Would You Wear It: A Touch of Spring

would you wear it

Happy Saturday, ladies.  Welcome to WOULD YOU WEAR IT on two blogs!

Jennifer and I go seeking fashion displays which make us wonder what you think of the styles.

So, I hope you will join in and answer would you wear it with thoughtful consideration…the comments last Saturday were incredible and educational.

And, I have to agree with the reader who said one outfit looked like John Travolta! LOL!

But, I digress.

Let’s get back to today’s displays and consider WOULD YOU WEAR IT?


would you wear it

Spring is about to begin popping out all over in stores, but this display is the first touch of spring I have seen recently at our mall.

It is a gentle push in that direction any way.

Please look over the three mannequins, and explain completely why the styles would or would not work for you.

Remember this is not…would you buy it…but rather, would you wear it if you had it.  Readers really learn from each other in these comments.

would you wear it

So, tell us ladies…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


This display was discovered at Ann Taylor. Here is a slideshow of these pieces, plus FIRST SPRING COLLECTION INSPIRATION BOARDS:


wear white jeans

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Also a popular order last week were the Junie High-Rise Flare Jeans in the color, hot fudge from Anthropologie. ( I love that color!)

These are the top sellers on the blog since last Saturday.

It is your turn!  Please tell us WOULD YOU WEAR IT about the early spring display above and then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to comment on Jennifer’s.

Would You Wear It

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Would You Wear It


  1. The left & right garments are OK but would look a little staid on me (with the horizontal tweed lines). Perhaps the middle blouse would cause me to stop, if the background colour was more like the other 2 garments (a warm beige, rather than a pure cool white)? Same for the trousers – I like the idea of a brightly coloured bottoms for spring, but with a warmer undertone.

  2. Good morning Pam! I do see myself wearing the beige blazer abd slim cut black pant (legging).
    The dress could be “me” if I ever went anywhere where a dress is needed. I rarely do but this little beige dress works. I own a similar one in black in the back of a closet —tucked away. I saved it in my most recent closet purge! I could liven this one up with a cute belt or silky leopard scarf. I’ve got a cute teal/ turquoise that could work draped over the dress shoulder too! Ideas?

  3. I’m seeing spring things popping up too and I’m so ready for them. I could see myself wearing the dress to a baby shower or other festive occasion. I’d dress it up with pearls and a pretty scarf. Happy Saturday!

  4. Yes, I would probably wear everything except the blouse. Not a fan of the ruffle 3/4 sleeve. This weeks post is certainly a departure from the trash bag look of last Saturdays Would You Wear It.

  5. Hi Jan, I love ok for displays which will evoke interesting conversations and helpful comments about clothing choices. I like to show a little bit of everything I find currently on the market. Thanks for being here.

  6. I like all details of the dress – fitted waist, cap sleeves, texture. If that dress was navy or eggplant, I would buy it. Beige is not my color.

  7. Yes to the blazer for sure. It would be great as a casual topper with jeans and would also look fantastic dressed up over a dress or trousers. I would like the dress if it had a bit more sleeve, or else I would only wear it with a light topper. Add a light scarf tied in a fun way to add a bit of colour at the top, and a pair of flats with some embelishments and I am good to go. Also I am pleased to see full length pants.

  8. Because I don’t have an Ann Taylor near by and my NYC trips are curtailed, I always forget what beautiful clothing they sell. I am a natural classic so both the blazer and dress are appealing to my classic streak. As a dark autumn I would pair the jacket with deep olive or dark brown pieces both under and /or below. Perhaps a deep scarf. I would change the buttons to a vintage pair. Love the color and fabric weave. The dress would be perfect but again with autumn colors, either in a topper, shawl, or cardi. I would look for deep shoes, olive, dark brown or rust, depending on what I wore at neck or with topper. I would use one of my vintage bags that might seem ‘off ‘ , not matchy matchy . I would also remove those odd sleeves and make it sleeveless. I wouldn’t wear the jacket and dress together. It would be too monotone for a dark autumn. Thank you for inspiring me to dream.

  9. In general, I don’t like double-breasted jackets, but this one appeals to me…probably because there are only 2 buttons. With the jacket closed, the effect is slimming. I also like the silhouette of the dress (would prefer a bit more sleeve). I would need these items to be in a cooler toned color, however.

  10. I really like the dress…very classic and an interesting fabric. But since I’m pretty much “low contrast” already, I’d choose a different color if available.

  11. Well I couldn’t wear the beige items unless it was warmer – more camel perhaps altho’ I love the style of the jacket . And I don’t wear dresses or short sleeves any more . I do like the outfit in front – very much my preferred blue ie vivid ! Maybe the top would be better for me with a pale but not white background and sleeves that definitely covered the elbow !

  12. This display does not interest me. I no longer wear beige and have never worn leggings so I would automatically dismiss the mannequins on the right and left. The only item I might look at would be the blue pants, but I rarely wear any pants other than navy, black, gray, or white so a bright color like that does not appeal to me. I have a bright green pair of pants, and why in this world I thought I’d wear them is beyond me. Lesson learned, I’d think.

  13. I have a long torso and high waisted dresses like this one cut me in the wrong place. Spring blazers are not necessary here because in another month the temperatures will be so warm. Ruffles and puffy sleeves blouses don’t appeal to my tailored, traditional taste. I do love the texture and color of the dress and blazer.

  14. I love it all! Love the jacket with the black jeggings or leggings but would put with a black tank of column of ivory. Would love the dress and jacket together also with some chunky pearl jewelry. Love, love, love the pants! Love the color and style. Can’t tell if they are a cobalt color or deep purple. Either way, love the color and style. I wouldn’t wear the blouse with the pants since I wouldn’t want something tucked in to these pants. I would wear a lightweight knit. Love the style of the blouse. Just not sure I love the print.

  15. Happy Sat, Pam. This display shows exactly the type of garments I’d take to a two-to-three-day business conference, although I’d take black or brown trousers rather than bright blue. The jacket can be worn over the dress or with the blouse and trousers for the meetings. Then keep the jacket but switch to casual pants or jeans (never leggings) for the airplane home. I’d dress it up; with both a scarf and jewelry and wear black pumps — with sneakers for the plane. I would not wear the blouse shown b/c they’ve made no effort to use the pattern effectively, so it looks cheap to me, and the cutesy sleeves don’t cut it in a business meeting. I’d opt for a long-sleeved blouse or knit top because conference rooms are always cold.

  16. I would definitely wear the blouse. Slightly puffy sleeves are more feminine than shirts. I love my shirts, too, but this is a nice touch. The sleeve length is perfect for me. The pattern has airiness to it with blank space as the background. This works for me with my fair skin and small bone structure. I’m also a gardener, so this would express my personality and interests. Overdone florals are fun, but not for me.

  17. I just wanted to say to DeborahLM that I love her comments and often gather styling ideas from her on these Saturday outfits. 🤗

  18. Wow, yes! This display is terrific. The only piece I would not wear is the floral blouse, as the ruffles are not for me. The jacket and dress are terrific, so classic, an interesting but subtle pattern and texture to the fabric. The bright blue pants are cute. I would get lots of wear out of them, as a base for all my spring colored blouses and cardigans, or more simply with a solid white blouse and pretty scarf.

  19. Like all of the outfits shown, but likely would not wear any of them as shown. The color of the blazer & dress does not work for me. I need a cooler palette, so in another color I would wear them. The ruffled sleeve on the blouse is a little too fussy for me, & I usually prefer a more neutral colored pant.

  20. Good morning from Tucson. I would wear the beige blazer, the leggings and the dress. No on the blouse as I’m no into puffy, or ruffle sleeves.

  21. With the exception of the blouse (prefer it striped as in your link) plus because of the color of the blue pants (would prefer in a neutral giving more option to mix), a ‘yes’ to all pieces. Particularly like the design of the latter without a waistband as am currently finding this design far more comfortable to wear and less of a hassle to determine sizing as eliminates waist fit. -Brenda-

  22. If I was still working the blazer would absolutely be a yes. I don’t wear dresses and the color would wash me out. Nothing wrong with slacks and blouse just not my style. I find myself choosing much more color these days as my blonde hair and fair complexion seems to be getting lighter. I need a punch of color to brighten my look.

  23. I bought bright green pants once; who knows why? The only time wore them was St. Paddy’s Day — and sometimes not even then …

  24. Happy Saturday Pamela. I always look forward to your postings. Unfortunately for me we do not have the choice here in Canada. Time for a trip to the States.
    I love the blazer and the black leggings. Just my style. I would use the blazer to dress up a casual dress, dressy black pants and even jeans.
    I enjoy your postings everyday.
    Have a great day! 😊

  25. Putting aside the bright blue pants, which I don’t “get” here, this is a nice display. I love the tailoring, silhouette, color and texture. I probably wouldn’t wear these pieces as they are a bit too formal/business for my style.

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