Would You Wear it – Spring 2023 New Arrival Dresses

Would You Wear it

Happy Saturday, friends!  Welcome to Would You Wear It with me and another blogger…Jennifer of A Well Styled Life.

Every Saturday (now for a long time) we have featured displays we find in our communities that make us wonder what you think of the styles.

We want to know…Would You Wear It? and encourage you to explain your answer for the benefit of everyone reading.

So, let’s get started this February Saturday morning….and make that decision…Would You Wear It?


would you wear it

Regular readers to this blog know that dresses have been on my mind, so maybe that is why these captured my attention.

This display was the only one with new arrival spring dresses that had hemlines longer than the top of the leg line…not exaggerating!

When you answer our question, please explain why you would or would not wear these dresses…just answering yes or no does not help anyone.

Also, if you would style the display differently, please allow me to give you creative license with it.

So tell us, fashion shoppers………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..



would you wear it

Both of today’s displays in this post feature Spring 2023 New Arrival Dresses from Dillard’s.

The second display is the Tommy Hilfiger Short Flutter Sleeve Dress in Geranium.

The pink dress above is the Pisarro Nights 3D Floral Beaded 3/4 inch Sleeve Dress. This dress is also available in petites and plus sizes.

I could not locate the blue floral dress online…though I am certain it is there.


would you wear it

Lots of women in San Antonio love and carry BRAHMIN bags.

When I saw this Spring Fish version, I wondered…Would You Wear It?….or Would You Carry It?

This is the Melbourne Collection Small Caroline Sealife Satchel Bag

The bag is available in several styles including crossbody.

Now it is your turn, please answer about the dresses…WOULD YOU WEAR IT?…then head over to A Well Styled Life and comment on the display there….then make sure that you….



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Would You Wear It


  1. I’m too sporty for any of these dresses to appeal to me. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy seeing them on others. The pink dress is lovely. I’m wondering, Pam, if the pink dress were in one of your colors, would it be a contender for one of your wedding events?

    1. Thanks for starting us off today, Linlee! In another color, I might try it on but I think it would make me look large with the way it is designed. Happy Saturday!

  2. I love dresses and wear them often. Of the ones pictured, I like the pink dress but that color wouldn’t work with my skin tone. The dress is so feminine! The bold flowers don’t appeal to me at all, kind of aging to me, and the color and pattern of the one in the back looks kind of “old” too. But I’m all for dresses! I wear them all year!

  3. I like the pink dress but it would require a strapless bra, which when you’re bigger than a double FF cup bra, becomes an instrument of torture. Worn in the past but I will no longer subject myself to the discomfort. So love the dress, but for someone else.

  4. I’m not a dress lover in general. I have the requisite LBD I bought because people said you had to have one (never worn), and a couple of tee and tank dresses I do wear if it’s hot. These dresses do not appeal to me at all. They all look like too much all over print. The clothes would do the talking. I love Brahmin purses though they are a bit dressy for my current life in the colors I own. I love the fish – it would fit with my adjective interesting, which I usually express via accessories – and would wear it to give a summery vibe to my solids.

  5. I’m pretty tailored/ sporty too and don’t wear many dresses unless straight skirt to knee cap/ chemise type. I’m thin.
    But I do LOVE that pale pink lacy dress shown. Doubt id wear it unless to a wedding, but then what shoe? Accessories or not? Too many decisions. I’d need help finding so many factors. The other dresses are a decisive no thank you.

  6. Can’t remember the last time I had a dress on. But I did have some back in the day in the style of the navy floral, and I loved them. I don’t think it would work on my today body. The pink one doesn’t appeal to me. That Brahmin is pretty, but their prices aren’t in my comfort zone.

  7. My choice of the dresses is the pink one and I see I’m in agreement with others. I could wear the pink although I’d prefer it in a more saturated color like purple or teal, but I’d be very interested in it if I had an occasion like you do for which I was buying clothing. I do not care for the other two dresses in that display because of either the small print or large print of the material. However, I do like the crossover aspect, long sleeves, and longer length of the navy patterned dress. I need a new purse but would hesitate to buy this particular Brahmin because of the fish scene as pretty is it is. I would prefer a solid color and there are so many other choices in this brand.

  8. I would not wear any of these dresses! I don’t like flowered dresses, I think they are aging on older women! I don’t like the Tommy Hilfiger dress either! I don’t like the flouncy sleeves.

  9. I wear dresses but these two are too formal for my lifestyle. Usually I avoid florals and choose a solid color; this blue floral is very large and not appealing; the pink fabric and color is interesting and I would be drawn to this dress if it didn’t have a waist. I’m long waisted and the waist would not hit me in the right spot. If it was a shift or sheath I would try it on. Even though I have narrow shoulders, puff and flutter sleeves have never appealed to me so the TH is a big no. I like the Brahmin bag and the whimsical print but I’ve yet to invest in one from this manufacturer. If it was a bit smaller and a crossbody I could see it giving an outfit interest.

  10. The dresses seem to have a younger vibe. Also, flutter sleeves are not flattering on me and I have fairly toned arms. So no to these styles, but yeah for Spring!! Have a happy Saturday 🙂

  11. I always replace the belt that comes with dresses.
    I like the pink dress on the hanger but I’d have to try it on to know whether it was good on me.

    I’m not keen on that Tommy Hillfiger dress, it’s not a good color for me. In my MOG shopping I found that that Tommy Hilfiger and DKNY brands had party dresses in my price range in multiple styles and some of them were acceptable. That’s why you’ve got to shop early when the stores have the dresses in all the sizes.

    TH tended to be a less dressy than some of the other brands, which I considered a plus, but none of my weddings were ultra dressy. That fluttery sleeve is better than sleeveless and for someone with a smaller bust the shoulder widening style is good.

  12. Love the Pisarro Nights pale pink dress. It’s not really my colors but I would try on just to see. I would keep to silver heels and a silver bag — and would skip jewelry except earrings and rings.

  13. I really don’t wear dresses anymore and I’ve never wore a flowered dress in my life. I’m not a fan of the flutter sleeve dress either. Its a pretty color but it looks dumpy on the mannequin. Perhaps it looks better on a person but I doubt it. The pale pink dress is gorgeous. I could see wearing it as a Mother of the Bride or Groom. Is very elegant. I’ll pass on the purse too. Its cute but I only use small cross-body bags. I checked the price and nearly fainted.

  14. I would wear the Tommy Hilfiger dress. You could dress it up or down and it looks like it would be figure flattering. The color geranium is pretty. The first two dresses are more noticeable so I would only wear them once and then not again as I would think people had already seen them on me. 🙂

  15. The pink dress is beautiful and reminds me very much of the dress my maid of honor and I chose for her to wear to my wedding. While that’s a lovely memory for me, this style now feels very formal. The large floral dress is too much pattern for me, though I do like the drape of the fabric. I don’t wear red near my face, so that dress is also a no. The fish print on the handbag is cute, but I would prefer to see it without the textured backdrop. I would be more apt to buy a scarf in that print and spend the difference in price on a brightly colored smaller solid bag. Happy Saturday!!

  16. Gorgeous dresses, and I’m not a dress person. How I wish the pink dress had been available for a wedding I attended in Arizona last September. Great choices….

  17. I think the pink dress is lovely, but it is too pale, and I never have felt comfortable in dresses that are frilly. I like the floral dress because it has a Boho vibe. Plus it is longer. I am tall and I would definitely wear it. The purse does not appeal to me. The purses are expensive and I would want one in a versatile color.

  18. The pink dress is lovely and one of my best colors. However, I would pass because of the sheer bodice and sleeves. The bag is just too expensive for me and not something I could use frequently. I think the TH dress is a nice style, but not a color I could wear. If it is a synthetic rather than a cotton knit, I would also not be interested. The floral print is pretty, but too large for me and as I am shorter, I don’t do maxi’s.
    I love that Dillards carries more than just sheath dresses. They seem to cater to a more traditional dressy style without being frumpy. Though I have not been to their stores in person in about 5 years, I always enjoyed shopping there.

  19. Love the pink dress! It would be a perfect wedding guest or mother of the bride for a less formal wedding. I’d wear it if I had the occasion and the shade of pink is good for me. The elbow length sleeves would be flattering. The red dress has no structure and the belt lets it slide into sloppy territory. I really like the looks of Brahmin bags but they weigh a lot and are not comfortable to carry for long

  20. None of them would work for me at my age and size. The pink is too pale for me. That being said, I love the prints and can envision my 30-something nieces looking gorgeous wearing them.

  21. If I had a special occasion coming up, I’d be on my way to Dillard’s. Love, love, love the 3-dimensional pink dress. The navy dress has features I look for – the V-neck, faux wrap, maxi-length & (drum roll please) can be worn with flats or sandals, always a consideration for me when wearing a dress. The Tommy dress, in my opinion, is unworthy of the brand. I’m not a fan of flutter sleeves, & its lack of style makes it something I might find at a big-box retailer for 30 bucks. It doesn’t appeal to me at any price. I adore Brahmin bags (I have one that’s 20 years old & still in frequent use). I might be all over this tropical one if I lived somewhere besides the Midwest. It’s a little too beachy for me, but I might consider the wristlet version for a fun summertime accessory. Lastly, couldn’t you live in the no-iron shirts! You look fabulous – colorful, pulled together & comfortable.

  22. The dress with rounded neckline and orange on a cream background would suit my coloring and body shape best, if I needed a dress. Very ladylike.

  23. Of the 1st picture the pale pink reminds me of dresses we wore to birthday parties whwn I was in primary school (UK 5-11 yrs old) ! I still think it is lovely but know that pale pink fades to off-white on me now . The floral v-neck I would definitely wear now – stronger colours and not too revealing . The Tommy Hilfiger is a gorgeous colour which suits me but I find the style a bit ‘meh’ . The bag is a sensory overload !

  24. Wow! Is this what’s in stores for over 50? So sad that unflattering, high frump-factor, plastic/polyester dresses are are being pushed as fashion. None of these dresses fit style adjectives of either classic or modern. But, my granny would love the polyester blue floral print dress. The pink polyester dress gives off a bridesmaid vibe (wear it once because the bride insists, get rid of it the next day). The red dress has a lot of weird and conflicting details (tuxedo shirt pin tucking with flounces for sleeves and what is up with the detail on that belt?). These would be hard no for me.

  25. Probably would not wear any of these, although I would try the TH dress and replace the belt with a wide brown leather. I feel that large flower prints are so aging, and the pink dress, while lovely, is a little too much ‘fluff’ for me. I look better in a sheath type dress, amazingly. I only learned this after trying various silhouettes I thought I’d never wear. It pays to try on, is the lesson I learned.
    Very small floral prints, almost geometric and not in garish colors, might also be worth a try, if one had to have a print.
    No to the bag, just not my style, I don’t love Brahmin bags at all. I stick to my classics.

  26. These are very pretty dresses. I do want to wear dresses more often, but these seem dressier than my lifestyle, plus I’m not a floral wearer. I could “pull off the look” but I wouldn’t feel like me. Happy Saturday!!

  27. I wouldn’t wear any of these. The floral print dress is too long for me, & the tiered style wouldn’t be flattering. Also, the big floral print is overpowering. I like the style of the pink dress & think the color would work for me, but the all over petals are too fussy for my simple taste. Simple is one of my adjectives. The fabric of the Tommy Hilfiger dress looks flimsy. I prefer a longer sleeve, & the way they have styled the belt looks sloppy, as self-belts tend to be.

  28. Yes to the TH Geranium dress for me. The others are lovely but aren’t a good fit for my coloring, style preferences or lifestyle.

  29. Oh gosh that pink dress is pretty. It looks like a dress that would be for ‘one occasion’ only. Very memorable. If it was a sheath and didn’t need a strapless bra, it would be a winner for me if it was on the shell pink or blush side. Many Autumns love texture. I am so tired of dresses with waists. I can’t wear them with my straight ( and a bit lumpy now) body. I love a Brahmin bag that is one color only and textured. I have even painted old ones with leather paint. My latest trial was turning a cobalt blue one into an old gold color. New life. This one is too ‘over the top’ for me. It is fun though to see dresses for spring again, whether they are for me or not. They make me smile!

  30. Though seldom wear dresses now; the only one that would be a contender is the pink one as might choose it as a special occasion dress for a formal affair pairing it with pearls in choice of jewelry and fabric dress shoes (i.e.: an open toe or similar in mesh – peau de soie – satin etc.) with a small structured handbag. As to the other dresses; a definite ‘no’ more due to their pattern designs since remind me of vintage floral/botanical wallpaper that I feel would age me and said with no intention to offend those who like such. Re the TH dress and Brahms handbag also a ‘no to both’ as wear red only in accessories and though the bag is an eye-catcher, I personally would get more mileage out of a plain colored one so just wouldn’t invest in it.

  31. Though seldom wear dresses now; the only one that would be a contender is the pink one as might choose it as a special occasion dress for a formal affair pairing it with pearls in choice of jewelry and fabric dress shoes (i.e.: an open toe or similar in mesh – peau de soie – satin etc.) with a small structured handbag. As to the other dresses; a definite ‘no’ more due to their print designs since remind me of vintage floral/botanical wallpaper that I feel would age me and said with no intention to offend those who like such. Re the TH dress and Brahms handbag also a ‘no to both’ as wear red only in accessories and though the bag is an eye-catcher, I personally would get more mileage out of a plain colored one so just wouldn’t invest in it.

  32. I would wear the geranium dress, it’s a pretty color and I think I like the sleeves, Would need to try it in. A big no on the blue floral, I just can’t see it being flattering-busy pattern, full skirt, kind of baggy. The pink dress is beautiful. I think I would only wear it as an event dress, pink is a flattering color on me.

  33. Let’s start with my positive thoughts: I wear dresses a lot so I love seeing what’s in the stores for spring, and I love that they are showing some longer lengths for spring. That said, I must echo the thoughts of so many others here: NO to the large floral print shown here, although the one on the rack behind these in primarily “autumn” tones might work for me. I love textured fabric and have bought a lot of garments over the years that didn’t work, just because I was so enamored with the fabric. In my 60’s I try to remember I am dressing TODAY’S body for today’s lifestyle (recently retired) and avoid those kind of mistakes. That said, I would love to see the pink dress in person just to admire the fabric but can’t wear pink or a set-in waist that short, so I would have to pass. I like the geranium color of the TH dresses, but overall think they look cheap for that price point and I hate the fussy sleeves. Like so many others have said, I look best in sheath dresses at this age, and they have become my go-to style for dressy events, worn with low-heel pumps. I love the Chico’s casual outfit on you, and hope you find outfits for the wedding events that give you the same confident glow!

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