Sunday mornings at home

Sunday mornings at home

Good Sunday morning, friends!  Welcome to Sunday mornings at home.

I have not really featured clothing on Sunday Mornings at Home, but I am going to do that today.

These outfits are good examples of my casual life when I am around home and running errands nearby.

Readers have asked to me my every day wear and these were examples of what I wore recently.


Sunday mornings at home

I shared with you that I did receive a gift card for Christmas to JJILL.

One of the sale purchases I made was this PURE JILL VALLEY FLORALS SQUARE SLEEVE TOP in a purple color.

I like it and it elevates my casual style…the wide leg pants are WEAREVER DOUBLE-FACE JERSEY FULL LEG CROPS.

Sunday mornings at home

I really like the embroidery on this top…very pretty in a touch of gold.

Leigh Ann was the one that noticed this heart shaped pattern.

However, it is the reason I chose to wear gold flats with the top.

Make sure you occasionally check out JJILL where it says SALE.


Sunday mornings at Home

I love to wear oversized tops with my leggings for casual bop around the house and neighborhood style.

This is the Oversized Tunic from Banana Republic in Maverick Tan…still on sale.

My old shoes pick up the khaki in a stripe underneath the black top.

This is a style you can find me in many days when I do not have leaving the house for appointments on my calendar.

I just like the look.

Sunday mornings at home

At Christmas, Leigh Ann brought to me this fun insulated bag full of goodies.

This is such a great bag to have for delivering meals to family and friends, or shopping for frozen goods at the store.

Where we live, frozen groceries can melt fast just on the trip home.

She found it at our favorite Marshall’s.


Sunday mornings at home

Ladies, many of you have encouraged me to take a few days respite.

I went from illness right into a busy holiday season and then straight into the first of the year and wedding planning.

So, I am going to rest from the blog for Monday – Wednesday.

My plans are to return here on Thursday…bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Thank you for understanding and for the encouragement to rest a little.

See you Thursday and hope the beginning of you week and new month will encourage you to


By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday mornings at home


  1. Everyone needs a breather or rest once in awhile! Thanks for letting us know; I would have been looking for you! Take care!

  2. I’m so glad you are going to take a needed break and rest. I will miss your daily message, but also realize that many should have tried to take it easy after a COVID infection. I have friends who still feel much “brain fog” or lost sense of taste more than a year after being sick. Enjoy your time of relaxation and recovery.

  3. Enjoy your rest period. We all need time off periodically, but you have had an especially challenging time. You time off is well-deserved – be well!

  4. Pam, enjoy your rest days. You deserve them. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday. Much love!

  5. Happy to hear you’re listening to your body and taking some down time to rest and renew! I think it’s so hard for some of us women to just let it all go and take some time for ourselves. I just returned from a wonderful vacation with my daughter and while I look around and see a million things I need to do, instead I’m going to take today for tea, couch and book! Trying to realize the world will not end if I wait and clean tomorrow!
    Enjoy your down time!

  6. I am so glad you are going to take a much needed break from your blog for a few days! We will miss you, but be assured we aren’t going anywhere ❤️ Enjoy your time off! Blessings!

  7. I almost bought that embroidered top. Hmm. Looks perfect on you. I wish I had tried it on at the time so I would have known sizing. At the time my store had linen pants in that açaí color and I did by those with an odd green sweater and tank. So happy to hear you are taking a long deserved break, but I will miss you. Your blog is always my first read of the day! Enjoy.

  8. First off; rest up as your health is important and your followers will be here when you return. Do love your embroidered top as very unique! As to the wearing long sleeves; instead of rolling them up (CL #2) have you tried ‘shirt sleeve garters’? (Amazon carries an assortment of types.) I only mention them as find them a game-changer as takes the guess work out of adjusting. Take care! -Brenda-

  9. I love the embroidered top from JJill on you – it’s perfect for this time of year in our Texas climate! I shopped in-store at JJill twice this week and saw a new scarf that immediately made me think “Pamela would love that.” It’s the butterfly scarf in navy and rust, and seems like something you’d wear a lot. You are so wise to take some time to restore your body and soul before the big events you have ahead this year. It looks like we will be iced in here in the Fort Worth area by Tuesday.
    Instead of stressing about the activities I will have to cancel, I am actually looking forward to sitting down by the fireplace with a book, a blanket and a big bowl of popcorn and just savoring this (hopefully last!) winter blast. Don’t worry, your faithful readers will be here waiting for you Wednesday when you return!

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