Mother-of-the-Groom Journey: The Formal Wedding Dress


Happy Monday, friends!  Our discussions lately have been awesome so let’s keep it going with the Mother-of-the-Groom Journey: The Formal Wedding Dress.

I am doing two things in today’s post.

I have a contender for the formal wedding dress, and I also want to discuss what shopping for this event means to me.

It is on a deeper level than the event…though that is super special.

You ladies have made this so much fun and I really like shopping with you here.

So, let’s get going…there is much to show and say…

Mother-of-the-Groom Journey: The Formal Wedding Dress


The lovely bride-to-be has given me permission to share her inspiration board with you.

These are the colors for the decorations and for bridesmaid dresses.

Her mother is wearing a coral that has more pink than orange in it….and it is a print.

These sweet ladies are not placing a lot of rules on anyone…you do not have to specifically wear this or that.

The biggest rule is for males to wear the traditional black and white tuxedo.

It is a formal evening wedding dictating the need for a formal wedding dress.


As you know, I have already looked at a ton of mother-of-the-groom formal wedding dresses.

Then, working with my Nordstrom stylist, I tried on this one and consider it a major contender for THE DRESS.

I am here in the Nordstrom dressing room with my stylist Julie to look over this formal wedding dress.

This is the Kay Unger Coco Gown and it checks several boxes for me.

  1. The colors go nicely with this wedding and look good on me.
  2. It is lightweight and I do not believe I will be hot in it for a wedding that begins summer.
  3. It has sleeves.
  4. It fits well and will fit even better as I continue my weight loss program.  It is a little tight in the middle, but I am working hard on that area. I will need it to have some room so I can dance with confidence.
  5. It does not look like prom dress!  I decided no tulle or sequins for me.
  6. It is a good length and will work well with flats.

Here are the other Kay Unger gowns currently at Nordstrom.

OK, girls…what do you think of this one for this mother-of-the-groom?  A contender or not?

Mother-of-the-Groom Journey: The Formal Wedding Dress & ALL WEDDING DECISIONS



As you ponder the mother-of-the-groom formal wedding dress option…allow me to go a little deeper.

All of you have been so great to give me ideas and ask questions which are food for thought. 

Linlee was wondering why I did not just shop my closet for the events around the wedding.

This one question has been on mind often since she asked it, and I think the answer goes deeper than the wedding itself. 

I am going to do my best to verbalize my “ponderings” here.

Let’s go all the way back to my childhood.


Though she came from a low- income family, my mother did like to dress nice and was very inventive with how she dressed both of us.

She learned to sew and most of my clothes were homemade.

As I got into my teen years, I desired store bought clothing and at age 16 went to work in a local boutique…called Skibell’s.

That is where I learned about fashion and style, and it set a fire in me that is still there today.

I loved the beauty and creativity of fashion…it took me in my dreams to worlds and a life way past my West Texas home.

My “fashion” journey has been one of ups and downs and self-revelations.

I believe many here have been experiencing fashion revelations since the pandemic.

More retired earlier than expected and navigating that world between looking our best and dressing more casually has been a rocky one.


I know for me it has been interesting to come home to work and to leave my professional life at the office.

Since that happened, I did a closet purge to only include my best colors…then a closet purge to sell clothing for events I no longer attend and the more professional wear.

At the end of 2022, I found myself feeling physically bad and maybe that tainted the way I looked at my style…those last few months of wearing mostly very casual clothing, my style was uninspired.

Also, because of the poor state of the American economy, I began to focus on shopping what I call more affordable clothing lines …to make sure I was showing you the options out there at places such as JCP, Target and Walmart.

Mr. B and I lead a modest middle-income life.

I am not one of those bloggers who are constantly showing you their lavish lifestyle and traveling often to far and wide places. 

I am the everyday woman in suburbia who takes an affordable trip every now and then, and hopefully inspires you to live it alongside me with joy.

Without a workplace to go to every day and without those far and wide places to constantly travel to, there was nothing on the calendar to excite me once again about fashion…until the wedding announcement!


Of course, I want to look great for the two families and the couple, but this is also about ME.

The idea was fearful at first, but now has been such a spark for me.  A new enjoyment of shopping for ME…remember the Loreal slogan, “because I am worth it?”

I decided to take money saved from selling old clothing to buy new clothing and not worry about the costs.  Of course, I am being prudent…you will not see me in Gucci…but I am also going back to some trusted brands where I do pay more for the clothing.

And I cannot leave out my weight loss road, and I want clothing that reflects this new reality for me.  And that has meant more dresses.

I love wearing them again and feel confident in them.  This event will be a hot time of year, so dresses just make good sense for all of it.


For the events, I am attempting to make selections that I will wear often (except maybe the mother-of-the-groom formal wedding dress) and can be worn in different ways.

I want to speak my adjectives…be confident…vibrant and full of life and joy…smiling through it all.

This has meant so far that I do a lot of buying online and then returning if it doesn’t work.  I have returned much more than I have purchased so far. (Returns at Dillard’s and Nordstrom are very easy to do)

For the first time in a long time, I will be going to a tailor to make sure the fit is just right.

And you know what?  I do not want this enthusiasm for my style to leave when the wedding is over.

I want to continue occasionally treating myself at one of the better brands and bring the joy of looking my best for everyday home with me when I get off the dance floor.

This is the way shopping later in life should be…our special occasions get fewer, and the opportunities get smaller…so let’s all treat our lives as one big SPECIAL OCCASION and enjoy each and every moment….wearing our own unique style.

Because We Are Worth It and life quickly flies by.

I want more moments feeling this way and fewer moments pulling from the uninspired pile.

This coming weekend, I have another closet purge in mind…some of the “uninspired” needs to go away.

Thanks for being here!  Please comment on any of this….especially “The Dress.”  Tomorrow I talk shoes which is a big topic for every day and for wedding time.

I hope you will continue to join in. 


By Pamela Lutrell


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Mother of the groom



  1. Hi Pam! The dress is lovely, and the lines are very flattering on you. Congrats on your weight loss; you look great! My one concern about the dress is the large, flower-like pattern. It’s not my style, but perhaps it is yours. My personal preference would be to go with a more refined look. But that’s just me! Good luck in your shopping.


  2. Hi Carole! Thanks for joining in. My style adjectives lean more toward something like this than an all neutral style. But I still have an open mind as long as the dress is me.

  3. Now THIS is a DRESS! Very flattering neckline and color Pam! The print is so lovely and says spring! You must get this dress! 😃 You can’t go wrong! If you find down the road, you don’t need a formal long length, this would make a darling knee length for church, tea with the ladies, or a less formal wedding event. I love this one on you!
    Could you share how/where you sell old clothing? I’m overrun with still very good condition name brand clothes, but I just no longer wear them. Thanks!
    P.S. I love this dress for you! 💗 You look fabulous!

  4. Thanks Betty…your comment got me excited. I work with a friend who has an online resale shop on ebay. She and I split profits on my clothing and it really helps me to have her do this…instead of me worrying about all of the details. It has been very successful so I think there are many resale shoppers on eBay. You might start there. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Huge YES for this dress. You look modern, sophisticated, appropriate, and more important happy in this dress. Get it!

  6. Thanks Patsy! It is hanging at my house while I ponder it…and it just may be THE DRESS.

  7. A very definite contender! One of the things that I like about it is that open neckline. It’s very flattering to show that neck/chest area and too often you pave over it with scarves and tops that cover you from the neck down almost like a tablecloth. The coral shirt you wore the other day with the vertical buttons and the open neck was so flattering, as is the neckline on this beautiful dress. That neckline also automatically lifts the eye from your middle to your face area and I wouldn’t have even looked at the midriff if you hadn’t specifically called attention to it. continue to have fun with this………..

  8. Hi Pam: Normally I read the posts and don’t comment however, I think this is such an important occasion I will express my opinion for whatever it is worth. This dress is lovely on you and you look fantastic BUT it has been my experience for wedding pictures, which will be looked at over and over for years, a solid color, no print, translates better. Prints tend to date you over a period of time and they don’t look as good in the pictures. The style is lovely and suits you , maybe they can find it in a solid color? Just my opinion. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  9. Love the dress. Very flattering and I can see it cut shorter after the wedding to get wear out of it. Enjoy your journey. You are speaking to my heart. 🙂

  10. I like this one. It shows you’re staying fit, without being too tight. And it’s bold without being over the top for the occasion.

  11. I love that dress on you, and it appears you do too! Go with what makes you happy & feels good. I have been working from home since the start of the pandemic & will continue to do so until I retire in a couple of years. I have felt many of the same things you describe with respect to clothes ( including color analysis & the weight loss journey). I’ve purged a lot & continue to do so. I recently bought some pieces I love that fit my own adjectives (& are better brands than what I have been wearing). I am excited about wearing them, & about getting dressed in general.

  12. I think it is a wonderful dress and very flattering on you. The wide neckline is beautiful and balances the lower body. The sleeve length with the high waist line is good. The print is youthful and fun but not too loud because the contrast between the prints is not stark. It’s a keeper in my book.

  13. You look great in that dress, Pamela! At first, I thought, well, I love the lines and the fit, but perhaps a solid color might be better. But, the more I looked at it, I think it’s just right! And, as you know, the colors are very flattering to you. And I love your philosophy about fashion and treating yourself once in awhile. I’ve been retired for almost 10 years now, but I still add color and accessories & great jewelry, bags and shoes to my mostly jeans-based outfits. And we love to travel, mostly cruises, so it’s fun to have some beautiful dresses to wear on “dress-up” nights or to the fancy restaurants onboard. I think you’ve found a winner in that gorgeous dress! Looking forward to seeing some fabulous shoes tomorrow.

  14. I love the style of the dress but not the print. I agree with Deborah that a solid color would be more flattering.

  15. I like this dress on you. The colours are flattering and the neckline looks great ( it is one of my favourite neckline styles). I think it is a strong contender.

  16. Pam, you look STUNNING in that dress. Yes this is an occasion where going into the closet to rewear something is not an option. You must feel special as well, this is your baby who is moving on, and we can tell you are so proud. All your hard work to lose the weight is really paying off. It would take a really special gown to beat this one.

  17. I really like this dress. You do look very nice in it. I agree sometimes we need something special to pull us out of one direction and into another.

  18. I think it’s beautiful and perfect.

    A woman should never have to justify a new dress to celebrate with her child at his wedding. 🙂

  19. I’ve just been through this and know how difficult it can be. I think I returned 100 dresses to Nordstroms and Dillards. It was a herculean task – to find THE DRESS. The neckline is pretty on you but like Carole, above, I also think something more subdued would be prettier on you. Also, based on your future DIL’s inspiration board, it seems to work with the wedding cake design and colors. Whatever you choose, once your hair and makeup are done and jewelry is on….you’ll look beautiful.

  20. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    Marine blue and jade? An autumn’s dream. ✅
    Sleeves? Unbelievable!✅
    Not a prom dress. ✅
    Super fit! You have done a fab job with WW! ✅
    Happy and confident in it? Look at the smile on your face. If you had simply asked what we readers thought, I would have listed all the comments that You made about it. It is not fussy, not predictable. It speaks to your adjectives. I sure hope that this gorgeous dress is hanging in your closet.

  21. Pam, it looks lovely on you! Like Carole, I wouldn’t wear large flowers, but I think they suit your style. And, in the future, you can tailor it for tea length, or knee length, to get more use per wear. I can see it as a day dress, or date night dress, also, once it is shortened.
    I often have clothes altered. As a “pear”, most off the rack is too big in the waist if the hips fit. I recently had about 20 pairs of pants tailored after weight loss. I love the fit and feel of my “new” pants, and my husband also loves how they now look. I’ve also skirts and dresses tailored in the past. Tailoring is a terrific way to extend the life of our clothes to fit our unique bodies.
    Your heart will make the decision for you in finding the perfect dress. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  22. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. The lines and the color are both spot on!!! But BEST of all is the look on your face!!!! Your fashion sense shines thru that smile!!! You might have found the dress!!! And I also enjoyed your fashion story, It makes me reflect on my own… You are correct that we are worth it and times does fly by. Enjoy the hunt for the wedding. I am excited to be on the journey with you thru the blog!

  23. I love the way you look in this dress! The portrait neckline is so flattering, and the waistline shows off your figure. I would prefer a solid color dress in this same style for me, but you often wear even bolder prints so this speaks to who you are.
    I do have a question—does the dress size really stop at an 8, or does this brand run large?

  24. Yes, this dress is a contender. You look so lovely and it is very flattering. I agree it’s worth it to splurge a little on a grand occasion like this!

  25. I truly like the portrait neckline and find that to be flattering. Nice that no one is dictating a certain color or style. I’m kind of in the solid-color camp, but this almost reads that way. I was just thinking, with the bride’s mother in brighter colors, will this be a little dark… I do understand that formal evening weddings compliment darker colors, so maybe yours is a better choice than bright colors would be in the evening. No matter, it’s what you feel is YOU, because we are all different. I had purchased a beautiful toile dress for my son and daughter-in-law’s beach wedding and ended up wearing my JJill Wearever shift dress because one day it just hit me that it felt more like me. And it was even black! Most guests turned up in black and white, and the contrast with the ocean and the sand was striking, so it definitely worked out. It’s all about what feels most like “us!”

  26. You look stunning in this dress! I love the waist and the shawl collar; it accentuates your weight loss and excellent posture. It’s important to go along with the bride & groom’s theme & I think this fits perfectly. There are events in our lives where a special garment is necessary & the process of selecting the clothing helps us prepare mentally for the special day. The suggestion you may one day cut the dress down so you can wear it again should not even enter your mind!! You and the mother of the bride are the second most important women in the room; the bride being the first but you two brought this wonderful couple into the world and will be celebrated and acknowledged as well.

  27. You look LOVELY! I didn’t get a chance to shop for Mother of the Groom. My only son got married overseas smack dab in the middle of Covid. It was a Zoom wedding….if you can believe it… So you enjoy and cherish your journey while shopping for this milestone.

  28. Hi Friends in the SOLID COLOR CAMP…I want you to know that I hear and understand what you are saying. I will keep looking for that solid color, but it must check the boxes as this one did. The most important thing for me in the pictures is that I am smiling confidently, so the dress must be one that produces that! I am so excited for my family to be in this wedding that I know that alone will make me smile!!

  29. I agree! The look on your face is wonderful. The dress is beautiful, the neckline so flattering. I appreciate all your time and work for those of us on a budget plus living in a small town where fashion is a little less formal. (Working in a small rural school its more casual)

  30. I will continue to do so, Missy. We all have different needs and the many options make fashion fun on any budget. Don’t worry…that is not going away!

  31. The dress is lovely on you. Interesting that both dresses you’ve chosen are in the cool “summer” pallet (mint green, and this one in French blue and light jade green). I was wondering if you will change your accessories to cool tones to complement these colors and if you will change your eye glasses as they will look too “heavy” especially with the mint green dress. Accessories always seem to be an issue when we purchase outside our color pallet.

  32. A definite contender, as your face & bearing tell us.

    Another plus: the neckline gives space to show off the necklaces you like to wear.

  33. Wow! That dress is stunning! The color combination is eye catching, but very sophisticated. This is not a “safe” dress, but rather a garment that says the wearer is proud of herself and confident. And then, there is your current post. How thought provoking and and well said. I continue to find something in each of your posts that speak to me and my personal journey, not just about fashion and shopping, but for my life and state of being. Thanks!

  34. Well, no on the eyeglasses…they are very expensive and I have not budgeted for a lighter pair. The summer pallet is really to match the event and time of year more than me. I am looking at light gold, but not silver accessories. No reason to go silver since I do not wear it. I am in process of shoe shopping.

  35. What others think is not relevant at all!! If you like it and it feels good then go for it. Not everybody’s style is the same. When my son got married, I found asking the bride, MOB, Daughter, got me the most honest answers. There was also no dictate as to the color anyone wore, but looking back at pictures we would have photographed better if both MOB and MOG wore colors in the same hue ( one bold and one lighter-did not translate to good pictures). Go with what you feel best in!!! Confidence and smile make everyone look good.

  36. Honestly, for the first time in a long time, I am not driven to accessorize this dress the way I usually do. If I wear a necklace it would be small. No bracelet…perhaps some small clip on earrings since my ear is torn. But, I do not want anything on my arms since I will be helping with grandchildren…and hopefully dancing the night away. I like this neckline so much that I am not sure right now about a necklace if this is indeed the dress.

  37. I like the shape of the dress, the neckline and the colours. I’m not too keen on elbow length sleeves – I think slight shorter or maybe three-quarter length would be better. I too have problems with the pattern but it is not the size of the flowers that concerns me it is the amount of empty space between the flowers; it just does not look properly balanced. On her blog Jennifer is tried on a patterned dress belonging to Tania where I think that the pattern layout is much better – the flowers are big but closer together. I am not suggesting that this is a mother of the groom dress just mention it to illustrate what I mean about the pattern layout

  38. I hear what you are saying Audrey. The dress Jennifer has on is not a contender for this event. Is the pattern a deal breaker for me in the dress I am wearing…I do not think so. But will keep your comment in mind.

  39. What a beautiful dress and you look great in it. The colors are just right for you. Thank you for sharing your journey for finding the dress. You could definitely shorten the dress for future occasions. The best always.

  40. PUT THAT DRESS IN THE CART! It is absolutely gorgeous and you look so happy in it! That’s a winner!! Your wedding is going to be stunning. Beautiful colors and decor. Such an exciting time.
    I totally understand where you are coming from. I wore hand me downs from my sister and cousin. Style wise, I was 8 years behind. Nothing fit exactly right growing up, and I was very self-conscious. In my early twenties, I developed my own style and w as able to afford clothes that reflected me. With menopause, a changing body, and retirement, I’ve lost my way. It takes time, patience and self love to rediscover yourself. Life is a journey isn’t it? Can’t wait til tomorrow, I love shoes. I wore those handme downs too as a child!

  41. Yes Yes Yes to this dress- it is a contender! It’s fabulous with it’s flattering neckline and sleeve. The colors are perfect too. I think you’ve got THE dress!
    Your story brought tears to my eyes. And you are definitely worth it!

  42. Pam, you look happy and confident in that dress. I think it is a BIG contender! And as for the print being a bit different I think we need to go back to a previous discussion about location influencing our fashion choices—this dress fits right in with the happy, exuberant culture that is San Antonio.

  43. You are such a good friend, Paulette, though we have never met. I hope someday we do. Thanks so much.

  44. I LOVE this dress on you. It is vibrant without being loud. The colors are wonderful on you. The style is perfect for you. I say buy it and enjoy it. You won’t steal the day from the bride but you will be remembered for your vibrant personality, bright smile, beauty and impeccable taste.

  45. It is hanging at my house, waiting for me to decide, Kat. Thanks so much…and thanks for sharing about your own childhood influences.

  46. I agree with Deborah. The dress is lovely and you look great in it but the print is overwhelming, the dress wears you. In the wedding photos it will shout out for attention. I believe you will feel better if you find a more elegant print or solid color.

  47. I know…I will look for one and see if it checks as many boxes as this one. The MOB is also wearing a bold print.

  48. There are occasions when we should, 100 percent, buy what we want from a better brand, and this is one. I too fortunately live a modest suburban lifestyle, and it just means that we prioritize. I usually buy better clothing, because I would rather own fewer pieces of higher quality. As for this dress, I think you are brave to show all these gowns and ask for critiques. That would -kill- my confidence walking down the aisle in whatever I chose. I honestly do not love this print, but if I were a guest at the wedding, I would think you looked appropriate and beautiful and uniquely you. I shudder to think what a dress designed by a committee would look like :):).

  49. The cut and fit of the dress are perfect!!!! My concern is that the colour and print may seem a little heavy come the end of May in very hot weather. I’d also consider how much the dress creases as there seems to be some in the front but it could just not have been pressed. I will admit I’m one to over think many things.

  50. Oh, I LOVE this dress on you! It has classic lines, it fits well, the colors are gorgeous, and the print is fabulous. I would never be able to pull off that bold print, but it suits you perfectly (I mean, the you I know from reading your blog the last few years).

  51. Charming dress in a sophisticated style. Colors are gorgeous and it looks GREAT on you. If MOB is wearing a floral print, you can too. In other words, the print fits the level of formality of the wedding. Big thumbs up from me.

  52. LOL! I like asking for opinions and my confidence is sound. I also have enjoyed some of the different styling advice. I am going for what is uniquely me and checking those boxes is so important…I might find the most perfect solid color gown, but if it is too hot, then it stays at the store. San Antonio is a VERY warm climate so that is a big box to check. Even if people do not like what I wear I will walk down that aisle on the arm of the groom (who is so handsome if I say so myself) with a smile and confidence!

  53. Beautiful colors and lovely, bold print . . .and that collar! GORGEOUS!! Your soon-to-be DIL has a stunning mood board: I absolutely L💗VE that creative cake, and all the herbs seem to convey a tenderness.

  54. It just came out of box. If I keep this one, it will be professionally pressed. This dress is so lightweight…I will not get hot in it like so many others I have tried on.

  55. Though it is not in a garden, she is bringing the garden-like atmosphere in a lovely way. She and my son have impeccable tastes.

  56. The style of the dress is very pretty on you. For me, I think the print is a little off and not sure how it will be in the photos. But if you love it, wear it!! You will look lovely if you wear what you

  57. When I opened your blog this morning and saw your smiling face in that dress, I did a little happy dance. THIS IS THE DRESS!! Search no more! It brings out all your joy. You are truly beautiful.

  58. Pam, what a life story and what a dress! I love that you have shared your approach, and the gown looks simply stunning on you. I think the greatest compliment that I can give you in this dress is that you have changed my approach to my own MOG dress. The MOB has chosen a sequined pants and tunic option, and it’s pretty and I am sure flattering on her. (I have never met her.) I have been trying to fit in with her, but I am not really a sequins and beads person — and the dresses are so heavy on my little frame. Your dress is gorgeous, and you look joyful. I have to pick a solid color, but Kay Unger has some other gowns that might work. I want to look joyful too.,

  59. I say yes to this dress. It is so difficult to find that perfect one.. color, fit , etc. I usually wouldn’t go for a large print but these colors are soft and the fit and style are perfect. Love the neckline and sleeves. With the right jewelry you will look great!

  60. Pam, this is the dress!!! It is gorgeous and you look happy in it..You are wearing the dress, it’s not wearing you…..I think your journey for the dress is over…….

  61. Perfect! Of course, I love Kay Unger. My first job was at Skibells too. I was in Lubbock back then. I think you have a home run.

  62. I love that dress on you! The neckline is very flattering and the waistline shows off your weight loss. I think the pattern is very flattering. And the colors work perfectly for the spring wedding. It is in May right? My memory is not as good as it used to be! I looked at all the Kay Unger dresses and I think this one works best. I did like the purplish cascade ruffle dress, but I think this pattern and the colors and the neckline are better on this dress you are wearing! I too, had to wear hand me downs from my Grandmother in high school! I had to roll up the waist twice to get the length to look good on me. I was so self conscious about it! As soon as I got my job in high school, I began to spend it on new clothes! My first purchase was a pair of suede Capazio boots! So impractical in Ohio! lol. I have never stopped always buying nice clothes because of this! Okay, enough of me! I think you should buy this dress! You look FANTASTIC in it!

  63. Simply LOVE that dress on you. The colors, the fit and the design are beautiful! It is fun to watch your journey.

  64. That dress is perfect on you! The fit is flattering and the colors are perfect on you. I like it way better than the light green.
    You are one of the few fashion bloggers that I still read because mostly they show clothes that I can begin to afford. A splurge is nice once in awhile and I have not done it. Uninspired certainly describes my style right now. I appreciate that you show more adorable options.

  65. I’m a long time reader who has been enjoying your journey. The dress does look nice on you, but I am in the solid camp. A short version of your dress would scream well dressed wedding guest to me, but not mother of the bride. If you like it & feel confident in it, go for it.
    Congratulations on your weight loss, thanks for sharing your journey and good luck!

  66. This dress was made for you Pam! You look stunning! I think the style,print and colors are very flattering on you. This is a keeper in my book!

  67. I totally love the dress. The colors are beautiful, and the pattern is very elegant. I cannot think of a better time to buy new clothes then for a son or daughter’s wedding. It is a celebration of one of the most significant events in the life of a family.

  68. Gosh this dress make you look perfect. I love everything zbout on you. The colors, the neckline, the sleeves, say yes, to this dress.

  69. Pam, you look vibrant and joyful in that dress!! Is the color of the dress more like the Nordstrom site, or more like your photo in the dressing room? At first I thought the print was too big, but in the official photo the colors are closer together. Also you said the MOB was wearing a print, so I think it is a def contender! Especially if you think you will not get hot in it. The perfect looking dress won’t be perfect if you are uncomfortable.🙂 What does your daughter or Mr B think?

  70. Hi Pam,
    This is a huge decision. I think the color and over all style type is so nice and very flattering on you. The flashing yellow lights I get is on the large print. I think a plain solid color might be better, less busy.
    In the past what I have noticed is you gravitate to prints. That being said if you love it and are super comfortable with it then I would go for it. It looks like you
    and I think you would look very pretty and confident in it.
    What does hubby think? I think his in put is important too.
    I know you will make an excellent choice.

  71. If you decide this is not THE dress, I hope you will find the neckline…So flattering! The fitted waist and the colors. I disagree that this dress wears you. It is beautiful on you. And you will feel and look beautiful.

  72. Pretty gown. Solid fabrics can be elegant as well especially the tones that are your best colors.
    One way to help you make your choice is how you will style your hair.

  73. I love this dress, and like you, would not wear much, if any jewelry with it. Of course, being me, I would love it more and feel it was more versatile (to be shortened and worn again) if it was either solid color, blue or green. I didn’t notice the little bit of tight fit until you pointed it out, but then I did see it. That would deal break for me. You don’t need the stress of trying to lose a few pounds or tighten up abs along with all the rest. If it happens, fine. But if it doesn’t, then I wouldn’t want to be uncomfortable all evening.
    It’s a contender..

  74. Hi Helen! Thanks for sharing…if you want to send me links to dresses, please send them to my email! I have to be very careful with outside links on the blog! Thank you!

  75. Hi Susan! Losing the weight is happening between my trainer and WW. I know I can do what needs to be done…so it doesn’t stress me out. If it was much tighter that would be a deal breaker.

  76. Pam, I love the dress! You must consider the weather, where you live and how you feel in this lovely dress! Your face tells it all! As far as accessories I feel some clip on earrings and a wonderful bracelet! I, for one love the pattern on the dress! And, the colors!!
    PS. Yours is the first blog I read every morning!! Thank you, Pam!

  77. This dress is so flattering on you. It is stylish & definitely not a prom dress. I would go for a solid color, but that is my style. This dress is YOUR style. Your thoughts on how & why you are shopping for the wonderful event can be taken as words of wisdom to anyone entering a new season of their life, just as I am. My word for this year is “Renew”, & it applies to all areas of my life. I now have a freedom to go and do & be that I have not had in a long time. It will be a slow process but an important one.

  78. Enjoy the process one day at a time. Becky. I love the word RENEW…just brings me joyful images!

  79. Thanks so much, Carol. I agree with what you are saying and I have not seen this neckline on other dresses…yet.

  80. Wowzer! You look phenomenal in this dress! That neckline is stunning on you! And it would be lovely shortened to a knee-length or tea-length for use after the wedding.

  81. This dress is stunning on you! I so admire the boldness of style that so becomes you. The neckline is divine, it is sexy and modest all at the same time; the sleeves are a perfect length and the whole style becomes you so well.

  82. I do believe that dress is made for you! Everything about it flatters you — the color, cut, style. And, your smile really says it all. Regarding the print … it is not overly bold but to me it adds so much style and interest. The dress is unique … as are you!

  83. I thought this was THE DRESS when I first saw the photo. I think it would be very dull (almost frumpy) in a solid color on you. The print does not yell look at me but it speaks to your creative side. Go for it.

  84. Thanks Marin. I appreciate you saying about the solid color, because that confirms how I feel about it.

  85. Dear Pamela. This is indeed a beautiful mother of the groom dress. Love the flattering neckline, colour and drape of the dress. It would be a big yes for me! You look absolutely stunning along with your beautiful smile. 💕

  86. Hi Pamela, I love the dress! I think you look fabulous and beautiful in it! I think it suits you well-the style, the pattern, color. It is creative and I love that on you. I think it’s great. Why are some ladies so afraid of clothes? Why do we downplay our love of beauty? I think that may be something to talk about. So many of us do it with our homes, too. Wear the dress and be your wonderful, beautiful self. Your confidence and happiness is where your true beauty lives.

  87. Thanks Tamara…you are right…that may be a something to talk about. Thanks for mentioning it.

  88. Hi Pamela! It was so nice to meet you today at the gym! I love this dress on you; it’s not too “mother-of-the-groom”-ish, but it’s very fashion-forward and unique. The dress has personality and style with the updated sleeve length, the face framing neckline, and the floral pattern. And look at your smile! Let us know your shoe choice for the wedding. As I told you, that’s my current dilemma with an upcoming wedding I plan to attend and I need some guidance.

  89. Thank you for approaching me and introducing yourself, Tina. I hope to see you there again soon!

  90. You look STUNNING in that dress. The colour and the style are so flattering and just beautiful!

  91. I feel the style is very flattering on you Pamela; whereas it currently being a tad too snug through the bodice area I agree that it could be easily altered (even for a Hobby sewer like myself) to let it out as presume there would be sufficient seam allowance to do so, if such ends up being the case. That being said; I do have a question for you though. Is the green (?) in this dress similar to the darker shade of the rehearsal dress you featured the other day? (Am just thinking if it is, the same shoe may work with both if having a pair dyed.) -Brenda-
    P.S.: Can relate to your journey of shopping as when my daughter got married though it was a (mid November) tropical destination wedding (Exchanging of Vows etc.) we also had a follow up reception three weeks later (Celebration of Marriage) for those who were unable to attend, so it was best described as a double-whammo since demanded attire for opposite climates among other things.

  92. I laughed at the double- whammo…that would be stressful. I am not sure that I can find a shoe to dye that will be comfortable for my funky feet issues…but you are right…the same shoe might work for both and I am thinking metallic. Though I have ordered a blue shoe that I wanted to see with this dress. More about shoes tomorrow. Thanks Brenda.

  93. Hi Pam. I think the dress is very flattering on you and I love the neckline! The colors are beautiful. Since you have time before the wedding why not ask your stylist if she can find other dresses with similar styling? Then you can compare. Hang on to the dress and see what else is out there.

  94. Lovely style dress on you but how will the dress look in wedding photos…. food for thought.

    Also you are so right about buying the brands that you love and spending a bit more on them.You are worth it…… that’s what I always tell myself.

    Keep smiling.

  95. Who cares what anyone else thinks about the dress! It’s all about you and how you feel wearing it, Pam. An aside; I think it’s perfect, love the print, the style & portrait neckline & I think your expression shows it brings out your spirit. Go for it and check off the “completed” task box 😊

  96. Thanks Lois! I love to hear what the ladies think! Someone always brings up a point I hadn’t thought of.

  97. I had the same thought!
    The dress style is lovely and flattering. It would be perfect in a solid color.

  98. Pam, like you I was very ill at the end of 2022, and took to wearing pajamas for days on end. The upside of those long two months was that I finally hit my goal weight, but now very few things fit. I love your idea of taking more pleasure in our style, and the timing couldn’t have been better for me on this post, so thank you! Last night at 1:30 AM I was literally in tears in my closet trying to figure out a simple outfit to wear to an eye doctor appointment and a few errands today. It’s been years since I’ve been that frustrated in my closet, but I let it get messy since I retired last summer. I didn’t do my usual fall/winter organization/purge and now that it’s already getting warm it is a hot mess, with wool sweaters mixed in with tank tops. This post has inspired me to take the time and effort to restore order to my closet, and to figure out what kind of clothes make my heart sing when I put them on in this life stage (retired but active!) I know they must be somewhere in the five closets of clothes I own, I just need to find them, make sure they are in wearable condition, and make sure they are front and center in my main closet so I never again have “nothing to wear.”

    I love how you look in this MOG contender! As the wedding coordinator for a large church in Fort Worth, I have launched many MOGs down the aisle. I love how unique this dress is – none of the usual “Show up, shut up, and wear beige” that passed for MOG sytle for many years! I’ve been helping a friend shop for an MOG dress in the past few weeks, so I’m very familiar with what’s available right now and I applaud this gorgeous dress! It doesn’t have that “uniform” look that so many of today’s formal MOB/MOG dresses have – it’s so unique. The colors and neckline are so flattering on you, and it looks very “San Antonio” – fun, festive, and yet still dressy enough for a formal evening. The one suggestion I would make is that you consider shortening the sleeves just a little so they don’t end up even with your waistband when your arms are at your sides. Nordstrom does great alterations, so that would be an easy fix and would make you look even more trim. I love getting to see your wedding shopping and preparations, and so appreciate you sharing not only the clothes you’re considering, but the very insightful thought process behind your choices. I’m still a fan of the green EF rehearsal dinner outfit, and think it and this dress would both be perfect for you. Can’t wait to see what you end up wearing!

  99. The neckline alone is enough to have me saying ‘this is the one.’ It’s graceful and flattering to your face and figure. I think it will photograph well, and the openess of the neckline help any double chins -we all have one- fade away 🙂 I think the point about going well with flat shoes is worth a lot. Spend on the dress and wear shoes that are reliable.
    As someone else noted, you could have this shortened later for an afternoon dress. You could likely also sell it on consignment because it’s very timeless.
    I get your reasons for not wearing something you already own, this son isn’t a re-run of your other children, just because he’s the last to be married doesn’t mean you should celebrate his even with any less fanfair. You can’t do much about whether this relationship lasts a lifetime, but your can buy a new dress and send him off with the freshest of hopes and dreams.

  100. Love love love this dress and here is why:
    The print is beautiful and screams happiness and joy! That is what you need. A subdued color or style often is frumpy unfortunately. The print is on trend. Your face is radiant. It’s not one of those boring mother of the bride/groom dresses and doesn’t look like prom style. Lastly, as another Texas gal like you, this screams stylish Texas woman. Enjoy your radiance!!

  101. I’m a little late reading your post but I just had to chime in. That dress is absolute stunning on you. The style enhances your lovely figure and the colors look lovely with your hair color.

  102. Pam, that is one gorgeous dress! Formal gowns can look so…so….something I can’t define—but not great—on we mature women. But this one is fabulous! It fits you beautifully, the neckline is amazing, and the print, while bold, is low-contrast with analogous colors that I think not only flatter you, but will coordinate in a lovely way with the wedding colors and the bride’s mother’s coral-colored dress. It looks classic and modern at the same time, with a dramatic and confident flair. I guess something in a neutral or solid color would be more predictable and less of a dramatic statement, but I love this one on you!

  103. Definitely yes! It is modern, sophisticated, and very flattering on you. Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

  104. The dress is very flattering . If you love it get it !
    Its about how YOu feel in it . For me i know when a dress suits me as faux wrap type styles are my go to ina lomg dress …. this is lovely and you wont need a jaccket to cover arms . Its a keeper

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