Wear white jeans with Leigh & Me

wear white jeans

Happy Monday!  Why don’t you begin your week and wear white jeans with Leigh & me?

I do not know if it is because we live in a warm weather climate or not, but Leigh Ann and I happily wear white jeans in January.

The old rules have gone!

See the different ways today how we wear white jeans and maybe it will encourage you to wear them now as well.

Let’s start with how I am wearing mine this week…


wear white jeans

I was introduced to a.n.a. jeans at JCP last year and I really like the fit of the two pair I own. 

This brand at JCP is available in petite, plus and tall sizes. It has just the right amount of “stretch.”  And holds it. 

Now, really big news is that these exact jeans are on sale!  Look at a.n.a. Stretch Fabric High Rise Skinny Fit Jegging Jean (and yes, it is frayed at the hemline)

This chilly January week, I am wearing these white jeans to an event with a navy V neck Chico’s top purchased last year….little buttons on the sleeves like Leigh’s sweater below.

My color is enhanced with a Vince Camuto scarf and my gold loafers found at Talbot’s last year.

Here is a great selection of GOLD LOAFERS AT DSW.

I see so many women in Texas who wear white jeans in the winter, so sticking out is not an issue here.

The biggest challenge as we were white jeans in the winter is keeping them clean…it seems spots jump on faster than in warmer weather.


wear white jeans

Leigh Ann chose to wear white jeans to her granddaughter’s first birthday party recently.

She looks very “coastal grandmother” in her neutral look.

Like me, this outfit is from items she already owns in her closet…nothing new here.

However, these are the Lucky Brand Lolita Skinny Jeans and they are available at Macy’s in dark denim, and seem to be sold out right now at Lucky Brand.

Perhaps for spring, they will have this jean in white…if so, I will let you know.  She really likes them.

The sweater is a past purchase by Tahari, and the shoes are older Michael Kors flats.

She accessorized with her favorite Kendra Scott Necklace.

Now, Chico’s does have some WHITE DENIM SELECTIONS on sale right now.  There are lots of white jeans on sale and it appears to be a great time to pick up a pair.

And Nordstrom WHITE jeans are in excellent selections.  But, wait…there’s more…

Macy’s White Jeans

Talbot’s White Jeans and Pants

JCP white jeans

I hope this gives you ideas of how to wear white jeans in January.  We already discussed how our communities influence our fashion choices…is wearing white after Labor Day one of those ways?

Please share…we would love to know.

Thanks for joining in today and throughout the day……………………………………………………………………………………………………….


By Pamela Lutrell

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wear white jeans



  1. These look fab on both of you! I no longer own any white jeans after purging my closet of non DA (Deep Autumn) colours, but have been in the market for a cream replacement pair -without much luck (looking for straight leg, high-rise cotton with belt loops) 🙁 Hopefully I’ll find some eventually, but there’s no big rush since I’m pear shaped (so lighter trousers probably won’t be the most flattering on me anyway, lol!)
    Enjoy your Monday! It’s Chinese New Year over here, so I’m thankful for the holidays spent with family right now in Hong Kong 🙂

  2. I actually never wear jeans here in Florida. When it is cool, which is in January and February, I tend to wear navy or black pants. It is the only time I can wear full length pants down here. The rest of the year I wear capris. But you look great in them!

  3. I like to wear white jeans with a pale Grey sweater and silver slip ons in winter. Great post! You both look beautiful.

  4. My community doesn’t wear white in the winter season. Personally I like the darker colors for the colder season, then like the change back to white in the spring.

  5. I have no problem wearing white jeans in the winter because I don’t think old rules should impact our choices. However, climate does play a role, and I will not wear them on rainy or snowy days due to the fact that they would get very dirty on the hems. They only come out on the dry days. I actually prefer winter white for winter, again because it seems more appropriate with our dreary weather. I buy the Levi’s Classic Straights, because they fit perfectly every time. Glad they’re still making these!

  6. Here in Palm Desert, California white jeans or slacks are worn all year round. Temperatures are in the 60’s right now which is unusually cool but you will still see lots of white. I just bought a pair of bright white pants to wear on the golf course because many of my tops need a white bottom but I wanted some coverage for warmth.

  7. I need new white grabs as thise I own are all 1 -2 sizes too large now. I tried the ana brand at JCP but they are sold out in a size I need.
    Waiting for Spring ! But you and Leigh Ann look great in yours. Very cool!

  8. White jeans in winter in our messy, rainy, snowy climate are out of the question. But I love the look. I find them easier to dress up than regular jeans. And while I’m not personally found of rips, I do enjoy a frayed hem.

  9. I love wearing winter white jeans or corduroys any time. (Winter white is my ‘white’ year round.) I avoid wearing them in messy winter weather. The grit from sand and salting just grinds itself in. I really enjoyed the community discussion and comments but couldn’t jump in due to eye surgery Pure white jeans would stand out in coastal Maine winter weather, but not winter white. Talk about community dressing, in this beach town on a hot Sunday morning in July, you will find tourist attendees in bathing suits and coverups at Church.

  10. I bought a pair of white jeans last spring after not having any for many years. I like them with a pretty blouse and a lightweight white cardigan in spring or summer. I was interested in buying a pair of cream colored corduroy jeans yesterday at Kohl’s, but it was their sale table and my size was not available. On dry winter days I enjoy wearing white or cream.

  11. I’m in Maine now and we have about 8 inches of snow on the ground and messy sidewalks so not a fan of white trousers in winter. I had a lovely pair of winter white trousers when I worked but am giving them away. My summer white/ivory trousers are now too big, so I’ll be donating them as well. I’ve never owned white jeans but hope to this year, but I do love the colors for twills / chinos. Love Marci’s gray top pairing, although I’ll opt for a darker gray. You and Leigh Ann do look terrific.

  12. So funny that as I sat down to read your blog I have on winter white cords and a navy turtleneck sweater as it is 29 degrees out and I have to run a few places in town today. In the NW we wear anything that is comfortable and will keep us dry. We never use an umbrella. I live in a college town with Birkenstocks wore everywhere.

  13. Midwest winters & white jeans are usually not a good combo. If it is sunny & dry, I will wear them. If it is dreary & wet, then it’s a no.

  14. Thanks for this post and all the great responses from different climates! I live in New England but am traveling to Tuscon AZ at the end of March for a family vacation and was contemplating wearing white jeans and other light coordinated clothes for a travel capsule wardrobe. I don’t typically wear white at home until the weather is warm, but I love the contrast of my dark work/work-from-home clothes to light colors when I’m on vacation. It helps change the mood! This post is giving me the confidence to wear my light colors, maybe even on a sunny day in winter here at home. Pam and Leigh Ann, you are so inspiring!

  15. I am waiting for those spring collections as well, Paulette. Glad you found a size of the a.n.a. that works for you!

  16. I have enjoyed this frayed hemline more than I thought I would. It makes the look more fun. I understand about how messy whites can be for some.

  17. Loved your community comment, Deborah…that was such a fun post to read the comments on.

  18. I would love to find a jean in a creamy off-white…will let everyone know when I do. Thanks Connie.

  19. I do not think I would wear them if it was dreary and wet here. But, we need rain, so I would love the challenge!

  20. I love my white J.Crew Toothpick jeans but seldom wear them this time of year. I feel they don’t look right with heavy winter boots, a necessity in my climate.

  21. Of today’s outfits I prefer Leigh’s; after some thought as to why, I think it must be the lower contrast. I am a medium contrast autumn, and try to avoid dark tops with light bottoms for that reason as instructed by my color consultant. I love white denim in the summer, but rarely wear it in the winter, probably just out of tradition, as I live in north Texas. I tend to get white really dirty, not only food spills but around the top of the pockets just from body oil, etc. Here’s a great trick for keeping all your white bottoms spiffy: Wash, dry and iron them as you normally would. Hang them up somewhere you can safely use Scotchguard fabric protector spray (cheapest on-line at Walmart!) and spray all the areas likely to catch spills or be touched often. For me, that’s from the knees to the pockets and the zipper area. DO NOT iron after spraying – it can cause them to yellow. Wash again before ironing any further. I learned this when I had a messy toddler that loved catsup, and have used it ever since. It also works on the front of kid’s tops if they tend to be messy eaters. Hope that helps everyone who loves white denim as much as I do to keep it looking nice!

  22. I just bought my first white jeans when Chico’s had 25% off their denim. They are the curvy bootcut DefineMe jeans. The color is officially “alabaster”, but they don’t have a yellow cast. I am not supposed to wear white or light colored bottoms as I have a pear shape, but I just turned 73 and decided to flaut that rule! And I’ve been retired from nursing long enough that I don’t feel like I’m wearing uniform pabpnts.

  23. I live in Chicago and have never seen anyone wear white jeans in winter. Its going to snow 5” tomorrow and white jeans would be a mess!

  24. If anyone is looking for “winter white” jeans, JJill just debuted some in store this week. It’s the high-rise straight leg patch pocket jean in “light barley.” I have stayed up past midnight so I could order them in my “tall” size as soon as they hit the website just now. The pockets look weird in the photo, but in person I didn’t mind them at all. The fabric is slightly softer than their usual denim, which may make these especially good travel pants. Hope that’s helpful to anyone looking to try these shades so early in the year!

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