Fall outfit for the pumpkin patch

fall outfit

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Today, I want to show you my fall outfit for the pumpkin patch.

I spent the weekend sitting around and resting, but now it is time to try to get back into my life.

I knew the best place to go for a seasonal shot of joy was the nearby pumpkin patch.

So, I selected a fall outfit…then called Leigh Ann and said, “Let’s go check out this year’s pumpkin patch!”


fall outfit

It may have been cooler morning breeze…

It may have been fall decorations around…

It may have been beautiful pumpkins of all types….

Or even being able to wear a fall outfit….

But I definitely began to feel stronger during our outing!

Sometimes we just need to leave our four walls…

fall outfit

Ever since I discovered my best colors are autumn colors, I sometimes feel like I am dressing in spices.

I will call this outfit saffron, sage, and cinnamon!

Last month, I showed you the Womens Utility Chore Jacket at Target in Green.

I liked it so much, I ordered one in yellow.  These casual cotton-blend light jackets are perfect for a fall outfit to the pumpkin patch or any of your out and about errands.

They wash well….I hang dry it…then refresh in the dryer…snap it and go.

My fall outfit includes my recent purchase of the Liz Claiborne Y neck Sleeveless Blouse…that Is now sold out in this print.

I am so glad I got this top when I did…it will have a low cost per wear!  And though the jeggings cost more…I also wear them often and the CPW is low.

These are Talbots Jeggings. They are the most expensive item in my fall outfit, but because I wear them weekly, the CPW is just as low.

I still love my Jambu shoes…but allow me to give you a little heads up…they are hosting a huge sale at the end of the month.  So watch for it here.

I will keep you informed and ready.  These shoes are so comfy!

My cinnamon cross body bag was a Marshalls purchase over the summer.

You can always find a fun fall outfit for the pumpkin patch at Marshalls.


fall outfit

Leigh Ann’s pumpkin patch fall outfit included a fun pair of jeans she found during one of our JJILL try-on sessions. 

These are no longer available, but she highly recommends the fit of the JJILL Jeans…particularly the boyfriend styles. (I really like the pine green color they are offering these in now)

Her shoes are comfy Vans and where we live in South Texas, a camo tee is always a good casual choice for a fall outfit.

Our choice of a fall outfit were perfect for this occasion…


fall outfit

As I said,  last weekend was for rest and recovery….which always includes football this time of year.

My fall outfit of choice was a comfy Cool Nights Sleep Shirt from SOMA, and these amazing socks from Aromosoles.

fall outfit

They asked to send me their socks to try and it was the perfect time since I needed rest.  

Also, in the evenings this past week I have been cold.

Aromasoles are a line of super cozy, scent-infused slipper socks that have been flying off shelves for years.

All are made with natural therapeutic oils with scents like lavender, rose, cinnamon, and neroli, and they come in an amazing variety of colors!

Aromosoles rock!   They do make your feet tingle and you can smell the lavender…it is a quite relaxing experience.

These would also be a great gift and consider them for a friend or family member recovering from an illness.

They make your feet very happy.


fall outfit

I am smiling brighter now ….nothing like wearing a fall outfit and standing amidst a sea of pumpkins to make that happen!


Use code MYPEOPLE for 30% savings!  On some JCP HOME, you save even more.

Here are some items I found in the new arrivals that you might find inspiration from:

Thank you so much for joining me today…please join in with any comments.  Have you visited a local pumpkin patch yet…it is a slice of Americana that I love….


By Pamela Lutrell

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fall outfit



  1. Such beautiful, colorful photos! The pictures made me smile! I’ve been absent for some time due to yucky illness, and from what you said, you had a bout with illness too. I’m glad you are feeling better. In spite of how I was feeling, I drove to the local pumpkin patch/farmers market last Friday (keeping my distance from others!!) just for a lift. They have the best sweet corn ever that I brought home to freeze, and really enjoyed walking through all the mum displays and pumpkins. The fall air is wonderful, and I’m glad you got to experience some of that. Trying desperately here to get well, and this post really gave me a lift. Thank you Pam!

  2. From one sick lady to another, I am soooo sorry. This one hit me hard and I am having to be patient with full recovery. The pumpkin patch did help!! Take care of yourself Karen. Rest and refresh!

  3. Karen, fellow poster, I was sorry to hear you’ve been so sick. I hope you feel better soon! Pam, I do agree on your jeggings. I have a pair of those too, and wear them constantly. When I was wearing black and winter colors, I had no idea olive could be a neutral. Here, many places have pumpkin patches, incredibly colorful potted mum displays, and corn mazes. Ohio corn stays in the field until November. Nothing says fall like bringing home your pumpkin!

  4. What a bright, happy post! You and Leigh Ann look so happy among the colorful pumpkins! There are some huge pumpkins there. Your outfit is so well put together in your colors…excellent example of coordination! You look like you feel much, much better after your restful weekend. Enjoyed your pumpkin patch visit…my closest “patch” would be the farmers market about a mile from our house, but it’s not as colorful as yours. Just being outside in our less than 90’s temps is so refreshing.

  5. Thanks Celia! We only have the lower temps in the morning, heat returns around noon. But the mornings are great!

  6. I do think that your colors look like spices — so appropriate at this season! I bought mums yesterday and will get some pumpkins this week. We have corn in the fields too in New England, but it’s now hog corn. Sweet corn, sadly, is gone with the summer. But the air is fresh and the leaves are changing. Your outfit would be right at home here. Feel better.

  7. You match the colors of the pumpkin patch. That makes me smile. Hope you will be back to yourself soon.
    I ordered two pairs of the socks. My feet are always cold.

  8. You will love them, Carolyn. Maybe I love the pumpkin patch so much because it is in my colors!

  9. Pam you look great in the gold and green pieces! Very much Autumn! And you look so happy. Yes visiting and meandering through our pumpkin patches ( so many!) is a real intro to fall! The smells( baked goods) and colorful mums and pumpkin varieties are just what is needed to appreciate this change of seasons! Happy Days ahead as you fully recover.

  10. Pam, it is so good to see you looking healthy and lively! You and Leigh Ann look like the picture of Fall! Love the colors!!

  11. Good to see you and Leigh Ann out and enjoying the season. That photo of Leigh Ann caught my eye – the sky you captured behind her seems to spread out forever, and the light scattered clouds, the trees . . .just so beautiful. Thanks for today’s carousel. I like the pullover zip sweater, and see it comes in a coral and aqua blue, two colors I was shopping yesterday through your Talbot’s link (scored the 40% off sale on entire cart!). At T., they call their version Tudor blue, and I love it. Passed on their coral cardigan though, so I think this cute little JCP one is calling my name. 😉

  12. You know I am a fan of both brands, Connie…I think you are making great choices…that coral looks very pretty!

  13. Being out in the fresh air is good for our physical & mental health. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to the pumpkin patch, & you looked like you were part of the autumn scenery in your spicy outfit. Leigh Ann & the giant pumpkin made me smile as I thought about her trying to pick it up or roll it since it was almost as big as she is.

  14. We both thought it was such a beautiful pumpkin…but did not attempt to pick it up.

  15. I was just thinking I needed an ivory colored light jacket and here you are with a great affordable one from Target. I just ordered it through your link.
    Glad to see you and Leah Ann out and about and enjoying some cooler temps—such a welcome respite from our Texas heat.

  16. Yes it is, Dorothy! Thank you so much for using my link..I hope you like it as much as I do!

  17. Pamela, you have the most beautiful smile. Always makes me happy to see it. Keep up your good work!

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