Engagement excitement and legging love

engagement excitement and legging love

Happy Monday, friends!  I have two exciting events to share today…so let’s get going with Engagement Excitement and legging love!

My youngest bent his knee this weekend and she said YES!

We are beyond excited to have this amazing young woman join our family.


Engagement Excitment and legging love

They live in and love The Historic Pearl area of San Antonio.

So that is where the official engagement took place and it was a lovely evening.

I would show you what I wore, but I stayed with three of my grandchildren all day and felt a bit roughed up!

But, I was wearing a huge smile and lots of color.

I think it was important for three of our grandsons to be in this moment with their uncle and see how a proper proposal should be done.

It is a good testimony for young growing boys. 

Engagement Excitement & Legging Love

Engagement Excitement

There were so many people out and about Saturday evening…The Pearl area was hopping.

We stayed there to eat and relish in the moment of all the engagement excitement.

Engagement Excitement

Now tomorrow, I will show you what I wore to a backyard engagement party…. hosted San Antonio style!


Engagement Excitement and Legging Love

I am also excited to share with you wonderful leggings on sale at Chico’s through the 18th.

I like their leggings and have worn them for a long time because of the exceptional quality and fit.

These leggings are just the right weight for a flattering fit…and withstand many washings…they alway look new to me.

And are super comfy!

Engagement Excitement and Legging Love

Last year I picked up a few pair in different colors, but this year I wanted to add the INK (navy blue) color.

These look great with the Chico’s shacket in ink from last year.

This is the Ponte Rivet Ankle Leggings In Ink and currently on sale for $49.

I like the ankle embellishment…adds a touch of creative fun that I always look for with my garments. 

Here are more leggings on sale through end of day on the 18th: (Of course, if you click through to their site on one of pictures, you will see even more!)

Thanks for sharing this exciting weekend with me!

As I said tomorrow I will show you some San Antonio celebration fun!  Hope to see you then!

And as we start this new week…remember to …..


By Pamela Lutrell

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Engagement Excitement and Legging Love


  1. Congratulations to your growing family! What an excellent example set for your grandchildren. Let the festivities begin! A pat on the back for you and Mr. B for fostering tradition and respect.

  2. Congratulations to you and your family! A new daughter in law. How exciting!! And a wedding on the way! Have a great week!! ✨️

  3. Congratulations to the family and your son and his fiancé. Yes love Chicos leggings, better quality than others and last year after year.

  4. How exciting! She looks lovely and he is handsome! Congratulations – I loved getting new daughters when my sons got engaged and married. Love the leggings, too!

  5. So sweet! Congratulations, and thanks for sharing the darling proposal. Very exciting news, indeed!!!

  6. What a sweet, sweet event for your son and your soon-to-be daughter-in-law, as well as those family members who were witness to this tradition. In today’s world it seems that so many of those “expected” traditions from our past are being ignored and/or ridiculed.
    About the Chico’s leggings, in your pictures they never seem as skin tight as on the Chico’s website. My question is do you buy a larger size so they are not so tight, or perhaps, does the website depict women wearing sizes that appear to be skintight? You told me once that I might find more comfortable leggings at JJill rather than Chico’s but I do not live anywhere near a JJill store, and the pants I’ve ordered online from JJill seem a bit too large. If I order from Chico’s, I do not have to pay for mailing.

  7. What a lovely setting (and cute pup!!) Congratulations! How nice that the whole family was invited!

  8. With everything going on in this crazy world, it’s always nice to celebrate these joyous occasions such as a wedding!!! Congratulations to your family! I can’t wait to see more pics tomorrow. And Pamela, thank you for bringing joy to my inbox every morning!

  9. Good question, Celia, because I was wondering the very same thing. I hope Pam sees our comments and lets us know.

  10. I buy my regular size, Celia. They do not fit skin tight unless you size down. Hope that helps.

  11. Congrats to your son, fiance, and all of you! My son is having his girlfriend’s ring made and hopes to have it by month’s end. Fingers crossed. I have the same question as Celia about the leggings. I bought jeggings a well back from Talbots, and they are skin tight. Yours look great.

  12. They both always look so cute and stylish! Tomorrow I will show you what they wore to a family celebration brunch.

  13. I answered Celia. These are the same size I always wear at Chico’s …a 3. If I wanted a tighter legging fit, I would size down. I hope that helps. I do like the way these fit…I can wear them almost anywhere.

  14. Congratulations! When I saw the photo, my first thought was what a nice-looking couple they made & how well dressed they were. It is good to see them continuing traditions.

  15. So excited for your expanding family, and I already cannot wait til we get to see your MOG outfit! I’m the wedding coordinator for a large church in Fort Worth, so if I can help you brainstorm any aspect of their wedding I’d be delighted to do so. San Antonio is such a beautiful city – I cannot even imagine getting to live there. Congratulations to your son and his bride-to-be, and may they enjoy many long and happy years together!

  16. Congratulations to your family!

    I am curious about the difference between loose-fitting leggings like yours and ankle-length slim leg pants. Your leggings look like some of my pants, and not close-fitting like I see many women wearing them.

  17. Congratulations! You must be so proud of your son! My heart was full as I gazed at the picture of his romantic and respectful proposal; his fiancee is a blessed and lucky young woman.
    Oh yes, I do love the Ink color; it’s a nice alternative to black.

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