Today’s News for Women over 50

Today's News

Happy Wednesday, all!  It is once again time for Today’s News for Women over 50!

This is the day I curate together lifestyle headlines for women over 50, which I search out for you throughout the media world.

I am so excited about the popularity of these posts…thank you so much!

Now, grab a morning Cup of Joy and a cozy spot and let’s spend time with Today’s News.


Today's news

House Beautiful: Chip and Joanna Gaines Say This Was Their Most Rewarding Renovation

LifeHacker: Use Nature for Free Christmas Decorations

New York Times: Soledad O’Brien’s Painted Hardwood Floors Spark Debate on a New Trend

Better Homes & Gardens: 6 Eco-Friendly Organization Tips to Reduce Waste and Clutter

Southern Living100+ Best-Ever Christmas Decorating Ideas

Real Simple This Sydney Coastal Kitchen features the best sage green color



Today's News

Taste of Home: 67 Old-Fashioned Christmas Cookies [Vintage Recipes]

The Nosh: My Favorite Easy Meal-Prep Recipe that is so good, I often eat it for dinner and Ina Garten’s Easy One Pot Recipe

Eating Well Daily: Our 20 Most Popular Recipes in 2022

Sally’s Baking RecipesGingerbread House Recipe and Snowball Cookies

I’m Hungry for That: The BEST John Wayne Casserole Recipe Ever 

The DiscovererThe Rich History of the Traditional English Breakfast

Southern Living Holiday recipes you can make and freeze ahead for later


Today's news

Medical News Today: Raw honey could help reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels, study finds

SciTechDaily: Newly Discovered Cluster of Genes Increases Longevity

CNBC: Brain expert: The No. 1 thing that sets ‘SuperAgers’ apart from people with ‘weak memory skills’

Travel Awaits: My Rocky Adjustment To Retirement — 3 Major Changes I Had To Make

Eating Well 10 Surprising foods with more sugar than a glazed donut



Today's News

MSN: Persnickety millennials would rather kick rocks than spend money on these 14 things boomers love 

The Hill: No more ‘ladies-in-waiting’ for Queen Consort Camilla

Travel Awaits: My 5 Favorite European Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Severe Weather Europe: Winter 2022/2023 Snowfall Predictions: Final Snow Forecast for the United States, Canada, and Europe from the latest data as we now head into Winter

The Discoverer:  20 Life Changing Travel Tips

Thanks for joining me for Today’s News.  Since this past week has been “retail overload” there was nothing under Fashion & Beauty except more “retail overload.”  

So, I spared you a little….of course, this is the place to find different types of fashion options for all types of ladies all the time….now, any comments on Today’s News?

Please share…and KEEP SMILING, EVERYONE!

By Pamela Lutrell

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Today's News


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