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Would You Wear it

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!  Welcome to the last Would You Wear It for 2022 with me and Jennifer.

We are sharing displays from our world’s to seek what you think of the clothing and simply ask…Would You Wear It?

Of course, we want to know why or why not.

So, let’s get started looking over our displays….


Would You Wear It


New collections have begun to hit some of our favorite retailers with a gentle nod toward spring in softer hues.

Jennifer and I ask that you review our displays carefully and asses if you would wear what you see or not…then explain in detail why?

This is not about…would you buy it…it is about Would You Wear It…just pretend you were given the clothing.

Readers love the comments on these posts and we all learn from one another.

You are not required here to comment on all three in the display…but if you want to, we would love to know.

Also, if you think you would style the looks differently…then share how!

Would You Wear It

So, tell us, ladies…………………………………………………………..


Would You Wear it

Today’s displays were discovered at Talbot’s.  I have more outfit information in this slideshow….


Would. You Wear It

I was in a bit of a rush the other day when I visited the mall and did not plan to spend much time in dressing rooms.

Then I saw this display…Ok, I get it…the blouse needs to be ironed and that did bother me.

However, it was the style with this fun cardigan that at least made me want to get the cardigan and go to the dressing room.

Would You Wear it

This is the Argyle Texture Cardigan and I would wear it!

I did not purchase it on this trip, but I do like the garment and the display did its job with me.

Would You Wear it

I also love both of these colors for the Jessie Pebbled Leather Driving Moccasins in the color clementine.

And…the Jessie Metallic Leather Driving Moccasins in gold…you know I love a gold shoe.

But, I also put on a wish list these Hadley Mid Platform Linen Espadrilles…I think these will go fast!

Ok…back to Would You Wear It?

So, answer for my display…then head over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think!


Would You Wear It

Remember, the sales are amazing right now.

You might want to read over my 5 Tips for Successful Sale Shopping (our readers added their tips also) and use my SHOPPING LINKS to find you favorite retailer.

I am so grateful and blessed by all of you who shop with my links…you keep me here and your support is incredible.  Thanks so much.

I will have thoughts on 2023 during Sunday Mornings at Home tomorrow…hope you will join it…blessings for a great evening…stay safe…and


By Pamela Lutrell

Would. You Wear It?


  1. The only thing that appeals to me here is not featured prominently, and that is the peach-colored cardigan that is under the orange jacket. Mainly that is for the peach color. I’d have to see it to judge the shoulders, and it got sketchy reviews. The display is rather jarring and that does the individual pieces a disservice, I think. The pieces look different on the catalog models, and store mannequins often appear to be very haphazardly put together. I’ve seen store associates at the Talbot’s here and in a store south of here steaming garments, and it does make a difference. The scarf on the middle mannequin is pretty and I’d wear that. Dropped shoulders give a rounded look that I avoid, even though they appear to be here to stay.

  2. The blue floral pants got my attention right away and I would wear them if they fit well. I could see them with a blue blend sweater or later with a white blouse or tee. Actually nothing else appeals to me today. Have a wonderful New Year!

  3. If there is a slideshow today, it did not come through on my iPad. As to the display, I do not wear orange or peach with my winter coloring. However, in different colors I would easily wear that jacket, sweater, and scarf. I’m drawn to the blues on the right and left. I bought a sweater in that color from Talbot’s in a summer sale, and I often wear turtlenecks so I would definitely wear that sweater, though perhaps not the print pants. I’m strangely attracted to the navy blue outfit…I say strangely because I would not normally put a print blouse with a print sweater, but I do like it here. I’ve got to get my black-eyed peas soaking for our Hopping John, and the greens are already cooking. Hoping you, Mr. B, and all those you hold dear have a blessed New Year.

  4. Hi Celia, I just checked the slideshow and it is working well…not sure why your IPAD doesn’t show it. Love Hopping John…I love anything with Black eyed peas…especially cornbread! Happy New Year’s Eve!

  5. Good morning Pam! I must say yes to this display of new clothes abd all tge gorgeous color! The printed pants might be the only item I’d not wear myself, but I do like them – for someone else.
    I tend to neutrals but maybe 2023 will be the tear to break out! Love just about every piece shown! Happy New Year!

  6. The quilted jacket & peach sweater outfit appeals to me. I’m ready for some color and like the shape of the jacket. Happy New Year!

  7. I love the look of the quilted blazer and the scarf. I would wear it, but wait for a sale. My instincts are that a sweater underneath would be a bit bulky, but the colors are pretty.

  8. The whole display looks fresh!
    I’ve had it with muddy brown/pink clothes. Give me blue and orange.

    The ivory sweater is good. Last year I bought a similar sweater, much lower quality, from The Loft. It’s a nice Winter layer that rolls into early Spring well. Truth be told, I’ve been wearing it over flannel jamies lately. It’s a nice thing to have.

  9. These are all a miss for me. The colors aren’t in my palette. I like the middle, creamy pants, but they appear to be corduroy, which is too warm for me generally. The argyle cardigan looks so good on you!

  10. That orange jacket looks adorable with the peach sweater. As an autumn, I love the combination. As previously mentioned , I too am tired of dropped shoulders. I feel as if shortcuts are being taken to accommodate an array of body shapes instead of an array of styles to accommodate those shapes. Such a shame. Love the espadrilles! I will investigate the fit of those eventually to see if the inside toe area has protective layer so nails don’t pop through! So nice of you to show us a touch of transitional spring! Happy New Year!

  11. Happy New Year’s Eve. Pam! The orange-peach outfit is not my color scheme, but it’s really cute. I like everything about this display and would wear all the pieces (in the right colors) except the flowered pants. Like Celia, I am not dawn to wearing opposing prints, but I like the flowered blouse with the jacket. I would wear the jacket in a heartbeat if I were still working, but as I’m retired, I’ll just admire it on the mannequin.

  12. First of all, I will say that I would not buy any of it since I live in Florida. If decisions were made just on the basis if I would wear the items, I would mostly no. I never wear orange, not my color. I am more of the cranberry, burgundy, navy colors. Also, I never wear florals, especially not in pants. I don’t want to draw attention to my bottom half. My body is out of proportion, I have wide hips, broad shoulders but thinner legs. So I would never want to draw attention to this disparity with flowers! I love the quilted jacket, but it would have to be in one of my colors. I love the scarf. I have maybe 75 scarves that I never get to wear. I were a scarf here maybe 3 times a year. I also don’t wear capes, or ruanas, etc. so I would not wear that striped thing. I sound boring huh? lol. But I know what works for me and my body

  13. I really liked all of it, though printed pants, skirts and full on turtlenecks are not something I wear. I adored the middle outfit with the quilted jacket, which hits my style adjectives and color palette nicely, and I liked the natural-colored pants with it. I’ve been looking to add some of those for spring. I liked the outfit with the cardigan you tried on, though I would wear it with pants. I especially liked the blue/turquoise necklace they paired it with … it really enhanced the outfit. I’ve given up hoping mannequins will have steamed clothing, and was pleasantly surprised that these had the clothing hung correctly rather than falling off, and that the sleeves were styled and a few accessories added. I would definitely stop and take a look at a display like this.

  14. I would wear the navy outfit on the right. All of the items appeal to me.
    Oh me on the orange, I like the pieces, but never wear that color. Really like the lighter blue sweater but I don’t wear pattern leggings. So I guess some pieces could come home with me and others can wait for someone else. Happy New Year

  15. I love the orange quilted jacket – in fact I love anything orange! The ruana is beautiful but I can’t seem to carry them off. I love the orange with blue – just such a fresh color combination!

  16. When I opened your blog again, your slideshow was working so apparently something “ fixed itself” between when I first looked and now three hours later.

  17. I saw some of this cheery collection yesterday and thought of it as bright! Color is so subjective. It’s nice to see some fresh colors.
    I do hope you’ll buy that cardigan Pam! It looks lovely on you. Happy New Year my friend! xoxo

  18. Love the peach shaker cardigan, and the set-in sleeves. I also like the cream pants, and your cream colored argyle cardigan. Add in the navy slacks, and these would fit seamlessly into my wardrobe. I did complete my winter closet clean-out, so perhaps today I can add these pieces through your links. Happy New Year to everyone!

  19. I love the colorful poncho and also the black (navy?) set. The patterns are not quite so crazy that they don’t go together. I don’t care for the quilted piece, but love the white cardigan. Go back and get it!

  20. Linda, you sound like a woman who knows herself. Buying and wearing what works for our lifestyle and body type is smart, not boring!

  21. I favor tailored, tonal outfits and I really like the orange one. I wouldn’t wear it though, because I don’t wear orange. The floral pants are outside of my comfort zone, as is the pattern mixing with the blouse and sweater/jacket.

  22. Hi. These are my colors, and the pictures made me smile! My least favorite is the orange jacket with the tannish pants. It is way too short or me, but I would wear a longer piece with white or navy pants. I love the floral pants, but I would wear them with a cotton knit top. I like the sweater, but no to the turtleneck.
    I do not wear Talbots clothes very often as I am tall, and they are cut too short for me. Also, I am rectangular built, and the tops are usually too short for me. All that said, I am inspired by the displays and ready to go shopping for some new cheery pieces.

  23. I absolutely love the Navy & Ivory cardigan!!! I would wear this with a Ivory blouse & a navy straight skirt!!! Would be great in my wardrobe!!! I didn’t care for any other clothing shown!!!

  24. Yes I too loved the orange and peach colours especially together but I don’t wear knitted cardigans or quilted synthetics . I also love the blue on white print but would only go for the top , I think . The colours of the ruana are beautiful together but I have never even tried on one . A sweater in those colours would be very much my thing !

  25. I would wear the mixed texture blue jacket and the quilted jacket if it were a different color. I’ve never been interested in anything in orange/peach/pink…and eventually realized that those colors aren’t in my “winter” palette

  26. Interesting, while I do like the colors, orange isn’t for me, but the peach cardigan I’d be interested in seeing as a stand alone. For whatever reason, i don’t go for blues, even though the color looks ok on me. The cream argyle cardigan , I do like. Never floral pants…I’m way too chunky….I like timeless, tailored clothes, if I tried anything like the orange jacket, I’d look for a knock-off at Target or H&M, or probably not purchase unless it was in a different color because the jacket itself is really cute….I’m very picky and some years purchase nothing new because no style looks good. Drop shoulder style isn’t my friend either….Happy New Year, looking forward to your 2023 finds…..

  27. Dopamine dressing is still a thing, I guess. The style of the quilted orange jacket pleases me, but I’m best sticking to powerful colors in small doses only in accessories.

  28. Absolutely my style, knew right away it had to be Talbots! I’d wear any of these outfits but…my biggest problem is at 5’11” I can’t be sure sleeves will be long enough & I have to check pant length as well. I wear a great deal of blue hues but started adding reds, melons, oranges to brighten my look & my mood. I really don’t think about “my colors” (light summer) any more but more about how the colors make me feel! I change my lipstick & makeup, eyeshadow, blush, mainly, to be in harmony with what I’m wearing. I’m much happier & get lots of compliments on my more adventurous look. Thanks for a great post, Pam.

  29. Yes I know exactly what looks good mostly, although I do make mistakes now and again. sometimes I try something out of my comfort zone and it hangs in the closet, never worn. I guess at my age, in my 70s, I should hopefully know myself by now!!! lol

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