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would you wear it

Happy January 7,  everyone!  Welcome to our regular weekly feature….WOULD YOU WEAR IT?…on two blogs.

This is your opportunity to look over two fashion displays and answer the question…Would You Wear It…and explain why or why not.

Please do not just say Yes or No, but explain your answer.

Today, I am featuring a display of three mannequins giving nod to a tropical vibe in January.

So, let’s get going….


would you wear it

This display immediately captured my attention because I do have a trip on the calendar soon.

Also, it was rather warm the day I was there.

There is much to see in this display…you do not need to comment on all three mannequins, but, of course, it is helpful if you do.

You are always welcome to discuss the styling…do you like it or would you style the selections differently.



Would You Wear It

would you wear it

There are four accessories in this display….I do not have a closeup of the necklaces.

But, always consider the accessories when looking over the styling of the display.

Remember, this exercise is not about WOULD YOU BUY IT….but, it is about WOULD YOU WEAR IT, if you had it!

Would You Wear It

So, please, tell us……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


I am certain many of you recognize Chico’s and these pieces are here in this slideshow to give you more information…..

would you wear it

Now, for even more information on Chico’s new selections, plus a lot of fun, come back to the blog on Monday.

Leigh Ann and I are joined by another friend and you will see the Small, Medium and Large versions of Chico’s style.

Yes…I am the large end of the stick!

We will cover much for you…so return Monday for Shopping with Karen, Leigh and Me!



Would You Wear it

There were ladies from last week’s Would You Wear It, who ordered the

Talbot’s Argyle Texture Cardigan that I modeled for you here.

Also ordered were the Hadley Mid-Platform Espadrilles at Talbot’s.

Now, it is your turn!  Please tell us about the display above…WOULD YOU WEAR IT? and explain why or why not for others to understand your thinking….

Then, head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and comment on Jennifer’s display…thank you for being here and make sure that you always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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would you wear it




  1. Love the handbag! Would wear the blue sweater and white shirt but need a special reason for the prints. My daily work environment, I would feel over ‘done’ if I wore them. (Prints) But I do like the happy colors and vibe they bring.

  2. Love these springtime looks! But right now with much needed winter coats and jackets here, it might be a few months before I could ior would actually wear them. But I like each and every piece! So very pretty!

  3. I love the sweater with the fringe and grommets, but it would have to be in a different color. I cannot wear that orangy red color. The blue sweater is a no because I like sleeves I can push up or roll up. I never wear kimonos at all. I really hate them. Navy pants are fine.

  4. I like this new print at Chicos. I saw the cardigan in store but it feels like linen and I think it would wrinkle once you sit down. They have a pullover in the same print that I have on my wish list. Im not fond of scarves on me, and this one, that choice of black tassels I don’t understand. I like the the other two pullover sweaters but I have too many sweaters now that don’t get out much, so I would pass them by, really like that powder blue color though.

  5. The blue sweater with the set in sleeves is something I’d wear. Very pretty, but I’d ditch the scarf and use something softer. It’s honestly nice to see a sweater with set in sleeves. The dropped shoulders on the red garment gives that rounded shoulder look just that just isn’t flattering. The ruana in blue misses the mark for me with the high contrast pattern. I’d wear the handbag because it’s understated and would be a fun spring addition. Love the white shirt, I have many, no to the crops. I don’t purchase strictly for travel, though I know this is the time of year you see “resort wear” in stores. I prefer using what I have, and just wearing lighter colors to a destination in a warm climate.

  6. I’ve found two of my “style” words: tailored and whimsical. A crisp white shirt, cardigan, and slim jeans speak to me, and the necklace is the perfect accessory. I think the red top would be great with rivets or fringe, but not both together. The matching sweater and pant are just too much of that shade of blue. I would add a chunky boot to ground that color and add a necklace rather than the scarf.

  7. This is a fun display! Absolute YES to the scarf, though I might snip off the little tassles. The cardigan is cute, but probably too warm for upcoming trip to Mexico. The slightly frayed Capri jeans are adorable, and I would get a lot of wear out of them here and on vacation I think, plus they would pair back to everything. If I got tired of that frayed hem I could always tidy that up with a band of embroidery. The solid blue sweater is lovely and a favorite color, so that is also a yes but I would wear it with dark denim or white for more contrast.

  8. The side blue looks are a little “too”–Too flow-y, drape-y, match-y. I’d wear the middle look if the jeans were a lighter wash and the sweater a different color–maybe even the bright green as shown in the scarf. I’m really picturing it in brown, but that wouldn’t be “tropical”!

  9. I do like the 2 outfits with the print contrasting with pale blue but for me not with jeans or cutoffs . The red top with grommets is interesting and a colour I like very much . I don’t like the bag put with it I’m afraid !
    Both necklaces shown do work well with the tops .

  10. I never shop Chico’s. Having said that, the display is colorful. I really dislike tunics and never wear ruanas, shawls, etc., but I really like the red-orange sweater with fringe and grommets with the dark jeans. I think it’s mainly the color and contrast that appeals to me. I find cardigans and pullovers so much more versatile. The scarves are all too big and tropical, so they are a no. The bag is not my style, but it is a spring look … months from now when spring arrives.

  11. Pretty much the same colors as last Saturday’s mannequins were wearing so I suspect we’ll be seeing them a lot this spring and that’s a thumbs-up from me. This display is awesome, the pairing and the accessories; I could see myself wearing all 3 outfits (the print tops are not my personal style); I don’t have a trip planned until Spring Break but these would be great casual outfits for my everyday life. Monday’s post sounds like fun!

  12. I’m loving the bright fun pops of color on this gray morning. I would wear the tonal blue outfit on the right but would swap the scarf for something without orange in it. Happy Saturday my friend! Xx

  13. I would definitely wear the blue sweater and scarf that is shown with it but not necessarily together, however I do have a question for you Pamela. As a Canadian when following one of your shopping links but the page turns over to accommodate Cdn. $$$$ do you still get credit for a purchase? (Thank you.) -Brenda-
    P.S.: Spring time is often when I stock up on long or 3/4 length sleeved garments and/or cotton blend sweaters for actually my summer wardrobe.

  14. Yes, I do work with a company and post affiliate links, Brenda. It is one of the ways I am compensated for my work. I so appreciate those who are able to shop with my links. Thanks!

  15. What a breath of fresh air! Here in Maine we are so far from being able to wear this look. (Maybe June?) I particularly like the blue fringed sweater and cropped jeans. The jeans are too short for me as shown, but I suspect they would hit me in a lower spot. I happen to love this blue, but it isn’t for me. I notice the sweater comes in a peachy color. It is a natural laid back look (without the strangely black tasseled scarf) and it looks very casual m, but neat, to me. Maybe the set in sleeves do it. I wish the dropped shoulders would go away! I would swap out the overwhelming scarf for a much smaller and neater one, or I would wear a long necklace with some interest on the dangled end. Can’t wait for the next style show!

  16. I’m heading to the Keys in a few days & would style the tropical ruana with a blue or white tee & white flat-front crops (I don’t like a fly front on my tummy). I’d accessorize with the illusion necklace. I’d also wear the flamingo tee with white crops or shorts & accessorize with fun earrings & a bangle or two. Back home in our Midwestern winter, I’d layer the red sweater poncho over a tee or mock neck (for warmth) & style with dark-wash jeans or black slim pants. As for the oversized tropical scarf on the fringed sweater with raised chain stitch detail? There’s too much going on. I’ll pass.

  17. I love that blue fringed sweater, though it would have to be in a warmer color, and I think it looks phenomenal with the scarf and jeans. Hits my adjectives! I also love that bag; it’s classy with that “something extra.” They got the necklaces just right too. As someone who has been moving gently into Scandi chic (though more accessorized), I’m finding I no longer gravitate to embellished clothing and asymmetrical hems, and am less drawn to Chicos as a result. I’ve never been a kimono woman; one of my adjectives is “active.” I did buy a couple of cheap ones to cruise in, because they are versatile and pack well. I wear them there, but never feel like “me” in them.

  18. I really like the light blue solid sweater and would wear the colorful scarf with it. It is so pretty. The other two pieces don’t appeal to me and I don’t care for the fringe at the bottom of the orange sweater.

  19. Love the wisteria blue sweater. I would need the cropped jeans to be longer. Cropped pants just make me look weird. The one issue with a top like this is that it would not actually be warm enough for winter even in Southern California on our cool days, and it would probably be too hot during summer days. So it becomes a clothing piece with limited wearability. I am noticing this as a trend in some clothing–it just does not span much of the year. But I still might buy it and I would definitely wear this color as a pastel summer.

  20. I am attracted to all of these pieces! I live in North Mississippi and Spring and Summer can be broiling outside, but inside freezing, so I appreciate the sleeves. And the longer length tops are perfect for me and my style. We had such a brutal start to winter, that I cannot wait for Spring.

  21. I like the shade of blue in the outfits, but the print is much too large for me as a petite. The other sweater is just too much material for me.

  22. Chico’s is always hit or miss for me, and these are a “miss.“ Lighter shades of blue and any reds are colors that are all wrong for me, and even in North Texas I don’t have any need for “resortwear“ this time of year. I don’t like bright prints, so the scarf and ruana are out, and I
    dislike the open work on the bag, as well as the small size. At the risk of sounding like a cranky old crone, I don’t see anything here that would work in my wardrobe. But I have friends who would rock everyone of these looks and it’s fun to see what’s out there, even if it is a display like this that doesn’t appeal to me. I’m planning to visit San Antonio next January, so maybe pieces like this will look better to me then!

  23. The vibe is mine for sure! I’ve gained more weight than I like to acknowledge,even to myself, during Covid so I would wear loose fitting tops right now. However, once I lose these pounds, I prefer a little different fit but surely the same colors!

  24. I so enjoy reading everyone else’s comments on the styles! Such interesting points that I don’t know if I would have thought of them myself lol. I really like the orangey red sweater but also think that it would be better without the Fringe. I really like the color and texture on the blue sweater but can’t see it working for me since I tend to be more comfortable in a Tunic length garment. I really like the brightly colored scarf too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and can’t wait for Monday’s post.

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