Walmart fashion: Holiday fun for all ages

Walmart fashion

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  I am excited today to partner with Walmart and introduce you to Walmart Fashion…which makes for perfect holiday fun for all ages.

My two granddaughters and I headed out recently to enjoy all the beautiful lights and decorations.

Our Walmart fashion selections were perfect for our holiday outing and all three of us loved what we wore.

It was a cold windy day and we wanted to be warm and holiday ready.

Walmart fashion fulfilled those desires!


Walmart fashion

No matter our ages, girls love their clothes and Walmart fashion selections are affordable of excellent quality and I know I can trust the brand.

My daughter-in-law was also impressed with what we discovered for her girls with Walmart Fashion.

Our 6-year-old is wearing the Wonder Nation Girls Long Sleeve Peasant Dress and it is only $11.98!  Excellent quality and we all loved it on her.

Our 2-year-old also loves to dress up and is wearing the Xinhuaya 3M-9T Toddler Baby Girl Christmas Dress.  Again, great price at $16.99.

Walmart fashion selectionf for children are so cute and reasonable.  Check out more in this slideshow:

Since we went on this outing, my DIL washed these dresses and they washed well…that makes a difference.


Walmart fashion

I was very excited when asked to work with Walmart, because I wanted to know more about Walmart fashion.

It makes a difference to know how nice the clothing is and to be able to pick it up in the same location where we buy almost all of our needs.

All of the pieces I am wearing are wonderful and I will be wearing throughout the holidays…and with this great coat, throughout winter.

This is the Time and Tru Women’s Faux Fur Cropped Jacket, and the color is called Papyrus Beige (it is available in several colors). 

This jacket is so soft and warm…I am really glad to own it and will wear it as long as the cold winds blow…it is lovely.

Walmart fashion

Walmart fashion features many fun holiday sweater options for all ages.

I am wearing the ELOQUII Elements Women’s Pearl Embellished Sweater.

I would recommend sizing down…it is a generous fit.

But, I have to say, below you see my favorite find in Walmart Fashion….and my granddaughter loved them too…..


Walmart fashion

Now, here is how to add some holiday sparkle and shine to any look with Walmart fashion.

First thing, let me say how comfortable these little flats are…they were excellent for walking around all of the decorations and kept my feet very happy.

These are the Odema Women Rhinestone Bee Ballerina Shoes which are foldable and store nicely.

They added such a nice touch to our holiday outing.

Here are a few more women’s fashions I discovered in Walmart fashion…see what you think…


Walmart Fashion

Walmart fashion has proven to me that they have excellent selections for all ages.

We had so much fun on this holiday outing and all of us enjoyed what we were wearing.

I plan to spend some time at Walmart looking at the fashion for all of my grandchildren.

Here are a few more holiday accessories for all ages in Walmart fashion….

They just got my seal of approval for affordable quality fashion.

Thanks for joining us today…..and make sure that you always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own.

Walmart fashion


  1. Everything here is very cute! Love the children s dresses, the cozy short jacket and the lovely green holiday sweater! Must check out the fashion area of our closest store.

  2. I am impressed with what they offer, Paulette and there is so much to see on their website too!

  3. Well, seeing you with those little angels made my day. You girls look wonderful and fashionable. Walmart has really improved. I’ve bought their jeans, and they are very nice. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous clothes.

  4. 12 years ago my daughter bought me a tea towel that said “If I Die in Walmart, Drag my Body to Nordstrom “! Which explains what used to be my disdain for Walmart. Boy have things changed! I find myself shopping Walmart more and more these days. They have done an excellent job of redefining their brand. I love the pearl sweater! Wish it came in regular misses sizes. Your granddaughters look festive and fun!

  5. Since I live in a small town, my closest clothing store is Walmart. However, I have never shopped there for clothing although I have looked online at what is available. You and your adorable little misses look very pretty and prepared for the season and cooler weather. My problem with Walmart clothing is that I have found no petite sizes, and struggle to determine what size I can wear although online they usually show different sizes on different models. I especially liked your green embellished sweater but sadly it only starts at size 14.

  6. Walmart is doing great…I so agree Linda. And these clothes were keepers. Thanks for sharing.

  7. These are good comments for Walmart Fashion to read…perhaps we will see more for petites in the future.
    Thanks Celia.

  8. Did you find these things in store or did you purchase on line? It seems the store I can get to does not have the nice women’s things like you are showing here.

  9. You all look so happy: what a fun day you must have had. Your grandaughters are just lovely. I think I have been in a Walmart exactly once when we took my son to college — and I am unlikely to go to one again. The nearest one is quite a long way away, and I dislike large stores.. Love your shoes though.

  10. You do a wonderful job opening our eyes to all the choices around us at varying price points. Your granddaughters bring a smile to our faces! Lovely Littles.

  11. Gorgeous photographs Pam of you and your granddaughters. love the children’s wear especially ! Happy holidays!

  12. You are “The Three Adorable’s. What a memorable day you shared. Your granddaughter that is 6 years young looks so much like you.

  13. So great to see you with your granddaughters. Beautiful girls and outfits. I will check online for petite sizes .

  14. Your granddaughters are adorable! Their dresses are so lovely & festive. In this age of high prices, it is wonderful to find good quality children’s clothing that is affordable especially special occasion dresses. I love your sweater, too.

  15. Pamela, you look so young in these photos! It must be Nana joy from being with your lovely granddaughters. Very seriously, if someone looked at these photos they would not believe you are nearly seventy years old. Thank you for continuing to spread joy and holiday cheer!

  16. Such sweetie-pies and looking so festive. When my daughter was small, I use to sew a lot of her outfits but at these prices and selection, I certainly wouldn’t have. Plus thank you for sharing your time with them as they grow up so quickly nowadays.

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