Would You Wear It – Sequins

Would You Wear It

Happy, happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to my weekly feature called WOULD YOU WEAR IT, on two blogs.

Most of you know…on this day, I join forces with my friends, Jennifer to show you fashion displays and ask…WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Jennifer and I are often out and about, see interesting displays, and wonder what you would think.

So, let’s get our Saturday started………


would you wear it

When I saw this display, I immediately thought of you and wanted your opinions.

Of course, you can also comment on the faux leather…or how the display is styled.

Please be thorough in why or why not you would wear these pieces…the comments are read and enjoyed by the whole audience.

So…give this your careful fashion-consumer eye, and tell us……………………………………………………….


This display is from one of my San Antonio Chico’s locations.  Here are the pieces in the display you are looking over today:

Plaid Sequin Party Top

Ponte Sequin Leggings

Cashmere Turtleneck Tunic Sweater

So Slimming Juliet-Horn Button Ankle Pants

Faux Leather Midi-Skirt

Faux Leather Vest




Would You Wear It

This was the best selling item on Over 50 Feeling 40 this week.

Several decided to join me in wearing this lovely shorter length Burnout Woven Kimono.…I am so glad I added it to my wardrobe.

Remember, I sized down and really liked the smaller fit.

Another best seller last week was the Chico’s Travelers Collection Print Velvet Kimono.

Kimonos are such a great way to say “holiday fun.”

Last week was a fun one on the blog from Embracing Wardrobe Changes to my Bathroom Reveal...make sure you saw it all!  

Now. leave your thoughts on the WOULD YOU WEAR IT DISPLAY…then go to A Well Styled Life to talk to Jennifer about her display…I hope to see you. tomorrow for Sunday Mornings at Home….and always…


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It



  1. While I personally would pass on the items here, I can see their appeal to ladies with this style aesthetic. Something about this display doesn’t draw me in, maybe it’s bland? There was a time when I would have worn the leggings to a casual holiday party, and think they are kind of fun for the right person. The red top makes the mannequin look like a line backer, maybe too much fabric or a questionable cut, or maybe it’s the background? Definitely appears to add pounds. The pleated skirt might be okay in a softer fabric, maybe. This just comes across as a whole (display), to me, as looking a little dark and harsh. Definitely would pass.

  2. Good morning Pam! Looking over these pieces tge inky piece I see myself wearing are the cropped pants with buttons at hem (left) . I don’t wear knife pleats or any skirts really. And the vegan leather leggings are a no for me. They always look glaringly fake to me (even high end pieces). So no. The tops they are showing simply don’t appeal to me today.

  3. Sequins look terrific under any artificial light and so are much used by performers . They do , however , tend to rip and tear other fabrics which brush up against them and if used so that 2 sets of sequins rub against each other eg the red/black/silver jacket they can easily catch and break or be rubbed off . ( I remember being warned about them by my mother when I wanted my first sari ! )
    I do very much like the faux leather outfit on the right and can imagine wearing it . I wish it were not ‘faux’ but you wouldn’t be able to pleat the real stuff , would you ? Aside from the stratospheric price…….

  4. Hi Pam-before I start evaluating your display, I want to say I wanted the Chicos kimono too!!! But I’m really tiny so sizing down when their smallest size is too large doesn’t work. Any suggestions for something truly petite?
    Ok, I’d wear sequin pants, just not anything skiny . A loose flowy fabric with a black thin sweater ( turtleneck for me) would be a chic but still casual look. Kind of country club casual. The other items are not for me. Definitely look like for someone trying to hide upper half. There are way mor flattering ways to do that. Like a thin matching color (!match pants) with a slightly loose cardigan, jacket or kimono. Just not too long. It shouldn’t cover the backside , only to high or mid hip. Learned that from What Not to Wear- this way it cuts that area is half. It works!!!

  5. Yes, to the sequin pants & a turtleneck tunic, but not that tunic. I’d opt for one in a fabric that’s less thin. I’m loving the idea of sequins in plaid on the party top, but I don’t like the style of the top because it’s rather shapeless. I might try it with a silky turtleneck underneath, but I’d be more likely to keep looking. I’d definitely wear the Juliet pants with a white shirt or turtleneck & the faux leather vest shown with the skirt. I’d pass on the skirt because I prefer at-the-knee or below-the-knee lengths or maxis. Midi skirts make me look short (I am) & dumpy (not the look I’m going for). Love Saturday mornings with coffee & Pam!

  6. Good morning, Pam. I’d wear sequins to a fancy party, but this display is ‘off’ to me — very bland for dressy fabrics.

  7. Hey, Pam! Sooo happy for you that you now have a beautiful bathroom and the stress of the mess is behind you.

    As for the outfits, “yes” whole cloth on the one on the right, but, in a bronze color way!

  8. Most items in the display don’t call out to me. I think faux anything just looks like what it is, faux. I wouldn’t wear the sequin pant, they would emphasize my most troublesome parts. However, the plaid top is really cute and would be perfect for a casual holiday party. I’d wear it to a festive Christmas dinner. I have Chicos black tuxedo pants from a few seasons ago. Perfect pair up! I’d have to try it on to be sure the wide sleeves are not too big. I like the black and red. They are part of my frequently used color palette.

  9. For me, a little bling goes a long way, so all but the cute ankle pants would be a pass. I have been eyeing the Talbot’s cashmere turtleneck and crewneck sweaters, so would prefer one of those over the thin black sweater as shown. Happy Saturday to everyone!

  10. I saw the Chico’s sequin red top, in person. It is quite striking in color, pattern and bling. The fit appears boxy and forgiving for those in need of a fuller cut on top. I am an hourglass shape, and the top looks to add pounds on me. I will say the top is very noticeable from across the room. If you like bold, colorful, and shiny garments this top is a winner. It is polar opposite of my personal style. I prefer a nature inspired aesthetic. I do like the pants with the buttons on the seam. I would wear those to add a bit of bling to an understated elegant dressy top. I am a less is more type of holiday dresser. A little bit of bling is more my style.

    The other outfits aren’t exciting to me. They are bland in color. I don’t wear tunics and leggings. My silhouette is not well suited in that type of outfit being only 5’5″. I feel uncomfortable and self conscious in tight leggings. I prefer to wear slacks. I rarely wear skirts or dresses. Faux leather garments are a firm not my style.

    On a positive note, I have purchased several of Chico’s Touch of Cool tops. Their TOC tops with small patterns provide me with enough pattern to wear with my cardigans and jackets with jeans and slacks. They are so comfortable. Their tops fit and drape my hourglass shape in a very flattering way.

    Have a great week, everyone.

  11. None of these pieces are calling my name, but the pleated skirt is certainly intriguing. I’d try it on and see if I could make it work for me. Happy Saturday, Pam! I’m thrilled your bathroom is done!!

  12. I would wear the skirt outfit only!!! For to someone’s home for a Christmas get together with sparkly jewelry!!!

  13. If I saw 3 ladies at a party wearing these outfits, I would think they looked lovely! But, that many sequins isn’t my personal style. A turtleneck tunic is a classic but that one seems a bit sheer. The pleated skirt might be worth a try although I would prefer it in a fabric rather than a faux leather (my bias thinks faux leather is a Fancy Nancy name for plastic) as would the vest and ankle pants

  14. I definitely like the pants on the left and the vest on the right and would try on either of them. I am not sure if I would like the fabric on the vest but I would definitely try it on. The sparkly pants would not work for me — I would be very self conscious. The red and black top is pretty and I really like it, but the neckline would not flatter my broad shoulders. I don’t wear skirts and dresses often but if I did wear a skirt, it would be shorter and not pleated as that would not flatter my shape.

  15. NO to sequins. The majority are made of plastic which will takes centuries to breakdown and creat trillions of micro plastics as they do. We need to made thoughtful decisions with every purchase we make if there is to be a liveable planet left for our grandchildren.

  16. Yes to sequins, though Lauren’s comment gives me pause. No to these outfits. I’m not a Chicos person. I love their use of color but not their styles.

  17. One of the few displays I’ve seen of late that I thought was attractive but guess I’m in the minority. I don’t wear skirts/dresses anymore but the other two outfits would certainly be try ons for me. Chico’s is not always a go for a 5’11” woman.
    Enjoy your bathroom, Pam 👍

  18. I’d wear the sequin top and pointe leffings/pants. Being I’m short 5’2, the squirt wouldn’t work, noon turtleneck as I don’t have a long neck, vest is a no as that collar makes as high as a turtleneck.

  19. I’ve always said I would rather glow than sparkle (think pearls vs, diamonds.) I am turned off by these sequined pieces, but perhaps that’s because I have nowhere to wear them in this life stage (newly retired, early 60’s, Gigi of three, caregiver to elderly mom.) I saw a lot of the sequined leggings at an event this weekend and found them less than flattering on most wearers. Even though I don’t love these particular pieces, I DO love you and Jennifer sharing what’s in the stores! It’s fun shopping vicariously through your adventures, and I wish I could tag along on some of your outings. You girls know how to have fun!

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