September fall casual picks at Target

fall casual picks at Target

Happy Monday, ladies!  In just four days, fall will officially arrive…so let’s begin this fun week with my September fall casual picks at Target.

If you are looking for stylish, quality, affordable style then make sure you loo over the fall casual picks at Target.

I had so much fun during my last visit and the newer Target locations and Super Targets have very nice dressing rooms.

One note: Many of these garments come in various sizes and colors, so before you say you are not a fan of this color, then click the link and see what you find.

There is so much to see, so let’s get started with the fall casual picks at Target.


fall casual picks at Target

My favorite fall casual pick at Target were discovered in the A New Day department.

There were many athleisure styles for fall.

This is the Women’s Quarter Zip Sweatshirt in brown….which is almost a burnt orange.  It is available in seven colors. (The olive green is sold out)

I showed it to you worn like a V-Neck at the top, and then worn with the high neck here. I think it has a fall casual chic appeal.

A very nice design and fit.

fall casual picks at Target

This Women’s Long Sleeve Boat Neck Ottoman Top is perfect for warm climates and that makes it a fall casual pick at Target.

It is soft and cozy and not too heavy.

Offered in six colors, the top is perfect for all color palettes.

fall casual picks at Target

I also liked the accessories in the A New Day collection, so these made my fall casual picks at Target.

This Refined Crossbody Bag in Plaid is a really nice affordable crossbody.  It is also available in five colors…but I do like this plaid for fall.

fall casual pick at Target

Another fall casual pick at Target for its quality and style!

This is the Athleisure Mini Square Backpack in plaid.  Comes in seven colors.


fall casual picks at Target

I discovered more for my fall casual picks at Target in the Universal Thread collection.

Many of these Responsible Style garments are made with recycled fabrics.

This is the Women’s Open Layering Cardigan in cream.  It comes in four colors.

fall casual picks at Target

This jacket is very relaxed, but there is just something about it that I liked for a fall casual pick at Target.

This is the Women’s Knit Blazer in Heather Brown…it is also available in gray.  I think with ironing and a cute sweater and denim…it would be a nice casual style.

fall casual picks at Target

However, I really like this little light jacket best of all for a fall casual pick at Target.

All of the available colors are very nice…and it is a bit oversized so size down…I think this particular one fit a little large on me.

But, I really like the Women’s Utility Chore Jacket.

It looks like it is selling fast.

fall casual picks at Target

For those who prefer to use a button down top as a jacket for versatility.

I thought I would show you this Women’s Long Sleeved Oversized Button Down Shirt...I agree it needs ironing…but concede these days that is sometimes rare to find.

This color is just called green, but it is a green with lots of yellow in it.  The top comes in six options.

fall casual style at Target

Finally in Universal Threads, I thought these corduroy headbands were so cute.

This is the Checkerboard Print Corduroy headband in Ivory/Beige. 


fall casual picks at Target

This section is for the fashionistas in the audience…introducing a new collection called Future Collective.

This new collection is designed by Kahlana Barfield Brown and while it has many sizes, it is designed to inspire style and confidence in Plus Size Women.

I tried on two pieces so you could get an idea of what she has in this collection.

Now, the catch is that these garments have sold quickly online…so just about anything left, you must find at the stores.

There are not even links for these online.


fall casual picks at Target

fall casual picks at Target



fall casual picks at Target

Target is always a fun place to shop for affordable home and the fall casual picks at Target have not disappointed.

I think these wicker pumpkins are really nice.

fall casual picks at Target

This little blue velvet pumpkin is only $5 and was at the front of the store on a special rack.

Now, I have the song Blue Velvet stuck in my head.

But this pillow seems to sum up the fun of the fall season beginning this week…so it had to make my fall casual picks at Target list.

fall casual picks at Target

To close out today’s post, I have a slideshow of more fall casual picks at Target.

I do not believe anyone would know where you bought any of these garments…fun affordable shopping:

So, tell us…is anyone else doing some fall clothing shopping at Target lately?  Have you checked out the quality and style this year?  I hope this will motivate you to give it a look!

Thanks for being here for this exciting week when a new season begins….and make sure that you always…


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. We have a Target here. When wandering around, I always see things I like and feel are worth choosing “someday.” But when looking for something specific, I never seem to find it! I liked that houndstooth handbag. And loved those wicker pumpkins! What a great idea for a coastal-style house, to bring the autumn decor inside. I find some of their designs, particularly in home goods, both accessible and innovative.

  2. I’m not usually a Target shopper, and the few times I’ve tried to shop there, so much of the clothing area was in disarray. However, you have shown us several items that I find interesting so I may try again to shop there. I struggle with sizes so prefer to try on clothing until I’m sure of sizes in a particular store.

  3. The newer Super Targets in our area are kept nicer than older ones. Hope you find success shopping, Celia!

  4. Hi Pam. I love the plaid blazer on you. It isn’t in my color scheme, but I think it is really fun. I don’t get to Target often, but there is a sweater in your links I really like and may check it out.

  5. The blazer is fun, isn’t it? Perhaps I should’ve brought it home. Again, I was impressed with all I found. Thanks Jennifer.

  6. I haven’t been to Target in a while, but I liked many of the sweaters in the slide show. Since I am not familiar with their sizing, I would prefer to try things on before buying, so it might be worth a trip. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I’m loving the haberdashery influence in women’s fashion for fall – English-inspired plaid blazers, half-zip & shawl-collar sweaters, crested buttons, leather trim, etc. I’m also big on finding ways to incorporate a trend by making use of what I already have. I am so excited for the “refined crossbody bag” in plaid. The simple addition of a $30 accessory gives me a new direction for rethinking old favorites, while satisfying my need for being current. It’s like having my cake & eating it, too. I can’t wait to get in my closet & get busy. Thanks, Pam.

  8. You are welcome, Jan! I love your line of thinking how to add this accessory to your fall wardrobe!!

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