Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Good Sunday Morning, friends!  Welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home!

Sunday mornings is when I reflect on the past week and look at the week ahead.

I have to say preparing these posts has helped me so much to reflect on the blessings and positives of the week.

Sunday Mornings at Home for this author have been moments to gain perspective.

And I truly hope my perspectives will help and inspire some of you.

Our balcony and backyard are covered in acorns and the balcony is a great place to start.

So join me there with a warm beverage and open heart to see what I have for Sunday Mornings at Home.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I like to put the words patient and endurance together…because for me endurance is often what I need patience to accomplish.

Fall is already a time when I practice patient endurance…waiting for leaves to change and cool breezes to blow.

However, lately, it has been all about my home renovation….which began August 1 and is still not complete.

I might write the whole story some day, but when I begin to write about it, I get all stirred up and my joy flies out the window.

For now, my patient endurance goal has me counting the blessings of having a renovated master bath at some point.

Patient Endurance means I must continue to practice HOPE.  Hope that I will be able to host the big Thanksgiving dinner which has been a tradition for our family.

Hope that all the work I am looking in the face of will be done for the holidays.

Patient Endurance means that I stop focusing on the negatives and reject them completely.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

On a day I was feeling great frustration with this project, my son called and he had decided to ask his long time, lovely girlfriend to marry him that weekend.

Things moved quickly from there to the proposal and engagement party…shared with you here.

The frustration melted.

Over last weekend, I found myself in front of these two fountains….the first for the proposal, and the second in the backyard of the soon to be in-laws.

For a moment, in front of those fountains I took deep breaths, experienced peace and contentment,  and thanked God for His blessings.

Patient Endurance.

I am well aware some of you may be enduring far worse than three months of your home in chaos. 

However, I encourage you to count your blessings, have hope, and be still in order to practice patient endurance.

I believe that will help any situation….as well as last week’s encouragement to wake up each day with anticipation.

There will be a day I wake up and anticipate that this project is done!

Sunday Mornings at Home

I love this quote.  I shared it last year during my holiday season of joy on this blog.

This year I will embrace it for my home.


Sunday Mornings at Home

During Sunday Mornings at Home, I have been sharing a few recipes and this one is a keeper.

I love my Pumpkin Bread Recipe and never mess with a good thing.  However, I have never really found a Banana Bread Recipe I liked….until now.

This is MY FAVORITE BANANA BREAD RECIPE on Sally’s Baking Recipes.

Mr. B bit into it and said, “Oh yeah….this is a keeper.”  I love the addition of the yogurt and butter.

It keeps the bread very moist.

I plan to add it to my holiday baking for gifts….so good and such a nice big loaf.


Sunday mornings at home


This was my first week to get one of my favorite fall colors on my nails.

It is by OPI and called Como Se Llama and here is a link at ULTA.

The color is a deep reddish brown and I have loved it for the last few years at autumn time.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Let the JOY begin!  I started this past week taking photos of the word JOY whenever I see it.

I will call my holiday posts on this blog once again The Season of Joy…and I always look for ways to capture the word.

This is my first image from a stop by Tuesday Morning.

Sunday Mornings at Home

And this will bring a little holiday joy to what has previously been a frustrating situation with Christmas lights.

These are by Ulta-Lit and will help test and fix lighting problems…another time in this post that Mr. B was pleased!

Check out their site:  Light Keeper Pro.


Sunday Mornings at Home

But for now, I will smile at my grandsons in this autumn setting and wait with patient endurance for the leaves to change in South Texas. 

They do change…it just takes a little longer.  (See Below)

Make sure you join me tomorrow for a special Giveaway!  Someone is going to receive Christmas shopping help! See you then….and make sure that you always….


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Sunday Mornings at Home



  1. What a lovely post to wake up to this morning! One of my boys and his wife whisked us away for a weekend. Such a thoughtful treat to celebrate a special milestone. My 3 children always help us see the Hope in this world. Thank you, Pam.

  2. Ah! Sunday mornings at home are for reflection on the past week- what went right (lots) and what went not so right, but are fixable.
    Having come off one home renovation project ( one of our bathrooms was re- done this summer) abd we are beyond pleased, I do understand how I’d have felt if there were delays. Fortunately there weren’t any once they started. It did take 13 weeks for them to begin once we signed contracts, chose design abd materials etc But once they started they were here every day M-F. I was happy as they cleaned up each day too. Grateful.
    I hope your project moves steadily along too abd you see “daylight” soon! Having your home just right for Thanksgiving will be a gift!

  3. So glad yours went smoothly, Paulette! I hope the final results will wash away all frustrations for me. But I have learned strong lessons on patient endurance…and choosing each day to focus on the positives amidst the chaos!

  4. I am proud of you Pam. I don’t know how much endurance I would need with my patience for your reno. Our kitchen almost did me in a few years ago. That nail polish looks fabulous on you, so I hope you took some time to relax while that was being done. That banana bread will be baking in my house this week, I do love banana bread, but have not made any for some time. We are getting a break from cold nasty weather for a few days, so will be out getting everything tidied up in the next few days. Then I will have Joy with that done.

  5. House renovation takes a lot of patience, Pam, so hang in there. Hope is a great word to use during the process! Hope is actually my “word of the year” and having hope has meant a lot to me recently as I mourn the passing of my oldest sister. I love that you are always embracing “Joy” and am considering that as my next word of the year. Your grandsons are precious! And I love that nail color. I hope the week ahead brings much joy for you!

  6. The banana bread is the best I have tasted. So glad to have this recipe. Thanks Diane!

  7. And for you, Debbie! So sorry to hear about your loss, but hope & joy are the best recovery words for one day at a time living. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Pam, what a lovely message. Joyful thoughts will help us with our endurance and patience challenges. Not always easy, but very hopeful. Love the nails! The banana bread looks scrumptious. I use Sally’s recipes often, and they never fail. Blessings for your new week!

  9. Ah, the changing of the leaves. Living just north of Houston, I can so relate. They usually change color as they’re falling to the ground. My most grateful thank you for the Banana Bread recipe. I have tried so many and still haven’t found one that hits my “sweet” spot. I’ll, try this one as soon as my bananas get a little riper.
    Patience is something I have to reach for, as I get older it gets more difficult. Your post is so timely. Bless you for sharing.

  10. We all know the never ending saga of home renovation. When your home is disrupted, your spirit is challenged, because for you, and we readers of your blog, home is a cherished place. It’s where we go to recharge, not a place of frustration. If I may offer a word of advice, plan to host the family Thanksgiving anyway. Have the guests bring more of the sides and desserts, potluck style, and concentrate on the turkey and a couple of family favorites. Laugh a lot about the mess, and even take some pics. It will be a Thanksgiving to remember, and everyone will have a good time.

  11. It does get harder to be patient as we age….I agree. But, I am working on it through the mess. I also tried many banana bread recipes…this one is a keeper.
    Let me know what you think when you have ripe bananas.
    Thanks Rhoda.

  12. You are right…that would be one to remember. I am going to see how this week goes and will make the final decision a little closer to November 1. The desire of my heart is that the chaos ends this week.
    Thanks for the great idea, Linda.

  13. Love your nail color!!! Three years ago we went through a a main bathroom renovation!! The hardest part is it’s our ONLY bathroom in our two bedroom cottage!!! With patient endurance and level heads we got through everything done really well. We love our new bathroom!! I pray you just keep practicing patient endurance!! Remember to do what you really want in your bathroom because it will be many, many , many years before it’s redone!!! We spent a little more but we are glad we did!!!

  14. Oh, the remodeling woes! We spent 18 months living within our whole house remodel, which definitely felt like forever but ultimately most of the projects were completed by contractors in six months and then my husband tackled the kitchen, which took a full year. Done last May, it is my happy place. 😊

  15. I love that nail color. It is a lovely color for fall. Patient endurance is a good motto for many of us as we find ourselves in seasons of life that are perhaps not of our choosing. I need to remind myself that this is a season & will pass as all seasons do. I am a great believer in joy. Last year, I purchased an item that you featured from Big Lots with the word joy on it. It was meant to be a Christmas decoration, but I didn’t put it away the other decorations. It is on my bookshelf where I see it every day, & it brings me joy.

  16. I have made so many of Sally’s recipes that I can’t even keep count! I have her cookbook(s) and subscribe to her blog. She has one brownie recipe that is soooo scrumptious that you want to shout with joy; I frequently make the brownies and give them to friends for a treat. I also have the same Christmas tree “light fixer” and never have luck with it; probably I’m not using it correctly so I hope your husband can figure the darn thing out. I gave up on testing my lights and just strung another set of lights in the branches of my small pre-lit tree…no one can tell! (hahaha) Great blog, Pam!

  17. Your post urges me to remind you all of the people in Louisiana still recovering (and rebuilding) after Hurricane Laura two years ago and Hurricane Ida a year ago. Renovations are still being delayed and/or are slowly underway. And this prompts a need for prayer for those in Florida just getting started recovering from Hurricane Ian. One room at a time is one thing, but whole or half the house is something else…..expecially as really competent and reliable workers are few and far between. Prayers for all.

  18. Hope you have a reputable contractor . Our bath remodel took a month but we didn’t replace vanity or sinks, just new shower , new tile floor , Demo and got rid of a tub we didn’t use .. my hubby painted walls himself .. our kitchen floor took almost two weeks to get retiled and grouted .. but we had a guy we trusted . Good luck . Love the nail color . My favorite shade for toes too

  19. Patient endurance is a good phrase for my family right now. We are managing my husband’s parents rapidly declining health, and there have been many sleepless nights and canceled plans as we triage emergencies. Thank you for putting it into words.

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