How to wear green for spring 2023

wear green for spring

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  Today, let’s look at how to wear green for spring 2023.

Even if you are watching snow fall, I bet spring is on your mind and green is one of the power colors for spring 2023

And, we all know that St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner.

So, let’s look at all of the ways you can wear green for spring…and there are many.

Breathe deep, sit back and enjoy a little blooming fun.


how to wear green for spring

Of course, the most obvious way to wear green for spring is in our clothing.

Today, I am wearing green from Chico’s.

This is the No-Iron Stretch Shirt in Jardin Green.  I originally wore it here in Chrysathemum.  I liked the shirt so much, I recently picked up this lovely spring green.

I paired it with the Single Fray Ankle Jeans in Sea Salt.

Chico’s is one of many retailers showing how to wear green for spring.  Here are more styles:

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Perhaps these brands can give you some ideas of how to discover difficult ways to wear green for spring…designs and shades can vary.


how to wear green for spring

Of course, on all of the brands above, there are beautiful green accessories from jewelry to handbags to purses.

I recently found this beautiful emerald green Brahmin cross body bag at Dillard’s on sale…and it was a day I could shop with a savings coupon.

It can be worn as a cross body or with a lovely gold chain strap to convert to a handbag.

I love Brahmin bags…and I was immediately attracted to this color. 

It is a bit larger than my other cross body bags with more room and an outside space for my phone.

Now, here is a slideshow with green accessories:


wear green for spring

Wearing this green French manicure around town has been so much fun.

I realize it is a bold move…but why not?  I have been stopped by women and men to ask about it.

wear green for spring

Nails are another way to wear green for spring!  My nail tech recently received these gorgeous greens for spring by Apres.

So, we decided to have some fun!

wear green for spring

We also put green on my toes!

I also think this Orly Breathable Island Hopping Collection is pretty…it is at Ulta.

wear green for spring

This Isn’t really green…but the green attracted me to the jar.

While at a beauty counter, I sampled this Origins Ginger Souffle Body Cream…and I think it is the best aroma of any body cream I have sampled in a long time.

If you are looking for a refreshing aroma and silky body cream…this is now on a wish list for me.

Thank you for joining me today for How to wear green for spring 2023!  If you have any other ideas for this color, please share.  More colors will be on the horizon soon.

I so appreciate your support…shopping with you for early spring has been so much fun….see you tomorrow…and please…


By Pamela Lutrell

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how to wear green in spring


  1. Spring is definitely here in South Georgia whether the calendar says so or not! I just figure we will still have more cold weather, but the lovely Spring colors outside and in clothing are uplifting. Greens can be tricky however, just like reds. Is the green a blue-green or a yellow-green which have different effects with one’s coloring. Your Brahmin purse is so colorful, and will serve you well for years. And your outfit today is definitely projecting Springtime…lovely. I used to say that green was my favorite color but if you look at my wardrobe, you would not think I’m drawn to it. However, I will find my few items and wear them soon.

  2. I think any shade of green always looks phenomenal on you, and today’s outfit is no exception. I join you in your love for Brahmin bags. They are not just beautiful, they wear like iron. I have had some for 20 years, and they still look almost new. Accessories like that feel like a splurge, but not if carefully chosen and worn for decades.

  3. I agree with Celia, green is tricky! Like so many colors though, there seems to be a green for everyone, you just have to know what compliments your own skin tone. Your shirt is a pretty, fresh color for spring. My best greens are teal and forest green, even moreso with my natural hair color. Accessories are definitely a good way to “wear” green. I think this time of the year we’re all in the mood for some spring!

  4. I was so happy to find that bag in a crossbody! It is lovely! They do make beautiful bags!

  5. Spring is in San Antonio! Grass is green and trees blooming. I am going to put winter clothing away soon!

  6. Very pretty green shirt, and I like it paired with the cream jeans. I love green and have had a favorite evergreen sweater on frequent rotation this winter, and one of my favorite earrings is a pair of gold hoops with a mottled cream and medium green jade dangle. Happy to see lots of green for springtime shopping, so I will circle back to enjoy your roundup later today. 😊

  7. There is something so lovely about a rich cream color and beautiful green…it captivates me every time. Thanks Connie!

  8. Currently wearing warm sweaters as its in the 30s again. Our weather is up and down but few days of February have gone downhill with storms this week. I am wearing green- but it’s a dark forest green with gold buttons along a sleeve.
    I’m rather loving the elbow length puff sleeve tees in a true spring green. Yummy. Waiting for a real spring explosion of color here.

  9. Enjoyed the green choices. Not a color I normally wear, but have it in many tones in my home. Origins Ginger Souffle has been my go to scent for years. I love it!! Though I tend to use it in the fall/winter months. I’ll try it for spring since we are in a cold snap in California….I’ll check out a green top……thanks for wonderful blogs..makes my morning

  10. Interesting as a dark autumn, (some organizations call it a blue autumn), I do have a share of blues, but I love greens- teal greens, pine greens, olive greens, yellow greens. I am always looking for greens and love pairing them with unusual colors. I just ordered pistachio Charix shoes and have my fingers crossed. Love the Brahmin bag. I have had quite a few of their cross bodies. Excellent quality. I can’t wait to see what you offered us in today’s blog. Your nails are fun! I may be too classic in my natural classic nature to try that, but I love them on you! One never knows, you seem to have a way to nudge some of us out of our box! Thank you.

  11. You are so welcome, Nancy. When I smelled the Ginger Souffle, I thought that it was perfect for spring and summer…it is so refreshing. I can see why it is go to for you! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Sometimes it is a fun out of the box. I was afaid I would want to change the color the next day after we did this…but I love it and have enjoyed wearing the nails this way. It’s fun! Thanks for being here Deborah.

  13. I am definitely on the blue green side when it comes to tops. I do wear olive green on the bottom & consider it a neutral. I bought a shamrock printed scarf on the clearance rack a few years ago & pull it out on St. Patrick’s Day. Your green French manicure is a really fun look.

  14. I also consider that olive shade a neutral…it does go with anything. Thanks for mentioning that, Becky!

  15. I’m wearing a very similiar Chicos green blouse to a couples lunch tomorrow. The light pants and green blouse look great on you but think I’m going to wear my black Briggite ankle length pants. I love the Brahmin bag but will have to opt for a medium size black leather .. or off white handbag. Shoes will either be Bzees slip ons with a black patent detail or Franco Sarto loafers with a creamy almost yellow upper and black sole. If I choose the Bzees all black shoes, I do have a nice leather bright tan/butterscotch bag.

  16. Snow today, snow Friday and last week it was 6 above so warm sweaters and flannel shirts are my attire right now. I must say, Pam, I’m I’m finding your updated fun, and joie de vie approach to the clothes you chose so interesting…always makes me smile. While I’m not your color palette your post always gives me ideas. Love the nails!

  17. Thanks for asking Nancy. He is better but is missing Mr. B during the day. At least he is perkier than he was last week!

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