Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday mornings at home

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Welcome to Sunday mornings at home.

These have become posts where I share a hodge-podge of ideas and thoughts from the past week.

Welcome to all those who have enjoyed these posts and encouraged me to keep it going.

Today, for Sunday mornings at home, I am thinking about the word ANTICIPATION.

This time of year, I rise each day with great anticipation of what the sky will say.

I took the top photo during a morning walk last week.   It was glorious.

I cannot get enough of the sunrises and sunsets this time of year. 


Sunday mornings at home

One early morning  while walking with Tux this week, we headed down the street to see the last of the full, harvest moon shining brightly just prior to its setting.

The moon has always mesmerized me and on this day its beauty created great anticipation of what the remainder of the day would hold.

Sunday mornings at home

After awhile, we turned to head home and faced the sunrise…moon on one end of the street and glorious sunrise on the other end.

What a cool way to begin the day.

Sunday mornings at home

One of my dearest friends from high school lives on a ranch in Central Texas, and this is how the moon looked over her ranch the night before.

I wish I had seen it with my own eyes…but the picture is pretty amazing.

Anticipation can be a negative or positive word.  I prefer to use it the positive way and strive to face each day with great anticipation of what joy lies ahead.

Remember the actor, Joel Grey?  I mostly remember him with Liza Minnelli in the movie, Cabaret.

He is quoted as saying, ” I never think about my age very much. I’ve always lived my life the same way, full of excitement and anticipation of wonderful things and the knowledge that some not-so-wonderful things come with it.”

For me, I believe a loving God will see me through both.

Try waking every day this week with anticipation of the wonderful things the day will hold for you.


Sunday mornings at home

I have been off my healthy eating protocol since my recent illness and I simply MUST get back on it this week.

I told you that I have been craving comfort food and that craving kept going on this past week.

I craved homemade chili…but not just chili…CHILI PIE with Fritos!  I haven’t thought or desired it for a long long time.

This easy peasy chili is simple but good:

  1. Brown a pound of Grass-fed beef in a chili pot, add 2 tsps of Worcestershire Sauce; a teaspoon of Fiesta Fajita Seasoning; one chopped onion; two minced garlics. 
  2. Stir until onion is clear.
  3. Pour in 2 cans of red kidney beans, 1 can of pinto beans, 2 cans of chopped tomatoes for chili; one can of chopped mild Hatch chilies; and one tablespoon Fiesta Chili seasoning.
  4. Stir together, bring to a boil, simmer on low for 45 minutes.  Serve over Fritos with cheese on top….or not.

NOTE: I use the Fiesta Fajita Seasoning on just about everything from eggs to chicken to tuna salad.  It is excellent.

I know, I know….I need to turn my eating around pronto and get back to where I was…when comfort food was not tempting me.


Sunday mornings at home

On August 25, I shared with you that I was beginning to use Collagen for Her.

Except for when I was in the hospital for four days, I have put it in my coffee every morning and ran out this week.

I still like and recommend COLLAGEN FOR HER.

It dissolves quickly in my morning coffee with no after taste and I do believe I see a difference in my complexion…and hopefully in my bones when I go for blood tests.

Now, I have started the MARINE COLLAGEN BEAUTY BLEND and will let you know what I think.

It is always difficult to say that I know for sure this is beneficial, but I do like the product, believe it is helping and encourage you to check it out.

Sunday mornings at home

Now, this looks perfect for Sunday Mornings at home…right?

Actually, we are invited to a special backyard meal today and this is my hostess gift.  

I thought since they were treating us to a meal….I would treat them to breakfast this week.

I really like the Stonewall Kitchen products and when you need a gift idea…well, here it is.

This is the PINE BREAKFAST GIFT BOX. Other: Gift ideas.

Sunday mornings at home

This is the NEW FLAVOR from Stonewall Kitchen and I just had to try the Maple Apple Jam.

It Is so good and would be perfect in hand held homemade pies or on biscuits….yum!


Sunday mornings at home

I was very sad to learn last week that our local Soft Surroundings in The Shops at La Cantera is closing.

It was such a beautiful store and at one time was where many of our local women of a certain age loved to shop.

The beauty department was fabulous…even the restrooms were gorgeous.

I hate to see what our economy is doing to retailers and this is a tearful goodbye…it really was a great place at one time.

I even worked there for a few months part-time to learn about women and their purchasing decisions over 50.  It was very helpful.

I believe the entire company is alive and well, but this location is soon to be no more.


Sunday mornings at home

More leaves have fallen this week which gives me anticipation of beauty ahead.

And, I am anticipating seeing all of you on the blog this week.  Have a joyous Sunday and…………………………………………..


By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday mornings at home



  1. Pam, there’s nothing wrong with comfort food-or most any food- as long as it’s made with good lean ingredients and is eaten in moderation. Balance it out with activity. I think a lot of us kind of hibernate once fall/winter comes but we don’t adjust our food intake. Plus holidays and all that cookie baking.
    But if you deliberately increase your activity level-zoom classes, YouTube, try a new one like weight lifting (easy to do at home) you can counteract the calories! There are lots of less strenuous exercise programs recommended for folks who have been ill, had heart attacks, or arthritis, things like that.
    From a nutrition/home economics teacher!

  2. What a wonderful Sunday morning post. I enjoyed your exploration of the word ‘anticipation’. I may use it as a theme for an upcoming short story. (I am in a small writing group with friends from college. I see a lot of possibilities there!) Although I have never been in a Soft Surroundings store, I felt a pain of regret looking at the lovely photograph. The catalog has never done justice to the ambiance. Such a shame. Have a lovely day to wrap up the weekend. I hope your daughter enjoyed her day with Mr. B.

  3. Your Fritos pie reminds me of selling them at events when I was still teaching. Then we put the spoonfuls of chili into the opened Fritos bag. I too love the sunsets I see on my afternoon walks. Your full moon pictures are beautiful. A little science here…the full moon last week was technically a Hunter’s Moon, and not a Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon is the full moon that occurs closest to the autumn equinox which this year was on September 22. Therefore, the September full moon on September 10 was our Harvest Moon this year. The moon following the Harvest Moon is called the Hunter’s Moon, and this was the full moon of October 9, the one in your pictures. The Harvest Moon is called that because it rises soon after sunset so especially in times of no electricity, summer crops could still be gathered by moonlight. I am not an earth science major but since retirement I’ve become much more aware of many things in our natural world like these facts. And as an old teacher, I continue to try to teach science facts.

  4. I agree … so sorry to see these beautiful stores close, where shopping is a pleasure. I’ve dipped my toes into Amazon clothes for a longer cruise where I need things I might not wear again, and therefore am very price conscious. I’ve been pretty disappointed. It’s hard to look at a picture the size of a postage stamp and figure out quality and fit, yet this is apparently how people are getting their clothes. On a happier note, the moon pictures were spectacular!

  5. I love Fritos, they’re my favorite chip.
    One of my big adjustments in an era of rising prices is knocking off buying the pan of cinnamon rolls -went from $5 – $7.99 recently- and bags of Fritos -Scoops are my fav. I always knew they were junky but I love them.
    HOWEVER, I found myself throwing a $2.25 bag of Fritos into my cart as a consolation prize. I should sprinkle some on my turkey chili !

  6. What a wonderful hostess gift! And your chili sounds yummy! ( I think I made one if your earlier chili dishes but with ground Turkey or Chicken? ). Very very good! Spicier than we were used to, but we used another Frito Lay corn chip product to scoop the sides of sour cream, grated cheese and diced green onions! Yum. It all helped to cool our mouths off.
    On the huge Harvest Moon- yes we were treated to the best autumn weather ever also , and got to view this stunning moon on a morning walk abd for 2-3 evenings in our backyard.

  7. I have never commented before but I absolutely LOVE todays pictures and your perception of the word “anticipation”. The quote from JG is certainly one to ponder. I enjoy your comments and your fashion advice. Thanks for your hard work.

  8. I have never commented before but I absolutely LOVE todays pictures and your perception of the word “anticipation”. The quote from JG is certainly one to ponder. I enjoy your comments and your fashion advice. Thanks for your hard work.

  9. I have eliminating sugar and high glycemic foods from my diet . I no longer eat rice, white potatoes, pasta, and white refined sugar. I take collagen too. I do arm exercises and easy squats every day. I walk some but not every day. I have lost 58 lbs. I eat chili often but with no high carb beans or high glycemic corn. I use a 14 oz can of diced tomatoes and more chicken broth and plenty of spices. I use stevia only. I eat berries every day. I buy low carb granola. Costco has a few good ones. So does Kroger. I read every nutrition label. Amazing how spaghetti sauces vary in carbs and sugar !
    I use grass fed dairy butter (Kerrygold) and sugar free preserves. I lost 10 lbs the first week. It is a combination of Mediterranean, South Beach, and a little Keto. I even have an occasional glass of red wine. I love a artisan cheeses and plant based crackers as a snack and Costco sells no-sugar chocolate. I also eat sugar free chocolate pudding. Oh! Kroger sells noodled zucchini now in the produce dept. It is actually more flavorful than pasta. Try it! I bet you will love it!

  10. Love your morning pictures: you must get up really early! Anticipation is a lovely word. It teaches us to look forward to the day, what it has to offer, and how we might take advantage of it. It is sad when stores go out of business, but it’s a double-edged sword, right? If we buy online, then we are not purchasing from stores. This affects your business for sure. Your blog is so helpful. Because of Covid, I have not been in a clothing store to shop for over two years. I have called ahead several times to pick up things in stores to support them if I can. I also order books from indie bookstores to help keep them in business. I love browsing in shops and miss being abe to try on clothes before I buy, but I am not going back to inside shopping in the near future — and I have totally lost my taste for malls. Covid has taught me a new way of life, and I have come to realize that I can do without a lot of what I thought I needed. Of course, retirement has taught new lessons as well. Happy Sunday,

  11. Totally agree. I lost 20 pounds w/o trying simply by eating salads for lunch daily, eliminating starches, and doing consistent daily walking. One note: beans have a low glycemic index and will not spike your sugars despite their high carb count. I eat a couple of 70% (or more) cacao bittersweet chocolate discs every night – wonderful. You’d have to check, but I believe that while red wine has heart benefits, Pino Grigio is the lowest in carbs.

  12. Thanks for the lovely photos this morning. It really does fill me with joy to witness the spectacular beauty of these natural displays. Thanks for pointing out a new flavor from Stonewall. They have long been a favorite of mine both for my own pantry, and as a quality line of gifts. Their chutneys and holiday jam are family favorites. How is your bathroom project coming? I was reminded of it last night when I went downstairs into the basement office and discovered our water heater had leaked, soaking the carpet. No warm shower here for me until fixed, so it’s a happy thing that I just rejoined the Y a couple weeks ago and can work out AND clean up!

  13. Pam, thank you for sharing your positive thoughts in your blog. I appreciate you keeping it real and honest. In Lynnfield, Massachusetts our local Soft Surroundings store has turned into a Soft Surroundings Outlet. It does have some amazing bargains from time to time if you are a careful shopper. Also, I can still order from the catalog and pick up at the outlet store.

  14. I love your moon, sunrise and sunset photos. I was driving to my son’s house last weekend to let his dogs out and then sat in the backyard with them gazing at the gorgeous moon displayed with Jupiter glowing so brightly nearby. Ahhh….anticipation! Great gift idea to have a few Stonewall Kitchen items on hand to use as hostess gifts. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve tried from that brand and have a store nearby that stocks them. I do love visiting stores vs. online shopping. So sad when a beloved one closes.

  15. The Soft Surroundings near me in NC is also closing, so I’m not so sure about the health of the company.

  16. I always enjoy your Sunday musings, and the positive thoughts you share with us weekly. “Anticipation” is a great word for this season in my life, the first fall in my adult life that I’m not working full time at a large university, in addition to several part time jobs. I’m already preparing for the holidays, in hopes that my efforts now will pay off in more time to spend enjoying the sights and sounds of the holiday season when it arrives and I’m ready early! The Frito pie photo under the “Sunday Morning” heading made me gasp – for a minute I thought y’all were having Frito pie for breakfast! (Now I may actually try that – this cool spell has me hungry for it!) I haven’t made it since my daughter got married and left home, but when we moved out of the house she grew up in there were Frito pie stains on my den carpet. I appreciate the tip on the Stonewall Kitchen products so much! I am planning my first trip to Maine next August and these would make great gifts for family and friends, but I could have them shipped to my house and pretend to have brought them back – please keep my secret! There is a Soft Surroundings store in Southlake Towne Center near Fort Worth. I drove out there last week to check out a particular item in person, as I have found their catalogs to be misleading. I literally felt invisible from the moment I walked in and asked for the item. I was pointed toward a rack while the sales associate turned to greet another customer. I waited for a dressing room for about ten minutes, and that same associate put someone else in it, even though I had been waiting patiently. I ended up putting the item back on the rack and walked out of the store, without anyone saying a word to me. I’ll stick with J Jill in Fort Worth’s University Village in the future. I stopped by there this weekend to return an item I had ordered online and the sales associate even noticed my new haircut! It felt so nice to be recognized and “known,” which could mean I spend too much time and money there, but the quality and customer service can’t be beat.

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