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Would You Wear It

Happy October Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to WOULD YOU WEAR IT on two blogs!

My friend Jennifer and I discover fashion displays in our two worlds which make us wonder what you would think.

The comments on these posts are read and enjoyed by all….plus we truly learn from one another.

So, share your constructive thoughts here and tell us if you would or would not wear what you see.

Let’s get started….


Would You Wear It

I believe this display gives us much to discuss with different types of garments in splashes of color.

Please take into account your body type and personal styles when assessing these two garments.

And you may always comment on the display itself.

Then tell us……………………………………………………………………….


I am certain many of you will recognize a Chico’s store.  Here are some of the garments you are looking over:


Would You Wear It

In this picture, I tried on the Jeweled V Neck Sweater and it is lovely for those who wear white.

Here are more pieces from the winter holiday collection and if you click on any picture, you can go through to Chico’s to see everything:


Would You Wear It

The top post last week included a Chico’s outfit I wore to my son’s engagement party.  You can see the look and the party at BACKYARD ENGAGEMENT BRUNCH – SAN ANTONIO STYLE!

The top sales last week on this blog included several pair of Chico’s leggings during International Legging Day!


Would You Wear It

Since my focus today has been on splashes of color, I wanted to share this beautiful necklace and scarf I will be styling for you soon.

This is the Kantha Indigo Braided Collar Necklaceand the Horizon Scarf in Chocolate.

If you love artisan statement pieces, you will love World Finds and remember it is Fair Trade Month!

Thanks for joining us today for WOULD YOU WEAR IT…make sure you leave a comment and then go to A WELL STYLED LIFE to comment on Jennifer’s….and always, always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It


  1. As my style has evolved, I have left very colorful garments behind. Still like some color, of course, but not many colors in one garment. These styles don’t appeal to me as I am wearing more tailored styles now and more neutrals. Crops, capris, etc. are not in my closet. I like color, but just not in this way that includes so much in a single garment. Also wearing simple jewelry now, so these looks would not be my style choices. I know there are a lot of women who will really appreciate these looks.

  2. My interest in bold colors has changed, and I don’t have them in my closet. Muted raspberry yes, bright pink no. Bright splashes of geometric color on a caftan is not my style. Nor do I like heavy, chunky jewelry, wide leg pants, cropped sweaters, or baggy sleeved sweaters.

  3. I wouldn’t wear cropped or tapered trousers (UK-pants US) because I have thick ankles which I usually try to hide AND broad feet which have got stuck in tapered legs before now ! The dark pink blouse is a tricky colour which could suit me or not – but I like the style and would wear it with the same trousers if full-length . The patterned kimono I really like and it is my kind of thing . I would probably wear it over darker or brighter greens .

  4. I’m actually not that into color like this BUT I WOULD wear both of these outfit believe it or not.

  5. I am quite surprised how much I like the look on the left. Those colours are amazing together. I usually don’t like faux leather or leather pants, but perhaps that is just the black ones. This is lovely, but not sure if I personally would try it. The pink is a bit bright for my usual tone, so perhaps a slightly softer (not dusty) pink for my taste. Add a good sized pendant in the open neckline and some cute booties… good to go

  6. Yes. I love jewel tones.

    The jeweled sweater looks like a good piece to have in a holiday capsule.

  7. I’m wearing more neutrals this late summer and fall- ivory, winter white, camel and deep blues, greens. Even brown.
    If it were springtime I’d be more interested in the florals and deep pink (perhaps) than I am now.
    Both pair of pants l I would wear, but not the blouse or kimono- I’d stay with my neutrals I think.

  8. I like bold colors because I am a “winter” on the color charts. I love how that beaded sweater looks on you! You should buy it!

  9. I like the colors. I would wear the blouse and the jeans. I am torn regarding cropped pants. It seems that they are a length worn only by 50+ women. I’m in that category, but I don’t want to wear those styles. I would appreciate your views on them.

  10. The jewel tone blouse is my favorite piece in this display. The kimono seems a bit too ‘busy’ for my style and I’m not a fan of crops or capris. Congratulations to your newly engaged son and future daughter-in-law!

  11. Okay; I am loving the shirt as it’s a colour I can still wear (as skin tone has changed over time) plus do like its styling and the ladder detail on its sleeves and know I would get a lot of mileage out of it whereas the other pieces are just not my style preference. That being said; their holiday garments I find on the whole are very appealing. -Brenda-
    P.S.: The Autumn photo of your Grandsons is absolutely adorable.

  12. During the cold weather months here in Michigan, my style tends toward plain neutral tops, delicate print tees, textured sweaters, layering jackets and adding polish with delicate necklaces and earrings, a coordinating scarf or a beaded necklace. I love the World Finds necklace! That piece would be a great addition to my winter wardrobe of blues, grays and tans. The Chico’s kimono outfit would not fit my personality profile. I would feel totally out of place in that outfit. I am an outdoorsy adventurous nature photographer who loves textured fabrics, with subtle patterns – LL Bean style, and barn coats. I believe I am an autumn on the color scale. During the summer, I wear more colorful tops to reflect the colors of summer, so a bright raspberry would work for me. I would wear the raspberry top in the winter for a dinner out. I like the cream embellished V-neck sweater you are modeling. I looked at other Chico’s tops and see a black Touch of Cool tee with embellishment at the neck that would fit my profile. I could wear that top and the cream v-neck to many occasions when you need a bit more elevated sparkly look. Thanks for the great looks this week.

  13. I have to agree with many of the comments, in that I love the colors and the styles, but just not for me. I’m into classic, subdued colors, full length pants that are classic. That probably stems from the fact that growing up I could never find pants that were long enough. I have never liked the “high water “ look on me. The only capris I own are my at ho e workout pants.

  14. Happy Saturday, I love the color of the raspberry (?) top but have nowhere to wear it. The rest of both outfits are a no. I never wear kimonos, caftans, etc. and find the jewelry overwhelming. It’s fall in New England, so none of this clothing feels seasonal to me. Flannel shirts, quilted vests, cordoroy pants, barn jackets .. that’s what I’m wearing now.

  15. Both mannequins are eye-catching, for sure. While I love to wear capri and crop styles, they are not a choice come fall and this leather is very seasonal in my mind. The blouse is a style I like, but in a different color because all that deep pink or red highlights the pinks of my face. Not good. The kimono is gorgeous and is very much to my liking for vacationing. I love them for a light arm coverage, drama going out, and as a swim cover. The jeans paired with it are great, too, but I would wear them mixed into my current fall wardrobe rather than the kimono. Your creamy white sparkle sweater is beautiful, but on close inspection it appeared to have dropped sleeves. Ack!

  16. I gravitate to more neutrals in my wardrobe. I’m attracted to these but they just don’t make sense with my style. Happy Saturday!!

  17. I’m really trying to pare down my closet and be more mindful of my purchases, selecting items that would be a nice addition to the clothing that survives my purge. Maybe it’s my screen, but I don’t like the fuchsia blouse with the “brown” crops. I would not wear the crops especially. I just don’t see women wearing kimonos here in the Midwest and they don’t suit my style. I tend to look sloppy in unstructured clothing.

  18. I love the blouse on the left and the jewel tone – I will call it raspberry. It is bright but not too bright. It would be cheery on a cold day. You could wear it with black or navy or a neutral tan. It is versatile.

  19. Although I like the color of the blouse, the big poufy sleeves are not for me. The rest of the display does not appeal to my simple classic style. It is an attractive display, & I am sure that the items would look great on someone else.

  20. Gosh I love color even though I’m a blue eyed, blonde! I would wear the blouse with dark wash or black jeans but not cropped pants. It’s getting chilly here and crops are not my best look. I’m really tall and I feel very gangly & they put too much emphasis my large feet!
    I’m not a kimono type plus the look is not popular here although not a reason not wear what suits you. I do like the fabric!

  21. Love the colors. I believe we need more color here in our long, cold winters. They cheer me up. I don’t understand the appeal of cropped pants, because they are not attractive on most women. Have always been fond of flowy styles so kimonos are a go with me.

  22. Both outfits say Summer to me. Too late in the year for them here in MN. I like the blouse, it’s eye-catching but the color is too strong for me. Rarely see kimonos here on real live ladies. Thanks!

  23. I would wear the blouse, in fact I just bought a silk shirt in that colour from Uniqlo, to wear with trousers and a jacket or cardigan in navy /dark blue.
    The kimono would look great over jeans and a top in dark blue or chocolate brown or similar to give a slimming column.

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