It’s time to donate and shop thrift

donate and shop thrift

Happy Thursday, ladies.  It has been such a fun week to begin 2023 here on the blog.  Let’s keep the fun going and discuss how it’s time to donate and shop thrift.

January is one of the best times to donate and shop thrift…activity at my local Goodwill San Antonio locations confirm it!

I went to several locations this past couple of weeks, just to have some fun…here is what I found.


donate and shop thrift

I am in one of my rare clean out moods (Mr. B loves these times), so I began the year as I donate…and shop thrift.

It was refreshing to clean out some cabinets.  I found that my kitchen and master bath remodels showed me that I had too much stuff and it needed to go.

I do like to re-purpose and love the fun in it, but many times hold on too long to items with the intention to give them new life.  Many of those are now gone.

I donated easily at one of my local Goodwill San Antonio locations, and then walked to the front.  The donation area was very busy as many had the same intentions for the beginning of the year as I did.


donate and shop thrift

There was a line waiting to go in and I wanted to show you how I saw many women dressed to spend time diving into the racks.

Almost as if playing a sport.  I know the economy is challenging right now, and our Goodwill San Antonio is so good that many can find real bargains there for families.

donate and shop thrift

The racks are packed and there were special racks for designer clothing.  Many included tags still on.


donate and shop thrift

I really go to Goodwill San Antonio on a regular basis to have fun and to treasure hunt.

This time of year, you can come upon some real finds.

The items I am showing you today were selected to encourage you to do your own treasure hunting.

This white blouse is a designer find!  I did not purchase this, but wanted you to see the finds.

This had tags still on and is a top from three dots fashion…often discovered at Nordstrom or Bloomingdales.

The tag reads that it was originally $138…at Goodwill it was $14.

donate and shop thrift

There was a special section full of kimonos….they are excellent items to find in thrift stores.

I almost purchased the orange sleeveless sweater top I am wearing underneath….it had nice detail.

donate and shop thrift

I think it is fun to find pieces like this tunic and imagine what could be done with it.

There were also many tunics I saw this day.

donate and shop thrift

This little red, white and blue jacket has a “crane” print and is fun.

I purchased it at $5, and I have plans to design it for a trip….of course, I will show you if what I plan works out.

It was worth the $5 to take it home and play with it.  Sometimes, if my plans do not work, I just donate them back.

That is part of my donate and shop thrift mentality.

donate and shop thrift

If this jacket had been in my size, I would have paid the $20 and taken it home in a heartbeat.

I love the detail of the jacket and the color.  The brand is called Gallery, and again can be found at Nordstrom (Gallery Jackets).

I always have fun with fashion at my favorite thrift store…Goodwill San Antonio.


donate and shop thrift

My favorite departments past fashion, are the home goods and children’s departments.

I followed many women around Goodwill San Antonio shopping home goods, a couple were staging homes.

At this time of year when more donate and shop thrift, you just do not know what you will find.


donate and shop thrift

These lovely little leggings are a Target brand, and there were many in each location I stopped by.

I knew my DIL would love them for my youngest granddaughter…and she was happy to get these. She often shops Target…how fun to find them for less at Goodwill San Antonio.

I purchased the $5 jacket, these leggings, a planter for my yard, a book for me, and two Winnie-the-Pooh books for my grandchildren on this trip.

Goodwill San Antonio has already helped me to have Valentine’s Gifts for three of the grandchildren…all for about $26.

So, tell us, do your donate and shop thrift this time of year?  Please tell us any special finds you have discovered.

If you live in or near San Antonio, make sure you check on some of the many Goodwill San Antonio locations…they do so much for our community needs…and for us!

Thanks for being here…fashion fun continues tomorrow……


donate and shop thrift


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I am compensated with gift cards to shop Goodwill San Antonio and discuss my finds.

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  1. Love it. And those women are dressed for warrior shopping…you can pull on slacks over those yoga shorts to get a general idea of fit if the dressing rooms are busy, lol….thrift stores are such treasure troves!

  2. I love the crane topper and would have bought it too! Unfortunately, I do not live near any thrift stores, but would certainly be “ on the hunt” if I did. I do have numerous items I need to donate so I definitely need to find a thrift store or charitable donation facility. But first, I have to get motivated to actually take the items to my car and find a Goodwill or Salvation Army store.

  3. You will feel great when you get rid of it and take it to others who can use it. Let that refreshing, accomplished feeling motivate you.

  4. I really don’t like thrifting. I never find anything I want to take home. Nothing will be in my size that I like. I usually keep supplying them with mistakes I have made during the year. I just donated a couple of Chicos pants that I never wore because I gained a lot of weight. I also donated a pair of jeans from Macys that I bought as a backup to my favorite pair. Now I live in hot Florida and I have not worn jeans in 7 years!

  5. I certainly am one who donates regularly. I always donate at a nearby Goodwill, but don’t shop there because it is not well kept. I always hope that since I’m giving really nice items that they are a blessing to someone. I like our local consignment stores. Since I have no specific plans today, your post has inspired me to go visit a couple, today, to see what they have. I don’t need anything right now, but I have been looking for a winter coat to add to my others, and I’d like to find a leather jacket or blazer since that’s a trend I’d like to try, but not willing to spend a lot on it. So I’ll get to it today!

  6. I shop thrift almost exclusively. The downside of that is feeling like store prices, even on sale, are SO expensive. Also, it is sometimes difficult to do color matching to put together “outfit.” On the other hand, I have found very nice looking t-shirts, tops, jackets, jeans, scarves, handbags and some very good labels. Most things are well under $10, but I have paid as much as $20 for a turquoise boiled wool like new Eileen Fisher jacket. Thought it was a treasure. It was easy to alter to fit better through the shoulders, but now I think I look big in it so I don’t wear it much .

  7. I too donate through 2-3 charitable groups. It makes be feel good that my Toss-a-way clothes are helping people and not in a landfill.
    But our stores like Goodwill etc are not like yours. They are typically messy, and I rarely find anything I would wear. Your stores sound like fun!

  8. I live in San Antonio too and I love to donate and shop at Goodwill. It is easy to donate to a place that helps so many in our community. I also enjoy the hunt! The employees are so friendly at my favorite store! Love your encouraging blogs! Happy New Year!

  9. Because we happily downsized to a smaller condo, regular culling is important. I donate and also sell to a chain of consignment stores here. We have a wonderful consignment store for furniture here, and I bought several pieces for myself and for my son’s condo. My best find was a set of 3 woodblock prints for him that I paid $120 total for. They seemed very interesting, and had a gallery tag in the back. I took them back to the gallery and they were appraised for almost $2,000! The artist is well known, with museum shows, and we had fun reading about him on the internet. My own Antiques Roadshow moment :).

  10. I do shop at thrift stores and donate also. Some times I won’t find anything, but other times I find treasures, both clothes and items for my house. I really like the crane topper!!

  11. Around this area of SoCal thrift shops, consignment shops and donation centers abound. The furniture and home goods are especially plentiful because the area is partly retirement resort area where homes are constantly being renovated. Very often I find complete sets of fine China at an amazing price. My mindset now is to check out these shops before I head into Home Goods; I’m searching for a silver bowl to transfer a Christmas plant I received this year and eventually I’ll locate one. If I needed a Pyrex or Corningware dish I would never buy new!

  12. I also look for jackets at thrift stores. That third piece that completes the outfit. It’s hot in Texas and I need that blazer or Jean jacket for my look. Most of my clothing is “me made” but I am not brave enough to do jackets yet. Those pieces can be really expensive and I like a lot of variety.
    My big brag. A $750 Lafayette blouse for $18. It’s white on white embroidery and I have worn the heck out of that. I actually saw the exact top at Neumann Marcus. There are some great deals but you have to really look.

  13. I just love this post! I donate to Goodwill and Salvation Army’bins’ as we don’t have stores where I live in RI. When I’m in Maine, I package up clothes for the store there. I donate when I change over my closet at the end of each season, so I’m not doing that currently. I am, however, cleaning and decluttering like a crazy person: my family calls it “cleaning frenzy” and my husband stays clear of me – LOL

  14. I donate several times each year, like clockwork, and you’re absolutely right that I feel good knowing others benefit. I do not shop thrift because in our small town it is a futile experience and never satisfying. Many years ago, up in the much larger metro area of Portland Oregon, I snagged a very casual but exceptionally well made Ralph Lauren Home denim slipcovered sofa. That sofa was exactly what I needed in the family room for my growing pre-teen boys at the time, then transitioned to my youngest son’s room for several years beyond that. At $150, it worked out to about $15 per year – a real bargain!

  15. My husband loves thrift stores. I used to stay in the car because I was too embarrassed to be seen in one. After discovering some brands, I could never afford otherwise, I became a convert. My local Goodwill is organized by item type, size and color. They do a great job keeping the racks looking nice. I wonder if shoppers of certain sizes have the best luck?

  16. I donate throughout the year to Goodwill and Salvation Army. My best deals have been on expensive purses that I would never pay full price for. Cole Haan, Coach, Ralph Lauren, YSL (if I authenticate this one, I will have my sister sell it online), Brighton, Lo and Sons, Harrods, etc. I do love my purses and changing them out. Last fall I purchased a new with tags in original packaging Christian LaCroix large throw pillow for less than $4.00. Retails for over $200. My sisters, kids, and a niece all tell me that if I get tired of it, they will take it. LOL. I do gift a lot of my finds to family and friends.

  17. I am not a goodwill shopper, because as a petite, there is also never any items in my size, However,
    I regularly donate because they have a truck for donations in our community twice a month. So easy and I want to benefit others as much as possible.

  18. We have a thrift store in our county where the funds help women with addictions. These women actually work there & are so appreciative when we donate.

  19. I donate to my local Goodwill store in a regular basis. However, I have never gone in the front door and purchased anything. Will have to give it a try.

  20. I do donate to various thrift stores, however I give two neighbours (that live on each side of me) first dibs as one wears the same shoe size that I do and the other I offer the occasional piece of clothing to which suits her lifestyle and that I no longer have the need for. As to shopping in one myself, I don’t make the habit of doing so however have purchased some fabulous accessories like purses, scarves plus artisan or antique jewelry that I consider great finds. -Brenda-

  21. I love thrift store shopping! Approximately half my wardrobe has been purchased second hand and I also buy a lot of books at our local thrift stores. I return most of them once I’ve read them so that someone else can enjoy them. This month, I plan to clean out my linen closets and donate some of what is causing them to be overcrowded.

  22. I also am petite so do not shop clothing at our thrift store. Because I’m hard to fit I usually wear my clothing beyond a point I feel they should be donated, perhaps others do too and that is why petite are hard to find. I do however donate housewares etc. and our thrift store has a wonderful garden sale with donated plants and pots in May that I never miss. I also shop for beads for a friend who makes jewelry and donates it to a low income community center.

  23. I love thrift shops. Thanks for reminding me of my local Goodwill. I used to go to donate and found a few items while I was there. That was pre-Covid and I really should get back to going.
    Your finds are really nice for just a few dollars. I have a few bags of clothes waiting for me to donate since I cleaned my main closet. Now I’m motivated…
    Thanks again

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