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would you wear it

Happy Saturday and welcome to Would You Wear It featuring displays from two different parts of the U.S.

My blogging friend, Jennifer, and I find displays that make us wonder…Would You Wear It?

Today, I actually found one unique design within the display that I have not seen before.

So, that prompted my curiosity.

Let’s get comfy and give these displays careful consideration for all who read these posts.


Would you Wear It

This outfit is what captured my original attention, but the entire display is interesting.

Remember, this is not about would you buy it, but rather if it hung in your closet, would you wear it.

Also, would you wear it as styled…or do something different.

Would you wear it

Explain in detail why it would work or not work for you…for all to learn from.

Just saying…this is not my style doesn’t help anyone…why is it not your style?

And, if you think the display itself needs improvement…what changes would you make.

would you wear it

So, please tell us, ladies……………………………………………………………………


This display is from the San Antonio Anthropologie, a brand known for unique designs.

This time of year, there is often a disconnect between what is in the store inventory and what is online.

However, here is a slideshow of new arrivals that are tons of fun…..(Remember they carry petite and plus sizes)



would you wear it

This week on Over 50 Feeling 40, we have had some great discussions about styling influences and wardrobe needs.

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Would You Wear It

Finally, readers ask and I answer.  Tomorrow, I will share a few tips from my current weight-loss plan that is working.

I am happy to share and it helps me also to be accountable and consistent with my healthy eating when I bring you into the conversation.

Now, tell us….WOULD YOU WEAR IT on the display …then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see Jennifer’s…and have a day where you intentionally….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It


  1. I’ll start in the middle. The shirt looks cheap to me (though it’s obviously not, given that it’s Anthropologie) and the pants look like a throwback to the 1960’s. I wore pants like that then, but I was much younger. Once was plenty. The outfit to the right of center, shirt is a definite no because of the different -colored pockets and the pocket placement. I don’t buy anything with chest pockets. It’s the most understated outfit in the display, and the pants are okay, but not sure about the fabric. The one to the left of center looks very sloppy, but I know that sloppy is (unfortunately) trending. I can see my tall, willowy niece in this, but you can’t override the sloppy effect going on. Nothing here would be in my closet, but I can see these things on a tall,
    young lady. I prefer their housewares to their clothing, especially now that clothing is purposely oversized. Also, the colors here would not draw me in, looking rather dusty. I love the yellow handbag in the slideshow and like that they are showing some full length pants.

  2. OK … I usually like Anthropologie and wish we had them in the UK but this is a very mixed lot ! The outfit in the middle I initially thought was a joke because it looks as if a khaki skirt or pair of longish shorts had been hung round the mannequin’s neck by the belt somehow . I don’t like khaki at all anyway ! Actually the white blouse under it is interesting with the apparently angled cuffs but is not very practical . I’m not sure which colour is closest to the trousers (I like both !) but they look rather dated in style . Of the other 2 outfits I don’t think they are very interesting except for the glittery shirt where it seems that the glitter does not go right thru’ – or is it lined ? Either way that is a more comfortable way to wear sparkles !

  3. I don’t care for much in this display. I might wear the front most wide leg khaki pants with a boot I own, but I agree with others who find this grouping a fashion “miss”. The unusual piece is that vest(?). Who would really gravitate to this look? Not sure if the younger women in Our family would look twice? I don’t think so! It’s not for me.

  4. I had to laugh at the top with pockets! Since the pandemic started, I ditched my handbags, and am always on the lookout for garments with pockets, but this clearly isn’t the solution!

  5. I really like the colors used on the entire display. I would not wear any of the items though. I particularly dislike the sleeveless top with all the buckles. It reminds me of the restraints we would put on out of control patients in the ER.

  6. Good morning! I would have loved all of it in the 70s. When I had the kind of stick figure that all of it would look good on. But the front pocket pants and the chest pocket tops would just not work for my body now.

  7. The khaki top reminds me of a straight jacket with that belt looking thing at the neckline. If it was simply material folded and sewn it would be stylish (maybe), but the look of the end of a belt hanging there just loses it. BTW in the slide show I noticed a dress that might work for some of your upcoming parties and adventures…..The Somerset Maxi dress in navy. It looks festive and fun.

  8. This is such a fun display! The only things I wouldn’t wear are the tops on the left mannequin. White isn’t for me and I’d give the vest a go if it wasn’t a pullover–it looks confining to me. Shades of muted peach and salmon are favorites. Oh, and I love unique designs.

  9. Wow, this is pretty far out of my comfort zone. The buckled vest piece made me think a lobster bib had been constructed for safari. The pearl drop earrings from your carousel drew me in for a closer look. There’s a lot of interesting jewelry in that Anthropology link!

  10. A no to all the pants; I don’t wear pants with big pockets that would draw your eye to the thigh area. The middle model is interesting but I don’t get the khaki vest; it’s neither suitable for a safari or out for lunch outfit. I would wear the two other shirts/blouses; the tailored style with textured fabric could be worn with jeans or slacks. The puckered shirt would be more appealing without the chest pockets but I am not well endowed and could probably wear it. The glitzy shirt is tailored and the fabric brings some fun to the look. I would pair this with my off white slacks.

  11. I could wear both of the shirts with collars. Pockets at the chest are good for my body shape. The gold pants would work, too. Cargo pockets on pants make me appear wider, and I don’t need that. Shapeless tops make my waist disappear, and I don’t need that, either. Boxy is not a good look for me. All of the colors today would work well for me.

  12. I like everything in the display except the vest. I would wear any of the shirts or pants as I like the styles and colors. I will keep a picture of this display for ideas for my wardrobe.

  13. I just can’t with the pants on the mannequin back left: ‘Let’s put expandable pockets on the hips to emphasize the largest part of the body. And add a 2nd pair of pockets below the knees that are unusable. Oh! And let’s make the bottom half of the legs not just flares but ruffly flares. And the seam we add to do this will visually cut the legs in half, shortening the wearer.’

    The parachute fabric or whatever vest could work on the right person, but with a simpler pair of pants. & I think in a better color than that yellow mud or whatever it’s called. It doesn’t deserve to be called ochre.

  14. Hi Pam,
    It’s a hard pass for me. The outfits don’t look put together color wise and not my style. Perhaps it’s meant for the hip generation. The vest makes me think it’s time to catch a fish as the color is similar to my husband’s fishing vest. LOL! The 2 other shirts look like it’s made from cheap material and the puckering and shine is not appealing.

  15. These aren’t in my style wheelhouse. I struggle to find things in Anthropologie. I like many things but they don’t fit me well. Happy Saturday!

  16. The whole display is a huge no for me. The outfit on the left reminds me of something one might wear if they were going fishing, & I don’t fish. The one in the center screams 1970’s. I wore things like this when I was in high school, & I am no longer in high school, nor do I wish to revisit that time again. The pocket placement on the outfit on the right would certainly not be flattering.

  17. I might have worn looks like these in my teens and twenties. But honestly, those colors worn near my face make me look ill and sad. Anthropologie has beautiful stores, and I’ve tried o shop there, but I’ve never found anything that suits me. I think I need to stay with classics.

  18. I’m not a fan of sheen in casual clothes or patch pockets. There’s just too much going on in these outfits, like the mannequins tried ‘too hard’…too many details. I’m a winter who looks best with saturated fabrics near my face so these are not in my most flattering color palette. In Virginia we’re having winter; snow in the forecast for tomorrow so these look more like fall or perhaps they’re part of their spring line.

  19. Oh wow! This is definitely an interesting display and I do like the color palette. However, the pockets on the items don’t have a very good placement and the ‘fishing’ vest is just plain strange to me (don’t mean to offend anyone — I just don’t get it). I do like the shimmery blouse but not quite sure where I’d wear it. Too flashy for the office and I don’t attend many dressy affairs. Not my cup of tea, but fun to see at any rate.

  20. I would wear a khaki vest if I had one, but I’d like one that buttons up the front – snaps are too noisy. The neck strap on the display vest would be flappy and distracting. Yes to the white shirt! I am a white shirt gal, and I wear one at least once a week. All of the other item styles wouldn’t work for my short, 5’2″, 125 lb., hourglass figure. I don’t wear shirts with chest pockets ever – too busty. I don’t wear pants withpatch pockets – too hippy. I like seersucker, but satin and sequins are not for me. I do like the warm color scheme, though!

  21. With the exception of the sunglasses which are even a possible, I’m afraid nothing in this display appeals to me personally. For example; I’m not a fan of cargo pants nor care for packets positioned in the area of the breast and the vest’s design reminds me of a policing or military garment as in a flak vest. That being said; I do like the woven handbag shown in your link. -Brenda-

  22. I love the winter white pieces, and have always had the fantasy that I could actually wear winter white without either looking like death warmed over or being grubby all the time, but I know better! For the store display, I liked the tan shirt on the far right because I’m a sucker for textured fabrics of all kinds, and I have recently incorporated that golden tan into my closet. My immediate thought about the canvas top with high pockets was “only a model with no chest could pull that off.” I cannot think of a circumstance in which I would wear any of the other pieces, but I absolutely love it when you do posts like this. I would never venture into my local Anthro store, because last time I did I was basically told “You’re old, go away.” But so much fun to see what’s out there, thanks to you and your intrepid team of shoppers!

  23. PS – I just realized that the winter white pieces I thought were part of your post were actually in a pop-up ad – those guys are getting really stealthy! Sorry that probably seemed out of context. I didn’t realize it til I went back to see which store was offering that look.

  24. Not really a hit for me. The vest does not look aesthetically appealing or practical. None of the pants are not something I would choose based on material and pocket placement. The display looks specifically for a much younger consumer who is experimenting with their style than me.

  25. I love the sparkly salmon colored shirt. Would wear it out to dinner paired with black slacks. The brown pants paired with that shirt would be okay but the flare is way too big. The khaki vest is too stiff and weirdly confusing. The pockets on the crinkled shirt are just wrong and the other two pairs of pants are wrinkled messes. The store needs to find another person to do their displays.

  26. The middle display …did anybody else conjure up John Travolta? I would wear the sparkly shirt, untucked, over ecru straight or slim-leg pants. The pants shown just don’t hit my button. The outfit on the left … the “vest” reminds me of a military flak jacket that soldiers wear into combat. I’ll pass. I would wear the rose pants with a simple white tee & flip-flops for running errands, meandering a farmers’ market or relaxing on the patio. The display on the right … the top has a lot of texture & detail going on, so style it with sleek ecru, black or navy slim pants with a simple gold necklace like the one shown. I might add a metallic flat ir sandal. I don’t know that I’d buy any of these pieces, but if they showed up in my closet, this is how I’d make use of them. Or not.

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