Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday mornings at home

Good Sunday morning, friends.  Welcome to Sunday Morning at Home.

This is a way for me to wrap up my thoughts from the week and look forward with a smile.

I look forward to the discussions we have on Sundays…you offer so much insight and ideas.

So, I thank you for being here.

Now, join me with a warm beverage and cozy spot for Sunday mornings at home.


Sunday mornings at home

It is even cuddle weather all the way to South Texas with another cold front due tomorrow.

This forced me to look at my wardrobe purging a little differently as the sweaters and jackets need to come out.

I have been asked by a couple of you for affordable sweaters for cool ladies and winter white….here are a few items I found….also finding affordable cashmere is more of a challenge….

By the way, these pillows are from Marshall’s.


Sunday mornings at home

What is it about ripping out the weeds that is so satisfying?  This beautiful blue flower is in my backyard, but it is a weed.

There is something about pulling weeds and cleaning out debris that is refreshing and hopeful…a great statement about moving forward.

It also reminds us that we can clean out debris…bad habits…in our own lives and go forward with a purposeful, healthy mindset.

This is why I am moving slowly with going back into my closet and bath.  I want to do some weeding out and that is taking time.

Sunday Mornings at Home

I am very pleased with these StorageWorks Closet Baskets I found at Amazon.  

They do exactly what I want them to in my closet…and Mr. B is jealous.  I need to get some for him.

I have a week to pull this together and hopefully I will.

It does feel liberating to clean out and get this going forward.


Sunday Mornings at Home

My search for JOY during the season of joy continues.

What better way to say Joy, than a message cup filled with chocolate.


Any big plans for the week ahead?  Please share any thoughts. you have on today’s Sunday Mornings at Home…and thank you for being here.


By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday Mornings at Home



  1. Like your area we too have had a cold front move through and our daytime temps have taken a drastic nose-dive. I’m in a sweater, jeans, sneakers with socks and a down vest to run over to my daughters with some art supplies I keep in hand for our two 4 year old twins , Ben and Bay. But I see it’s raining now! Ergggg. (Into a rain slicker. )
    I love retirement with time enough to organize my wardrobe by season!
    I m loving those storage baskets from Amazon! Must look into dimensions to see if practical here.
    Good luck with your tasks plus preparing for a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have it easy this year.
    Love your Sundays at Home posts!

  2. I bought a couple sets of organizing baskets very similar to yours two years ago when we moved back into our cottage here in town, and use them for linen storage in the hall closet and swimsuits and handbags in the master closet. They are terrific at keeping my closets tidy. I like that yours have the built in spaces for labeling. I saw your weather forecast on t.v. this morning, and yes, it looks like you need to get cozy!

  3. Happy Sunday, Pam. I have heard…..A weed is just a flower that is misunderstood. 😄 Your bathroom is beautiful . Everything coordinates so well together and the counter is the SPLASH!! Enjoy it!

  4. Pamela, I enjoy your blog so much!!! Thank you for all the time & effort you put into it!!! Natalie

  5. Here in Alberta, Canada it has WARMED UP to -6ºC (21ºF) this morning and the sun is pouring through the window! Such a blessing after the much colder temperatures of a week ago. Maybe we’ll get out and do some snowshoeing this week.

  6. We have had a lovely fall up here in Ontario with temps last weekend that meant no coats and last night had our first snowfall. It is melting on the ground but staying on the roofs and fences. The start of our grandson’s hockey season starts today so will look forward to your warm weather sweaters.
    Loved your idea that gift giving suggestions should be blessings and so did my daughter-in-law as she got indoor potting soil, pots, and a huge bag of quinoa pasta , along with a few other things for her birthday. She also greatly appreciated the gluten free birthday cake with vegan icing as she is both gluten and dairy intolerant. Don’t know if this will be approved but this recipe is the best we’ve found so far for a gluten free cake.

  7. Yep, cold even down here in the Houston area. I do have a recommendation for affordable cashmere sweaters. On the recommendation of Jennifer, I tried the Quince cashmere sweater at $50.00. I wasn’t expecting much, but I have two and I love them. Not scratchy as one would think at the lower price point, but so soft and warm without being stifling. And from the looks of our upcoming winter, they will get alot of use. Full disclosure, I haven’t laundered them yet, but am not expecting any surprises as long as I follow the instructions.
    Love your posts and look forward to them.

  8. Your bathroom is beautiful and so practical. Love the baskets. Love the Ghirardelli “Joy” gift set. Thank you for your blog. I specially enjoy the Sunday one.

  9. The cold front has made it south too. Oh well, I really wanted to wear a sweater. I just finished the outside work and the landscape company finished the work I couldn’t do myself. Thank you for the extra work for your Sunday post. The best always

  10. Pam, as always, I love reading your Sunday musings, even though I never get to see them until bedtime Sunday evening. I always get that “me too!” feeling when I read your posts, and I have a feeling that if we lived in the same Texas town we would be friends IRL. I love your canvas bins, and hope you enjoy yours as much as I have since redoing my closet during the pandemic quarantine. I bought some teal patterned ones from Walmart that are the depth of my closet shelves and roughly 12″ high and 12″ wide. I use them to organize my hoodies, long sleeved tees, purses, and the holiday items I wear for my grandkids, like the bunny rabbit sweater, pumpkin, sweater, etc. It keeps them up above the stuff I wear more regularly but still accessible, thanks to a stepstool I keep in the closet. Here’s to our mutual survival of the holiday season ahead! I’m hoping that my first Christmas after retirement finds me organized, prepared and NOT up all night wrapping on Christmas Eve so I can actually enjoy the day with my kids and grandkids!

  11. Pam, I always read your posts and I can tell that you are a gentle, kind woman. I rarely leave comments on any of the blogs I read but know that I and countless others enjoy so much reading about you, your thoughts, and your life. Happy Holidays!

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