Shop Chico’s with Karen, Leigh & Me: Part 2

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Happy Tuesday, all!  Today is Part 2 as we take you to Shop Chico’s with Karen, Leigh & Me.

Yesterday in Shop Chico’s Part 1, we showed you some new colors and creative styling in the Chico’s January Collection.

Today, we feature more of Chico’s Classic Navy and there is much to see.

So, come along and shop Chico’s with us today!


shop Chico's

Recently, I shared with you some travel plans for this year.

When I put this outfit on at Chico’s, I knew it was perfect for the actual travel days and valuable separates…so this went home with me.

I am wearing the UPF Contrast Stripe Pullover, with the Neema UPF Travel Pant in Classic Navy.

I will be traveling in comfort and style.  Karen tried the top on in the Alabaster color and also liked it. 

This will be so cute with one of my fun sneakers!

shop Chico's

shop Chico's

She tried on the same pant.  We like the way you can tighten or enlarge the bottom of the Neema pant.

Her top is the Touch of Cool Knit Mix Side Tie Top…and most of you know that I am a fan of the Touch of Cool options.

These are great for those of us who live in warmer climates.

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Also, as you shop Chico’s with us today, you will see many complimentary pieces in prints for the classic navy bottoms.

Karen is wearing the Patchwork Crepe Tunic and opened it as a topper rather than a tunic.  It is in Classic Navy.

This is a piece I would like to try as a tunic and in petite sizing.

I am wearing the Traveler’s Border Print Tunic.  This is a fun print and I would style it with a cuff bracelet (rather than a necklace which would compete with it)

shop Chico's

I do love these leggings and the detail at the bottom.  Kind of a cool edge to the design.

I am wearing them with the tunic above.  These are the Zenergy Pintuck Moto Leggings.

Also, I think these Brigitte Pop Pom Hem Crops are so cute for the warmer weather ahead….and still in classic navy.


shop Chico's

Leigh Ann really liked this Multi-Tier Shift Dress in the Medieval Blue color.

This blue is just slightly lighter than the classic navy blue.

However, she would like to see the same dress in softer, spring colors and hopes Chico’s will re-introduce it.

She tried in on in the 0.5 Size.

shop Chico's

Back to some fashion fun on Leigh Ann and Karen.

Leigh Ann is not one to mix patterns, so she smiled and called attention to this pattern mixing…and surprisingly, liked the mix.

She is wearing the Zenergy UPF Stripe Ruffle Neck Tunic in Lakeview Blue.  This is a Size 1.

She paired it with the Zenergy UPF Side Pocket Skort, also in Lakeview Blue.  Size 0.5

Remember, when you shop Chico’s that if the colors are in the same family, you can mix prints successfully.

Karen is wearing the same Zenergy pants as above with the fun Poplin Knit Mix Embroidered Sleeve Tee in classic navy.

Years ago, when I was teaching, I tried on a similar top just for the blog audience thinking I would not like it.

But, I loved it and wore it for special gatherings for a long time.

I encourage you to try on clothing (of course, if it falls within your style adjectives) before you think it will not work.

shop Chico's

Here is a column of color I wanted to show those of you who want more color than navy.

I am wearing the No-Iron Print Shirt with Travelers Side Slit Tank in Striking Teal, and Travelers No Tunny Pant in Striking Teal.

The lights in this dressing area do cast a bit of yellow glow.  This top is very white, and the striking teal looks a little dark here.


shop Chico's

I saw this garment on the way out when we went to shop Chico’s and I hope to return soon and try on the petite version.

Since “the shacket” appeared, I have liked the style and own a couple.

This Elongated Denim Shacket has so many seams and the pockets placed to flatter your figure.

I hope to find it when I return to shop Chico’s a little more.

shop Chico's

This Mesh Chain Scarf Necklace is fabulous…and lightweight!

I had to go pick it up because I believed it would be heavy…it is not.

This is at the top of a wishlist for me…just love it.

shop Chico's

Let’s conclude our trip to shop Chico’s today with the wonderful addition to our team…classic Karen.

She looks perfect in this Tweed and Faux Leather Moto Jacket in black.

Underneath is the Black Microfiber Tank. She paired it with a pair of crops that are on sale…the Juliet Straight Crops in black.

She also purchased a pair of leggings from the sale rack…they looked great on her.

Thank you for going along with us these past two days to shop Chico’s and meet Karen.

We hope it has been rewarding for you.

Just let us know if you have any questions as we shop Chico’s…we love to hear from you….now, make sure on this beautiful Tuesday, that you…………………………………….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. What a wonderful style show. I really enjoy the three of you shopping together with three different body types! I like that column of color in teal, but that scarf! So unusual. I will definitely look at that piece when I have the chance! Many thanks. Your posts always makes me smile.

  2. Thanks Paulette! We were shopping for others more than ourselves but I was happy to find this travel outfit!

  3. You will absolutely love the Zenergy for traveling!! It doesn’t wrinkle, it’s versatile, and it wicks away water very quickly. If your travels include the beach you won’t be disappointed and wearing damp-ish clothes after a wave splashes you.

  4. Happy Tuesday, Happy Today! I really like the travel outfit you bought, it looks great plus functional, and the adjustable hem is a nice touch. Really like the vibrant border print tunic also! Looks like you had a fun shopping trip, thanks for letting us join you. It is helpful to see your different choices, and the info on how the different sizes fit everyone.

  5. I purchased a Chico’s elongated denim jacket (called jackets then and not a shacket – lol) a couple of years ago and it is one of my all-time favorite pieces of clothing. I especially like it because it “covers a multitude” of issues, stays current, and it’s a year-round piece. Like most of Chico’s clothing.

  6. Welcome to Karen. She is obviously a winter so you will no longer have to try on colours outside of your best. Today’s post showed that navy suits pretty much everyone and it is nice to see it in new styles that are not just nautical.
    As an aside, I seem to be missing some of your posts. Although I don’t get on each day I do try to catch up each week. Are you are mentioning things in the other computer formats that I don’t access? Could you repeat what your travel plans are?

  7. I used to wear the Juliet pants almost exclusively for teaching. Wonderful pant. I don’t need the denim shacket, but I think I would like and wear it as an alternative to the traditional denim jacket I wear on repeat. Because I already wear a denim shirt open like a jacket, I would have to see if the silhouette is different enough to add to my closet. 10 thumbs up on the mesh scarf!

  8. Hi Linda, you haven’t missed anything. The only thing I have shared is that two trips are on the calendar for next year. I am not giving specifics yet for two reasons:
    1. I am living one day at a time right now and not giving much attention to the future ….though there are special events on the calendar.
    2. In this crazy world where crime is very high, I do not reveal too much here for security reasons.
    When the time is right, I will share more.

  9. I completely understand your thought process, Linda. Most denim shirts do not have the seaming or pockets this shacket does. It is a wonderfully designed piece.

  10. Totally understand. Thanks for the clarification. It was just because you had mentioned being pushed to use other formats that I thought perhaps I’d missed something.

  11. Karen and I have a great deal in common, from having “classic” taste to being a similar size and height! Love seeing her in the tweed moto jacket – that’s the kind of piece I would buy and then be hesitant to wear – LOL. I was so excited to see the new teal coordinates from Chico’s! it’s one of my best colors, and I’m going to visit a store this week to try that print shirt. I also really like the denim “shacket” but not sure it would be different enough from my other denim toppers to justify the price. I love the length, though – something we tall people sometimes struggle to find. I giggled at the chain mail necklace, as it looks like medieval armor to me. I want to see it in person when I go look at that blouse – definitely a statement piece, but probably a bit much for me. I’d worry about it making noise in church or something. Love tagging along virtually on your shopping trips, and can’t wait to see what else you find for all your exciting events this year! (travel, wedding, etc.)

  12. Love the Medieval Blue color! Not a part of this shopping trip, but would Karen share with us the brand of her shoe? Look like something that would get a lot of wear in my daily life

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