Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday mornings at home

Good Sunday Morning and welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home.

OK…you are right…this coffee picture was not taken at home…but my heart is still on the beach in Cabo.

This is the beach eatery I mentioned in Friday’s shopping post, called The Office.  Loved it!

After a trip to refocus, my brain is swirling and I hope to share all of it over several posts.

So, grab your own warm beverage…get ready to dream a little…and let’s get started with a few trip loose ends.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Most of you know how much I love sunrises and sunsets…In Cabo, they were glorious.

There is nothing that inspires my day more than a beautiful sunrise…it opens my senses to so much to experience a special day…no matter where I am.

I love sunsets as well.  Especially dusk, when lights in the buildings begin to shine in the dark and create inviting warmth.

Sunday mornings at Home

Sunday mornings at home

So many of my outfit combinations and home decor ideas have been inspired the last 20 years by observing vegetation around me.

The first picture captures green and brown and tan ideas I am really into right now.  After Christmas, I decorated my front porch with these colors in mind.

When I looked from our fifth floor balcony and saw this combination…I knew it was a picture to keep.

Lately, I am thinking for shades of green more than any other colors in my palette.

I can almost envision a print designed with the second picture and wish I could sketch it out.

There really is something quite refreshing about topical vacations.  The air, the scenery, the fresh foods are all refreshing and cleansing in their own way.

Sunday Mornings at Home

I began my reading for the vacation with a good fiction story in the The Seamstress of Sardinia, by Bianca Pitzorno.

Set in the 1800’s in Italy, this is an enjoyable read about a diligent intelligent young seamstress.

Leigh Ann told me about the book, so I decided to take it on the trip.

I always discover inspiration within a book…even if it is fiction.


Sunday mornings at home

You can see the wind blowing in this picture and it was actually difficult to keep this hat on my head.

I did not want to carry one of my old hats on the plane, so I decided I would pick up another one in Cabo.

The price would depend if I carried it back home or not.

Sunday Mornings at Home

I discovered this one in the boutique where I purchased the purses and I really liked the hat.

It served me well while I was there, so I wanted to bring it home.

NOTE: You can tell that some of my clothing is beginning to be oversized in fit as I have lost weight.  Pretty soon, I will need to decide what gets tailored and what moves on.

Sunday mornings at home

So, I put the hat on one side of my hard-shell suitcase, stuffed the middle with clothing and a shopping bag I desired to keep, put other clothes around it, then zipped it in securely on one side.

The case was transferred from one flight to another and the hat came out great…in perfect condition and I will wear it again!

I did not want to carry it for the long day flying home because I needed to carry my coat…since we returned to ice and cold.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I am back to looking for ideas online and the wonderful Nordstrom stylist is still sending me ideas.

I have ordered a few pieces that may be event outfit possibilities….and when they get here I will take pictures of what stays and what goes….with explanations.

The challenge…I want to look youthful (not old); I want to look figure flattering not larger than I am; I want to cover my upper arms; and I do not want to look like I am trying too hard.

I want it to be elegant and not a prom dress.  Green is my first choice and would love to find a fabulous green based print brocade…but it may not exist.

I must remember that the mother-of-the-bride is wearing a coral/pink dress…and those are big colors for spring.  Yet, champagne would work.

Here are three I spent a lot of time with online and I have ordered the first one to try on:

Many many styles include a slit in the skirt…but I believe a good seamstress can take care of that…and Nordstrom said they could.

My trip gave me a long time to refocus and consider my wardrobe.  As I begin to organize my thoughts, I will share them with you.  

This is such an interesting time of life and opportunities and joy abound….yes, even as I approach 70.

Thank you for joining me for Sunday Morning at Home…or rather Sunday Morning on the Beach…let me know any thoughts you may have and throughout this day……


By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday Mornings at Home

Sometimes you just have to break out the forks and share an amazing tiramisu…it’s vacation after all!!


  1. Ooooh, what a beautiful photo of the sunrise (sunset?) over the water, I love it. And the green gown is gorgeous! Thanks for the book recommendation, I almost always have a book (or 2 or 3) that I’m reading. Sometimes I’m sorry I found out about the ebooks from the library, ha. Happy Sunday!

  2. What a perfect vacation. Rest, relax, read, and start to reconsider life back in reality. So much fun to see your dress thoughts come back into play. I love that green dress!!

  3. Pam, your beach vacation vibe is still with you, and that’s wonderful! Sometimes we go on a great vacation and then immediately go back to the hustle and bustle of life and loose that special relaxed feeling. Keep those beachy, relaxed ways and savor the beauty. Those MOG dresses are beautiful. You will look amazing.

  4. I like the dress choices, especially the champagne colored lace and the silvery gown. If you are hoping for a green brocade, perhaps a trip to the fabric store would yield some special occasion-worthy choices. In a big city such as San Antonio maybe you could find a talented seamstress to sew you a custom gown.Just a thought.

  5. Love the sunrise over the water, you are right, therr is something magical, although so fleeting.
    I wanted to say, watch the neckline/bra strap issue with a wider neckline. I have a sumptuous cashmere sweater that I have to keep a constant eye on, and that is not what you want for dancing and having fun. I love the dresses you have showcased.

  6. Thanks for the heads up, Diane. I promise I will be dancing in the dressing rooms to assure the fit!

  7. Pictures were beautiful, I always feel the beach is the best therapy. Your hat is cute glad you took it back home with you. I just might have to go get that book and that tiramisu looks so yummy, my coworkers gave me a small Tiramisu cake for my birthday.

  8. Well, you had me by the end, with the tiramisu :). I am home through what felt like a long cruise (2 weeks) through the Panama Canal, and agree that Baja California is absolutely stunning. Being in the right place at the right time to see a volcano erupt in Guatemala was one of many highlights. As for the dresses, I like them all, but wonder if the emerald green is a little heavy for spring in a hot climate. Boy, do I hear you on avoiding the prom dress look!

  9. For the most part, we ate very healthy the entire trip. So, I completely enjoyed sharing a treat..,it was delicious!!

  10. Wow…I bet witnessing a volcano eruption was incredible. Sounds like you had a great trip as well!

  11. Love sunrises and sunsets!! I am following your journey as you prepare to be MOG. My daughter is getting married next year, and I am trying to find the perfect choice. Love seeing your considerations!

  12. Not having children leaves me with no wedding experience. But I’m curious. There is no implied judgment in my questions. How many brand new items will you need? How many outfits will you style from your current wardrobe?

  13. Good question, Linlee! I think I will answer in a blog post…though I have already touched on it a little. Watch for the more in depth answer soon!

  14. I think that a chiffon gown with a kimono style long topper in the same fabric would be very chic on you. The bridal stores should have lots of MOG choices. Looking forward to you shopping for this special dress.

  15. I love the dress that you ordered and I think you’ll look gorgeous in it! I’m a couple of years older than you are and I would wear that in a hot minute. Can’t wait to see all of your choices along with shoe and handbag selections. Lilly Pulitzer has a darling quilted metallic crossbody that I carried at my nephew’s recent wedding and rehearsal dinner and it’s a great size that you might want to check out, as it would work for a lot of your upcoming occasions. Also love all of the photos. You take the best pics!

  16. The trip looked very nice! And it sounds like it was much needed. I like what you said about coming back refreshed ready to tackle your wedding plans. Sometimes we do need to get away and regroup. Glad your feeling better.

  17. Wow! Here I am working on my WW app as you suggested, got my 23 points today, and I rollup your scrumptious tiramisu! But then…I’m not on vacation so I can look and wish, but not taste! LOL. Your possible dress choices are all quite lovely, as are your vacation pictures today. I’m so glad that you are feeling energized and rested.

  18. So glad you and Mr. B got away to such a lovely place – your vacay pictures are beautiful!! Re: your mother-of-the-groom dress, you mentioned “champagne” as a possible color. As a former MOTG myself, be careful … in the pictures/video you don’t want to look like you’re wearing ANYTHING close to a white or cream color. Be safe and stick with your first choice of green (which would be gorgeous on you, BTW).

  19. I Love the outfit with the tan (looks like linen) shirt with funky buttons and black pants. That is exactly how I like to dress.

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