How funky will you go with style?

funky style

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  Today, I want to hear from you…how funky will you go with your style?

Recently, I was asked by a very funky brand (not the one pictured here) if I would write in such a way as to imply their clothing works for ALL women.

They did not want me to say that some of you might like their clothing…implication being that not ALL of you would like their clothing.

Then, I saw this display from a different brand and thought this might make a good discussion on the blog.


funky style

For years,  a part of me has been drawn to eclectic, fashionable, artisan clothing.

I will say that the only outfit I would wear out of this Dillard’s display for Bryn Walker would be the look in the middle with leggings.

Even I have my “funky style” boundaries and most readers will remember that my style is really polished with a touch of creativity.

I so admire the fashionable, Iris Apfel type women over 60 who live out loud and love it.  There are days I would love to join them.

But, I want to be able to honestly tell brands what this audience thinks.  Recently, I told one of the funky designers that I do not believe this audience is mostly there.

Maybe I am wrong and will get a nice surprise.

If there are any of you who would wear the looks in the display, please tell us and tell us where you would wear them.  I would love to know.

Do you see women in your community dressing this way?

Also, if you are wearing other artisan brands such as what you find on Artful Home, please tell me and explain why you love it.  Is it in your style adjectives.

Also, please tell me if you love this type of funky fashion, but avoid it due to the prices.  Often, unique artisan fashion is very expensive.

I am looking forward to hearing more on this topic of funky style….how funky will you go with your style? Or do you avoid it all together?

Thanks for joining in….have a great day…and …..


By Pamela Lutrell

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funky style


  1. I am drawn to this type of style, but it is not authentic to me. My style is more classic/polished and I never wear black (and there is often a lot of black, or colors I don’t wear). There are several stores in our area that carry versions of this eclectic (aka “artsy”) look, and it can look great on some women, but I am not one of them. I have tried a few times, and always end up letting the pieces go because they don’t feel like “me”. However, there are apparently enough women in the area who do wear it since there are multiple boutiques carrying it, so there must be a demand.

  2. I would wear all 3 but I don’t have any place or reason to wear the jumpsuit. They are funky fresh!

  3. I’m sorry Pam, but it looks like they are wearing trash bags. How is this attractive? It’s utterly shapeless and sloppy, quite literally like tossing a trash bag over your head and heading out. You ask if anyone in our area would wear this – a huge no. In fact, this is not displaying in our Dillard’s. I think Artful Home is very slightly less over-the-top than this, but their clothes tend toward sameness, the built-in leggings under the mini skirts are tunic tops. I’m just stunned that this display is from Dillard’s. I don’t consider this to be artsy. Each mannequin looks like they ran from the hair stylist wearing the cape. And the head to toe is a couple trash bags. I sincerely hope that fashion is not moving in this completely non-feminine direction.

  4. The tunic in the middle with leggings is ok. I would need to try it on. The black outfits look like hair salon clothes covers . So much fabric, so much black. Not for me.
    We all know everyone’s tastes and body shapes are different. There is a market for just about anything.

  5. I’m with you…I’d only “consider” the outfit in the middle, and then, I’d have to consider it long and hard, as the saying goes. I enjoy and look for clothing that is a little different, unique, perhaps edgy, but these are beyond that to me. I suppose there are women who buy and wear such items but not around this South Georgia area.

  6. Like you there are moments when I wish I owned something a bit more eclectic ( I’d been buying tops from Anthropologie to fill this need in my fashion-self until they went really cropped – really really cropped). So yes, I’d wear the left side top with slim cut grey jeans —NOT that skirt! That skirt would not flatter me. I’d also wear the center most outfit as is. The other- is a pass from me. I’d not be comfortable in it. I live in a fairly diverse state so what a person wears is rarely criticized ( out loud) and people wear all kinds of styles.

  7. My first thought when I saw the display was “trash bags”! I tend to go more classic with my clothing and funky/artsy with accessories. I don’t see older women wearing this type of thing in my area, but the younger teens and 20’s will experiment with unusual outfits.

  8. I love “artsy” clothes on others but that’s not my personal style. However these clothes don’t look artsy to me…they look one step up from “black trash bag”. I see artsy as colorful and extra effort in the design and I don’t see that in these two black outfits. I live in the middle/west Texas and don’t see these being worn here. But I’m also confused by the styles at Target these days so clearly my style and taste must be questionable! Ha! Thank you for blogging! It’s a joy to read your posts!

  9. Oh, I am not drawn to this type of clothing at all! I have looked at the Artful Home catalog and really don’t likie any of that either! I guess it’s because I don’t want to draw attention to my body that much! lol.
    I want to look nice but subtle. I am a really boring dresser, only white, navy and black pants. I wear colorful tops all the time. And jewelry, I love necklaces and earrings! And I carry really nice handbags.

  10. I, too, would only consider that particular outfit (different colorway) with leggings. Even then though I would want a pared down top or jacket. There is often too much fabric. Also, there is almost always black in the pattern for some reason, and I do not wear it. I am always scouring Cut Loose, Komil, etc for the right piece. So elusive. I am excited that you are exploring this look!

  11. Absolutely agree with Karen’s assessment of the trash bag look—it was what I thought immediately, as well. I have purchased a few pieces from Artful Home a few years ago and am still wearing them. I was very disappointed when Comfy USA decided to go out of business since those pieces were from them. They were just different enough to stand out, but not shout “Look at me! Look at me!” My really go-to piece is a knit jacket from FH purchase thru’ Artful Home. It has good lines and is unusual, and since it’s black is really timeless. And you are correct about the price point of these kinds of clothing. They are not exactly leading the budget in cost per wear. They are not pieces that can be worn a lot in one’s normal routine life since they are such standouts and therefore they are too expensive. And we evolve……in most ways we stay pretty much the same, but some of those funky attitudes we adopt are short-lived and therefore those styles would not express ourselves long-term. A little funk is good for us now and then, even if looking at it shakes up our regular and helps us look a new direction.

  12. You see a certain kind of woman here wearing clothing like this; one of them is a famous artist. There are a number of stores that carry arty clothing but, to me, very few can wear it. I am not one of them! My fashion idols lean to traditional, classic and tailored clothes.

  13. I love Bryn Walker, but not all styles. Some are too balloonish and funky for me. The top in the middle with leggings is an easy casual look that I would wear. Almost any tunic style top I am comfortable in with leggings so it’s a bit more tailored. BTW I bought a tunic from the Dillard’s link last week! 😉

  14. I’m almost positive I wouldn’t be tempted to experiment with styles along the funky road! I admire older (I’m 72) women who can and do, but I would feel that I’m not dressed so much as costumed. One thing that’s always on my mind: I am tall, and from an early age, I was aware of catching a lot of attention when I entered a room. It didn’t really matter what I wore or how I looked, I was just “noticeable”. It is very important to me, then, that I am appropriate, neat and current. I think a lot about your suggestion of choosing 5 words to describe my personal style, and guess maybe funky is not one of them! Your blog posts always make me contemplative, not just about clothes and style, but about being a woman today and becoming comfortable in my own skin. Thank you so much for putting yourself out there in service to “us gals!”

  15. I would say a big NO to dressing this funky. It would not fit my body, style choice or lifestyle. If someone can pull it off, that’s great. I guess I’m just not that cool. 🙂

  16. If these are funky then no not at all me . Even the pinkish tunic looks stained ! I am old enough to remember the torn black plastic bag look (binbags we call them in the UK) and was too old and tidy for it then !

  17. This display made me laugh! I’m way to conservative of a dresser for this style and would feel like I was wearing a contractor’s strength trash bag! I agree with you that the leggings outfit is the best choice of the three for wearability in my town. You recently posted about how your community influences your style, so in my east coast oceanfront city, capris and shorts with flip flops are the standard. Dressing up just means wearing black capris and flip flops with sparkle. 🙂
    As a side note, I don’t understand why the stylists at department stores don’t take more care in the finished product. The red top looks like it has stains. Maybe it’s a shadow, but looks like someone was eating salad and dripped dressing on the front. Thanks for bringing interesting pictures so we know what is happening in the fashion world.

  18. I would wear something considered more artsy if it were more colorful and more fitted. Not this shapeless, baggy, unimaginative clothing. I love going against the trends and I love color. I am not afraid to be the one that is different but honestly have very few places to wear such pieces. What a fun post. I love reading what others think.

  19. Whew, this goes well past my funky borders. I can’t think of any person this would flatter, and while I have occasionally succumbed to something that was pretty but not flattering, these aren’t even pretty. My Chicos usually goes just funky enough for me, but I also like soft surroundings and Johnny Was, even though they are out of my financial comfort zone.
    I love the subject though, and was interested to read all the comments.

  20. I think that there is a fine line between clothes like this and costumes. That’s fine for those with money who want to puh the envelope and go out to gallery openings, etc. I MIGHT look at the center outfit but would not wear in the course of my normal day. To me, the other two outfits look like a science fiction movie — think The Sixth Sense. I also think that one woman’s funky is another woman’s ridiculous. I wonder whether women who wear outfits like this have any idea that others are dismissive of the look. Maybe not nice but human nature. Thanks for pushing our boundaries though.

  21. You’re probably right on your assessment of your readers. I’m the one who has the funky style in my crowd. I would wear the right and left looks in *other colors* and accessorized. I pick and choose from Free People to get that vibe. I’ve also discovered Magnolia Pearl, which is way out there and pricey. However, since I sew, I’m thinking about using some of their styles as inspiration and craft a jacket and, or pants for myself.

  22. Whoa. Not a chance I’d wear any of this. It is very “post-apocalyptic”. It reminds of a survival skill: if caught without proper gear on a hike, tear an opening out of the middle of the sealed end of a large plastic garbage bag and wear it as a rain poncho.

  23. Um …. Nooo, not this funky. I do wear some more funky accessories, such as shoes or jewelry. Otherwise, I tend to be more minimal and sporty. I’m totally fine with people dressing however they want, so long as they are not inappropriate in terms of a modicum of modesty, though I do favor clothing that suits the formality of the occasion. Around here, anyone in one of those outfits would have to know that they are far from the mainstream.

  24. My first impression was that these remind me of riding the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls. At least on the tour you could choose from the black or bright yellow. 🌞

  25. I agree with Karen A…..the trash bag look….I don’t know anyone who would wear this look….I go for more structured, form fitting clothes, I can’t / don’t even wear sweatpants at home makes me feel sloppy, but a sweatshirt top works for me…..I suppose there’s a market out there, but not for me… all the variety you bring to your blog….

  26. Yeah, emergency trash bag raingear. One of my fashion rules is would a photo of me wearing this be embarrassing 10-20 years from now?

  27. With my current age and lifestyle, I wouldn’t wear any of the outfits. If I were younger and the fabrics more colorful, I might consider wearing something similar to an art show or something like that. I’m creative and colorful in my paintings, and many are somewhat abstract, but my clothes are pretty classic. I like wearing artsy or unique accessories though!

  28. I like jumpsuits, and I can imagine an Instagram influencer styling that jumpsuit with a bold belt and minimalistic jewelry and looking very chic. But where would I wear such an outfit?

  29. Nope, nope nope! All three would not flatter my 5’1 overweight body. And I don’t see much “style” in these outfits, regardless of who would wear them.

  30. I agree with Karen. My first thought was that it was some sort of contest using trash bags as clothing. I have never seen anything like this displayed locally. I don’t consider myself to be at all funky. My style is classic, simple & tailored. Funky artsy styles don’t usually fit that description. If your clothing sends a message about you, I’m not sure what the message is here.

  31. I would like to add some funky pieces to my wardrobe, but I will pass on these. Maybe the reddish top, but no to the others. The main thing is that I’m not attracted to the fabrics. Based upon the look of the top with the skirt, I think I would look like a wrinkled mess when I get out of the car. Not the cool look I am after.

  32. I love Maeve’s comment “one woman’s funky is another woman’s ridiculous”. I am right up there with most of the others that feel that these outfits are stylistically over the top and would not fit in with our lifestyles. At 5’1″, Bryn Walker clothing swallows me up even in their most “normal” garments.

  33. I agree with Janet … when I saw this I just laughed. It’s a bit too over-the-top for me. The mannequin on the right looks like something out of Star Wars … very futuristic! The material is too wrinkled for a minimalistic look … it doesn’t work for me at all. Interesting, but I will have to pass.

  34. I agree with Janet … when I saw these mannequins I just laughed. They are a bit over-the-top for me. And, the mannequin on the right looks like something out of Star Wars — very futuristic. The material is a bit wrinkled for a minimalistic look. Interesting, but I will have to pass.

  35. Living in the northwest my first thought was “is this some new type of rain wear?” When I realized it was not I had to rethink how I felt about this style and the pieces are not something I would purchase. And I do not think this is something the young people I know would be attracted to. But I have to admire the designers for going outside of the box.

  36. If I was young and back in NYC I might try them, who knows. However, at my age, over 70 now & living in Massachusetts, I’d certainly entertain the middle outfit but not the other two. I’m tall & no one can miss me so I tend to make sure I’m not trying to look like those desperate to recreate their youth but like a senior who is stylish & current with flair not taking myself too seriously. Kind of fun after years in a staid corporate environment.

  37. For the designer that reached out to you, I think the message might be colorful, somewhat funky tunics might have a place with us, your readers. Lantern pants as a style are having a moment, and the jumpsuit is just very wide lantern pants. However, I thought these were trash bags also when I saw the post. There is a lady in our town who owns with her husband a lovely jewelry store. She rocks a bell shaped black satin dress that is very much outside the norm. It almost looks quilted from shoulder to shin, but it looks great on her. I would say she is 50ish and her elegant jewelry is understated but there with this look. This is a great discussion! Thanks.

  38. These remind me of the fashions you see made by unisex designers on TV. Because there is no shape or style any body type is suppose to be able to wear them. I think they are made for people who want to hide their bodies but want to be notice. That’s not me. I can’t image they will be big sellers.

  39. Even if I was younger, I wouldn’t even consider these styles as see nothing creative about them and to me they speak ‘I’m ashamed of my body’. -Brenda-

  40. I agree with you. I, too, would only wear the one in the middle. The one on the far right looks like a burqka.

  41. is the outfit on the right a dress or a coat? If it’s a coat, and a brighter color, ( I am so sick of black/dark outerwear for winter) I’d try it. It would probably swallow me whole, and funky is not one of my style words, but I’d try it. There is something about the cut that I find interesting. As a coat, it would show a side of me that I don’t show often.

  42. Nope l wouldnt wear this no matter what age i was ….unless it was to dig in garden in pouring rain or campin in bad weather which i never do any more …Its just ugh . I want to look feminine , , comfy, casual and polished while embracing style , color and textures .. these i would not waste my momey on or be comfortable wearing . I honestly thought thr display was a joke 😩🤨another reason why trends are just trends .. like ripped jeans on my list of never wearing

  43. Personally I wouldn’t mind the look on the right IF the fabric was more polished (i.e. maybe more of a subtle satin sheen instead of the crumpled look that it currently has). I’d look like a walking bin liner otherwise! —————–
    I like dressing funky if it can still be figure flattering AND comfy at the same time – for example, I enjoy architectural jewellery if it’s curved, since overly ‘edgy’ looks (i.e. has lots of sharp edges) tend to wear me, rather than the other way around. ——- Lastly, I must sadly hard agree on the prices of ‘funky’ clothing these days – that & the sizing. It’s what puts me off wearing clothes from their lines! So I usually have to make do with some of their accessories paired with ‘normal’ clothing instead…

  44. Going through the comments, I’m surprised by how many have stated they’d wear the middle outfit. It’s a no go personally, because it would look like a shapeless sack on me! I like the modest yet flattering silhouette of the outfit on the left, & have worn something similar before (inversely curved tunic over a maxi tube skirt), but again the ‘binbag’ material nixes it for me. Close, but no cigar!

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