Sunday mornings at home

Sunday mornings at home

Good Sunday morning, everyone.  Welcome to Sunday mornings at home.

In the beginning of these Sunday posts, I explained how most weekends, Mr. B and I attend church services on Saturday evening.

That way, we can relax and thoroughly enjoy our Sunday mornings at home.

I love that time of rest, quiet and reflection.

The posts began as observations of the past week, and ponderings of the week going forward with the blog.

Today, I am going to answer the requests of several readers to know more specifics about my weight loss.


Sunday mornings at home

I am just a smidgeon away from losing 20 pounds since last summer.

I also know I have lost inches, but did not measure in the beginning, so I am not certain what is gone.

I was hoping it would be more right now, but the illness from October to December took me off the tracking grid.

Most of this time, I have tracked my progress daily on the Weight Watchers APP…I like it and respond to it well.

I believe the app has completely changed my eating habits to more fresh foods and less processed foods and even less eating out.

My first goal has always been to become a healthy eater and not a dieter.  I wanted an eating life change…and I think that is finally happening.

I eat more vegetables now than I ever have before and love them.

I do not miss having ice cream in the freezer like I thought I would….trust me, it was a problem.

Sunday mornings at home

This is a pretty typical breakfast for me…sprouted grain toast, chunky peanut butter, sliced banana, and a sprinkling of my favorite honey.

When I eat honey, I always select a brand made from local wildflowers because it does help allergies.

I also love sprouted grain toast with avocado.  I sprinkle it with garlic salt and cayenne pepper.

Sunday mornings at Home

Now, here are some steps which have helped me immensely:

  1. I eat a lot of protein…the more protein, the less I crave sweets.
  2. I eat mostly in the morning and afternoon, and very little (if at all) after 4-5p.m. My system is accustomed to this now, and I do not get hungry in the evening.
  3. In the afternoon, I occasionally drink Bone Broth.  I like it…it is filling…tastes good…and has many benefits (including more collagen)
  4. Smaller portions was difficult at first, but not any longer.  When out and about I happily order an appetizer for a meal.  Recently at lunch I ordered a side of broccoli and a crab cake (on the appetizer menu). It was perfect.
  5. If I desire a sweet, I reach first for peanut butter; second for dark chocolate; and third for gluten free oatmeal cookies from our local market…they are actually quite yummy and filling.
  6. I do not drink anything that has calories in it…my choices are water, unsweet tea, coffee, and an occasional Diet Ginger Ale…which I got hooked on during my illness.  Nothing else. I am fine without alcohol and do not miss it.
  7.  Oh yes, I should mention that I eat a lot of chicken…it is my preferred lean protein. After my sickness, a doctor recommended I eat beef for iron so I did…it was good…but I am back to chicken.

Of course, I shared how I returned to the gym this month and I hope that will help speed things up a bit for the wedding.  But, I do not want to do anything that will not lead to a LIFE CHANGE.

After my recent stomach illness,  a doctor recommended I quickly begin a probiotic.  It really helped.  I take two a day….one morning and one afternoon.

I hope this helps those of you who wanted to know more.  Please ask any other questions you like.


Sunday mornings at home

I can honestly say that I am having fun with the new way to eat.  I do not feel deprived and most of what I thought I would miss….I don’t.

I so hope to stay on the right tract going forward and the results recently have encouraged me to keep on keeping on.

Just to demonstrate a little fun…I wanted to show you this colorful cardigan I picked up recently on sale at Anthropologie…this is the Maeve Zip-Front Cardigan Sweater.

There are just a few left.

Also, Leigh Ann & I have called your attention to the wonderful fabrics of the Lou & Grey collection at LOFT.

There is a new LOU & GREY COLLECTION and you might want to check it out.  I seriously think I need the Always an Optimist Sweatshirt!

When researching for the weekly Today’s News, I discovered this article on CNBC: SIMPLE TRICK THAT CAN TRICK YOUR BRAIN INTO FEELING HAPPIER

Results of a study found:

“According to a recent study published in the journal Experimental Psychology, researchers found smiling — even a fake smile — can have a positive impact on mood. Essentially, triggering certain facial muscles by smiling can “trick” your brain into thinking you’re happy.”

If you struggle with my call each day to KEEP SMILING, try this….maybe it will help.

Until tomorrow, let me know if you have any comments or questions on this Sunday Mornings at Home post….and then go out and (faking it or not) make sure that you….


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Sunday mornings at home

After Christmas comes down and is packed away, I utilize a lot of pine cones in my decorations.

Most of my pine cones are gathered from places we have been.  I love them!


  1. Pam, CONGRATULATIONS on your success! You look fabulous and have such a glow. You are 100% right about a lifestyle change. It’s the only thing that works. Some other tips: avoid the bread basket in restaurants; bring a container and put half of the meal in it right away to take home. At home, enjoy your meal and don’t have seconds. After the meal, get up, put on music, put the leftovers away while you are singing, dancing and smiling.

  2. Back in the 1960’s Jean Neidrich (sp?) started WW & a group met in a temple about a mile from my home on LI in NY. I was in my teens & my sister & I walked there to attend meetings. Growing up in a restaurant we ate very well but always too much food and desserts were readily available. WW taught me portion control and the importance of raw vegetables in my diet. 55 years later I credit WW with being able to maintain a healthy weight; It’s the best weight control program around in my opinion. I love following the program with all the changes year after year. It’s time for me to get back into the program again! You look great Pam!

  3. I agree…it has helped me long term. Other “diets” I tried just resulted in a quick return of the weight.

  4. Pam, you are looking healthy, happy, and fit. I joined WW in 1983 after the birth of my 2nd child. Since then, I have become a lifetime member; I come and go. Although I miss our pre covid local meeting (I won’t drive a half hour for the only on site one), I enjoy using the app. I got back on track after New Year’s, partly because you had been mentioning it and my pants were tightening. I have already lost 5 pounds. I used to weigh in once a week, but for refreshing my program, I have been stepping on the scale every morning. Remembering that number throughout the day really motivates me. You are going to be so happy and comfortable at your son’s wedding events! Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  5. I have had success with WW, but must still work it to maintain my loss. I am chagrined to say that I sometimes feel jealous of others who seem to eat treat food freely and I have feelings of how unfair that is. I try to apply logic, intelligence and courage to those feelings. Do you have such feelings and if so, how do you handle that?

  6. Of course I know these feelings, Linlee. And logic, intelligence and courage did not work for me either…but prayer has and asking God to help me with my specific needs does help.
    He is faithful to help. Weight Watchers is so good for me, because when I want an occasional treat, I can use the app to work it in. There is no complete deprivation and the app does help with this. But, I also recognize and adjust what I love…I love foods that CRUNCH. So when I need to CRUNCH I now reach for QUEST Protein Chips or popcorn or nuts. I love ice cream. But, I have been able to get it out of the house by eating frozen bananas. AND, I have grown to love these food items. Celery crunches and tastes great with peanut butter. This has all been a process. Like everything else I take it one day at a time and choose to use my app to make decisions for one day and then get up and do it again. I am surrounded by people that can eat what they want…I live with one. Because he is a runner and Peloton participant, he eats almost as he chooses. I just tell him that I have to do what is best for me right now. Focus on you…not on them…is their ability to eat unfair? Not really. Just focus on your healthy eating journey and you will see results.

  7. I am a lifetime member but have not used their new programme. I would just caution that their suggested weights for me were unhealthy. Make sure you continue to feel healthy and then find a level of eating that allows you to maintain that healthy weight.

  8. That is exactly what I am doing Linda…I have mine own goals but use their app to help me reach them. It is helping me become a healthier eater, but I love to cook and eat and will not do anything unhealthy. Thanks for your caution.

  9. Hey Pam, You identified the reason your husband can eat what he wants “he is a runner and a Peloton participant”. He is putting in the work first. Good luck to everyone with healthy eating!

  10. I too have learned to enjoy a healthy diet by being a whole food vegetarian. I have quite a ways to go, but I have lost weight and focus primarily on my health vs the always elusive weight loss or unsustainable diet. Just like you, Pam, I gain weight easily and just try to focus on the day to day, and I too have come to prefer healthy options. I’ve read that food choices are really just habits. Smaller portions continue to be a challenge. We all end up at a different weight, because we are not all the same. That’s ok, because your labs will show you to be the healthiest you can be.

  11. Good for you, Pam. I’m glad WW is working for you. I’m really impressed by what you said about not eating after 4 or 5. That must take extreme willpower but by fasting until morning is probably working in your weight loss. So is it right no dinner? Or is that at 4 or 5?

  12. I never dieted in my life until I retired. I always could eat anything I wanted to. The extra weight snuck up on me and then I realized I had 20 lbs to lose. I joined Weight Watchers and paid attention to what I was eating. I lost the 20 lbs five years ago and I have never looked back. The best way for me to keep the weight off is to limit how much bread I eat and how much wine I drink. Two slices of bread a day and two glasses of wines a week are my limits. For breakfast, oatmeal with probiotic unflavoured yogurt, nuts, and a small amount of maple syrup fill me up. I eat a regular dinner and 2 small squares of good chocolate for desert. Eating like this has changed my life!

  13. I’m happy for you that your diet has been successful. I have been following the Pahla 5-0 plan you introduced us to for more than a year. Initially, I lost a few pounds, but am struggling now to determine the correct number of calories to eat daily. Just last night I listened to an “ infomercial” type thing that popped up on my Facebook. The doctor talked about her weight loss product which was a bone broth she, of course, sold. However, I noticed your picture showing bone broth, and scientifically realized that the two most important components are the amino acid, glycine, and collagen. I’m wondering if I bought the two separately and took them, I might get the same benefits. I’ve never used WW, but will investigate the app since you are finding good success there.

  14. I think all of us over 60 tend to struggle with weight in some ways. I am so glad to see my portion controls change. I truly am not able to eat a lot at one time any longer. It is just too uncomfortable. My labs are coming up soon and I will be so curious to see changes…and hope there are big changes.

  15. In the beginning, it took will power, but now is a part of me. We ate late (for me) last night and I did not sleep well during the night. I now only have one larger meal a day and prefer that at lunchtime or early afternoon. I let my body tell me when to eat that meal, and do my best to only eat it when I am hungry.

  16. I have to limit the bread as well and try my best to only eat the sprouted grain bread. I am not really drinking any wine right now, though I love it, because I do not want those calories. What is nice about the APP is to give choices…you can drink the wine but give up the calories in other places that day. Thank you so much Judy for sharing your specific choices.

  17. That is why the WW APP is so helpful, Celia. The app determines the calories. I love that I can scan food at the grocery and the app tells me if it fits in with my eating plan. I like drinking the bone broth and taking the collagen. The broth is now a late afternoon choice for me in place of a meal.

  18. Congratulations Pam! You do look fantastic and healthy and happy ! I applaud your efforts. My own 12 pound drop in weight unfortunately is because of celiac disease. No pastries, pizza or delicious whole grain breads from the French bakery or the Little Italian market. That will do it! Like you I’m eating lean protein , vegetables and fruits and berries. Gluten free products I’ve tried are not very appealing so I just skip them and eat frozen yogurt it gelato in favors without add-ins as a treat.

  19. I am so sorry that you struggle with this, Paulette but sounds like you have discovered the right food decisions to make. Stay healthy, friend!

  20. As always, thank you for brightening up my Sunday! Like you, I got completely off track with my eating during December when I had flu and then several weeks of pneumonia. I did lose eight pounds and ten inches, but my physical therapist says much of that was a loss of muscle tissue – not good! I’m still having trouble tasting my foods and the only things that taste good are bad for me, so the struggle is real. But I have returned to my weekly Sunday morning weigh-in and measuring habit, and was pleased that I have dropped another two pounds. My goal is four more, but I also need to focus on restoring muscle mass, strength and flexibility. Thank you for the positive inspiration you continue to be. I love your pine cone decor and use a lot of them in my post-holiday mantle and dining room decor. When my daughter got married her florist taught me a great trick with them. Cover them in spray glue and then dust them with Diamond Dust, a ground glass you can order online. Makes them look like they were outside when frost fell, and it is pretty durable if you handle them carefully. Blessings to you as we begin another week!

  21. Congratulations Pam
    I am a WW life time member. Every time a few pounds show up, back to know what I should do and they come off. We follow the simple breakfast, protein and vegetables for lunch, with a small dessert (my husband’s reward). Then eat before 5 something very minimal. The weight has stayed off for years.
    So excited for you as MOG. It will be so special all the activities.

  22. Blessings to you…one reason, among many, I returned to the gym is muscle…need to get it back!

  23. Bravo on your success; healthy is a great goal! It really is a lifelong lifestyle change and you’re approaching it as a maintainable way of eating

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