Meet Alembika with a big sale

Meet Alembika

Happy Black Friday, everyone!  I am excited to have you Meet Alembika with their big weekend sale.

I was thrilled when the lovely women of Alembika reached out to me… and learning about their brand has been a pleasure.

So, join with me as we meet Alembika!

I fully understand that this brand is not for everyone, but it is for women like me who love fun with fashion in creative, funky ways.

Who want to step out in clothing that reflects who they are on the inside and the joy they feel. 


meet Alembika

I first noticed Alembika on one of my favorite over 50 fashionistas, Deborah Rapoport of Artful City Style.

This is the fun, creative, artisan side of fashion that I have always loved.  One of the reasons I often feature artisan sites.

You can learn more at the ABOUT ALEMBIKA page, but here is the best explanation: “Alembika was founded in 2005 by two women, fashion designer Hagar Alembik, a graduate of the Shenkar School of Design, and Judith Fadlon PhD, an anthropologist. The Israeli brand designs and manufactures a beautiful selection of exclusive, high fashion clothing that’s cut to fit and flatter Missy and Plus sizes. Alembika believes that, rather than “fitting into” our clothes, women’s clothing should fit comfortably to our bodies.”

They do have a New York office and service this side of the ocean easily.


Meet Alembika

As I said, Alembika is for women who love to have fun with fashion and just be uniquely you.

My style adjectives reflect the creative, joyful, approachable, current, polish I find in wearing these high quality, designer clothes.

In fact, after Leigh Ann shot these images, I wore the clothing the rest of the day and felt great in it…the fabrics do not wrinkle and are very comfortable.

I am pleased to add Alembika to my list of favorite brands. 

I love how they say the brand is for women who want to be themselves and not worry about looking like other women.

Naturally, when looking at sizes consider you can size down with oversized garments. 



Meet Alembika

Through this weekend,  you will find selected items at 30% off throughout their site until end of day on Sunday. 

It is a fun site to spend time on if you love this type of fashion.

As I said, I know it is not for every woman…but I also know there are some of you out there who would love this….so MEET ALEMBIKA and have a good time.

Today, I am wearing their Essential Flow Pants in Coffee (on sale), an Essential Swing Tunic Top (on sale), and a Beaded Seahorse Necklace

It really was raining…though you can’t see the moisture…it was a light, misty rain. 

Thanks for joining me today to welcome this new advertiser!  I love offering a variety of styles to help meet all of your style adjectives.  We should all be confident and smiling in what we wear!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was compensated and provided clothing for the posts, but the words are my own.

Meet Alembika


  1. It reminds me of Artful Home clothing. It also has a middle eastern look, to me. I do like their philosophy that instead of women fitting into the clothes, the clothes should be made to fit the woman (paraphrasing!) It’s not something I’d be comfortable wearing, but I can appreciate how it will suit others with different style preferences. Definitely looks comfortable!

  2. I LOVE these clothes! I have never seen them before and they are speaking, maybe shouting, to me! I’ll have to save my pennies since they are a little pricey but they are amazing. May I ask what size top you are wearing? The oversizing is what I love but finding the proper size is challenging. You look great!

  3. Hi Janette! I knew some of you would love these designs. I went by their size chart and selected the sizes for US Misses 16. I hope that helps!

  4. I understand that, Linda. But as you can see there are others who love it. In this blog, you will find options for all types of ladies!

  5. Such interesting clothes! I’m afraid they would swamp my 5’2” thin frame, but I like the look. As I get older, I look for more comfortable clothing…nothing tight anymore. This brand certainly fits that bill. Your pants look to me like the so-called lantern pants. And as always, your look makes me smile as you obviously are comfortable in what you are wearing.

  6. Not my style at all. I prefer fitted tops and skinny pants. I feel flowing tops make one appear larger than they are.
    To each their own I suppose.

  7. Isn’t it great that the fashion world offers options for all types of women. How boring it would be if we were all the same! I love fitted and skinny pants as well as this..,room for all.

  8. Like Celia, I would be swamped, but you look lovely and joyful. I do think, though, that your necklace is what really pulls things together for me — and it adds ‘polished’ to the outfit.

  9. I have several pairs of their pants and love them but they don’t look half as good on me as they do on you!

    This is the best outfit I’ve seen you wear in a long time!! It’s the creative Pam I’ve known and loved for years!!

    More, more!!

  10. I know you know how much I love clothes like this …a great addition to my wardrobe! Thanks for your comment, Jennifer.

  11. Love the look and color combinations that you chose! Such fun! I think it is all too much fabric for me but I LOVE seeing it on you and others that can carry the look. Very artsy! Hoping that you had a wonderful and thankful day yesterday, full of joy.

  12. You’ve truly nailed it today, Pam!! Your smile is bigger than ever and I can tell you feel as fabulous as you look! Thanks for bringing this brand to our attention!

  13. Oh this does look comfy (and happy!) and there might be days when this look would appeal to me. But on average I like a bit more classic for my everyday clothing, and as a retiree it’s nearly always “everyday”.
    Bless you Pam! These pieces look fantastic on you.

  14. I love artsy clothing too,Pam . It takes a certain amount of confidence to wear what society doesn’t magnify. I love your outfit and colors.

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