LOFT Friends & Family Event

LOFT Friends & Family Event

Happy Monday!  Welcome to my picks in the LOFT Friends & Family Event.

The sale ends at the close of today, so I wanted to quickly show you a few things I discovered when I stopped by recently.

First of all, note that with the CODE: BFF, all of your purchases are 40% off.

I have discovered over the past year that I often find pieces at LOFT I like…so I wanted to check cooler weather garments out.


LOFT Friends & Family Event

Allow me to begin with something not pictured.

They did not have this Jeweled Button Henley Sweater in Brilliant Emerald in my size…but it is so pretty!  Great choice for a casual chic event.

The first top I am wearing the Plaid Rib Trim Sherpa Top and I like the way it is designed and fits.

Feels very warm for colder climate wear.

LOFT Friends & Family Event

Once I sized down on the Windowpane Wrap, I really liked it.

This is the XS/S, so you can imagine what it might look like on someone really small. If you click through on the link to the website, you can see how it hangs if a bit larger.

But on me I found it to be very flattering.

LOFT Friends & Family Event

Here is a cute design for a cozy long cardigan.

This is the Buffalo Plaid Pocket Open Cardigan.

LOFT Friends & Family Event

If you like sleeveless tops and the color green, then you will like this Floral Pintucked Ruffle Tie Neck Shell.

It is really cute and would look great under a blazer.  It is a much darker green than what you see through the link on the website.

I decided to try it with the Ribbed Relaxed V-Neck Cardigan in Spruce Green…..but comes in six colors.

I saw it styled with a couple of skirts and it is really cute that way.

LOFT Friends & Family Event

You may be in need of a pretty blouse to go with your black pants.

This blouse is nice and is the Velvet Dot Smocked Ruffle V-Neck Blouse.

I tried it on for the cool color ladies in this audience!

LOFT Friends & Family Event

I tried it on, but it would look better on a smaller figure.

I am still in between sizes at LOFT and now that I am attempting to size down, some items just don’t look as nice as they would when I get smaller.

This is a soft, fun top though for just the right women.

For holiday fun, check it out…the Buffalo Plaid Mack NecK Sherpa Top.

LOFT Friends & Family Event

Finally, just for the fun of it for all dog lovers everywhere!

Here is the Scottie Dog Sweater.   Any scottie dog owners out there?

LOFT Friends & Family

Some of you may have noticed the dress on the left hanging behind me in the dressing room.

It just did not fit me right, so I did not show it and I cannot locate it currently on line.

But it has such lovely browns, rust, and flecks of gold in it.  

There are many fun pieces in the new fashions…check out LOFT NEW ARRIVALS here….remember the code BFF.


LOFT Friends & Family Event

Many of you know I am not a fan of Halloween. 

If it was the cute form of Halloween with all of the innocent costumes, then I would be all-in.

I just hate the evil-scary part of it and never like to see children traumatized with fear.

I did however give my grandsons this skeleton for their porch…and told them his name was George.

They give me George-reports…just not scary that way!

So if you are out tonight….STAY SAFE and……………………………….

KEEP SMILING!!  (Winner announced tomorrow!)

By Pamela Lutrell

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LOFT Friends & Family Event


  1. I’d like to visit a Loft store to see how their sizes fit me since you’ve shown us several cute items. I also like the picture of your grandson with their gifted skeleton. I too do not like the evil aspect of Halloween but I do enjoy seeing the excitement of the children. It is my husband’s favorite holiday because he loves to see the little ones. We will probably see close to 400 come by the house tonight, many riding on flat bed trailers, little and big together. We’ve bought over 700 pieces of candy because we usually give out two pieces per child. As a retired teacher, I feel sorry for the school teachers today and tomorrow.

  2. Thank you for the Loft showings. I enjoy your posts
    and look forward to opening your blog every day. Liked the sweater tops! I’m a sucker for a sweater but just how many do I need in Florida?! Although we do get some cold winter days.

  3. I love Loft items-classy and simple with a flair of simple elegance!
    I would love to have my name in the hat if it’s not too late for the James Avery gift card.
    Have a blessed week.

  4. Oh you look adorable in that Loft windowpane wrap and just as pretty in the long neutral cardigan – with pockets!
    I also like the green cardigan! So much to consider! Thank you for sharing Pam!

  5. You look great in all of the items that you tried on! Embrace who and what you are now! Saying that you’ll look better when you get smaller doesn’t send a good message! Women need to love themselves as they are! If you are working hard on what part of you, be it your weight, or your time management, or whatever, that’s great! Let’s celebrate the now – whatever your age and weight! Just my thoughts!

  6. Love the Scottie dog sweater, though not my colors. I am also not a big fan of Halloween. However, I loved it as a kid as do my grandchildren. I am with you to avoid the scary, evil ideas and themes.

  7. Pam, I have similar build and coloring to yours, and always love the “try on” features! I gave up on LOFT a few years ago due to fabric quality issues, but a few of these pieces have me thinking it may be time to give them another look. I especially like the windowpane wrap and the tan checked sweater! That’s a new color for me, but I am wearing it a lot this fall, thanks to some pieces I found at JJill late in the summer. LOVING those new glasses on you! The color is perfect with your skin tone, and I think the shape is more flattering to your face and hairstyle than your old ones, but what really matters is that YOU like them. I think a positive part of being bold (as discussed in yesterday’s post that I missed commenting on) is choosing things we like and caring less about what others think of our choices; still a work in progress for me, but I’m trying hard in that area. Finally, I love your comments on scary Halloween stuff! In my neighborhood it looks like everybody spent the money they saved on Halloween activities the past couple of years due to COVID on the most gory, grotesque decor imaginable. The one that bothers me most is a family down the street whose front yard features a large wheelbarrow full of bloody body parts. If my four-year-old granddaughter saw that she would lose her mind. And all those ten-foot skeletons everyone has – one near my mom added hooks to its hands so it can carry a couple of bloody skulls. It’s like everyone’s lost their minds this fall! I’ve never been a big Halloween person, but this is the first year I have ever been offended by it. Glad the REAL holiday season is right on its heels – my neighborhood grocery store was putting up the old-fashioned decorations on their light poles this morning!

  8. Hi Pam! I’m reading my emails in between all the cute trick-or-treaters ringing my doorbell tonight. My favorite outfit on you was the black and red buffalo plaid sweater. It really made your face light up. It may be a little too warm for San Antonio, but would be great for the holiday season over here in New Mexico. Love your new glasses too. Yes, please enter me in the James Avery drawing. I have granddaughters over in Texas that go ga-ga over his jewelry. Thanks!

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