Today’s News for Women over 50

Today's news

Happy Wednesday, ladies!  Welcome to Today’s News for Women over 50.

On this day,  I curate today’s news headlines for you that may be of interest in your life over 50.

For today’s news, I look around media world for a variety of topics.

However, if you ever are looking for information in a particular area and want me to watch for it, just email me at

I will keep my eyes open for you.

Now, get a warm beverage…a cozy spot…and let’s read today’s news.


Today's News

CNET: Naturally Produce More Dopamine and Serotonin to Enjoy a Happier 2023

Yahoo: Eat your way to longevity with these 6 superfoods

Eating Well: The #1 Carb for Weight Loss, According to a Dietitian

Sci Tech Daily: Not Just Waistlines: Exercise Can Change the Very Molecules in the Human Body That Influence How Genes Behave

NPR: Sitting all day can be deadly. 5-minute exercise breaks can reduce health risks

Medical News Today: Time-restricted eating may have anti-aging, anticancer effects


Today's News

The Salon Guy: How to Fix a Flat Back of Head 

Mind Body Green: 3 Concealer Tricks That Will Give You Brighter Eyes This Year

CNN: The 14 best nail strengtheners, according to professional manicurists

Ann Taylor Announces New Arrivals in Petites

JJILL Announces New Arrivals


Today's News

The Hiking Photographer5 powerful reasons why walking and nature is good for us, according to science

INC: Why Emotionally Intelligent People Embrace the Power of ‘Awkward’ Thank-You Notes, Backed by Science

MSN: The World’s 18 Most Beautiful Countries to Visit in Your Lifetime

Variety: John Fogerty Finally Acquires Rights to His Creedence Clearwater Revival Songs


Today's News

House Beautiful: These Bathroom Tile Trends Will Be Big in 2023

Martha Stewart: 9 Garden Trends to Try in Your Backyard This Year

Real Simple: Space of the Week: This Kitchen Renovation Is Full of Secret Storage and Old World Charm


Today's News

Epicurious: 17 Vegetarian Chinese Recipes to Add to Your Plant-Based Meal Plans

Yahoo Sports: 15 15-Minute Breakfast Recipes Perfect for the Mediterranean Diet

Skinny TasteCrock Pot Chicken Taco Chili Recipe

MSN: 60 Mediterranean Diet Dinner Recipes You Can Make in No Time

Taste of Home: Our 10 Best Soup Recipes of All Time

Plant Powered: Vegetarian Meal Plan for a healthy weight

Southern Living 40 Winter Dinner Recipes Guaranteed to Keep You Warm


Today's news

Several readers have been in touch with me about my weight loss and what I am doing in addition to the Weight Watchers App.

I will share it all next Sunday in the posts I call Sunday Mornings at Home.

Any comments, questions, suggestions you have for Today’s News for Women Over 50….we would love to hear!  Now, make sure that you always….


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Today's news


  1. What a great batch of news for today! I will dive right in after running my morning errands. Say, your reminder toward the end about also linking for home purchases made me wonder: do you have a link/connection with Williams Sonoma by any chance? I was just shopping their site for some beautiful etched water goblets for a friend, and would love to do so through you if possible. Plus I just love so many of their products and could see using this source over and over. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Hi Connie…I am grocery shopping, but if you go to the top of the page where it says shopping links, I am sure Williams Sonoma is there. I will confirm when I get home!

  3. Home now, Connie…and I can confirm that Williams Sonoma is on my Shopping Links page! Thanks so much for asking.

  4. I absolutely love this weekly post. Especially this one because I am a rabid CCR fan and am so happy for Dan’s resolution of his awesome music.
    But there is always something in here to aid my redirection of my eating habits, my personal style and so much more.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. Rhoda! Thank you for your comment! Your words inspire me to keep this feature going! I so appreciate the encouragement!

  6. That’s super. Thanks Pam, and sorry I didn’t check for myself before bothering you about it. 😘 You’re the best!

  7. Thanks for the great articles, always interesting. And I’m glad you mentioned your Shopping Links page, I’m embarrassed to say I hadn’t checked it out, but since you have Amazon listed, I’ll def place my Amazon orders through you.

  8. Always so helpful! Thanks again for the hard work. It never occurred to me that Wms Sonoma was one of your links.
    Really good to know! p.s. I can’t figure out how peanut butter balls with choco chips makes a good snack to lose weight. ON the other hand, the Med Diet breakfasts are definitely worth a try. I thought of you with the 8-10 hour eating window (TRE) — so admire your commitment.

  9. Thanks Maeve but my desire to be a healthier eater has taken too long. I do feel like old bad habits are becoming my past! Finally!

  10. I enjoyed The World’s 18 Most Beautiful Countries. I’ve been to 7 of them and agree that they were all beautiful. I didn’t count Iceland since we were only in the airport there! Flying over though, it made me want to return for a closer look. Maybe someday!

    I love making soup, especially in the winter time, so I appreciated the 10 Best Soup Recipes article and I’ve bookmarked a couple to try.

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