LOFT’s September Collection with Leigh & Me

Loft's September Collection

Hello, everyone and welcome to LOFT’S September Collection with Leigh & Me.

Leigh Ann and I have been so busy lately with our own lives, that I am beginning to cherish those times we can go out and about together.

As we were shopping the LOFT September collection, she got a call that grandbaby #3 was about to enter the world!

We quickly got into our own clothes and left the dressing room.

But, thank goodness, I have several fun looks for your consideration in the LOFT September collection.

LOFT'S September Collection

Our opening photo today features this gorgeous Basil Grove Green currently in the LOFT September collection.

I am wearing the Shoulder Button Tunic Sweater with button details on the sleeve.

The Stitchy Cardigan Leigh Ann is wearing comes in five colors online, but appears the green is In-store.

Uunderneath, she has on the Shoulder Button Tee in Bright Paprika.

I am in love with this shade of green!


LOFT's September Collection

The minute Leigh Ann put on this top she was a fan.

She said it reminded her of classic blue denim tops only in a new color.

LOFT refers to the button down tops as the EVERY DAY SHIRT.  The one Leigh Ann tried on was a linen top with a snap front.

It must have been left over from the summer collection, however the styling is the same as the Every Day top.

So, online the only EVERY DAY shirt in this style offered is white.

The shoppers in the cool palettes can look this top over and then look at it online with the link since you wear white and not this off white.

Both Leigh Ann & I have worn LOFT’s every day shirts as jackets (toppers) over sleeveless tops.  They are versatile.

Leigh Ann is also wearing it with the Skinny Corduroy Pants in Perfect Camel that she said were great.

LOFT's September Collection

This top was a surprise.  She did not expect to like it with the pleating at the shoulder, but then did like it.

This is the Striped Puff Sleeve Sweater in Light Cloud Heather.

LOFT's September Collection

Leigh Ann also liked the Faux Suede Flippy Skirt in Perfect Camel...of course, this one needs some ironing!

But, once ironed, would look very cute with tights and boots.


This top was one of the first ones she picked up.  Leigh Ann was drawn to a vibrant blue print.

This is the Floral Every Day Crew Tee in Deep Space Blue.

She’s a pretty cute grandmother…don’t you think?


LOFT'S September Collection

We have agreed and told you before how comfortable, soft and cozy Lou & Grey collections are at LOFT, particularly the signaturesoft styles.

I wanted to show you this cozy at home outfit for those of you who have many “cozy-at-home” days ahead.

The fabrics are luxurious…you don’t want to take them off and I this is another gorgeous color, Fresh Aubergine.

I am wearing the Lou & Grey Signaturesoft V-Neck Tunic Hoodie. It comes in four colors.

With the top, I am wearing the Lou & Grey Signaturesoft Sweatpants in Fresh Aubergine.

LOFT's September Collection


I thought the sweatpants also looked good with this Flecked Pocket Poncho Sweater. 

Super comfy….I am sure I could have sized down on this one.

LOFT'S September collection

For me, my favorite part of the store is Lou & Grey.

I always find the most there I like.

This Lou & Grey Zip Neck Sweater in the Pistachio Cream color was no exception.  Great comfy top in a lovely color.

LOFT's September Collection

Finally, I did decide to try this long cardigan because I believe it to be nostalgic and fun.

This is the Tipped Boyfriend Cardigan in Maple Sugar Heather…(I have decided I want a job naming colors, how much fun that would be!)

I tried in on with the Striped Harbor Tank Top…but I think I would like it with a creamy neutral blouse for a Coastal Grandmother style.

With more time, here are a few styles in LOFT’s September Collection, we would have tried on….

All in all, we were once again impressed with what we discovered in the LOFT September Collection.  Many of those pieces are great for cuddling with grandbabies!

Of course, if you have any questions or comments about LOFT’s September Collection, please leave them here…and, oh yes, the baby is a boy!


By Pamela Lutrell

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LOFT's September Collection


  1. Grandchildren are such a blessing, congratulations to Leigh Ann! I love the color of the Signaturesoft v-neck tunic hoodie. That’s a color I want to add this fall/winter and have been on the lookout for a thin, lightweight wool or cashmere sweater in that very color! I’m really liking plum shades lately! You certainly found a lot to try on, looks like fun! I have a good friend who always seems to have good luck at the Loft.

  2. The fall colors at LOFT this year are rich and beautiful. We always find items that impress us. Thanks Karen!

  3. Congratulations to Leigh Ann and family!
    You both looked great in those Loft outfits. I’ll have to check out the other colors as none of what you wore looks good on me. I’m either a bright summer or a soft winter.

  4. Please wish Leigh Ann congratulations on the new wee boy.
    Those green sweaters look so rich and perfect for your colouring, gorgeous, as is the purple one. Vibrant Autumn really brings out the fun for you. If I wore those colours, I would disappear and the clothes would be all you see. Makes such sense doesn’t it.

  5. I loved that shade of green! Perfect and unusual. I’m certainly seeing a lot of green and brown in the stores this fall, and I really like them. I added a “maple” or some such color sweater jacket from J Crew that I would describe as cognac or amber and can’t wait to wear it.

  6. There are many lovely colors for all palettes…I have also added that cognac color…so nice!

  7. Happiness is a new grandchild! Congratulations to Leigh Ann and family!
    For me- our local Loft store which was once a great place to build an outfit, has been disappointing. Why? Little in the way of inventory that appeals to me. Horrid lighting. The way that the clothes were displayed was similar to a consignment shop. Just no reason to go back. ( based on a July visit). I hope if I re-visit I find that someone has taken the reins and revamped our store! I do love the Aubergine shade and the pale green you’re modeling!

  8. Aww, congratulations, Leigh Ann! I really like the green sweater color, too. The aubergine hoodie is a stunning color on you–may have to check it out in person. (Fortunately, (unfortunately) we have a shopping plaza right across the street…!)

  9. I would agree with you, Paulette. That sounds like they don’t want women to shop there. So sad!

  10. Congratulations to Leigh Ann on the birth of her new precious grandbaby!
    Though not my color, that green looks fantastic on both of you ladies.

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