Would You Wear It – Holiday Dresses

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, everyone!  It is once again time for Would You Wear It on two blogs!

We locate fashion displays in our communities which cause us to stop and wonder what you would think.

It is a fun exercise and the comments are always enjoyed by all.

Sounds like many of us are all cozy in colder weather…so get your cup of warm and let’s look at the display for today.


Would You Wear It

There are many options on the market right now for holiday dresses.

This one actually caught the eye of Leigh Ann, and she sent over the pictures.

There are three options here for you to consider with your fashionista eye.

Please explain why or why not these would work, and tell us in detail………………………………………………….

Would You Wear It????


Would You Wear It

This display is from the Dillard’s department for Preston & York.

I confess that I have not spent much time with this brand, but after looking over their new arrivals, I see some that might draw me in for a try-on session.

Please share any experience you have with this brand.

This slideshow has all three of these holiday dresses and more…so look the brand over and tell us WOULD YOU WEAR IT?


Would You Wear It

I just had to share this picture with you since most of you know that Kingfisher Blue is one of my best colors…and not that easy to find.

This little kingfisher was spotted recently on the Texas ranch that a friend of mine manages.

Aren’t the colors fabulous?….I definitely would wear them.

Now, I wanted to share my top picks from Talbots new collection….I plan to go in store and try them on next week, but you have to love so many messages of JOY plus a color called “apple cider plaid”…yes, please:

OK….it is time….look over the top display of holiday dresses and tell us here, WOULD YOU WEAR IT?…then go to A Well Styled Life and comment there….and make sure that you always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It



  1. There is a dress in the slideshow that is more in keeping with my style, the velvet dress (same brand) shown in pine green. For me, the styles featured are slightly too short, though the length could work with tights. They are too shapeless to appeal to me as I prefer things to be more tailored. The combination of shapeless and a little short would not draw me in. At 5’4″, they would likely not be short on me, but the bulk of the fabric is a deal breaker.

  2. To me all 3 look too wide and too short ! Perhaps over leggings or trousers ? But then they would be a bit long… however it is easier to shorten than lengthen a dress/tunic . If shortened and worn as a tunic I would like the green satin one which is very much my sort of green .

  3. Yes – it’s pretty chilly here thus morning ! I had to scrape frost off of my car windows- first time this season! Cosy sounds right!
    On the dress display I personally love that green dress ! I so rarely wear dresses I haven’t s clue as to what ( in my current closet) I would wear with it. I haven’t any heels/pumps to wear, only tall boots ? I think gold jewelry would look best with this green, but I wear snd own only silver jewelry. Hmmmm. The other two I’m not particularly drawn to. If I were taller maybe I’d select the plaid dress but I don’t see myself wearing it at my height.

  4. I really enjoy your blog.
    The link to your Talbot’s picks did not show up.
    Certain styles at Talbot’s work for me and I was interested in your selections. When looking at Talbot’s online, I noticed the Joy messages and thought of you. I have to be very selective at Talbot’s because some of the styles and prints are not for me. T by Talbots is great!

  5. Now the Talbot’s slideshow is showing up. Thank you for your selections and look forward to your visit to the store.

  6. Unfortunatly nothing in today’s display interests me, I do not like plaid on me at all, and the length of the dresses is not for me. However, after a brief check of the website, I will be going back for a more in depth look. There are many items that would work for me there. So glad that they have a dedicated Canadian site, even if the prices are much higher. I would love to shop in one of their stores in person, but that will have to wait for a trip south, and not in this weather.

  7. To me they look like tents, and make me feel large. I am 5’6” about 170. These definitely would not work. If the green one was more fittted I might consider it. No to the plaid for sure, only because they do not match the pattern. Preston and York is a nice brand, the fit very nice.

  8. The green and the plaid caught my eye. I would definitely wear both of these styles. On the plaid I would open the top button and wear my good chunky gold necklace that sits on my neck and some gold earrings. The green dress needs some pearls to match the pearl closure. I would pop the collar up. I would pass on the black because I have made a deal with myself not to purchase another black garment. Classic black pumps would work for both. I attended a fund raiser on Thursday and the gals here had their holiday wear out in spades. So much fun to see everyone kicking off the season in fun clothes! Wish we had a Dillards in SoCal!

  9. I agree about the dresses -shapeless, and too short to be belted.
    I have no idea why someone would design a dress with a big plaid that buttons in the front, the risk of the lines of the plaid not lining up is high, and then you look like something that would make people wonder if they’re having a migraine headache with ziggy vision.

  10. My first reaction is that these dresses are too short for me. I don’t look good in dresses of this length. I like the colors and usually like Talbots selections. The selections on the slide show are very nice. Have a good day.

  11. Nope, nope and nope. Fit and flair isn’t for me and full body plaid is too preppy. If I were to wear that plaid it would be with combat boots and a moto jacket. ;). I don’t care for the fabrics either, but I have been loving the deep greens this fall after discovering that I am dark winter. I usually like store brands, and I have forgotten about Preston and York. Love this feature even if we don’t agree.

  12. Not liking the “bulkiness” of these. I find the styles would add lbs., prefer more fitted selections. So many are wearing clothes that add fluff, not good.

    Thanks for your post.

  13. Agreeing with previous comments about too much fabric, too short. I do like the green velvet. That would be my style and color. The right gold jewelry would make it a lovely choice.
    Talbots has a big sale starting store wide on Monday. I did a little reconnaissance and saw some cashmere sweaters in luscious colors. I tried one on and had to size up. Hoping it is the sweater construction, not mine!

  14. I would like to add more dresses and skirts to my wardrobe but these don’t appeal to me. The colors and prints are great for the season but the shapes aren’t for me. Happy Saturday my friend! Xo

  15. I wouldn’t wear these dresses as I have no place to wear them and they are short. I don’t subscribe to the ‘short women can’t wear plaid’ view that some others have expressed. I am short and love and wear plaid, although not plaid pants. The only pants I like are the Black Watch trousers at Talbots. My problem with T’s (and others’) plaids is that they don’t bother to match the pattern. They ruined a really nice buffalo plaid jacket by not matching the front pockets. Can’t wait to see what you try on.

  16. I like the black contrast collar on the plaid dress, but don’t wear red on top, and feel the dress is too short for my comfort. I would love this black + maybe a blue or green plaid as a shirt. The other two dresses are also too short for me, and although I love emerald at the holidays I shy away from shiny fabrics. Subtle elegance is my mantra for dress-up. Happy Saturday!

  17. too shapeless. too short – maybe not on me as I’m 5′ tall. At 75 with a presentable body, I prefer dresses more tailored and knee length. also, one color or a smaller pattern as its nice to change the look of the dress with accessories. gawd, I sound old…

  18. Pretty holiday dresses. I’m not familiar with the Preston & York brand but these look a bit stiff and boxy./shapeless, also a bit on the short side. But they’re pretty holiday colors and if I had a need for holiday dresses I would be tempted to try them on (although there’s others in the slideshow that are more my personal style) After retirement and the Covid pandemic my lifestyle is more casual. Holiday dresses never wear out and I tend to purchase classic styles so I don’t foresee a need to add any to my current wardrobe this season.

  19. The dresses are all pretty but not what I would wear. As a petite the plaid would over whelm me. I would like to see the other dresses more fitted.

  20. Pamela, I wouldn’t wear these because they are simply too short for me!! I also don’t love the shapes very much!!!

  21. The green dress is a beautiful color but its construction reminds me too much of a night shirt. The black dress is quite formal looking to me (and reminds me of something that my mother would have worn in the 50s or 60s). I am not into maribou feathers either. I really like the red plaid dress. For me to take it home, however, the plaids would need to match exactly. That’s really hard to find in today’s fast fashion world. I will be looking for quite a while to find exactly what I want!

  22. Unfortunately, none of these garments personally speak to me though I do feel the trapeze style (relaxed and flirty cut) of the green and black one, works with most body types and can hide a multitude of sins however I don’t know why they are so short as IMHO would probably appeal to more women if they were at least a tad longer. That being said, for a casual vibe the plaid one could always be worn with tights or leggings with a choice of different footwear in a flat or a kitten heel. It might also work as an open layer for a one solid colour column outfit. i.e.: A boat/crew/turtle neck top with slim or straight leg pants.

  23. I have a waist. These shapeless dresses would do nothing for me. Besides, I don’t wear dresses above the knee. These are a big no.

  24. The Fluffy stuff that I’m seeing on the black dress and other tops would prove to be a one-wear item, if I was silly enough to buy one. I talk with my hands; stuff that would flop around as I did would drive me up a wall.

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