Women over 50 can get thicker, fuller hair without using drugs or hormones

women can get thicker fuller hair


Hello friends, after blogging for 12 years, I know that many of you are struggling with hair loss which often accelerates with aging.

This is a sponsored post which I believe is important information for those of you who face this issue. 

I was impressed with what this brand shared with me and truly hope this to be an answer for so many of you.


women can get thicker, fuller hair


Leading up to and after menopause, women’s hormones change quite rapidly.

These changes cause an imbalance between the female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) and the male hormones (testosterone and DHT).

This imbalance of hormones can cause hair thinning for many women over 50.

Nutritional deficiencies, stress and aging can also contribute to hair thinning.

I completely understand that losing hair is a traumatic experience for women. It can affect their self-confidence and identity.

I know it would affect me if I was experiencing the problem.

If you’ve previously tried hair loss treatments before with little success, then make sure to read to the very end of this post and see what you think.


women can get thicker, fuller hair

In the last 10 years, there have been countless companies making hair supplements and serums with wild claims.

If you’ve tried these products before, you know many of them don’t work.

To really regrow thicker and fuller hair, FullyVital is betting on stimulating hair follicles in multiple ways for women over 50.

They have created a new hair growth system that is helping hundreds of women over 50 regrow thicker, fuller hair naturally.

The system is 100% natural and vegan. It contains no fillers, additives or chemicals.


women can get thicker, fuller hair

They have created a four-step plan to stimulate and wake up dormant hair follicles, causing them to start growing again for women to get thicker, fuller hair.

Introducing FullyVital Hair Growth System (100% Natural & Vegan)

The founders of FullyVital hair growth products realized that they needed a more powerful way to stimulate hair growth.

After two years of research with scientists, physicians and formulators, they launched four products to stimulate the hair follicles in 4 different ways.

The combined stimulation nudges tired hair follicles to start growing hair again.

Women over 50 have reported healthy hair in just 3 months after using their four-step system.

The products are vegan and 100% natural.


The four step plan components of the FullyVital Hair Growth System include:

women can get thicker , fuller hair


STEP ONE: Enhance Hair Growth Supplement 

This supplement packs 26 powerful hair-growing natural superfoods like saw palmetto, ashwagandha, biotin and turmeric. 

These superfoods balance hormones, stress and contain antioxidants to boost healthy hair. 

FullyVital supplement contains a unique blend of ingredients to give your body what it needs to grow thick hair again.

serum for thicker hair


STEP TWO: Enhance Hair Growth Serum 

The non-greasy scalp contains potent plant-based ingredients proven to stop hair loss and stimulate thicker, fuller hair growth. 

You can feel good about using vegan and natural ingredients that increase ATP in cells. 

ATP provides energy to all living cells and helps stimulate hair growth in the follicles. 

The serum is a leave-in product. Apply it at night, and it will be dry by the morning. 

You don’t need to wash it out of your hair daily.

women can get thicker fuller hair

STEP THREE: Goldilocks Thickening Hairbrush

Our 100% natural bamboo hairbrush gently stimulates the scalp with every stroke.

The flexible bamboo bristles improve circulation and promote thicker hair but won’t pull out healthy hair.

Brushing also removes old strands and makes your scalp ready to grow new hair.

women can get thicket, fuller hair


STEP FOUR: Gold & Grow Roller

This hair stimulation roller has micro-points that re-activate the hair follicles to start growing new hair. 

It increases circulation but will not damage your scalp. 

Simply roll it over the thinning areas of your scalp. It has tiny points that stimulate the release of growth factors in the follicles for new hair growth.

You only roll over the affected areas for a minute or two just twice a week.

It’s recommended to use FullyVital products for at least 90 days. The good news is that the company offers a 120-day money back guarantee.

MORE GOOD NEWS:  The readers of this blog will receive a 15% OFF COUPON with the code PAMOVER50.

If you’re interested, click this link and get FullyVital hair growth products.

The company says that most women see great results in 75 days with consistent use.

Why Fully Vital Hair Growth Products Were Created

women can get thicket, fuller hair

FullyVital’s founder, Faraz Khan, inherited the gift of hair loss from his mother. While his father’s side of the family had fantastic hair, all of his uncles on his mother’s side of the family had significant hair loss. 

He watched his mother struggle in silence with thinning hair and knows how difficult this is for women over 50.

So, Faraz embarked on a long journey to create products that were natural, vegan and that would be safe for his family to use.

Faraz and the FullyVital team worked with world class chemists and formulators in California to bring these products to market in 2021 after years of research and study.

He encourages any of you considering his products to give this at least three months to see results and he offers a three-month bundle in order to make it easier.

If you would like to get thicker, fuller hair, then make sure to check out the FullyVital Hair Growth system and start your hair wellness journey.

He is going to be watching the comments on this post, so feel free to ask any questions you have.  He truly has a heart to help women Over 50 Get Thicker, Fuller Hair Without Using Drugs or Hormones and hopes we can learn from each other.

He may be the one to directly answer your questions here.  I know this is not something I directly struggle with, but I have so many friends who do that I wanted to share these new products with a desire to help.

As always, I encourage you to speak with your personal physician to gain their advice as well.

Thanks for joining in today…and, as always….



Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post.


Frequently Asked Questions About FullyVital Products

 Q: How long does it take to see results?

A: The four step FullyVital system stimulates tired hair follicles in 4 different ways to wake them up. Most women see results in as early as 75 days.

Q: Do I need to use the full system? Can I just use the supplement or serum?

Our supplement balances hormones, stress and provides you with hair healthy nutrients to stimulate thicker, fuller hair. Our serum, hairbrush and roller work from the outside to regrow thicker, fuller and stronger hair. Using 4 products instead of one gives your hair follicles an extra boost to start growing again.

Q: Will the serum make my hair oily or greasy?

Our serum is light-weight and water-based, which means that it dries off completely by the following morning. You don’t need to change your shampoo schedule.

Q: Does the roller hurt?

A: The roller hurts a tiny bit the first couple of times you use it. After that, you get used to it and the pain is gone.

Q: If your products don’t work for me, can I return them?

A: Yes, you have 120-days to return our products. You can start the return process simply by emailing us at support at fullyvital.com

Q: Won’t brushing my hair cause more hair loss?

A: Most women experience slightly increased shedding for 3-4 weeks after starting our system. But there is no reason to worry, these are old disconnected hair follicles leaving, so they can make space for new hair to grow.

Brushing your hair increases circulation to your hair follicles. Circulation brings more blood flow and nutrients to your scalp. When you combine the brushing with our full system, you get great benefits.


  1. What a timely post! I have had thin hair all of my life, but now, past the age of 70, it is more pronounced. I’m saving this because at this time I simply can’t afford it, but will definitely consider it when the budget allows

  2. Pam, hair loss is such a complicated problem — and there are no magic solutions. There are some clinically-proven products and meds that do help — refer to relatively recent news about low-dose oral minoxidil. Where are the proof points for this product? Has it been tested by this company or a third party? How many women were studied to support the statement that “most women see results in … 75 days”? (What percentage of what sized group is “most women”? 51% is most women, right?). Has any organization certified the system or any component? Does the product claim to work for hair loss from causes other than ageing or stress? In my view, the roller and brush are simply add-ons to round out the “system” concept. There are other products making similar claims: how is this different? To get unbiased information, talk to your doctor and dermatologist.

  3. To those worried about cost — your medical insurance will cover visits to a dermatologist. If there’s a medical reason for the hair loss, those meds are generally covered as well. Rogaine, etc. are not covered by insurance typically.

  4. Hi Rhoda,
    While we recommend a 3-month bundle usually, you can start your journey back to healthy hair with just our supplement. That is more cost effective.

    Over time, you can add the other components to see even greater results.

    God bless.

  5. Hi Maeve, wonderful questions. Let me answer them.

    1. We use 100% natural and vegan products to avoid any risk of side effects. While low dose oral minoxidil can work, I have personally used it (I had fast heartbeats, edema in my ankles and sleepless nights). Sometimes medications come with side effects, we want to keep our products natural.

    2. We are a small company, we haven’t had a chance to do a full blown study, which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. To make it completely risk free for women to try out our products, we offer a 120-day money-back guarantee, which 99% of other companies don’t do. With this policy, if we were not getting good results, we would be out of business very soon.

    3. We get about 5% returns of our products. Out of those, 3% are from women that did not have results. 2% are from women who were too busy, or they were starting a new medication with their doc, or were about to start traveling or something personal. We talk to every women who returns our products in great detail to see how we can improve our products even more.

    4. How is this different: Our system works in 4 different ways to stimulate your hair follicles to wake them up and start growing again. Brushing your scalp vigorously brings a lot of blood flow which brings oxygen and other nutrients for thicker hair. It also removes build-up from your scalp so your follicles can breathe better. The roller has been proven in scientific studies to regrow new hair (which were previously “gone”.). So we created a 4-part system using a lot of thought, not just to round out the system :).

    5. Has any organization certified it: All of our products are 100% natural, clean and vegan. They contain no drugs, hormones, fillers, binders, or fragrance of any kind. All of our raw materials are tested for heavy metals and impurities before we create the formulation batches.

    6. Does it target other causes than ageing and stress: Our system works to balance hormones, supports thyroid function, supports healthy blood flow, provides 26 superfoods that are hair healthy, targets stress, supports healthy inflammation and oxidative stress. We go after more pathways related to hair thinning than any other company.

    7. Talk to doctor or dermatologist: Has any woman that you know fixed their hair loss and gotten healthier hair by talking to their doctor and dermatologist :)? The docs are too busy seeing dozens of patients a day to learn about advancements in hair science, and the dermatologists are quite busy with botox and fillers :).

    8. You can see testimonials of real women, not paid influencers, on our results page here: https://fullyvital.com/pages/hair-growth-results

    Hope that answers your excellent questions! Let me know if you have any more.

  6. You have beautiful hair. It is such a sad thing that as women much of our confidence comes from our appearance and hair plays a big part. As someone who has struggled with fine hair my entire life and spent countless dollars on every gimmick or product making these types of claims I can tell you that there is nothing that will bring back a hair follicle once it is gone. Hair follicles do go dormant but that is a normal cycle and they will come out of dormancy on their own. It is sad that people prey on the insecurity of some to make money. I would urge that if you do not have a personal knowledge of a product and its effectiveness, please do not promote it.

  7. Jeanine, the reason I decided to put this option out there was after an interview with Faraz. I am not saying I know it works…which of course I do not..but I believe in informing women of options to research on their own when I hear of something that makes sense to me.


  9. There is a link in the post with testimonials if that helps Esther. I do not personally know anyone. I am only giving the information I was given so that you can do the research and see the information he is providing.

  10. I notice that the supplement contains Biotin. Taking Biotin can affect results of thyroid tests and should be discontinued for a period of time before blood tests for thyroid hormones. Use a search engine to find more information from reputable medical establishments.

  11. I always encourage readers,to talk to their medical professionals before doing anything. I would trust a doctor more than a search engine. So thank you for bringing the topic up for others to discuss with their doctors.

  12. Hello Elle,
    You’re right – biotin can affect thyroid results. We ask women to stop taking biotin for 48 hours before getting a thyroid exam.

    But Biotin is important for healthy hair – which is why our supplement and almost all hair supplements contain biotin.

  13. Hi, Faraz. Thanks for the response, but there are inaccuracies. Something can be natural and vegan but still have risks (e.g., allergic reactions). Ashwagandha, for example, has many benefits but also should not be taken by pregnant women or those with certain diseases. Fair enough that you haven’t yet done studies, but that precludes you from making specific claims about effectiveness other than via testimonials. I’m sure the product has helped women, but what does “supports thyroid function” mean? How does your understanding of hair science apply to those with Graves or Hashimoto’s? Also, I think your statement about doctors is unwarranted — and you cite doctors as backup for your product on your website. I can tell you from personal experience with the hair team at a renowned hospital, that there are doctors dedicated to hair science. I can also assure you that my doctors are interested in hair issues. So, yes, I have gotten healthier hair by working with them. As I said to Pam upfront, hair loss is a complicated issue.

  14. Pamela, thanks for sharing something you felt could be of benefit to your readers. I am not dealing with this issue, but know others who are. You have such great hair – what a blessing that is!

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