Faux leather leggings: how I wear mine over 60

faux leather leggings

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Today, I would like to discuss faux leather leggings and how I wear mine over 60.

I only own one pair of faux leather leggings and they are ankle leggings from Soft Surroundings, years ago.

I believe what is most important for me is the quality of the faux leather…because I want them to look natural and real...not shiny.

Also, mine are not hot at all, but very comfortable, natural, and I do not feel like I am encased in plastic wrap.

These accomplish just that and it is the main reason why I have not purchased another pair.

Your are looking at three of the black pieces I kept when I purged my “cool” colors and embraced my warm ones.

All of these have been in my wardrobe for a long time…the Eileen Fisher long jacket (similar EF jacket) and the black “real” leather flats (similar Nordstrom Vionic flat)

But, I believe the power of this outfit is in one thing.


faux leather leggings

I believe the success of this faux leather leggings look is in a Christmas gift I received.

This beautiful scarf was found at a boutique by the gifter and now is the bridge between the black jacket and my complexion.

Paired with the green St. John’s V Neck long sleeve knit top, it keeps my best colors near my face and allows me to wear this jacket with confidence.

The St. John’s V-Neck long sleeve tops are down to three colors and I still believe is one of the best buys out there…I am so glad I purchased several of the original colors and have worn them often.


faux leather leggings

I am really enjoying wearing my faux leather leggings and know the cool weather will not be around long.

Yesterday, I wore the same outfit, except changed to this flowy gray cardigan (also in my wardrobe a long time) and a fun artisan necklace.

faux leather leggings

The faux leather leggings are a great way for me to tap into my creative side…with a touch of edge to them.

I have always enjoyed wearing them…and like them with a sweater also.

These are all pieces that I am glad I kept in my wardrobe and enjoy.

The Vince Camuto Faux Leather Leggings at Nordstrom and Ann Taylor’s Faux leather high waist side zip legging are the closest thing I have seen similar to mine.

Here are more on the market…now is a great time to pick up a pair:

If you like the faux leather legging look, then please share with us how you like to style yours.

I love that this is a place women can find inspiration for the garments they own!

Thank you for joining me today for Faux Leather Leggings: how I style mine….now make sure throughout this day that you always……………………………….


By Pamela Lutrell

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faux leather leggings



  1. Your faux leather leggings do not appear to be very shiny, plastic-looking, or tight as most faux leggings appear to me. I am not a fan of many I have seen advertised , but admit that I’ve never tried any on so I’m not here to criticize what others may choose to wear. I especially like your outfit with the beautiful new scarf…not “my” colors but definitely yours.

  2. Hi Celia, these are the only ones I wear because they are not shiny. I do like to wear them, and they are warm and comfy! This scarf is gorgeous, but you can use any scarf to bring your best colors up near your face.

  3. You look awesome in the leggings and black jacket.
    The scarf is a great color addition.
    I can’t see me in leather leggings, also haven’t seen any in petites. I did give some thought to coated jeans but also not in petites.
    Thanks for showing what looks great with leather.

  4. You did a spot on job of making the black work for you! The green is gorgeous. I just looked at the Talbot’s brown faux leather leggings that I passed on last fall. They are in deep discount. They are too shiny and I think they have a seam down the front. I have a pair of their olive pants with the seam and I am not overly fond of them. Would love to try on a non shiny pair in brownish black.

  5. Good morning! In looking at this photo I’d never have guessed you were wearing faux leather. Looks very natural to me!
    I have shopped through a rack where faux leather was displayed , but have made the decision to pass on the purchase. Shiny, yes. Rather artificial- yes again. Just not for me!
    Yours seem totally different and wonder what the core fabrics are (bamboo? Something else? ) I neglected to look at the fabric list when I was in the store.
    Well enjoy your beautiful outfit !

  6. I would love to find pants like I am wearing in brown! Here’s hoping next fall brings them!!

  7. I have owned these for so long! I do not know fabric content. I personally hope we see more like these next year. I do not wear the shiny.

  8. Those faux leather leggings look very nice on you. I like them better than others I’ve seen.
    The scarf is beautiful and definitely make the all black outfit a good one for you.

  9. Black is workable, but that light gray is not. It outcompetes the dark green top and black pants. You have so many other colors that are flattering to choose from. Maybe it’s time to part with it?

  10. Thanks for all the advice you give, but I love this topper. It may go some day, but right now I enjoy wearing it occasionally.

  11. I like the look of the faux leather, but question how much I would wear them. I also worry that they would make a funny sound when my thighs moved together as I walked. I do like how you are getting some more wear out of your black. I have kept black bottoms and some outerwear, some cashmere sweaters, and a sweater blazer in black. I try to style them as you have. Fortunately, I have some scarves with a touch of black or charcoal with an otherwise warm palette. As a blue autumn, I can get away with black easier than other autumns, but I can see now it’s really too heavy. Many guides recommend “off black,” or “brownish black,” but go find those colors (or marine navy). With the growing interest in color analysis, I think retailers are missing an opportunity.

  12. I don’t know about other faux leather pants, but mine make no sounds! It is possible to find quiet ones. I am wearing a lot of navy these days and even that beautiful kingfisher blue. Black is very rare for me and only with pieces like this previously owned. I am not going to purchase any black. It was so astonishing to me what it was doing to my complexion. My best colors just have me looking and feeling brighter. Both of these toppers may be donated some day…but for now, the occasional wear is fun. Also, another great problem I have is that many of my oversized toppers are getting too oversized to wear. Sending them along their merry way in the next year is a real possiblity.

  13. I really like your faux leather leggings today and the scarf is gorgeous! I keep thinking about your search for an Mog dress. I was looking on the Nordstrom site and I found one called Three Quarter Sleeve Gown by La Femme. It’s light gold with metallic floral embroidery. The item# is 7086939. You might want to look at it. Maybe it’s too flashy but I thought it was gorgeous. Good luck with your search!

  14. Kathy, thank you for sending this. It is lovely. I will show my stylist and see if she can find something similar in a green. I would want to wear more of a color…and it is not too flashy…I think it is beautiful. I would just need to see it on.
    Thanks again for sending it.

  15. I’m glad you liked it. I think that there are a lot of similar green gowns too. Have fun with the try ons!

  16. Love how your scarf ties things together ! Chicos often carries stunning scarves which pull outfits together and are often in the final sale section marked down at end if seasons , I just got a great one in wildpoppy shades of red pinks lovely print with a hint of black for 19.98 (marked down from $49 , which id probably not ever spend on a scarf .) Their scarves are great quality too and can also be found on thred up website under chicos. Scarves ..I often find great scarves at thrift stores too in5 $ range . I always check scarves sections as they also make great gifts !
    I love your pants . I have a non shiny chicos pair in jean leggings style ive had a awhile and love them . I also like having faux suede brown and a black pair to wear in winter , they wash well too and mix with jackets well .. and they are not as trendy as faux leather . Thanks for your tips!

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