everything needs meat 😉)

Mr. B is the same way…so I will add the meat when I make these for us.  Thanks to Leigh Ann!


Sunday mornings at home

This is my grandson from last fall when we found a little hay maze at church.  I am always inspired by his joy.

Sunday mornings at home is when I reflect on the week ahead and no matter what is swirling around me, I make a plan to chose joy.

There are some people online who get down right angry if someone writes about autumn/fall before September 22.

I get it…some people love summer as much as I love fall. And some of you have brutal cold weather seasons.

Perhaps one of the reasons I love fall is the brutal warm weather here…any way…

But, I am not going to let this negativity…or any negativity for that matter…shut down my joy about this time of year. 

I always begin the celebration around Labor Day and though construction has slowed the decorating, I am still celebrating the early days of fall.

I encourage you, that no matter who is trying to rain on any parade you have going, just keep marching on and choose joy!

In America, we are entering a time between now and November when the negativity and anger will flow heavily….I choose joy….and will not let anyone rob me of it.

Despite the challenges of this age, I am blessed and have much to be thankful for …including fall!  What are your thoughts on this Sunday morning at home?

For those celebrating a holiday tomorrow, enjoy!   I will be taking tomorrow off, but see you on Tuesday!

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By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Good morning Pam !
    Would you please share your style words with us again ?
    I am still working on mine and it might be helpful to all of us to see your again.
    Thank you for all the wonderful information you share with us. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  2. Good morning, Beth! I am happy to share…my style words are polished, creative, approachable, joyful, and current. Every time I go out I check in the mirror and ask if I am portraying these adjectives to anyone I meet. If it checks out, I go out. If not, I tweak. I will say that right now with my wardrobe in chaos over the reconstruction, I am having to go easier on my creative message because I cannot locate all of my accessories!
    Happy Sunday!

  3. I love Fall too! We got sone pretty mums in the ground along with beautiful decorative cabbages etc thus weekend abd with tomorrows promise of rain I’m looking forward!
    Summer was a bit brutal for we wimpy types who let the excessive heat and HUMIDITY bother us so…. We’re just not used to summers like these past two have been. We know what winter is like and actually winters have been not as bad as when I was growing up. Less snow. Only a few days of low low temperatures. Winter is not the culprit.
    I have held up on the in-house decorating as haven’t decided which fall decor I’m keeping abd which I’m replacing. I’ll make time now that I’m retired. Happy Sunday!

  4. I am going to do some different fall decorating this year, as well. I will share soon how I have started. Thanks Paulette!

  5. I love the statement that you “make a plan to chose joy.” That makes me smile and I am going to do it as well!! Thank You.

  6. Happy to choose joy also! We have a very short summer in Maine , but autumn begins early with me. I welcome the crisper night air, the thinning of tourists in our beach town, the memories of fall fashion magazines like Seventeen, returning to the school year as a teacher. I have a beautiful young neice who has completely decorated her house for Halloween. She suffers terribly from lupus. I hope that neighbors and passer-bys comment favorably. It is what is making her focused on joy, not disease at the moment. For me, I have already loaded the steps with mums and am waiting for the pumpkins. Have a great day off.

  7. The stuffed peppers look delicious. I will plan to make them for our Sunday family meal next week since both my folks enjoy all these ingredients. Today Mom and I will be putting together cooked ham and asparagus bundles onto rye bread, smothered in her special cheese sauce. All through fall and winter (today being our start) we gather to cook, eat, laugh on Sunday afternoons, and I slow down to enjoy the blessing of them both still being with us. 😊

  8. Good morning.
    What a beautiful message you have shared today. I have had some hard times this summer but those two words have really helped to keep me from getting too depressed, choose joy! Especially when you’re down and out just saying, “Choose joy!” Can make you smile and who can be sad when you’re smiling ? 😊 have a great holiday weekend.

  9. I love summer, but our condo pool (my “second home” :)) closes Labor Day (87 here yesterday, but dropping like a stone today). I also love fall, which is absolutely gorgeous in Ohio and Michigan; we have a leaf-peeping trip coming up in a bit. I vastly prefer fall fashion to any other season, even when I thought I was a winter. I appreciate you not getting political, as then I would likely not read the blog … I get more than enough of it elsewhere. As for your decorating, with what I’ve seen of your home, a modern, black and white bathroom would be screamingly out of place. Wise you, sticking with what you love. While my own taste is more pared down, I think your home is beautiful!

  10. Hi Pam
    Your attitude of choosing joy got me through the worst of the pandemic when I was in the house for two years or so. I love your attitude as much or more than your personal style tips, but they are excellent also! Keep up the good work of inspiring all of us over 50 (I will be 70 next month). Your attitude of choosing joy is wonderful! I will try to follow your lead this week!

  11. I do love fall even though in Wisconsin we have long winters. I think this goes back to the time that my kids went back to school and there was more structure to each day.
    I have to remember your philosophy of choosing to look for joy because it is so easy to go down the road of negativity.
    Have a great weekend.

  12. Pam your Pottery Barn link for the pumpkin mugs is not working. The mugs are on the PB site just not thru your link.

  13. So sorry to hear about your niece, Deborah, but I know focusing on something she enjoys will help. For many reasons, I cannot wait for construction to go away…the minute it does, I will finish decorating this house.

  14. Love this, Connie! There is just something about fall that makes me want to cook and gather with others more.

  15. Choose joy is what I aim for all year long, and then there are times I focus on it more. Focusing on the words ALWAYS helps and makes me smile. Thanks Nancy.

  16. So sweet…thank you Linda! I wish I could throw a party here for all of you! How fun would that be?

  17. It blesses me so much to know I helped you through that time, Beth. We all needed the reminders…especially then. I find Sundays are a perfect time to remind me to strive for joy all week.
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. Perfect, thank you fYI Also tried W & S for the sculptural pumpkin mug with same result. Will only buy thru your like. Great post as always. We need to continue to hear the message not to allow ANYONE to rob you of your joy!

  19. Negativity is an easy road to go down, especially when we have so many forces pulling us to follow it. Please choose the path of joy…life is too short not to.

  20. Suzi and others: I just took down the old mug slideshow and put up a new one. I believe all links are working now!
    Thanks for letting me know.

  21. Always choose joy 🥰! I like a cozy house too and warm colors why I have Browns , beiges , burnt Orange and burgundies and wood in my house .. ima warm color and a former natural redhead and I can’t stand (for me anyway ) a sterile sleek modern look in my home .altho it’s nice for others it makes me feel cold and uncomfortable .. I need cozy ..just decorated for fall and it brings me joy !we have cooler weather on coast so breaking out fall winter clothes and shoes too .. I even change all three bedrooms to fall color quilts .. hope your remodel finished soon . We had same problems with last year bath remodel (cracked shower ) but finally done and I don’t care about resale either . I want joy now !

  22. Late summer brings forest fires. I’d rather be able to see the sky and not choke on smoke. Every season must end, and so it goes.

  23. I especially enjoy your Sunday musings! And what a great way to start the week “Choose joy!” Thanks Leigh Ann for sharing your recipe; that’s going into my fall menu rotation. Enjoy your Labor Day

  24. Love your “Sunday Mornings at Home” and hope others do so they become a regular post, Pam. I also cannot wait for winter, cold & snow, so autumn/fall is a joyous season for me too! The season may not be my colors, light summer for me, but I’ve always loved them & try to incorporate them in my fall wardrobe just not close to my face. Choosing joy each day is getting harder and harder but I’m trying! Your positiveness is very helpful 😊

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