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Happy Wednesday, ladies and welcome to the weekly feature I call Today’s News for Women over 50.

This is the day I curate lifestyle news from around communications world that I believe may be of interest to you.

I look for news items which may be educational, informational, and inspirational to the majority of this audience.

So, get your warm beverage and a cozy spot….and let’s enjoy Today’s News together!


Today's News

Smithsonian Magazine: What is Viva Magenta, Pantone’s Brave and Fearless Color of the Year?

Retail WireClaire’s sets up shop inside of Macy’s stores

Harper’s BazaarPrincess Kate Wears Princess Diana’s Emerald Choker for the Earthshot Prize Awards

Best LifeThe No. 1 thing you shouldn’t do to your skin after 50


GREAT NEWS:  JOANN is doing well and NOT closing stores!!!  They want everyone to know they will celebrate 80 years of business next year!


Today's News

Real Simple: Gallery Wall Ideas for Any Room in Your Home

Southern Living:12 Christmas Decorating Trends We’re Seeing Everywhere This Season and This Georgia Cottage is 2,000 square feet of holiday cheer

MarketWatch: ‘There are emotional aspects of letting things go.’ Moving is not fun — when you’re older, it’s even worse.

The Kitchn: The Ingenious Paper Towel Holder That Takes Up Zero Space 

Better Homes & Gardens63 Homemade Ornament Ideas



Today's News

Victoria Magazine: The Classic Holiday Appeal of Peppermint

Taste of Home: 63 Mouth-Watering Christmas Buffet Ideas for Your Party and Ina Garten’s Shortbread Recipe Can Be Transformed Into FIVE Cookies!

and, one more,  50 Small-Scale Christmas Dinner Ideas | Taste of Home

The Pound Dropper: Easy Breakfast Tater Tot Casserole – Weight Watcher’s Approved

Eat This, Not That: 12 Old-Fashioned Restaurant Dishes That Should Make a Comeback, According to Chefs

The Kitchn: These Holiday Magic Bars Are Inspired By My 96 Year-Old Nonna

Plant Powered: Cinnamon-Roll Overnight Oats and Roasted Root Veggies & Greens over Spiced Lentils

Food & Wine: British Pub Has 4-Year Waiting List for Sunday Roast



Today's News

CNBC: A neuroscientist shares the 3 exercises she does to stop stress and anxiety—in ‘just a few minutes’

Prevention: One Type of Exercise May Reduce Risk of Metastatic Cancer by 72%, Research Finds

Well + Good: ‘I’m a 68-Year-Old Trainer, and Have Stronger Arms Today Than I Did in My 30s Thanks to These 3 Moves’

Science Tech Daily: Scientific Weight Loss Study: Green Mediterranean Diet Reduces Twice As Much Visceral Fat

AARP: What your poop can reveal about your health



Today's News

Real Simple: The 58 Best White Elephant Gifts of 2022

The DoDo: Formerly Blind Dog Is So Happy To See His Dad’s Face Again After Surgery

The Discoverer8 U.S. River trips you should know about and Avoid these U.S. Tourist Traps at all costs…with alternatives

Best Life: 7 secrets Christmas tree vendors don’t want you to know

The Hollywood ReporterNew television series with Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren

Whew…I know there is so much today, but with fun content around the holidays and the end of the year, it happens.  

Please share with us any thoughts you have on Today’s News….and I hope to see you tomorrow….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Today's News


  1. As a seamstress, I feel fortunate to live close to the corporate headquarters of JoAnn Fabrics with the flagship store right next door. I have been in the smaller stores in different parts of the country, and even in a store locally (not the flagship) where it’s easy to see that business is not as brisk. It is always disappointing to see brick and mortar stores closing. The fabric choices at Hobby Lobby are not even close to what we can get at Joann’s. There really are no substitutes. Shopping online for fabric, since you can’t touch it or even see true colors is not a good option either. Very disappointing. The tinsel article was interesting. My daughter-in-law has used tinsel on their fresh trees for many years. We always used it when I was growing up, and I used it with my fresh trees. I didn’t realize it was making a comeback because I didn’t know it was ever gone. Tree prices are outrageous this year. While I use a so-called “permanent tree” now, my son and daughter-in-law got a Frasier fir this year and paid $160+. For something that’s getting tossed in a relatively short time. Standard size. But it’s sporting tinsel and looks beautiful. We always do a white elephant exchange for our annual family day at New Years, so I was interested in the suggestions.

  2. My daughter had goats — and goats LOVE to eat Christmas trees. If you buy a real tree, consider donating to anyone who has goats or call a farm. If you still use tinsel (why?), make sure to remove it all b/c goats can eat most things, but tinsel is not one of them. I actually got my condo neighbors to donate trees and someone came and collected them, so it’s a great thing to do. Our local news actually posted where you could donate trees last year.

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