How to give the perfect gift

the perfect gift

Happy Monday and welcome to my kickoff of the Season of Joy!

I started celebrating the season of joy at holiday time during the pandemic.  We all needed a little extra boost of joy!

I received such lovely feedback from readers, that I have continued the focus on JOY during this time.

There is no better way to get this season going than to discuss how to give the perfect gift.

I hope this is more than just a post to give you gift ideas, but perhaps inspiration in the giving.


the perfect gift


TIP #1

 Exchange the word gift for BLESSING.

 How can you give a blessing to special people this year?  What would truly bless them?

 This will set you on a path to discovering the perfect gift… not just any gift for under the tree.

I realize there are some who will say not to give gift cards because…. how could it bless someone?

But, during difficult economic times, a gift card to the local grocery might be exactly the blessing someone needs, or money to go toward an electric bill or even a gas card.

Whatever you do, make sure you look at it as a blessing and not just a wrapped box.


the perfect gift

Marshall’s Toys

TIP #2:  Strive to know the recipient inside and out

Gift giving is best if you know the recipient of the gift really, really well.

Know their likes and dislikes…know their loves…know their needs.

the perfect gift

Last year, I was so blessed when I asked my oldest grandson what he wanted for Christmas and he replied, “Gigi you always know what I like. ”

This is his picture on Christmas morning a few years ago at our house and I love this picture so much. 

It depicts the real excitement of a child who feels loved and blessed on Christmas morning.

As the saying goes…he blesses my socks off.

All six of my grandchildren are different, and it really matters to them when I give gifts that show I know who they are and what they like.

Adults are no different.  We all like to believe our likes, dislikes and needs have been acknowledged and noticed.


the perfect gift


TIP #3

 The perfect gift is often something the recipient would not purchase for themselves for one reason or another. 

It might be financial, or maybe a woman who puts herself at the bottom of her priority list and spends first on others.

Listen to what they say throughout the year for help in this area.  Then you can truly gift a blessing.



the perfect gift 

TIP #4

 The perfect gift demonstrates that you went the “extra mile” to make it really special.

This can be done through the gift itself or the wrapping or both.

For example, a gift certificate to a young lady’s favorite spa can be wrapped in a nice basket with lotions, essential oil and a headwrap.  A fun necklace could include a gift card to a restaurant for you and the receiver to go to lunch.

A stuffed animal can be package with a zoo pass….you get what I am saying here.  I love to do this in a variety of ways.

A basket of dog goodies and toys may be the blessing his/her owner needs to smile.

A special box to a child who loves rock collecting with paints for decorating some of the rocks.

(I could go on for days with ideas…if you need any just email me and let me know)

In conclusion, the perfect gift is given with love and there is no doubt from the recipient that love motivates the giver.

The perfect gift need not be expensive…just thoughtful.

Please share any gifting ideas you have with the audience here…we would all like to hear them.


the perfect gift

Holiday sales are often the best time for us to give the perfect gift to the one in mirror and stock up on our favorites.

Here are some of the ideas I have seen lately and I will continue to share ideas beginning today going forward….

Of course, it is difficult for any blogger or anyone else to select the perfect gifts for you…but I can give you ideas and point you in the right direction.

Please remember my SHOPPING LINKS at the top of the page and if you do not see your favorite place, then please email and ask me…sometimes I might have a link for it

I so appreciate those who support this blog by shopping with the links and reading the posts…you guys are amazing.  Now, work on that gift list and always…..


By Pamela Lutrell


Every Monday and Friday during the Season of Joy, I will end the post with a thought to ponder from the movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

I was inspired by the book:  52  Little Lessons from It’s A Wonderful Life by Bob Welch, which is a wonderful book. 

So, here is our first one to think about…….

the perfect gift

Lesson:  We all matter. In the book, the author reminds us that Underdogs can make a difference.


  1. Such lovely tips and reminders, Pam. There is still ample time to think about our recipients.

  2. Yes there is, Deborah. That is why I wanted to give the guidelines now, before everyone got more into it.

  3. Oh I’m so glad you chose a quote from “It’s a Wonderful Life” to kick off your Season of Joy. It’s my favorite holiday movie because it brings such a hopeful and powerful message!!! Thank you, Pam!

  4. I really like your ideas – thank you for sharing! Especially giving a ‘blessing’ instead of just any old gift…

  5. Such great advice and such wisdom- blessings rather than gifts.
    One dilemma I have with my grandchildren is forgetting that they are growing andchanging
    ( not just physically) – their interests change and I must keep up! Something that might have been in favor as a three year old is no longer in favor as a four year old etc.
    I ask my daughter for family Wish Lists for this very reason.
    I’ve tried sitting down on Saturdays with them to ask but I don’t really get very far. They want me to go outside so they can run around.

  6. I love your idea of “knowing” your recipient and also making the gift a blessing.

  7. I agree that as grandchildren grow, gifts become more of a challenge. I listen to them and stay in tune with their likes and dislikes. If I ask the two moms, they are going to give me practical needs and if the need is great I am happy to give it if I can. But I really like the gift to be an unexpected blessing that shows I am listening and paying attention to what they do and say. Mine want me go outside as well…and lately they want me to photograph them playing sports!

  8. It helps us look at gift giving closer and simply ask….will this bless the receiver. Thanks Julie!

  9. Thank you for this message today. The picture of your grandson and his beautiful words to you about gifting is so precious. You are a blessing to them, and really blessed in return. So great that you’re in tune with them and such a big part of their life. The book you recommended “52 Blessings from It’s A Wonderful Life” is just what someone on my list will cherish. I was not aware of this book. Thank you! Have a WONDERFUL week!

  10. Thank you for focusing the idea of blessing instead of gift. This is so very true. It will be helpful. For adults I try to use fabric (I make fabric bags out of pretty Christmas fabric or use nice tea towels) and gift bags that can be reused. This is not such a hit with young children, but over the years I think I have saved some paper from the landfill. Of course, if you love beautiful Christmas wrap and that is part of your thoughtful, intentional gift, I do get it. I also do a lot of blessings with food since that seems to be what people on my list really want, year after year.

  11. I so wish I could sew, Mary. How wonderful to share your talents as part of you gifts.

  12. We shouldn’t let the seasonal stress cause us to look at gift giving any other way.

  13. Pam, these were great tips. Most of what’s being presented to us is a list of popular items or best sellers. That’s why your tips are so important — especially knowing the recipient very well. We didn’t have much money when I was little, but I still remember the delight of choosing socks or a tie for my dad. The joy in giving to others never fades. Thank you.

  14. I know some think that giving cash a gift is not appropriate, but I have two granddaughters in college, & money is what they need the most. Last year, I gave each of them a special Christmas ornament geared towards their interests as they both recently acquired their own Christmas trees. I do like to have wish lists from family members & tell them to include items that they want but wouldn’t buy for themselves, & I do the same for them. Your tips are spot on.

  15. We had a sweet neighbor when our children were young, who would always give them a ornament with money inside the box. They loved it! They looked forward to her gift every year. I know when I was in college the gift of cash was amazing.
    Thanks Becky!

  16. So true – the blessing of the season is the giving which In turn brings us joy. My best friend growing up was the second of eight children (I am an only child). They always gave each other vouchers which could be cashed in for chores and the older ones would give vouchers to the younger for one-on-one experiences like a day at the park or library. They were truly a joyful family. The gift of your time to provide an experience to someone will always bring joy to both the giver and the receiver. Have a blessed week.🌻

  17. Excellent post Pam, with insightful ideas. I love the expression on your grandson’s face of several years ago. You captured such a beautiful moment. He is such a handsome young boy. I’m sure nothing has changed.

  18. He was in my post yesterday, Katherine, with his new puppy and still is a cutie! Thank you so much!

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