Brands on my radar

brands on my radar

Happy Tuesday, friends.  Today, I want to call attention to a few brands on my radar.

These are brands which have been brought to my attention from members of this audience.

However, I have not personally tried them myself.  But, from what you say, they are now brands on my radar.

They are also very popular on line and very trendy.

Most often, I am sharing brands that I have personally experienced either by wearing or going to a store to touch and see.

But,  I do like what I see with these and want to make sure everyone knows the new brands on my radar.


brands on my radar

If you go to the QUINCE website, you will see beautiful clothing and reasonable prices.

I have been watching them for awhile on Instagram, and wondered if they too good to be true….especially in the cashmere and washable silks realm.

But, one of you wonderful readers, believes they are and now I have them as one of the brands on my radar to watch even closer.

Here are some of the beautiful items you can find there:


brands on my radar

VIVAIA was brought to my attention as a quality comfort shoe line especially for women with bunions, or toe challenges like I have.

They purport to make shoes with wider toe boxes for great comfort….and their selections do look attractive.

I would like to hear from any of you who have tried this brand…I am close to trying it myself.

Here are styles which hit my radar:


brands on my radar

AllBIRDS has been one of the brands on my radar for some time now.

It is actually a man I respect who said recently that these are the most comfortable shoes he has ever worn.

He tried one pair and now owns eight!

So here are the ones I am watching today:


brands on my radar

I have had Birdies on the brands on my radar for some time now…their shoes look like so much fun.

But, I do not know many women who wear them…and would love to hear from those of you who do.

I would particularly like to know about their comfort level for those of us who have funky feet.

I love all of the brands offering women creative footwear in flats…no longer are flats out of style or aging.  They rock!

But, here are some beauties on my radar:

Those are currently the brands on my radar.  If you know more, please share, and if you want to put more brands on my radar then let me know.  I love to do research for you.

Thanks for joining in…………………….


By Pamela Lutrell

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brands on my radar


  1. I’m curious about Quince too, as far as their cashmere. I’ve read that it is good quality, just thinner than higher end cashmere. Also that the color (if choosing color) is not as saturated, meaning that the wool that was dyed was not as white or as long of fibers. My concern is pilling with this brand and would like to hear someone’s experience. I have cashmere that is heavier and honestly hasn’t pilled, so I’m definitely curious because of their price point.

  2. I’ve made purchases from both Quince and Allbirds, and I’ve been very happy with both brands. Quince especially had great items at great prices. Their business model helps explain their pricing. Everything is drop shipped from the manufacturers, thus eliminating the huge expense of inventory.

  3. I tried Quince. A merino wool cardigan. It is nice and has had some piling after a year and a half.
    I also have a 2 silk tanks and a silk blouse which I love!!! It is very nice. Everything runs true to size but a bit on the smaller side of the particular size. Tried their pants….total fail and when right back.

  4. I love my Birdies, I have five pairs. The first time I ordered I got three sizes to determine the best fit and returned the other two. I can not wear their slides/mules. Can’t keep them on my feet, and my toes were trying to hold them on as I walked… they have an easy return system. And I thought yesterdays outfit with the cardigan was the most flattering outfit you have posted. You looked fab!!

  5. I bought a v-neck sweater from Quince last year. It arrived quickly and had zero shipping which I especially loved. I figured $50 for a cashmere sweater couldn’t be all bad, and it isn’t. I had bought only two cashmere items many years before, and both of those were on sale so I was not sure what to expect. It is lightweight but with a sweater, jacket, or vest, it is plenty warm for me…I always wear a third piece, and I’m a very cold-natured person. I plan to order another sweater and a beanie for me, and perhaps beanies for our grandchildren for Christmas.

  6. I don’t own any of these brands, but have seen the Birdies in person, purchased by a friend. I think they would be fine in a warm climate, as they are built like a slipper. They would not hold up around here in our rainy and sometimes snowy climate. I was on the cusp of trying Allbirds, but read somewhere that their soles can be on the slippery side. That is a no-go for me, because often I don’t realize this until I’ve worn the shoes too much to return (it’s the reason I’ve given up on Bare Traps). I trust this audience, so I too would love to hear if either of these brands works in a northern climate. I have been very disappointed in the cashmere from Nordstrom the last couple of seasons and am reluctant to try anything thin. I did buy JJill cashmere last year on deep clearance and it was lovely. Much thicker than what I see in many stores.

  7. I appreciate the shoe roundup in particular, as I also suffer from hammer toes and a bunion. After many hopeful purchases of cute shoes followed by pain, I have relegated myself to only buying what is offered in a wide width, and size up a half size. A brand I have had success with finding cute and comfort in a wide fit is Easy Spirit. This summer I snagged a pink pair of casual sneakers, and a more athletic pair of navy and aqua tennis shoes, and both pairs are terrific. I long for the adorable flats offered through Talbots, but sadly they do not offer wide and even using a shoe stretcher on a particularly coveted plaid kitten heel several years back did not work for me.

  8. I completely understand…since I have the same issues. I hope to learn more about VIVAIA
    Thanks Connie!

  9. I have been wanting to email you and ask if you might research shoes! I have been on the look out for tie sneakers in a brown color that would look current and accommodate a bunion. I visually found the perfect pair. I ordered $$$ Sole Bliss, touted for fussy feet and had to return. My bunion screamed! Meanwhile I ordered Birdies (Heron, I think) in a pair of pine cable knit. They have a fur lining. Although very comfortable for bunions, I would primarily wear them for smart dressing (entertaining) at home or perhaps out to lunch. I wouldn’t walk miles in them. I feel as if the foot spreads and overwhelms the edge of the sole of the shoe, and I don’t have wide feet. I also have a pair of pointed toe knit cinnamon Rothy’s. More elegant and dressy for flats, but I feel as if my foot grasps the shoe. That is again more of an occasion shoe. I have now a pair of ivory lace l-up sneakers from Allbirds that look promising for spring. The lack of brown leather or knit sneakers that look smart for us autumns is driving me crazy! I am hoping you continue with shoe research.
    I would like to try Quince. It is constantly on Instagram . I am looking forward to your ‘on my radar’ products.

  10. I will personally test what is made available to me, Deborah and will always keep researching. I hope I can find more product for you and hope to learn more about these brands.
    Thanks for sharing all of this.

  11. Thank You for mentioning Quince. I found this brand on Facebook, and went to their website. Excellent quality. I purchased two cashmere t-shirts, in white and a blush. They are perfect under a cardigan or a blazer when you want a bit of warmth, a bit of lux but not the sometimes bulk of long sleeves. Also I can recommend their linen shirts. I have two in white and blue, oxford style. Absolutely a staple in my wardrobe….I do love cashmere and this brand holds up well to the higher priced brands….I did purchase a pair of Birdies, a loafer style, comfy but I found I needed to size down, they were a bit loose….

  12. A good shoe shop can stretch shoes. We have one that will do it at no charge until they are correct. They act exactly where you need it stretched. All birds does have some leather

  13. Another comment- many of these shoes are glued, not sewn. I would rather pay more for a well made brand that has longevity. I don’t like buying for one season of wear only. I do, however, understand the need for an occasional shoe for an outfit without breaking the bank.
    If you google barking dog shoes, there is an interesting website founded by a woman who reviews shoes for problem feet.

  14. I too would love to hear about Quince sweaters! To find a quality cashmere top with modern lines at the prices suggested here is a dream come true.
    I have no personal experience with any of these companies.

  15. I must be very picky as I do not like Quince cashmere at all. Compared to the cashmere from Talbots. It is course and itchy. I also have tried the Allbird shoes and like them a lot. I live in Oregon and have not had a weather problem with them. The flats are more for indoors wearing, but very comfortable. I have toes all about the same length (crazy I know) so cannot wear a pointed toe shoe and have found a company from England that works well. Hotter Shoes. Not cheap, but very comfortable and last a long time.
    Thanks for all the great information. So Enjoy your blog.

  16. I love my Allbirds! So comfortable. I am a Rothy’s buyer but the only thing that is out of the box, all day comfortable for me is the Merino boots.. I’ve got 3 pair. I also have feet that are arthritis ridden.

  17. I have tried Birdies, All Birds, Rothy’s and Vivaia shoes! My Birdies slides are adorable and fun yet not as squishy comfortable as sneakers. Rothy’s are my least favorite in terms of comfort. They are flat flat and have no support nor cushion, as far as my finicky feet say. All Birds are great, but not greater than my skechers… But Vivaia! I have two pairs of these now, in my go-to shoe area! A pair of point toe flats that are squishy comfortable supportive! Surprisingly as I’ve historically avoided flats overall but have decided post-pandemic that life is too short for uncomfortable shoes. These vivaia flats are beautiful, hold up and are easy to wear. I also have a pair of Vivaia boots–black square toes with chunky sculptural heel. Also supremely comfortable right out of the box. I wore them for travel and walked 45 minutes in them without any issues!! In other news, I recently discovered OOFOS flip flops; I swear my back breathed a sigh of relief when I put them on. It is too cold now, so I just ordered the Oofos slippers… we shall see.

  18. I have a pair of All Bird flats which I really like. They are a little tight through the front of the shoe, but not unmanageable. However, I do live in Southern California so I get these might not be quite right in rain or snow. One brand that I wear and love is Cole Hahn–their oxfords. This is a more tailored,masculine look, but I always get compliments and the shoes are very well made. They also have good arch support. For cashmere, I have not bought from Quince. If I buy cashmere at a consignment shop or thrift store I take it to a dry cleaners at least once to sanitize. After that I hand-wash and dry on a sweater net. With the hand washing the cashmere gets really soft. I have also dyed cashmere (going from a cream color to a nice coral). I know that’s not for everyone, but the cream color just did not work for me. The sweaters were nice hand-me-downs. Be aware that the very warm water needed to dye natural fibers may shrink the garment slightly.

  19. I love Birdies…I have a velvet pair that are my go to for winter events and dining out. Absolutely love them! I tried Allbirds (I am a nurse and was looking for a new pair of work shoes). I found them extremely uncomfortable (I have a bunion on my left foot). I know they are extremely popular. I tried breaking them in by wearing them for gradually increasing periods of time but ended up selling them to a resale store.

  20. I love shoes, always have I’ve been told even in my stroller! However I wear a size 12 which limits my choices severely unless I’m paying $100’s which I did for years while working. All bird’s,Talbots & so many other shoe brands have 10/11 as their largest shoe. After I retired I was lucky enough to find Tom’s which are very comfortable for my feet & they donate a percentage of profits to causes I support as well. I could buy 10 pairs for what I used to pay for one. They don’t come in wide but my arthritic big toe joints are still happy.

  21. I can vouch for Easy Spirit too – they fit my wide forefoot/ high instep but narrow heel. Sized up by a half size.

    Their boots did gape a little at the shaft on me (I have a 16″ calf circumference, right on the cusp), so perhaps the brand is better for wider calves too?

  22. Have you tried FitFlop? I swear by them for my medium-wide forefoot, high instep but narrow heels – plus I’m a Dark Autumn, & see they have plenty of brown & tan/ warm ‘nude’ shoes on offer right now!

    I don’t know whether the USA stocks their full range (if you’re there), but for sneakers: the Rally has leather options & the Vitamin F comes knitted.

  23. I have posted often about both Fitflops and Easy Spirit. Today was covering brands new to me. Thanks!

  24. Hi Linda, I own a pair of f Allbirds wool runners and can say I have never found the soles slippery. They are so comfortable too

  25. I like Allbirds. They are comfy, warm and washable. I don’t understand the hype about Birdies however. The styles look cute but have no support on either the arches or sides. They just slop around and gap at the sides. I promptly returned mine.

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