Would You Wear It: Displays in Mexico

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, ladies!  It is time for the first February Would You Wear It with me and my friend Jennifer.

Today, I want to share with you a couple of displays from my recent trip to Cabo San Lucas and ask ….Would You Wear It?

When I stopped by the Luxury Avenue mall, I immediately realized these retailers put a bit more thought into their window displays than I have seen lately in my community.

So, let’s get started today with the reader evaluations.

Please look over my first picture (caps to shoes) and let us know if you would or would not wear what you see…make sure to explain.

This audience is so good about giving thorough explanations…do not stop now just because these are different from what we often see in these posts.


Would You Wear it

I apologize for the reflections, but this display was so interesting I wanted to include it.

And, would love your thoughts on the clothing and the display.

Is there anything here that you would wear and perhaps style differently?

It is always so much fun to read your contributions, so please tell us…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..



Would You Wear It

Recently, I featured this Chico’s Zenergy outfit on the blog and now want to share what a successful travel outfit it was.

I wore this to travel on the plane to Cabo at the beginning of last week.

Would You Wear It

For Cabo, the weather was mostly cool with a very cool breeze blowing daily.

So, the Zenergy UPF Contrast Striped Pullover in navy top and Neema UPF Travel Pants were perfect for the plane and then for an adventure…..

Would You Wear It

We went on a whale watching breakfast tour and it was so much fun, but cool and occasionally wet.

The tour also included a close up look at Cabo’s rock formation known as Land’s End.

Wearing UPF clothing really makes a difference on a trip to sunny Cabo!

Would You Wear It

You can read more about Land’s End and El Arco on this Visit Los Cabos page.

After this morning cruise, we went shopping (read all about it on Friday’s post) and again my Zenergy choice was perfect for this entire day.

Thanks to Chico’s for creating perfect travel wear!


Would You Wear It

I realize these deep cuts in the DILLARD’S SALE are final sales and cannot be returned.

However, if you know your size and what you love, there are such great pieces from Eileen Fisher, Johnny Was, Bryn Walker, Ali Miles, and more.

Check it out to see if you have a special treasure waiting here for you!

Now it is your turn!  Tell us what you think of the displays from Mexico…then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see what Jennifer has for you…and always make sure that you….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It


  1. I like the cropped sweater and the pleated dress but the colors are not for me. If the dress and sweater were shades of blue or purple, I would be buying. The skirt has too much fabric. Happy Saturday!

  2. OK for the 1st photo I cannot wear that greenish yellow so tried to imagine it as a blue , green or red – in which case the dress on the left is rather interesting and would work with the grey splashes . The sweater on the right would be all right in my suggested colours but I hope it is cotton and so not scratchy . The cut of the skirt doesn’t look right to me particularly with the rather classic sweater .
    The 2nd photo is meant to be all-purpose neutral , I guess – but that greige shade doesn’t suit me ! Are the outfits supposed to be giving you 2 different cover-ups for swimsuits ? I don’t think either are quite sufficient – and I have an overpowering urge to turn up the hem of the trousers/pants on the right ! I look at them and can feel that awful sensation of tripping and falling almost flat…..

  3. These displays have too much of a couture look for daily wear for me. The big hat is too big, the colors are too “off” and specific, and the fabric is too much. I dislike the fleshy caps that have the knob on the top of the head. I don’t think they match the fizzy effervescence of the outfits.

  4. Good morning Pam! In the first frame the first thing I notice is how the designer ouch’s up similar tones (yellow with white?) but with dark shoes. Are they black? While the two outfits seem Cabo appropriate the dark shoe choice throws me off. I’d use lighter shoes.
    I’d wear the dress on left with shorter sleeve. And I would pair with a light sandal for an evening dinner near the sea. A romantic look.
    In the second frame I really don’t care for the overly long pant length shown. But- The large floppy beach hat is mine! I’m claiming it!

  5. A yes to the dress if it was in a cooler colour. No to the hat and shoes to go with it. Some embelished sandals or flip flops and a casual necklace to the chest area and I would wear it. The display in the second store is really interesting, and for a younger, firmer version of me, would be fun. Your shots of the area remind me just how much I am missing travelling to Mexico… must get back to that soon.

  6. I think I’d try the dress on the left in the first photo with the sweater on the right layered over it. I don’t like tummies hanging out under sweaters and the dress would give a smoother line. When the temperatures heat up you could tie the sweater over your shoulders.

    I might also like a pink accent with that yellow color.

    With that said, one danger of shopping at resorts is the aspirational lifestyle purchase. Where am I going to wear that outfit once I’m home and not wandering around on white sand or lounging on covered patio resturants?

  7. I couldn’t get into the styles and that one color oh no. Love your Chicos Zenergy outfit, yes they travel great and are so comfortable. I’m wearing one today. Your trip looks like lots of fun and relaxation.

  8. Wow. I have never been to Cabo but it made me realize that my New England coastal clothing would really not fit in if this is the vibe you see on the streets or in restaurants. It is very different from southern east coast. I don’t know what I would pack! The griege clothing does not peak my interest but the first grouping I might try on for the fun of it! I am not sure I understand the grey with the electric green, but I would give it a go. I love the style of the dress. Elbow sleeves! Straight lines, almost like the twenties style the way it falls. I think I might like the little sweater pared with the dress since you said it was cool there. Even around the shoulders to start with. Easy to slip on later. Black shoes would be a no go. So odd. Strapped sandals or espadrilles with a little heel? My eye keeps going to the ground, not where one wants to focus! These are not really my colors but…fun to imagine. Love the weather station sign and sea shots! Can’t wait to see what you bought.

  9. The colors in the first display are not something I’d wear but the styling is so creative! I love that hat in the second display but I’d have a hard time keeping it on. This was so fun. What a great trip you had!!

  10. I’m happy you took the tour out to see the arch, and the whale viewing. We have seen the whales in abundance in the Cabo waters from late October to March, and love spotting them from a beachside breakfast or while lounging at an infinity pool. Love the coconut weather sign – I’ve never seen that before. As to the clothes, none of these pieces are for me. The bustier with puffy sleeves reminds me of the costumes Charro would wear back in the seventies, though her pants were not voluminous like these shown. They were more often than not skin-tight and brightly colored.

  11. Well, first picture….not a fan of the yellow green color, and the combination of winter and summer fabrics are baffling. Same for the shoes, not for winter with the backless section but not for the summer as they look like they would be hot. The second picture….doe the young and thin and hip only….the swimsuit cover isn’t covering much. The pants are going to get filthy, and the hat is simply not functional. Shorten the pants, shrink the hat and you’ve got very cute on a young woman.

  12. I have my 11 year old granddaughter here for a sleepover so thought I’d get her opinions. She would wear the outfit on the right in the first picture. She liked the length of the skirt and the length of the sleeves on the sweater. She would wear a beanie hat but not these as there was too much fabric over the head, she would have to turn the rim up. The yellow colour was a no for her as were the dark shoes, they look like slippers she said. In the second pictures she immediately said, ” I’d buy that hat! People couldn’t see your face so that would be cool.” She would wear the pants but would roll up the waist many times, not quite into tailoring as yet. LOL

  13. Oh to be a tall thin lady. But since I am a short over 80 petite I would pass on these outfits. The colors would not be my choice either because they would not make me feel happy.

  14. The first frame with the chartreuse color would not look good with my complexion. The tall silhouette is different than my 5’3’ pear shape and I don’t think I would like that look for me even if it were in a different color. But it is a very cute dress. The outfit on the right is fun. I can wear the short sweaters but I live in a cold climate and don’t understand the chiffon skirt being worn with the long sleeved sweater. Chiffon spells warm weather and the sweater spells cool. I enjoyed the second window display, too, but it doesn’t fit my traditional style.

  15. The first picture … just “no” all the way around. There is nothing there I can get excited about. The caps are silly & I no longer do mules or slides. The dropped-waist, mid-calf dress would do nothing for my 5’4″ frame. As for the other display, I’ve never been a fan of the handkerchief skirts or cropped tops. In the second window display, the dress on the left seems a bit contrived from what I can make out. I don’t do contrived. I love the center outfit but it’s not “my generation.” People my age have never been comfortable wearing undergarments as outer garments nor do we think our hemlines dragging the floor is a good idea, but a younger person lacking so many fashion restrictions could have a lot of fun with it. As for the sun hat, I was born a natural redhead & have the fair ski to prove it. Yes, to the umbrella of shade that I could wear right on top of my head to protect my face, shoulders, back & arms – not as a fashion statement but as a necessity. I want one! Lastly, I think the white jumpsuit on the right is a showstopper for a tall, slim, attractive younger woman. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  16. Glad you had a relaxing getaway! The outfits on the mannequins are all no for me…the chartreuse color isn’t a good one for my coloring and the styles look like something a teen or young adult should be wearing. But…your travel outfit? Yes please!

  17. The colors on the dresses in the first frame are not for me, but I do like them on others. These outfits would be stunning on the right person. The baggy pants in the second frame are also intriguing but they would have to be a different color and less baggy for me to wear them. There is a nice sense of humor in the second display which adds to the fun of a shopping day. I think this is often what we don’t see in the U.S. in clothing displays. It’s all just business as usual. I like the whimsy of that huge hat and the nod to the guy under a huge sombrero next to the cactus.

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