Reader requests for petites, colors and shoes

petites, colors, and shoes

Happy two -week- count-down to Christmas everyone!  Today’s post answers reader requests for petites, colors and shoes.

I used the picture above on my Instagram to depict that at age 69, I still wear many hats.

One of those hats is to be here for you….the readers of Over 50 Feeling 40…so I do take note of your reader requests.

The most recent requests have been to see more for petites, colors and shoes.

Today is all about you, so let’s get started!


petites, colors and shoes

Let’s begin with petites.

Ever since the amazing Leigh Ann joined in the fun here, there have been more reader requests for fashions for petites.

I decided it was best today to create the slideshows, to give you some ideas of what is currently on the market…..

So, just for you lovely petite ladies, here is fashion fun…..


petites, colors and shoes

Diamond Stitch Crewneck Pullover


petites, colors and shoes


Second in our list of petites, colors and shoes is the request from those who wear cool colors.

Leigh Ann and I both look our best in warm/autumn palettes.

But, we really do try to bring into the dressing room posts, ideas for you super cool ladies.

I have been trying on more black lately because it is everywhere and best worn by the Winter Palette group.

But, I understand that since I only draw warm colors from my personal wardrobe, why some might think we do not feature cool colors often enough.

Just for you…the super cool women…here is a slideshow of various pieces I currently see on the market….


petites, colors and shoes

Finally today, I want to speak with those of you requesting links to many of my shoes.

Of course, if I have a link, I will make sure it is in there, but many of my shoes have been in my wardrobe for a long time.

I wish I could’ve linked these fabulous gold oxfords from Talbot’s on Saturday, but they are no longer available.

So, I went looking for some fabulous shoes to show you in a slideshow…..

I hope this helps…it may also help you to think about how you will style yourself going into 2023.

Stick to your style adjectives…but still have fun with it.

Any comments on Reader Requests for petites, colors and shoes?  Of course, any other requests, I will always do my best to fill….so just ask….and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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petites, colors and shoes


  1. That white boucle jacket and skirt from Nordie’s is stunning! Not in my size, and not sure where I would wear it but Oh, my! I LOVE it. ❤️
    Happy Monday!

  2. It is actually a good time of year for blooming flowers…not as hot as it was during the summer. Thanks so much Debbie

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