Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Happy Sunday morning, friends!  Welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home!

I am so glad these posts are growing in popularity because they are fun for me to create.

This week I kind of feel like a lady with excessive PMS emotions who has received relief!  (Just an example, I am not saying this is real!)

So grab your favorite beverage and comfy spot and allow me to explain what I mean.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I think many of you picked up the fact that I was allowing a little stress in my life to get to me in October.

Well, then November blew in with its main messaging of Thankfulness and I was slapped back into a joyful mindset.

Yes, November is the time when we switch our focus to blessings, Thanksgiving, and perseverance with a joyful attitude no matter what is swirling around us.

Of course, today I am thankful for that extra hour of sleep…though not a fan of messing with the time…I will happily take it today!

Sunday Mornings at Home

I began the month in one of my favorite places in the world…Fredericksburg, TX, and attended an intimate home concert by a guitarist Mr. B and I both love,  Bob Bennett.

Bob’s music meant so much to us early in our marriage and those memories flooded back as we listened to him at a friend’s house…. actually, the blessings flooded back and tears were shed.

It helps so much to occasionally count those blessings and remember how far we have come.

I returned home with new hope and new joy and a new attitude (sing it Pointer Sisters!)


Sunday Mornings at Home

So, even though the house is in chaos…I took a bold step and sent out invitations for Thanksgiving…including our new future in-laws!  

I am just hoping the bathroom will finish next week and I can get it all pulled together.  There is so much to be done!

But, this time of year, that is true for almost all of us. 

It is important to remember to take little moments just for you to stay energized and refreshed for the season.

This is my favorite time of year…so I want those moments for me to enjoy it completely and renew my mindset.

In addition to going to my favorite places, I also watch certain movies I love this time of year, and I always begin with “You’ve Got Mail.

Now, I took this photo of a CD cover, but I actually watch it now on Amazon Prime…much easier!

This is one movie that includes everything I love: New York in the fall, bookstores, coffee shops, flowers sold on the city street, journalists writing for publications, a tea party, wonderful soundtrack, and ultimately the theme of forgiveness and romance.

For me,  You’ve Got Mail Is a gift I give myself.   What is special time for you?  What does it look like? Make sure you set aside those moments.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Of course, when I count my blessings, my grandchildren are at the top of the list….and now we have two new family members

My adult children have fallen hard for goldendoodles.  Two of them have added goldendoodle puppies to their families.

These are such fun and loving dogs and have brought joy to both households.  The pictures they send always make me smile. 

Today’s photo is this puppy’s first night at a new home.

Sunday Mornings at Home

They sent many pictures from Halloween, but I believe this is my favorite.

For three of my grandchildren, their other grandmother is CeCe (I am Gigi) and she went with them to ZooBoo.  I loved seeing them feeding a hungry giraffe.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I do not have a recipe this week, but an idea I created last Thanksgiving.

I am certain there are other brands of ice cream where ever you are which have a pumpkin pie flavor.

In Texas, HEB created this delicious spicy Pumpkin Pie flavor….and it goes quick…so I just purchased two for Thanksgiving.

So far, the children are not into pie, but always into ice cream!

I place a generous scoop into the Keebler Mini Graham Cracker Crust cups.

On top, I place a dab of caramel sauce and whipped cream…sprinkled with a little cinnamon sugar.

There is one of the six who does not like this ice cream…so he gets a scoop of vanilla with chocolate sauce.

And if you want a special treat…make a milkshake with it including a little Pumpkin Pie coffee cream!  YUM!


Sunday Mornings at Home

With blessings and thankfulness in mind, I am going to join in with other early celebrations and declare my SEASON OF JOY officially open!

I will be focusing through the end of the year on this word JOY.   Forget your stress, and visit me here for a smile each day.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Part of the Season of Joy is a treasure hunt I go on to find the word JOY in as many places as I possibly can.

Here is a pillow from Marshall’s.

I loved it last year when one of you actually went out and found the item I was featuring with JOY on it.

We cannot focus on the word too much.

Also, beginning tomorrow on Mondays and Fridays, I will have a new thought for the season…come back tomorrow to see where these thoughts originate.

Now, here is a little JOY from around the retail world….I really want one of these yard decorations!

Sunday Mornings at Home

Thank you so much for joining me today for Sunday Mornings at Home.

Please join me this month as we focus on Thankfulness and counting our blessings….and going forward a strong focus on JOY!.

 What are you thankful for today?  and tell us little ways you like to treat yourself!

Then, make sure you always…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday Mornings at Home




  1. We all have much to be thankful for. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s post. So glad I found your blog. You make my day with your kindness and positivity. God bless.

  2. Yes to finding your Joy again. That sounds like a lot of work to get ready for a house full for Thanksgiving, so I am wishing you the best of luck to get the renos finished. The shot of your grandson with the new puppy is heartwarming, with holding a paw for comfort on a first night. If the yard display or Joy brings you joy, I think you really deserve it after a some stressful times…. go for it and enjoy.

  3. This time of year brings me so much joy with it without it, Diane. But I love the idea of encouraging others with it in the yard. It seems so many struggle with joy and contentment amidst their circumstances.

  4. What is better than a new puppy?
    There’s a place near me that makes the best ice cream ever. They have a wonderful pumpkin ice cream. It is quite rich, so adding plain whipped cream would be good. I tend to eat it out of the container, though, LOL. Glorious weather here, so I am thankful to be able to get out and enjoy it. We went yesterday for a long walk through woods by the Androscoggin River – falling leaves, drifted through the water. Heaven.

  5. Sounds like heaven, Maeve!! And, every time I open the freezer I say….Stay away from the ice cream!

  6. Thank you for a joyful and inspiring post this Sunday morning! I needed the reminder to be thankful and to look for joy.

  7. I love your San Antonio Zoo. When my son lived in New Braunfels we visited several times with the grand kids. I am thankful that my son and his family have moved back to Illinois. I’m hosting for the first time in four years. It will be a small group of 7-9.

  8. Happy and serene Sunday Pam! Love so many things about todays post- golden doodles are wonderful. Our daughters 4 year old, Finn is everything you’ve said abd more-loving, sweet, understanding and I sometimes feel he thinks he’s human! Love him! Your Pumpkin ice cream idea is wonderful. Placing a scoop in a tasty shell is something I must look into. And finally, finding joy- as we approach our holiday season doesn’t our spirit soar? I think so. Thank you for bringing so much positivity to our lives.

  9. Thank you for the joyful commentary. I am a bit saddened since one of my boys is moving a few hours away this week; but I was joyful to waking up in my daughter’s home this morning with my darling grandchildren. Have a glorious day.

  10. Oh, I am right in sync with your message this morning, embracing the season with gratitude and joy in my heart. I spent yesterday with three besties, up at the crack of dawn and on the road for a Saturday we packed with fun: a country farm with Christmas decor to the rafters, warm drinks and tasty baked goods, then shopping in the big city and lunch at a bustling Italian eatery, which we capped off with just a little more shopping before the long drive home. In other words, a most delightful day that left each of us texting one another with messages of love and gratitude for the time spent together and the laughter we shared.

  11. Love your Sunday posts!! We all need to look for joy every day, and if we do, we’ll find it! I baked the applesauce pumpkin bread in your post last Sunday. Delicious!! Thanks for the healthy recipe. Have a joyful day. 😊

  12. -Such- a lovely post today, Pam. What a wonderful gift you have for capturing powerful emotions in a few words. A sense of gratitude smooths out the rough patches of life like little else. I’m so glad you decided to host Thanksgiving. I say, make it a little simpler so you can get the house in order, and let others help with bringing something. With a small family, and my son and d-i-l usually working call at the hospital, Thanksgiving is often just us and maybe one other. We’ve started traveling some years over the holiday, and are grateful we can do that.

  13. You featured one of my favorite movies. Such sweet pictures of your grandson with the new puppy!
    I have already started my season of joy. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a ladies Christmas lunch at my church. Yes, it was early, but everyone is so busy come December that this was a chance to have a wonderful meal, meet new people & enjoy a relax day filled with love & joy. We did an interesting activity. Each table was given a set of Christmas cards & envelopes. We each addressed an envelope to ourselves. The envelopes were collected & given to a different table. Each person wrote a note in the card that came with the original envelope to the person’s whose envelope you just received, put it in that envelope & wrote your return address in the corner. The cards will be mailed on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to receiving a card from someone I may or may not know.

  14. So glad you are joining me as a hostess, Shelia….and, yes, we have an amazing Zoo in San Antonio.

  15. Love the name…FINN…what a great name for her golden. I have also made ice cream balls and rolled them in crushed graham crackers, nuts or coconut and placed in a dessert cup to cover with chocolate sauce…yum!

  16. I know that can be sad, Deborah. My daughter and her family live four hours away. While I am happy we see them often, it is never enough. So I understand.

  17. Well that is a lot for one day, Connie…but what a great day! I love that you concluded it with your texts. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Thank you, Linda. Hoping the bathroom is finished tomorrow or Tuesday and then the work bell chimes!

  19. I love that, Becky and now you have such a lovely card coming for you soon. That is a wonderful idea…thank you for sharing it.

  20. My oldest granddaughter and her husband have a golden doodle, and they love him. Also, the 16year old son of a friend has one, and he loves him so. I so enjoy your blog.

  21. Thank you for being such a thoughtful and inspiring blogger and reminding me to be thankful and find joy.I do have so much to be thankful for and lately my moods have been up and down due to sleep disturbances, but I do have the ability to rest more during the day to get back some of that lost sleep.Now that is something to be thankful for.

  22. Sleep disturbance is such a problem for so many of us, Julie. You are not alone. I hope it gets regulated for you soon. And yes to NAPS!

  23. Hello Pamela, I have been a reader for quite some time but this is the first time I’m sending a comment. We had our goldendoodle, Cody for 15 years and he was such a good dog and really one of the family. I totally understand your kids falling hard for these dogs. Thank you for your daily blog. There is always something I can relate to and something to remind me to be grateful.

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